Extra Ecstasy: Neptune Goes Retrograde & What To Do About It If Anything

"jupiter square saturn"We have to talk about Neptune and I’m sitting here thinking about what approach to take.

Neptune goes retrograde on Monday at 12 degrees.
It goes direct in November at 9 degrees (my descendent!).

We could talk about why outer planet retrogrades matter.
We could discuss whether retrograde Neptune is fuzzier, clearer, or the same. I’m sure you have thoughts on this if you are reading my blog.

I could tell you to look at the Pisces part of your chart.
I could ask you how you feel about Neptune, about whether you’re a Neptune girl or boy, whether you’re a 12th Houser.

And I could use words and phrases like “sacrifice,” “self sabotage,” “serve or suffer,” “drunk.” We could talk about the mutable t-square between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune and how on Monday, Venus in Gemini is square Chiron in Pisces and the Moon is in Libra.

But instead I’d like to talk about love.

There is no love without Neptune. Without Neptune, you see too clearly. Without Neptune you see everything. Without Neptune, you see things as they are. And WITH Neptune she or he is ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Too much Neptune and you’re always disappointed, always sighing, always listening to Satie. Neptune’s veils eventually drop — but I’m thinking Neptune going retrograde is going to give us a MUCH NEEDED DOSE of too much Neptune. It’s been a very hard 2016 so far and I don’t see anything wrong with a little extra ecstasy.

So this is what I suggest because I like to suggest things. Create a little Neptune altar. A little Neptune ritual. This weekend and/or early next week to honor the most mystical of the Gods we talk about when we talk about astrology.

Those of you with planets or points being aspected by Neptune these days (these YEARS), of course this is more relevant for your chart and heart.

So I ask myself: what does this mean? Neptune rolling back and forth over my descendent for years. Neptune squaring a client’s Sun for YEARS. And now another retrograde.

Oddly enough (and I say oddly because Neptune is water and I’m about to make a funny comparison) Neptune reminds me of the Wands suit of the Tarot. I tend to think of the Wands as a modifier. An adverb. She crossed the street ENTHUSIASTICALLY. You lived your Sun (squared by Neptune) confusedly. Neptune fucked you up. You just couldn’t see.

So back to the original question which I’m trying to avoid (and Neptune rules avoidance, denial): WHAT DOES NEPTUNE GOING RETROGRADE MEAN?

To be continued…


The Stars This Week: Generous & Free

Let’s be specific: on June 3rd, Mercury is trine both Saturn and Neptune, and then on June 7th, Venus does the same, trining both Saturn and Neptune.

Personal planets connecting sweetly to the outer planets is like… a Tarot spread with minor and major arcana cards and all the cards are good cards: what’s happening now for you is fated and big picture, but you can also enjoy the details.

For example, let’s say you need to take a trip, for business or pleasure, and the trip is part of your big picture this summer, well, you can enjoy searching for that good deal. AND you’ll find that good deal.

I consider this entire week to be under this influence. A week long Grand Trine. Under THE influence. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. WATER. Intuition. Feeling. Floating. Healing. Music of the spheres! Yes, we’re soaking in it :) The more reserved among us may even shed a tear or two, not out of sadness or feeling bad but because it just feels good! You may be moved. You may be very VERY moved.

Also on the 7th, Neptune in Pisces goes underwater (i.e. retrograde) and then on the 8th is the New Moon in Gemini, cherry on a sweet week.

Grand Trines are blessings, are gifts. Some among us will receive. For others it will be business as usual. And still for others, this much water will be a drag, but I think overall there’s a greater chance for GRACE than usual. Mercy. Not because we “deserve” it, but because we are.

What does Neptune retrograde mean for you? People are wondering if the retrograde will make their Neptune problems even MORE confusing. My feeling (at the moment!) is that more insights are gained by Neptune going back and that it’s necessary.

Pay more attention to your dreams, your imagination, your fantasy, your ideals. I suggest getting a little lost in wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart.

You really don’t have to push so damn hard all the damn time. What is it bringing you? Sleep more this week. Dream more this week and set your intentions for the New Moon.

Love, MP


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Saturn Trine Neptune And The Full Moon in Aries

"saturn in scorpio"What I like best about the sky right now is that Saturn in Libra (at 29 degrees) is trine Neptune in Pisces at 0 degrees. It’s a little wonky though, right? Out of sign and Neptune is retrograde.

But what I’m feeling here, about this transit, is the good that’s on the way. The stability of Saturn + the vision of Neptune is you making a dream come true. Or, at least, you more content in that area of your life… the area of late Libra/early Scorpio in your chart and late Aquarius/early Pisces.

Funny. I just wrote the above and feel I’m grasping at straws. The sky feels hard to me. Merciless. Or maybe that’s my own transits talking. Going in search of mercy now. Be right back.

(Time passes. She returns to the blog post mildly refreshed.)

Next week Saturn enters Scorpio and Jupiter goes retrograde and the Saturn Neptune trine, wonky or not, is already with us. You can start building your dream right now. Or you can wait. But at least pinpoint these guys in your chart.

How’s your world? Stable or unstable? A little of both? 

Love, MP


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Neptune Retrograde TODAY! (And tomorrow and…)

"neptune retrograde"

Something to think about: what difference do you think Neptune going retrograde will make in your life.

How confused are you in general? Very? Medium? Seldom? Not at all?

If Neptune, on a bad day, is confusion, illusion, and delusion, and compassion, the mystical, and poetry on a good day… what does the retrograde of Neptune mean for you and your chart? Is transiting Neptune hanging out in an interesting place for you? Near an interesting planet or cusp?

Neptune is at 3 tender degrees of Pisces. A baby. Barely alive in the sign of no boundaries. Neptune rules romance.

Chart check! Got anything at that degree? Anything that squares or opposes it?

He’s on my North Node which is a few degrees away from my descendent, getting closer getting closer getting closer but noooooooo here comes the retrogrdade!

Do the outer planet retrogrades compel us to revise and revision and review like Mercury retrogrades do? I think it operates differently but still matters and we can always use a little extra symbolism :) to guide our days and nights.

Try not to think of it as more useless clouds. Try to think of Neptune Retrograde as the dream within the dream. Something you forgot. A second look.

Neptune rules forgery and imitation, swamps and surf. Is this ominous or comforting to you?

Dive in to your confusion, keeping your head above the water. Or go mermaid about it all – half fish, half lady on land and sea, on land and sea.

Neptune thoughts? 

Love, MP

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Do You Feel Guided?

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius"

If you don’t, you probably will if you ingest a steady diet of New Age gurus ;)

But seriously, I have huge admiration for both Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay. Been listening to them both lately and getting inspired. And feeling guided.

Feeling guided is a fairly safe way to feel your Neptune.

How easy it is to say to someone “have faith!” Or to say to yourself “have faith!”

The question becomes FAITH IN WHAT?

Faith that you are guided. You’re not alone out here. There is purpose and meaning to your life — even if (especially when) you can’t see it, feel it, find it.

Find a guide who at heart only has the purpose of your getting lost (paraphrasing Robert Frost)


So if you are feeling rudderless, I am offering you this paradoxical advice: jump in the waters of Neptune and swim. And youtube is this most amazing resource, so many recordings and videos of our great spiritual teachers, past and present. It’s also a cure for insomnia, if you struggle with that ;)

Love, MP

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The Magic In The Mundane: Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Do you feel connected to the invisible? To spirit? To angels (yes, angels). To past lives? To your own intuition?

Neptune is now in Pisces and I’m focused on these things in a new way. Thinking hmmm maybe I should finish that Reiki certification and thinking hmmm what class can I teach? Meditation? Hmm

I am also pondering the magic (Neptune) in the mundane (not so Neptune)

Every task, every duty, every detail, every eyeball, every hurt feeling, every wait for the bus, every dirty diaper, every debt being filled with grace and light. Neptune in Pisces light.

Neptune is, by transit, conjunct my North Node in the 6th House: the magic of the mundane.

And I must write about it for you: natal Neptune in my 3rd House (writing) trine Mercury (writing) in the 11th House (YOU!) being trined by transiting Venus in Pisces. Am I high? Yep! But the drug is Neptune.

Please consider this high side of Neptune: the compassion of a Mother Theresa (a Virgo), the poetic leaps of an Einstein (a Pisces) and what to do if you don’t feel connected to anything larger than debt and dirty diapers?

What if you can’t find or feel the grace, which is your legacy as the fine fine human being that you are?

Here’s what you do. Sit still. Get quiet. Being stuck on the subway helps because you have nowhere to go ;) notice the energies around you, observe them but don’t absorb them. It’s not daydreaming and it’s not zoning out and it’s not getting lost in  your own thoughts. It’s above your mind. Above and beyond i.e. NEPTUNE. Above and beyond AND YET paying attention, paying soft attention to the hum, to the light you see and feel around people’s faces and bodies and the softness of the light coming to meet you as you step away from the train and the platform, and up the steps, and out into the night.


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Grounding And Shielding Your 7th House Neptune

"neptune in pisces"

Where you put your energy affects your energy.

Reciprocal relationships feed you instead of drain you.

And it can be that simple — remove something, or someone, from your life and your life can flip into balance like flipping a Tarot card from reversed to upright.

I’ve been thinking a lot about visualizations and grounding and shielding lately. And I’m remembering to shield myself before I get on the subway these days.

Often I would imagine glass going up around me, like the windows of a car, dark windows, but then this morning I had an image of cellophane! Cellophane wrapping me up like a present and at the top a huge bow to seal it! I especially like that part. For grounding seeing my feet tied to the earth or for shielding, the tie at the top.

The thing to remember is that… how you do this is personal, individual. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong. It if works, it works. If not, seek wisdom.

How are these topics related? They are all about boundaries and transiting Neptune, now in Pisces, is slowly slowly slowly heading towards my 7th House cusp.

Where you have Neptune, by natal or transit, shows where you let in and where you leak out. The door is revolving and if you want to adjust who comes in… it takes just a little effort.

Do you think about boundaries?


Dust Off The Altar! Neptune’s In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Where you *will be* is what you cannot imagine now even though it isn’t that far away. That’s how I was feeling earlier today.

And then I remembered that Neptune is in Pisces now = have faith.

Have you had this experience? Of not being able to imagine your future? Before I had my first short play produced, I could not picture it. And then it happened.

Neptune and Pisces ask you, dare you, to imagine, to have faith that your confusion is only an illusion.

If you have an altar at home, dust it off this weekend. Give it a kiss and a hug. Neptune may rule uncertainty but Neptune also rules the spiritual and space and poetry. Consider making your dreams solid. How? Intention, ritual, magic, ground.

Where is transiting Neptune for you? THAT is where you will find the poetry of your life *right now*


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Infinite Expansion: Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

I do not expect to feel Neptune entering Pisces. It would be like getting a fingerprint from a ghost.

Your first assignment: whether YOU feel the movement of this mystical outer planet changing signs.

Begin your own personal history of astrology. Even though *I* don’t feel it, maybe you will.

Also useful would be to revisit your natal Neptune, your 12th House, any Neptune issues you have… because I think that’s where you’ll feel it, in combination with any aspects our new Neptune in Pisces makes in your chart.

Does this make sense? Take out your chart. On paper or on the computer and look at it, finding these important spots – transiting Neptune, natal Neptune, 12th House, and just gaze at it. Let the chart speak to you. The chart WANTS to speak to you. Neptune encourages such mystical listening. Intuition. Psychic stuff. Faith. Angels. Consciousness. The Divine. That which has no limits.

Think about it: that which has no limits. Neptune rules THAT.

My natal Neptune is in the 3rd House of writing. I write a lot. Is there a limit to it? Only if my hands are tied. Transiting Neptune is late in my 6th House and will enter my 7th House of Partnership. Will I live a life of illusion and deception? Or a dream marriage? Neptune will be in my 7th House for a LONG TIME.

Neptune is the ideal. Neptune in Pisces is the IDEAL ideal.

Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.

Neptune also rules tenderness. My natal Venus is in the 12th House. If I love you in that way I feel enormously tender towards you. You know the kind: the kind that gives you the first bite and the last bite of food.

But wherever you put your Neptune in Pisces or your natal Neptune… get a return on it. These energies want reciprocation from us. They don’t want to flatten us, steal us, ruin us. They want us to grow.

How does one grow Neptune-style? Infinitely.


The Stars Today: Moon In Aries And Neptune On The Edge

"neptune in pisces"

I was just about to say: I feel like I can feel my future.

And then I wondered if it was true. I’m not sure.

Neptune is often not sure.

And I was reading for someone today and I really did feel like she could/can see what’s ahead.

All the elements can do this — earth, water, fire, air. It’s a matter of how we receive the information. Water tends to feel it. And the chart details will tell us how comfortable we are with it. For example, Uranus in the 12th House: highly intuitive but you may not trust it.

And just now I was thinking about making a decision. NOT making the decision but thinking about it. It’s a big difference.

An image of palm trees comes to mind. They really do sway. So tall and strong and this way and then that way and I felt like a palm tree just now. And learning how to… sit with not knowing.

Will we all increase in psychic ability when Neptune enters Pisces? How sensitive can sensitive be? Will there be a cosmic shift, wavelike? Catch the wave or drown? (Or how about this: write a poem in honor of Neptune entering Pisces. Hey! I should make this a contest and I’ll choose my favorite and offer a free Mini-Reading to the winner!)

The Moon is in late Aries now, opposing Saturn which is trining Neptune.

Moon (home) + Saturn (the work) + Neptune (the dream) = build what and why? Moon in Aries gives you the passion. Saturn in Libra says don’t go it alone. And Neptune on the edge of Aquarius, taking his last breath in the sign of the Water-Bearer is truly, truly, heading home to the high seas. Cosmic water consciousness. Poets, all of us. FINALLY.

Think about it, says the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

Aretha Franklin also knew the value of thinking but in a different context. Nevertheless, can’t go wrong with Aretha on a Sunday night.

In other news? Life gets more and more mysterious. Very Neptune in Pisces, in my opinion.


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Awakening! A Story For Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Neptune enters Pisces in early February and I’ve started journaling again. Didn’t plan on it. It just became an extension of a LIST that I was making and I was journaling just now about Pluto leaving my 4th House FINALLY… 2 degrees away from the cusp of my 5th which is a LONG TIME in PLUTO YEARS hell yes but I can taste him moving along and, well, it’s a celebration is what I thought to myself. Any time one of these slow movers changes houses in our chart it’s a rite of passage. If we are still here? We survived.

Are you experiencing a shift like this? Do you feel it? Forget about Jupiter and Saturn for a moment. Look for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Where are they in your chart? Moving on? Or Moving IN?

And one more thought which was inspired by my particular 4th House transit but has wider ramification: stop sacrificing your needs for the needs of others (which speaks to needing to use Neptune in Pisces energy wisely). What you want matters too. I am talking to myself here as much as I’m talking to you because I just read that very statement in a book and it spoke to me. Actually, it YELLED at me, reminded me that what I want matters. How I feel matters.

Know the feeling? You stick with a situation for so long due to circumstance or obligation or you avoid the issue and then you just continue to not be satisfied and then the DAY COMES WHEN… you allow yourself to imagine change and allow yourself to imagine what you’d prefer.

It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be safe. It’s okay to want what you want and to go for it.

See, you can be moving forward in so many ways AND YET you remain stuck. It’s like.. we need to get ALL the wheels moving. Not just one or two. All the wheels. Even a tiny bit. Even if the wheels are creaky as they slowly slowly spin. Spin them anyway.

Outer Planets changing houses can signal this for us, an awakening, and of course it depends on the house and the planet but think about it….

What do you actually sacrifice while you are busy sacrificing for others? You know the answer…


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Leo (which are kinda like mini-transit readings). Look here for Astrology stuff and here for Tarot stuff and don’t forget the Testimony!

Venus In Pisces, Neptune In Pisces: Coming Soon To A Sky Near You

"neptune in pisces"
venus in pisces

You will be less lonely even though you can’t feel it now. You will be. It’s within your slippery reach. How do I know? I know.

I am always trying to understand Pisces better. Wrong approach!

Pisces can’t be understood with Virgo-picky-picky-Mind. Pisces is understood through the fins, the gills, the water, the stream, the fishmouth, the flow.

Swim with me, says Pisces. I’ll show you.

Venus enters Pisces next week (the 14th). I have my North Node in Pisces and Venus in the 12th House and yet Pisces continues to elude me, which is, well, very Piscean.

Neptune obscures, they say. Neptune dissolves. Neptune disappears. Confusion, illusion, delusion.

But when Venus moves into this sign? Love isn’t personal anymore. It’s bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger VASTER than you or me or him or her, all of us, any of it. It becomes about GOD (whatever that word means to you). Infinite starry compassion.

AND while Venus is in Pisces? Neptune enters the sign so WOW. Mystical times ahead, folks. Mystical times.

Don’t let the confusion fool you though. You are exactly where… you are. And should be.


All Hands On Deck: Neptune Moved A Degree!

"neptune in pisces"
seek and ye shall find really cool shit!

You know what love is?

(And feel free to share your own definition in the comments.)

Love is someone who is genuinely happy for you — when you do well.

That’s today’s definition :) as I ponder the coming Full Moon in Cancer as well as Neptune entering Pisces not yet not yet not yet but in early February and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus: from personal individual love to Universal Love! 

What will you love in a big way when Neptune enters Pisces? Where is your transiting Neptune? 


?Your Thoughts On Transiting Neptune?

"moon conjunct pluto"
neptune in pisces

I unwittingly scared a client the other day by talking about the confusion of a Neptune transit. She’s a Pisces under Neptune square Neptune.

But it’s not dementia-type confusion, I told her (and believe). It’s not like forgetting your keys everyday although I suppose that could happen with Neptune aspecting Vesta or Mercury or the God of Small Things :)

It can definitely be an overall fog though, lack of clarity, a WTF am I supposed to do feeling (in regards to the house he’s transiting and aspects he’s making).

For example, I think I am figuring out WTF I am supposed to DO as Neptune gets out of my 6th House of WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY. Sure it made me very compassionate and sacrificing ‘n shit whatever I was doing but there was this overriding sense of… I’M LOST PLEASE COME FIND ME. A feeling of, well, drowning. And pulling on the 12th House like that, I felt pretty down for a pretty long time. Neptune is the seas.

Isabel Hickey says that wherever Neptune is transiting, “stick to what you know.” Makes sense to me. And I did. My life felt static… even though it wasn’t.

Jupiter grows us. Uranus surprises us. Mars energizes us. The Moon feels us. The Sun shines us. Mercury makes us go faster. Saturn works us… Who am I forgetting? 

Venus. Venus loves us. Pluto consumes us. And Neptune? Neptune is the rain.

So how do you get anything done under Neptune? You buy a raincoat! And an umbrella! And galoshes! And you learn to swim.


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Neptune Stations Direct!

"neil young"
neil young is a scorpio, not a pisces but...

Okay, Star Gazers! Find late Aquarius in your chart because Neptune is turning around and heading once again for Pisces.

So if you’ve been feeling… confused? Murky? Not quite sure? WTF? Clueless? Disappearing!

You know what they say? They say Neptune dissolves. Neptune obscures. Neptune blurs. Neptune HIDES. So Neptune direct feels like some relief to me. Now he will go retrograde again but, for now, let’s enjoy the forward motion. Ride the Neptune wave.

I was writing in The Round-Up that wherever retrograde Neptune was in your chart was a source of… damn… probably even a source of disappointment because you likely couldn’t make sense of whatever was going on. Or you got gaslighted, sidetracked, blindfolded. Fog. Soup. Gunk.

Neptune direct will clear some of this up. Some.


So grab your chart and your muffin and your hot chocolate and find 28 Aquarius in your chart. Got planets there or nearby? What house is Neptune in?

Now he “only” gets to 3 degrees Pisces, in June, before going back again but he doesn’t go back into Aquarius… so early Pisces is important here too! Attention all you early Pisces Suns! How many of you will join an ashram?

So that’s your homework. Late Aquarius/Early Pisces: find it! And see where Neptune has been working his backwards magic and where he’s gone direct.

You may not feel any difference today. You may not feel any difference tomorrow. But I promise you, over these months? You’ll feel it and see it and you’ll dissolve and disappear just…. a little bit less!

Want to talk about your Neptune? Look here for into!

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Your Neptune Transit

"sun in pisces"
Famous Pisces!

Neptune through a House shows us what we’ll take care of. Remember: Neptune serves. Neptune is compassion, BIG compassion.

Neptune through my 6th and I took care of animals. The 6th is the house of pets (small animals). Of course a Neptune transit is LONG but that’s what it became for me, part of what it became. One could also say I took care of my health, my work, and so on. And now? Neptune is on my descendent and longing (although retrograde) to enter my 7th. Who do you think I will take care of?

Take out your chart. That’s right. Take it out of the drawer. Take it out of the book where you’ve been using it as a bookmark. Smooth it out. Find the sign of Pisces in your chart. Find the very beginning of Pisces. It may not be at the beginning of a house. It could be in the middle or towards the end. But the beginning of Pisces, 0 degrees, is where you need to settle in. And if you are confused now, that’s okay too. That’s Neptune :) You’ll get it.

Where is your natal Neptune? Where is your transiting Neptune? What/Who do you serve? 

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Surrender Surrender Surrender to Venus Neptune

"Venus square Neptune"
Embrace by Egon Schiele

Look at the float of her hair. The adoration in his posture. I don’t know what she’s looking at… I don’t want to know. I just like it.

Sensitivity to art and music is considered Venus’ domain. Neptune too. And Venus Neptune together, in any aspect. The harder aspects can bring the longing up a notch. The dreaming, the pining. The melancholy, sweet relief.

I’ve got the square and more than once have been fooled by love. Fooled by moments like the one in the painting above. The adoring man who turns out to be less than a king, less than a prince, less than zero :) I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. (There’s a joke in there. Did you find it?)

And can you blame me? With Venus square Neptune AND Neptune on my descendent AND Venus in my 12th? What’s a fair maiden to do?

The fair maiden can 1) ask her friends what they think about the guy du jour or 2) she can fend for herself and possibly land in the Neptune patch again or 3) she should definitely get feedback from trusted people but also work the art herself, whatever it is: write, paint, dance, sing, anything. Sounds simple, sounds silly, until you try it and it helps.  Listen to sad music and cry. Go to the movies and cry. Pet a puppy and cry. Venus Neptune is your tears. They are wet and tasty holy water.

Venus Neptune is the beautiful masochist, surrendering, surrendering, surrendering… but to what? Where did he go? Oh.

But you had it wrong, honey. From go.

So, let the Venus Neptune energy… out. To play. In the yard. Of your psyche. So that. You won’t. Die. Of the inglorious romantic pain that is Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus. Neptune.

Do you have a Venus Neptune story? Tell us your story :)

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The Astrology Of Place: One More In Honor of Mercury In Cancer Trine Neptune In Pisces

"The Astrology of Place"
The Astrology of Place

The 4th House is our home, and half of the parental axis. The 3rd is our short trips. The 12th is our cloister, who we are when we’re alone. The 1st is our body. Each house in the wheel is a place.

Where do you find yourself the most? Can you see it in your chart? The astrology of place is the astrology of inside and outside, of sun and moon, of the every day and the dark night of the soul.

Do you live in your mind? Do you live in the world? 

Today, I found myself in a classic New York City diner on the West Side. I ordered my breakfast and a cup of coffee. Half and half please. The diner is the City Life home away from home. My food came. It was delicious. No, no more coffee. I’m fine, thanks. I don’t live near this diner, but they know me. An ex boyfriend and I used to come here once a week at least, cuddle up in a booth. He never wanted to taste my food. Was that a sign? ;) That relationship has changed to friendship now, but the diner remains the same. Same weekly specials, same dependable food, same big plates.

What is the astrology of being a regular? What is the astrology of a good hot cup of coffee? What is the astrology of the counter, the waiter who remembers you, the little mints by the register, the clean, empty bathroom?

I wonder if I should give this to the 11th House, impersonally personal. Meeting place. Groups. Friendship. Not so intimate.

We come here to eat, to stop, to cool off, to sit down, to feel the community around us, safely. It’s different than the chaos of the subway. It’s where we can rest.

What about you? Where’s your home away from home?

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The Astrology Of The Poet: Mercury Trine Neptune

"Mercury trine Neptune"
Poetry Magazine

Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces today so I’m wondering who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. Do you feel poetic? I think of Mercury trine Neptune as the poet’s aspect, although there are others.

And because this aspect is happening now, in water, it is accessible to all of us. Mercury, words, meet Neptune, inspiration. Mercury, writing, meet Neptune, dreams. Mercury, hands, meet Neptune, the bottle ;) Yes, many famous writers were famous drunks as well.

This aspect is transiting, and Mercury moves fast, so make use of this free, free-flowing good vibration while it lasts :) Because with Mercury trine Neptune, all your poems are love poems.

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Do you have Visions? Do you Neptune?

Suddenly I had a vision of myself in a big blue swimming pool. I took note of this as I rarely swim. Can’t remember the last time. The Moon in Scorpio will conjunct my natal Neptune later today in my third house. The third house is our thinking. Mine is filled with water.

Do you have visions? Literally, pictures in your mind of things that… eventually *do* happen. I had visions before I moved in with my current roommate. I saw myself in the kitchen, standing at the sink and her coming in the front door. Once we moved in together, I realized that the angle was just right… where the sink was, where I was, where she walked in.

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South Node in Virgo Reads a Chart

This morning I made friends with someone’s chart. I am very Virgo about it all (Virgo Rising, Moon Pluto, South Node). I take notes and I take notes on my notes. And if some days pass before I speak to the person? I review. And then I see new things. Taking notes has always helped me think. When I write something down, it becomes solid. I have Neptune in my 3rd House so… a little (or a lot of) organization of my poetic cloud-stricken mind feels really good.

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