Saturn Pluto And The Search For Stink

This topic, tangent, came up in chat room A:

people with the Saturn Pluto square. And then I started to think about clients I’m talking to who are having the conjunction by transit. Saturn conjunct Pluto. Ugh. I remember when Saturn was in Libra. Damn that was hard for the Pluto in Libra people. Couldn’t hide behind nice ANYMORE. Life was not nice and not going to get any nicer until they Saturned up.

I wrote this in the room:

“… like people having Saturn on their Pluto now. They know something is STINKING. But they don’t know: is it THEM? Is it me? Something is stinking: what is it? Where is it?”

I often talk about the days of Saturn in Virgo, conjunct my Moon and Pluto (with transiting Uranus opposing) because it was such a devastating time for me and on Facebook yesterday, after a particularly potent revelation about FEAR, I posted that nothing, *almost* nothing could scare me except a repeat of Saturn in Virgo. Devastation, desolation. How did I survive? With more than a little help from friends.

In either case, if you are under the Saturn Pluto gun, by transit or in your natal, you have to master (ha) two energies. The surrender of Pluto and the stop and start of Saturn. This morning I’m heading back into the Jupiter Saturn classroom to talk about Saturn and the very first thing I’m going to do is talk about the mountain goat image. I’ve been rereading brilliant Howard Sasportas again. We can’t rush change. We can’t rush consciousness. The mountain goal (he says) doesn’t move forward until stability is found. Got it? The goat stops. Takes a break. Makes sure the foundation is solid AND THEN, only then, climbs higher. That is Saturn. That is Capricorn. That is NATURE fairly often. Slow.

And Pluto is the ugly seemingly psychologically dangerous underbelly you would prefer to LEAP (Jupiter) out of. The stuff you fear that….if you integrated into yourself, that you would die. You won’t die. What you do is become whole. But those with the natal aspect are constantly in the process. I don’t blame them for ducking or leaping. The truth will set you free though, no matter how painful. That’s what I believe anyway…

Are you transiting? ;)

Love, MP


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Full Moon In Capricorn: Ten Of Cups?? Yes!

Oh we got a lot going on.

Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow. Mercury goes retrograde next week. Jupiter enters Cancer next week.

The Sun in Cancer is ***already*** trining Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and damn Jupiter is too ALREADY, even at 29 degrees Gemini.

Do you have a sense at all of what this summer’s Grand Trine in water signs means for you? Big picture, little picture. How are you FEELING?

Jupiter in Cancer on the 25th. Sun trine Saturn and Neptune AND Mercury going retrograde on the 26th. Busy busy busy. On the 27th, Venus enters loving Leo.

Sometimes I don’t have an analysis for you. I’m just observing. Of course I can point out the early degrees of the water signs are where you should pay attention but I think this is bigger than that. It feels, it is, major.

And my heart goes out to the Scorpios, especially the Pluto in Scorpio peeps with Saturn up their asses. Saturn goes direct July 8th. This is good.


Matchmaking is hard work! Whew. No details revealed here. Protecting the innocent. But I was trying to match up a bachelor a couple weeks ago and they are currently chatting. No pressure from me but who knows?

The other love topic on my mind is a Saturn Neptune one. How hard it is for so many of us to choose Saturn i.e. REALITY over Neptune, fantasy and no it doesn’t have to be either/or BUT I do have these two in opposition in my chart.

And recently I, yes I, made such a choice. I chose not to indulge my Neptune side and… it took PRACTICE. To be real. Over and over and over. Because my habit, my tendency, my nature would be to… go for the lover who isn’t showing up. The lover who left. And… not cling to the one who is there.

The good news is we get older. The good news is we can change. Even a Venus in the 12th House square Neptune :)


I want to draw just one card for the Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn.

Hmm drew a card that I drew for someone earlier today: the 10 of Cups. Be ambitious about fulfilling your emotional needs :) Work hard at it. Closer than you think. Full Moons are about fulfillment, culmination, endings. The ending could be… an end to your sorrow.

In my chat room, one of the gals was making some Solstice/Full Moon resolutions. I decided I wanted to give up a certain obsession which is interesting because today I was super duper obsessed and got really upset about it. Not so easy. How to live with… what we don’t want to live with. Is this another Saturn/Neptune question? But in this case it’s too much Saturn, too much harshness. To much focus on lack, on dis-ease. We all need a little escape.

You know where I’m going with this, right? Saturn and Neptune are trining now and whoo hoo here comes the Sun and here comes Jupiter and water signs exist to sympathize and empathize and heal and SAVE YOU SAVE YOU SAVE YOU.

Believe (says Jupiter) that it is possible to be whole again. Or for the first time? Hmm.

Love, MP


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Are You Having a Saturn-Pluto Transit? Read This Post!

"sun square pluto"

Damn this winter.

Just couldn’t get it up for the gym today. Felt like my limbs were filled with cement. I plodded along for 45 minutes, trying to unearth my energy.

Walking home I called up a friend and somehow got on the topic of massage, getting massages, and how he doesn’t like them and he even mentioned, admitted that it had to do with massage (or bodywork in general) bringing up your stuff, bringing your stuff to the surface. My friend has a lot of stuff.  I do too BUT I like massage for that very reason.

And I said to him: see? That’s exactly WHY. You get the massage to bring the stuff up so you can then heal… and move on.

I related this massage-aversion to a particular aspect in his chart: Sun square Pluto because Pluto rules mines and mining and the Sun is who you are (including your body!) and he’s got the Sun in an earthy house and hells bells just let those memories and traumas stay tucked away in that box among the stack of dusty boxes! This man (Sun) don’t wanna dig (Pluto).

But the thing is this, my friends: the memories and traumas DON’T stay tucked away and that is part of Pluto’s function. This shit will come out sooner or later. Why not have a say in it. Why not empower the body and allow it to begin to heal itself.

With the right support and structure (Saturn) I believe it is possible. When you have people in your life that won’t leave you no matter how ugly (Saturn) you think you are… almost anything becomes possible. Even getting a massage.

I don’t judge my friend. He can only do what makes him comfortable. AND YET (says my Virgo Moon) there is sometimes a price to pay for comfort. I want to see him free and happy… not always running. 

Pluto rules regeneration. Pluto rules restoration. Pluto rules reincarnation. I believe it will happen for my friend. I believe it is happening now. But as my teacher used to say, will you go kicking and screaming, or…

In other news: I just did a Mini-Reading for someone and thought to myself: my readings are like fortune cookies. Tasty, a little sweet, and ya never know what you’re gonna get ;)


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When Do You Leave? Remembering Saturn In Virgo

"moon square saturn"
hard to kill

Do you leave situations before they get really bad? Or do you wait until bad becomes unbearable. In both instances, you know it can’t last, but one person waits, kinda hoping. The other type? They run.

I remember reading once that Pisces types (Pisces North Node, too much 12th House, for example) tend to stick around too long. I know that I have. You get dirt on your face from situations wiping their feet on ya.

Related tangent: was on the phone the other day with my sister and worried about these strange small winged flying things around the apartment. Fruit flies? Gnats? And she said, Yes, you have the problem with pestilence!

Too many times in my life, I’ve gotten bugged which usually signaled, I swear, that it was time to leave that place, actually PAST THE TIME to leave.

One of these transits was Saturn (harsh) in Virgo on my Moon (home) and Pluto (disgusting) with transiting Uranus (sudden) in Pisces opposing. More than the big squeeze – it was the big And We Shall Destroy You. I had to leave and had to leave fast. Lost almost everything. And then came the rebuild. Such things are possible.

It makes me think of the Magician card in the Tarot. The skill to create something out of nothing. As above so below. We mirror God when we create. And when we survive.

So how do you leave? And can you connect it to your natal?

Although I have a Cancer Stellium, it’s in my 11th House. I can definitely GO (i.e. Uranus knows how to flee). But I cling until forced out. My goal? To not wait that long.

And you?

Note to self: Moon square Saturn: remembering hard times past