New Moon In Scorpio This Sunday

"new moon in scorpio"

Two things to get us started. First one is about love and fate vs. free will.

So today I was talking to a gal and she got the REALLY GOOD CARDS in regards to love and this man that she has been in love with forever and in fact I think the first time we ever spoke it was about this man and the prognosis was not good then but things changed over the years, they really changed, due to privacy I cannot say more but I will say this:

she got the good cards and I said to her: let’s say we have 5% free will. Let’s say the rest of it really is fate and what is yours, but within that 5% you really have the ability to fuck it up and same for him but let’s say you don’t do that, let’s say you don’t fuck it up and you live out this 95% of god’s will then YES it will be. You’re on track. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Time will tell. I hope I’m right.

Another story: I wrote something on my Facebook Timeline today (and you can friend or follow me there) about prayer because I am a prayer kind, always was, likely always will be, no matter my level of belief or doubt at any given time and it is how I was raised, with prayer, with tradition, but all that aside there is a kind of prayer which is of TRUST. It’s not HELP ME (which is fine, perfectly fine) instead it’s: I KNOW you will help me. I trust you will. I know you will. I trust you will. You won’t let me down. I KNOW IT.

Very different.

Food for thought. Scenes from my prayer life and the spiritual conversation, so to speak, that I had during the month of September (Jewish month of Elul when “the King is in the field”).

But mostly today I wanted to talk to you a little about Samhain – just to remind you that it is appropriate to reflect. You don’t have to build an altar to your dead anyone but good to reflect and I’m going to quote Scott Cunningham here:

the separation between the physical and spiritual realities is thin. Wiccans remember their ancestors and all those who have gone before.

You don’t need to be Wiccan or a witch to mark this night and maybe it’s “just” Halloween for you. I’ve loved Halloween since I was a kid.

Whatever the case, I feel it. Do you? You don’t have to have an altar as I wrote above, but I recommend it. Any kind. A single light. I don’t have exactly what I’d like at this time but I do have candles going right now on my fireplace mantle and I will keep ‘em going until early November. You don’t have to know why. I’m not sure I know why. But it’s a recognition anyway. Of this time, this time of year. No perfection required. You don’t need a reason. I’m a Cancer Sun Mercury Mars. I just do. I may figure out “why” later on.  If you want an intense ritual of black candles and cauldron you can find information on line of course. No shortage of step by step prefab altar creation.

Now about this New Moon in Scorpio – it’s on Sunday. 7 degrees. Early afternoon for my timezone and it feels “clean” to me – as much as a Scorpio Moon can be or feel clean but it is. Listen to this; it’s beautiful:

Mercury trine Neptune then the New Moon trine Neptune then the Moon Mercury conjunction so it’s this Mercury Moon Neptune marriage and yes it’s all the obvious stuff: more insightful, more psychic, the thinning veil, mediumship, penetration, focus, and consider a beautiful new beginning in your Scorpio house. Got a Scorpio project going? Want to get one growing? Plant the Scorpio seed.

It’s a peaceful moon, a quiet moon, serene on the heels of a serious Venus Saturn conjunction (the day before). Honestly you may not do much this day but float but Mercury’s involvement in this sky guarantees MESSAGES so listen up.


Mercury Trine Neptune: THE POET

"mercury trine neptune" This aspect is exact this Friday, November 6th:

I have this aspect in my chart so I know a little something about it, how the mind floats, makes connections, associations and yet…

how much do I REALLY know about it.

I mean, I have it so… how objective can I be? They say that about the Sun Mercury (conjunction) people as well – we lose objectivity. Whatever.

Mercury = mind, logic, rational, objective, facts, WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Immediacy. Immediate environment. NOT visionary (Jupiter is visionary. Neptune is visionary). Mercury is a secretary, an editor. I was always a shitty shitty secretary, administrative person, and believe me I TRIED. I probably wouldn’t be doing THIS job NOW if I had been GOOD at THOSE.

Mercury in Water = water logic. Not your mother’s Mercury. Not your father’s Mercury. Mercury of the ALIENS. I am not talking about Aquarius but a water Mercury is just… DIFFERENT. We hear. We hear music.

Neptune = water logic. Neptune is associated with PISCES.

Neptune = NO BOUNDARIES, the mystical, the Akasha, your womb (whether you are male or female you have a womb, the center of your generative creative energy).
Mercury and Neptune in good aspect DING DING DING DING you write poems, you hear poems, you sing, you make connections, you predict the future, you predict the past, you daydream, you find math interesting but hard to do, getting points on your SAT or GRE for writing in your name.

Notice how my blog posts aren’t like the other blog posts PER SE, aren’t like the other astroLOGICAL blog posts? I have Mercury trine Neptune and I can’t help but SING to you. I leave out information. I hope people just “get” what I’m saying and often they do! The ones that are “supposed” to, they do! Smart people usually get me, no problem.

Mercury Neptune isn’t “fast” the way we usually think of it. But it is deep. And it keeps going down down down deeper deeper deeper (until human voices wake us and we drown).

If you have this by transit, no doubt it’s disconcerting. You may think of that Pixies song: where is my mind. 

But trust me your mind is THERE, even more there than before, but it’s brocade now. It’s brocade, a noun of rich fabric, usually silk, woven with a raised pattern, typically with gold or silver thread.

Also, Mercury trine Neptune = words that heal.

Do you have a Mercury Neptune aspect? And? 

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The Stars This Weekend: Huh? (And Saturn Goes Direct)

"saturn in scorpio goes direct" I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. That’s how big the transition of moving is, and lack of sleep. But apparently I DID blog on Monday, about Jupiter in Leo. Link is here in case you missed it!

I think it may be normal to go a little crazy at such times, or, at least, it should be :)

But let’s talk WEEKEND (and almost weekend):

Thursday the 17th is a Moon in Aries day and ooooh we have a Moon Jupiter trine to look forward to. You did know that Jupiter entered Leo this morning, right? I can hardly believe it myself. It feels, well, BIG to me. Have you plotted the aspects it will make in your chart?

Moon will also square Mercury and Pluto: cross words, hot tempers, rash emotions. The trine to Jupiter will feel good to the ones doing the dramatic emoting but less pleasant for those on the receiving end. Grandstand at your own risk!

Friday is a big day sky-wise and we are feeling some of this already:
the Aries Moon makes more unpleasant aspects, and the Sun in Cancer squares Mars. Pretty cranky right? Cranky angry. And/or a most excellent energy for getting shit done.

But then we also have a Mercury Neptune trine and Venus entering Cancer. WTF, my friends! Sweet Mercury Neptune AND an irritable Aries Moon on the same day? It doesn’t make sense. But such is life. Incomprehensible sometimes. We do have a theme though: a lot of CARDINAL can-do, will-do, TAKE CHARGE-ness in the air. SO TAKE CHARGE MOTHERF***ERS!

Saturday brings us Taurus Moon to calm things down and then on Sunday, Saturn in Scorpio goes direct. (And Uranus goes retrograde the following day!!!!!)

It’s just life — that’s what I think to myself. It’s just life. These bizarre upheavals, unhappy crystallizations, peaceful moments, spontaneous healing.

Uranus has brought sudden changes to my life and possibly yours as well, especially if you are a 16-degree guy or gal of the Cardinal signs. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS RETROGRADE. I think that’s why retrogrades were invented ;) So we can catch our breath.

About Saturn going direct: absolutely, projects that were put on hold will now feel less stuck to you and you will more forward this summer. Saturn in Scorpio retrograde, to me, feels like drowning. Hell, Saturn in Scorpio direct feels like drowning. But at least with direct motion, there’s a light.

That’s all for now, folks! Back to unpacking :)


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Sun Enters Gemini May 20th!

"new moon in gemini" I want you to start making predictions for yourself.

Not just noting where the transiting planets fall in your chart, but actually making predictions. And for this you have to know how to read your own chart. Do you? I am always amazed when I encounter folks who learned how to do this on their own. I learned in a class, week after week.

This Tuesday the Sun enters Gemini. Here is your homework: I want you to review (whether on-line or with your astrology book collection) the finer points of THE SUN — what does it represent in a chart. And I want you to review MERCURY and the Mercury keywords and associations. Then explore 3rd House meanings. And from there you can even jump to Mercury’s opposite, Jupiter, and Gemini’s opposite, Sagittarius, and note the differences between these two energies. Don’t forget the 9th House too!

Once you’ve completed your homework, THEN find the Gemini house in your chart. Mercury is already there. You are already busy there, ya? Gemini is the Twins. Once the Sun gets there, you’ll WISH there were two of you! The Sun joins Gemini tomorrow and the New Moon in Gemini (at 7 degrees) will be on May 28th.

Keep in mind the slower moving heavenly bodies in Pisces, Neptune and Chiron because the Sun will square those. Keep in mind we have no slow movers in Sagittarius or Virgo. Keep in mind that the mutable signs may feel more frazzled than the other signs this month. Keep in mind that air signs will benefit the most. Keep in mind that where the Sun is transiting is where you can lighten up :)

What I like most about Gemini: they find the perfect word, effortlessly. When I do readings it can sometimes take me a minute to find that perfect word. I have Mercury trine Neptune. I’m a poet and a teacher. I think out loud. And then in an instant Gemini sums it up!

What do you like most about Gemini? 

Love, MP

Aliza’s LOVE Tarotscopes for the Week of May 18th
Aliza’s ASTROscopes for the Week of May 18th 

News From MoonPlutoLand And The Stars Today!

So I finally figured out what MARS IN LIBRA means FOR ME.

And I’m not telling.  Yet…

And I may change my mind right? Libra tends to oscillate like the fan on my desk in summertime, and I think we tend to blend and twirl with the energies. That is, when we aren’t resisting them.


Holy insights and ideas, Batman! I am loving Mercury in Aquarius so far :) Doing a class always inspires one or two more in me —

I know some folks really enjoyed the creativity workshop I did…. last year? The year before? It was a Pluto and the 5th House class. That was the foundation. The Nodes too. And that’s what I’ve got cooking now in my little brain here, a series of Creativity Workshops to stoke your inner fire and I am going to be creating and teaching it from my POET SELF.

I have a natal Mercury trine Neptune with Neptune in my 3rd House thus… I’m going to be integrating what-it-is-that-I-do-who-it-is-that-I-am… more than ever with this project. Consciously creating steps/principles/exercises that you’ll be able to return to over and over.

THERE WILL BE A MANIFESTO. There will be order. And on top of that? We will soar. SOAR is my 2014 word.



Here’s what you’re missing:

Something I posted in the classroom on Day Two and we’d been talking about the Mercury Retrogrades of 2014 — remember Mercury is your mind — and Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury.

And something really struck me about this one gal’s chart and she mentioned wanting to read charts too (I assume for others or herself, seek and find insight) and I thought of Lorca’s “duende” (please look up the fascinating history of this word).

From Lorca: “The duende, then, is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought. I have heard an old maestro of the guitar say, ‘The duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet.’  Meaning this: it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation.”

Reading charts or cards is an art form (among the other things that it can be — guidance, prediction) requiring a leap of faith and courage — to say what needs to be said, and heard.

I like who I am. Do you like who you are? Can you answer that question for real? How does it make you feel?

I like topics like this. I like a well-placed adjective. I am one of those people who strangers walk up to and ask why they look so sad. And yet I’m not sad :) except when I am. I love music and art installations. I enjoy my work and a clean house. I love coffee but it makes me nervous. And so on :)

Who are you? Do you like making lists of who you are? I think it’s fun :)

When you wake up in the morning, are you smiling? What’s the first thing that makes you smile?

Do you have a word picked out for 2014? 


The Full Moon was a little edgy around here but no big. The Moon is in worship-me-touch-the-hem-of-my-robe Leo and Venus is square Mars. Mercury sextile Uranus. I proclaim this A GOOD DAY for many. At least, the energy is there to latch onto.

Venus square Mars is not bad, but like many squares, it’s a DRIVER, a pusher, and Mercury Uranus is genius, innovative so… you may be inspired to solve problems in your relationship today.

I pulled a card for the day and I got STRENGTH and hmm I haven’t seen this lady for a while. I can’t remember the last time.

A quote from Rachel Pollack: “…experiencing life passionately, yet peacefully” and I think that’s my ideal, right there. And the courage to do so. To live.

Love, MP


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The Stars This Week: Generous & Free

Let’s be specific: on June 3rd, Mercury is trine both Saturn and Neptune, and then on June 7th, Venus does the same, trining both Saturn and Neptune.

Personal planets connecting sweetly to the outer planets is like… a Tarot spread with minor and major arcana cards and all the cards are good cards: what’s happening now for you is fated and big picture, but you can also enjoy the details.

For example, let’s say you need to take a trip, for business or pleasure, and the trip is part of your big picture this summer, well, you can enjoy searching for that good deal. AND you’ll find that good deal.

I consider this entire week to be under this influence. A week long Grand Trine. Under THE influence. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. WATER. Intuition. Feeling. Floating. Healing. Music of the spheres! Yes, we’re soaking in it :) The more reserved among us may even shed a tear or two, not out of sadness or feeling bad but because it just feels good! You may be moved. You may be very VERY moved.

Also on the 7th, Neptune in Pisces goes underwater (i.e. retrograde) and then on the 8th is the New Moon in Gemini, cherry on a sweet week.

Grand Trines are blessings, are gifts. Some among us will receive. For others it will be business as usual. And still for others, this much water will be a drag, but I think overall there’s a greater chance for GRACE than usual. Mercy. Not because we “deserve” it, but because we are.

What does Neptune retrograde mean for you? People are wondering if the retrograde will make their Neptune problems even MORE confusing. My feeling (at the moment!) is that more insights are gained by Neptune going back and that it’s necessary.

Pay more attention to your dreams, your imagination, your fantasy, your ideals. I suggest getting a little lost in wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart.

You really don’t have to push so damn hard all the damn time. What is it bringing you? Sleep more this week. Dream more this week and set your intentions for the New Moon.

Love, MP


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Tell Your South Node To Shove It!

"south node in the 12th house"There are many different ways to approach Astrology Readings.

People often have questions in mind but one thing I love to do is give impressions. I only do this if someone asks of course. I don’t want to inflict my Mercury trine Neptune poet’s soul on anyone without asking. (Although it probably leaks out anyway.)

And of course my Virgo planets always break through the poetry. I try not to tell you what I think/feel is best but…

And I was just looking at a chart and started thinking shuffleboard!

That this person, with his South Node in the 12th needed to, as in shuffleboard, push that heavy disc over to the 6th House, out of the dark, into the light! Just shove it! But it takes conscious effort. Sentience.

It’s the same for all of us, this crossing. From the murk of the South Node where we are comfortably uncomfortable  to the WHO we are meant to be :)

Love, MP

This music will help you get moving Nicole Moudaber – 17 Kisses

How Do You Feel? Right Away? Or With A Delay? Where’s Your Moon?

"new moon in taurus"

Do you know the feeling of feeling your fate?

Damn. I don’t know how to explain it. I have Mercury trine Neptune. Maybe I can come up with an image or an association.

It’s that feeling when… your current life as you know it and experience it meets — with a crash –your future. And you kinda knew it was gonna happen, even though…

Well, when I feel my fate, meet my fate, the fate I had thought I would meet, I feel shock. Delayed reaction. I suppose this is my Virgo Moon a.k.a. THE FILTER. Feeling my fate makes me feel awe. Makes me real quiet inside.

Occasionally in Tarot readings I am tuning in to someone and I sometimes feel what I call “the arc of a life.” Meaning I feel I can see the distance. Can’t connect all the dots but can see where they wind up in response to a certain question. Now this is the kind of thing that a person (and me) has to take on faith because… it’s a long ways away.

I am not seeing or feeling the arc of my life but I am feeling a disconcerting combination of awe, mystery, confusion and… and this was GOOD NEWS I got today ;)

Made me wonder what it’s like for other Moons.


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Mercury Enters Pisces! Talk Amongst Yourselves

"mercury in pisces"

I love the treadmill. I love love love love the treadmill. And the other day I realized why. And I realized why when I hurt my toe and couldn’t use the treadmill and had to use this other machine where the feet just STAY THERE. Ugh.

What I realized, remembered, was that there are pressure points on the bottom of the foot! Apparently I LOVE (need?) having these points worked on and probably explains why I also love walking and how there was deeply something missing when I couldn’t use my machine of choice. There are also, of course, the endorphins to consider, which get released under a certain amount of exertion.

This realization made me think of Pisces because Pisces rules the feet. Shoes, boots, and stockings too. Even pumice!

Mercury enters the sign of Pisces this evening, slipping into a conjunction with Neptune right away so break out the peace pipe and your angel cards! Connection to the Divine is easier than ever with Pisces Season afoot! (For more on Pisces this week look here!)

And I’m trying to remember if I have any pals with Mercury in Pisces and I don’t think I do. Would we even need to speak to be heard? I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune with Neptune in the 3rd House (which is a Mercury House, naturally ruled by Gemini) so I get a dose of Pisces through this aspect.

Watery communicators, they say, are anything but straightforward (well, except Mercury in Scorpio which I find to be exceedingly straightforward). I can’t really tell though.  I know that I make leaps upon leaps upon leaps. And that some people get me and some people don’t. And one thing in particular that I realized from a pretty young age is that REALLY SMART PEOPLE get me and like me, even if their thinking process is different than mine.

Where’s your Mercury? What are its strengths? Weaknesses? 


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Simple Advice For Thinky Types Who Do Readings Of Any Kind

"new moon in scorpio 2011"

So, like, you have to leave your brain behind. Turn it off. I look at charts but I’m also doing more Tarot these days, and what I do, what I have to do is turn off my Virgo Moon, my Virgo Rising, my Virgo South Node and run like hell towards my Pisces North Node, towards my Moon Pluto conjunction, towards my Mercury trine Neptune: F L O W. “Running” is probably the wrong metaphor. Swim, right?

This is how it works for me. It may be something else that you need to turn off. May be something else that you need to turn on, tune in to. But no doubt there is SOMETHING.

It is not easy to stop thinking. It’s not hard the way LIFE is hard, but it’s a challenge to have any degree of faith AT ALL when your North Node is in the sign of faith, Pisces!

So this is what you do: look, gather, and then tell them what you see. And have faith that what you see is what you need to tell them.  They may not recognize it. Sometimes they don’t. But sometimes they do. And you both go ahhhhhh validation. For them, for you. It is, yeah, a kind of magic.

Is it channeling? Is it psychic? I don’t know what the hell it is and honestly I don’t want to THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD ACTIVATE ALL MY VIRGO AGAIN ;)

Now, does this same lesson apply towards… other parts of life? YES IT DOES. Stop your clinging and your grasping and your…. WHATEVER. You can’t hold onto this shit. What you can do is… you move in a direction and either they meet you there or they go the other way. Can’t Control Nobody. Let it go. Make up YOUR mind and then let it go.

I had an amazing therapist, years ago, when I lived in Iowa. I was going to start teaching for the first time and I was terrified and she gave me this short list of things to remember and the last one was, “Don’t get attached to results.”  Show up. Find your truth. Don’t get attached to results.

What trips you up? Is it your mind? Or something else? 

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The Astrology Of The Poet: Mercury Trine Neptune

"Mercury trine Neptune"
Poetry Magazine

Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces today so I’m wondering who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. Do you feel poetic? I think of Mercury trine Neptune as the poet’s aspect, although there are others.

And because this aspect is happening now, in water, it is accessible to all of us. Mercury, words, meet Neptune, inspiration. Mercury, writing, meet Neptune, dreams. Mercury, hands, meet Neptune, the bottle ;) Yes, many famous writers were famous drunks as well.

This aspect is transiting, and Mercury moves fast, so make use of this free, free-flowing good vibration while it lasts :) Because with Mercury trine Neptune, all your poems are love poems.

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