Mars Leaves Lollipop Libra For Secretive Planning-Your-Demise Scorpio

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"mars in scorpio"
This week. Hmm this week. Last week was SO DARK. The week, the weekend. I felt it. Crawling out of it. And let me tell you this week is better. I think this week is better. Why do I think this. Forget for a moment what we DO have. What we DO NOT have is a Full Moon, Mercury GOING retrograde, and a Mars Uranus opposition. Mars Uranus is VOLATILE and maybe nothing HAPPENED but many of us internalize this stuff. We feel it on the inside. Dark. Yucky. Angry. Impossible. THE END.

I know I know you could be an exception to this (hopefully not) but I think this week is easier.

Mars leaves lollipop Libra for secretive Scorpio. I’m TEASING! I’ve become a fan of Libra lately.  THANK YOU LIBRAS! Seriously. I probably have worked with Libra more than any other sign (is it so? Maybe).

But this is a significant shift!!! The focus becomes less on other people and more on our laser beam focused determination (which may be on a people yes it may be).

What is Scorpio? Aha wouldn’t you like to know???? Well, Jupiter is in Scorpio so there is a VERY Scorpio part of your life/chart/soul at this time!! And YES we will have a Mars Jupiter conjunction.

Remember that conjunctions are fusions. Conjunctions create a NEW BEING. It’s not Mars plus Jupiter. It’s not Jupiter plus Mars. It’s MARSJUPITER. What is MarsJupiter? What is MarsJupiter in Scorpio?

Mars is gonna take Jupiter in Scorpio and make it, well, it really depends where it is in YOUR CHART and what it’s doing to YOUR CHART. 

But in and of itself? I would use the word EXCESS here. Excessive force is possible. Excessive sexy. Excessive intense. Too much Mars? Hmm maybe.

Let’s use the gym as an example since I’m spending a lot of time there these days. On a Mars Jupiter day your energy will be HUGE. But in Scorpio? It will still be huge I think more precise. Fierce and precise and unstoppable. Pretty much.

SO. Somewhere in your chart this energy is coming. And coming. And coming.

Here’s some Mars Jupiter for you. The happy warrior.

"ronda rousey astrology"

NO CONSENT: Mars Square Pluto This Weekend

I’m going to give you another warning about this week, okay? Okay!

BUT FIRST a big thank you to astrologer Maria DiSimone who had me on her podcast yesterday! The show will be available on Friday and I’ll make sure to share it here and on my social media.

"mars square pluto"
Why am I giving you another warning?

Because I don’t want you to forget that the Mars Pluto square is exact on Sunday.

Exact = we are building towards this aspect now so it’s growing stronger and stronger day by day. We’re in the hot zone now. It’s Wednesday as I type this and the aspect “perfects” Sunday morning. 

Today we are under these sweet gauzy trines including VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE so you may not feel the Mars Pluto undercurrent YET.

Or you may. I’ve had folks on my Facebook say they already blew up at people or vice versa. Mars is in Libra (associated with relationships).

You are going to want to be, well, as graceful as can be even if your pot boileth over on the inside. Stay safe.

As I wrote on my FB Timeline yesterday: I am not predicting any harm to befall you! But I am predicting this sweet Venus Neptune vibe will give way to a beast.

The question then becomes:
how do you handle the beast?
Who is the beast? Is it yours?
Theirs? Both?

What is Mars? 
Energy. Passion. Blood. Aggression. Force. NO CONSENT.

Mars does. Mars takes. Mars doesn’t ask questions.
Mars and Pluto together DO NOT REQUIRE YOUR CONSENT.

What is Pluto?
Power. Just one word for now. POWER.

But think of Pluto, for our purposes here, as your inner power. Inner STRENGTH. Inner “I’m gonna get what I want” as opposed to “I can do THIS many push-ups.” The number of push-ups or the amount of weight you lift, that is MARS. But Pluto is the absolute unwavering desire or commitment to the goal, no matter how short or long term. Pluto is a state of mind. Pluto is a plan.

Pluto sets the fire. Mars runs into it.

When these two SQUARE each other, things can go awry, things can go badly, it can get unwieldy. I’m being NICE as I describe this. You drop the weight on your foot. You don’t know your own strength. You hurt yourself. You hurt someone else.

Pluto is refusal. Refusal so stop, refusal to bend. Refusal to indulge in your stupid self-care ritual. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET WHAT I WANT AND I WILL PROBABLY KEEP GOING AFTER THAT says Pluto. And this may be commitment to depression. Commitment to survival. Commitment to winning someone over. Commitment to WINNING. Commitment to NO CHANGE EVER. Commitment to persistent negativity. Commitment to LOVE. Commitment to SERVICE.

Mars gets tired. There is only so much physical energy we can muster. We simply run out of fuel. We collapse. The body stops. Every long distance runner has to stop at some point. Every sex session comes to a close (with or without the little death).

AND THEN THERE IS PLUTO. (And I have a well-aspected Moon Pluto conjunction in my First House in my natal so I know a thing or two about not giving up.)

Unlike Mars, Pluto never tires. Pluto = regeneration. A well-aspected Pluto has an endless energy supply for whatever it craves (according to its placement in your birth chart or by transit). It’s a self-sustaining generator (unless its fuel is another person, which is easy to see in a chart).


Don’t start any fights this week. Don’t poke the bear, don’t take the bait, etc. Avoid people who make you want to punch them in the head. Try to err on the side of playing dumb (smile through your gritted teeth) and don’t follow any ghosts into any abandoned warehouses and you should be just fine.

Any questions? 
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Sagittarius in Hell + The Stars This Week!

"venus square pluto"
Sagittarius is the storyteller.

They don’t stop talking. And I don’t mean this in a mean or critical way.

I’ve always had Sagittarius in my life, especially women. I love them. My favorite priest is a Sagittarius. Even the friendly and fierce manager of my favorite coffee shop is a Sag. And yes I’m sure there are quiet and demure ones, but I haven’t met them yet in real life.

Also as you probably know, Saturn (symbolizing restriction, limitation, wisdom, the teacher) is leaving Sagittarius this December and will enter its home sign of Capricorn.

So please get ready to listen to Sagittarius.

This is my advice: you will need to be patient.

Almost every Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Rising has been through hell over the last 2 1/2 years and they have a lot to say. So be patient. Listen. Okay okay tune out when you must ;) but then LISTEN!!!!

Sagittarius, believe it or not, has been QUIET all this time. They have not been able to speak their truth, not like they need to, not like they SHOULD!

But Saturn leaves their sign and they will finally be free to speak again and teach again and travel again and roam and romp again. They will be free to tell their stories again, feel hope again.

And it will be worth listening to.


I was about to say it was going to be an uneventful week

UNTIL I saw Venus square Pluto (exact on Friday).

Earlier in the week, while that square is building:

Mercury trine Neptune (Tuesday) is a breeze. It’s BLISS. Blissful. Your mind on drugs except you don’t need any. I have this in my natal. I call it the poet’s aspect! Yes it’s great for writing.

Sun conjunct Jupiter (Thursday) is a full on ray of sunshine, but it’s SCORPIO SUNSHINE this week. We’re traveling through the underworld. The underworld can be dark. The underworld can be steamy. THE UNDERWORLD IS FULL OF DEAD PEOPLE. It’s the underworld after all.


What to do?

How to act?

Who to talk to?

What to avoid?

Honestly I think this week feels GOOD but it feels better for some than others.

For those of us who enjoy intense Pluto undercurrents, we are in our element. This is our sea. We never want to stay on the surface of things anyway.

The Venus Pluto square isn’t bad but it keeps us on edge all week with questions such as:

who really has the power here? Me? Them?

Who? And do I even want it?? Do I want to give it up? Hmmmm???

Problems may arise because Venus’ seduction skills can cloak some of the more nefarious Pluto influences. And you may fall hook, line, and sinker for whatever Pluto offers you.

Listen to me:


Take your time. Evaluate. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Scorpio always does


I keep thinking about this combination: Scorpio Season begins today (writing to you Sunday October 22nd) with Mars entering Libra:

Mars “rules” Scorpio (traditional ruler).

And Mars in Libra hunts Libra people places things. Mars in Libra hunts LOVE.

With the Sun in Scorpio it’s gonna be more relentless. Ruthless even.

So I recommend you figure out what you want and go for it but in a Libra way. Charm it.

Choose your weapon (i.e. strategy) and make sure it’s a pretty one

And this:

Don’t hunt anything you do not HAVE TO HAVE.

These times, these days, right now, are for keeps. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


The Stars This Weekend: LIBRA

"moon square pluto" It’s a Libra Weekend. Libra all over again. Think about it. SCORPIO SEASON now but Venus (retrograde all summer in Leo) has lagged behind and finally enters Libra on Sunday.

Mars enters Libra, Thursday the 12th. New Moon in Scorpio the day before.

A wise man once said to me:

Libra SHOWS YOU how to do it. They show you what they want.

Moon enters Libra tomorrow morning.

This weekend your VENUS ISSUES come to the fore  — love, money, relationship, social life, what you value, what you’ve been missing, fashion, beauty, art. She’s a little stressed though. The Libra Moon will square Pluto (graveyard frolicker) and oppose Uranus (freelance wild man).

Does what you DO match what you value? Libra in hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus says that you aren’t quite sure, in a charmingly volatile way.

"venus in libra" Gonna draw a weekend card:

Perfect. It’s the Two of Cups, the truce card. Libra wins BUT it’s that “peace at any price” thing.

Your thoughts? 

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Mars In Libra Retrograde Is Making You Mental

"mars in libra retrograde"
start practicing now

Does Libra EVER say what it really means? 

Libra is on my mind because Mars has been in Libra for so damn long and I wonder if we’ve lost every sense of a DIRECT CONNECTION.

And instead we operate underground. Not in terms of going deeper but in terms of surface peacekeeping.

I am not talking about individuals here, but the collective energy.

Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus has an agenda (as we all do). Venus wants to smooth out the wrinkles, create symmetry, perfection, and beauty NO MATTER WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. Cover it up.

Life could be falling apart and Libra will put energy into maintaining surface appearance rather than mending the actual broken heart, body, or soul.

Again, I’m not talking about individuals (in case anyone is about to get offended). I’m talking about ENERGY. Libra is not about exposing the truth. Libra is about covering up. Hair, make-up, the dress. What’s underneath all that? The naked. Exposure.

I know when I come down on Libra energy, people tend to remind me of the importance of tablecloths but in my experience i rather SEE the table. I rather see the wear and tear. I like the clear light of day. What’s actually going on.

My point: we have been living in a state of (dare I say it) dishonesty and deception for months now. And when Mars goes direct in late May, the mask will (partially) come off.

Now some of you may already have gotten a big surprise. Perhaps in April, during the Grand Cross and Eclipse Season. For others the big reveal is happening NOW.

The summer — you heard it here first!– will be VERY interesting. You’ll have more clarity. All the different ways you’ve been fooling yourself and others have been fooling you… it may make your head spin. See, I think you’ve known parts of the truth all along but you couldn’t put it together. The Universe wouldn’t cooperate with that. No way. Not under Mars in Libra retrograde.

Does this ring true for you? Are you ready for the truth? 

Love, MP

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If There Is An Eyesore (Retrograding)


You aint’ going nowhere.

Not right now.

You can make a plan. You can make a plan. YOU. CAN. MAKE. A. PLAN.

You can make many plans. But you ain’t going nowhere. Not right now.

And yet, this is REVELATION time. (If there is an eyesore in your midst, just let it be. Or shut your eye.)

Timeline:  you want action?

Mars goes direct May 20th (not so bad!).

Saturn goes direct July 20th.

Do you like this number, 20? THIS IS THE JUDGEMENT CARD IN THE TAROT.

And I like the Judgement card. To me? It heralds good news. THE good news. And I REALLY like good news.

(I sincerely hope you are one of those people for whom things are coming together whether this is at the manifestation level or just SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS that you are seeing due to Jupiter now direct SOMEWHERE in your  chart. Jupiter/Sagittarius rules parades! And prophesy!)

Greer says:
Spiritual truth. Change and transformation. Recognizing a purpose behind events. Resurrection. Awakening.

Pollack says:
A push, a call from within to make some important change. IN EFFECT THE PERSON, OLD SELF, OR SITUATION HAS ALREADY CHANGED, and it is simply a matter of recognizing it

Sharman-Burke says:
clean slate. Renewal

Crowley says:
Be every Act a Source of radiant Glory

My darlings, I wish you a moment of radiant glory today.

I am learning so much about love, it is making me sick. Sick with knowledge and experience. I mean that in a good way but what I mean is that it’s overwhelming. Guess that long Venus in Capricorn transit was good for something ;)

See, I am starting to feel that every love story is filled with collateral damage. Every marriage. Every affair. Every … you know that feeling…. “will he call?” Every time your heart pumps that love blood.

Astonishing when you realize it. And when this realization comes to you after a period of time, months, years, after a period of time, you realize this love is… smacking you upside the skull with a 2×4 on the bad days. And on the good days? I have a hard time finding the words but I will look for the words or I will take a picture of how I feel right now as I type this. If feelings could be photographed. And it’s nothing like the movies, truly. It’s nothing at all like the movies. It’s nothing you could have planned or prepared for. And I always knew that. Even before.

So we’ve been making these Cancer Sagittarius videos and posting them here and on youtube and I feel there is a limit to how open and honest I can be. First of all, I’m a private person. Second, no relationship is perfect. Third, I need to respect his privacy. So I’ll do my best with my blog posts and the videos to be as open as I can because I know it helps others and…

But I wanted to share that moment with you, when you realize that you have to make it work because you love each other too much to part. And this is a formidable moment because Cancer Sagittarius compatibility and longevity requires the patience of Job from both parties. And then the terror creeps in. The What Ifs!

This is why, my friends, this is why, some humans (and I know many) don’t bother to love. Can’t get it up for love. They don’t dare. They don’t dare get THIS CLOSE to what it feels like to be Job. Because there is always that risk of losing it. And we could talk about Saturn and we could talk about Chiron but why ruin the moment ;)

See y’all later (more to come…)
Love, MP

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Pluto People Squirmming Under Mars In Libra

On my Facebook page, we got into a very fun and interesting PLUTO discussion. I’m cutting and pasting some of it here since I know not everyone is on Facebook :)


How does a Pluto person stop getting picked on, stop “inviting” projection (by others)?

And this is sooo very tricky – because it’s IN your energy. People want a piece of you. They want to eat you up, stand in your light, like I was writing above. 

Keep in mind: Pluto people also PROJECT. But they project their POWER.

And this power may be conscious or unconscious. The more unconscious it is, to the Pluto person, the more likely they will be victimized. (And I am NOT talking about blame-the-victim. I do NOT blame victims.) 

The more unaware they are of Pluto (including their own darkness and how they misuse their power) the more unaware they are of their power, the more they are likely to be taken advantage of. 

It has to come to consciousness.

An example:  if Marilyn Monroe didn’t know how beautiful she was. That’s the best example I can think of right now. Sorry if it’s offensive. But, say, a beautiful girl/woman who has NO CLUE of the power that holds.

So others run roughshod over her. And USE her in various ways, doesn’t have to be just sexually.

Lower vibration Pluto is a USER. If you don’t realize your power, then people lie, take advantage, use, abuse, etc etc.

A beautiful girl who knows her power (i.e. her WORTH, her VALUE, particularly that her worth, her value is NOT physical at all) is not going to fall for some toothless married jackass who buys her a drink at the bar.


This topic came up because of some transit talk. Jupiter in Cancer squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto. And I said this: “Pluto is ruthless. And Uranus doesn’t think. Neither of them, in their raw state, has a conscience.”

And then I rambled on, warning people about psychic vampires and the like :) 

This topic was also on my mind because a “friend” was attempting to make me feel bad about myself. But it was pure projection. I wasn’t bragging. I have no reason to brag :) But was expressing satisfaction with something and apparently this triggered that person, hit a nerve, and they started lecturing me, projecting their misery all over. I realized it at the time. I countered their analysis with my own. And then later told them I thought they were full of shit. And then I really felt the pattern. How this person ALWAYS does that, did that. I started to think about our interactions over the years. It’s an odd feeling when someone outright tells you: YOU ARE THIS, YOU ARE THAT. Things that didn’t even apply to me. Things that never applied to me. Know what I mean? It was bizarre. And a wake-up call.

Anyway……….. the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto (plus Mars in Libra) entanglement is an opportunity for you to STAND UP.

You don’t need to accept or believe others’ notions of you. YOU define you. That’s the Uranus piece here. (And it is Aquarius Season now as well). But then you need to back it up with behavior. ACTION. Mars in Libra is kinda slippery where that’s concerned. They prefer the duck and smile approach. Don’t confront head-on. Don’t show your cards. Make no mistake, Libra is as tactical as Scorpio and as dream-a-little-dream as Pisces.

Now I don’t have any personal planets in Aries OR Libra but I do have a 1st House Moon and Pluto and I’ll be damned if I’m going to wait around. I show my cards every fucking time. Does it get me what I want? Not always. But I usually know where I stand. I hate writhing around in pain. YES MY FRIENDS THIS VENUS IN THE 12TH HOUSE WITH VENUS NEPTUNE SIGNATURES WRITTEN ALL OVER HER CHART *HATES* THE WRITHE. Over that shit. Seriously. But to each their own. Libra seems to enjoy the sweet mystery and pain of THE WAIT. They love the drama. God forbid the love should be requited. Then what would they do?? ;)

MAIN POINT for the moment: Mars in Libra is a challenging transit for the compulsive action-oriented Pluto people among us (me included). These days, we are indecisive. We are forced to wait. We are exploring Venusian tactics for possibly the first time ever.

By summertime, all will be decided.

This morning I drew three Tarot cards in this order: The Magician, the Page of Wands, the Tower.

I saw the Magician as pure power, ability. And the Tower as its opposite, chaos, revelation. The Page of Wands is about facing fears (my fave interp): letting the Towers fall? Not trying to control EVERYTHING.

Are you a Pluto person? Enjoying Mars in Libra? 

Love, MP


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Here are the details: 

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The 12th House is THE PRISON but also the ESCAPE key!

Meditation, solitude, secret love affairs, psychics, oh my!

I will be bringing you ideas from my favorite astrologers (Sasportas, Arroyo, Marks) as well as analyzing your natal 12th and any 12th House transits you are having.

The class will feature Daily Tarot pulls (from me) for each participant.

Also will be establishing a meditation schedule for myself in there, which you are encouraged to follow We will review techniques from my faves (Pema Chodron and Edgar Cayce) as well as some exploration of mantras. You are welcome to bring wisdom from your own faves of course. 

Discussion/chart based as always. Got questions? Message me! 

Start date February 17th. 
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P.S. Class Length: Two Weeks. It’s a drop-in class, like always. You show up when you can, participate when you can, the class is always open  I’m there daily. 

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Sharing The Burden: More Thoughts About Mars In Libra 2014

Giving someone a share of your burden is a mental thing.

And I don’t mean “crazy” mental thing.

I do mean… it’s something you think about, when you’re in relationship (with lovers OR friends) that you… don’t have to hold on so damn tightly (Four of Pentacles) to whatever you have.

Let some of your strength go.

Does that make sense to you? It’s about balancing (hello Mars in LIBRA!).

It also reminds me of the Ten of Wands card and upon seeing this card many readers will remark on the burden you are carrying and guide you to put some of it down. How many wands? How many down? Is it your burden? And so on :)


So I woke up this morning (a day off, a beautiful, rare much needed day off from psychic surgery) feeling sick. Actually last night we realized I had a low fever. So frustrating. I love cool weather but I keep getting run down. Plan to take it even easier today.

But I got up to feed the cats and have some decaf (my favorite thing) and started thinking about relationships and marriage and how sharing burdens (activating share-the-burden mind) is more a state of mind than a divvying up of activity. You have to realize what you’re doing.

It made me wonder what you think? How much of the burden are you carrying and how much of the burden do you want to let go or can you let go and how alone are you even in your most intimate relationships. And maybe you would prefer to be alone. Or maybe you have no clue how to get close. And the days pass.


It never fails to amaze me. This fear of getting close. It’s different for all of us :) When I hear from clients or friends who can spend 20 years in a “relationship” and never let their partner see the ugly. See, I can’t help but show it! It comes out! And it’s AWESOME (lol).

Intimacy is a trigger for me (Chiron in the 8th House) and I have more holy unholy righteous anger than a full-time television pastor. My husband, bless his heart, has Mars in Capricorn. He’s got strategy, tactics. Plans are always in the making.

And I said to him: I have NO tactics. NONE. I have Mars in Cancer (and a side note about Mars in Cancer — thought to be an unlucky placement for Mars — a well aspected or powerfully aspected Mars in Cancer can be quite direct and forceful). No tactics. Just a powerful stream of I FEEL. Which, for Cancer, equals I KNOW. But tactics for Mars in Cancer are necessary. Tactics around… not drying up the emotional waters but taking good care of the levee. And learning how to share the burden. Venus in Capricorn lessons. Mars in Libra lessons. Life lessons! AND TO STOP BEING SO GODDAMN TIGHT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE – WITH YOUR LOVE, WITH YOUR STRENGTH, WITH YOUR WEAKNESS.


The Sun is now in Aquarius. We have shifted from strategic, tactical, long range plan Capricorn to “offbeat” Aquarius.

Aquarians out there, how do you feel about being considered offbeat? Strange? Brilliant? Light and radiant? Cold? Detached? Revolutionary? Idealist? Robotic? The scientist who complains you are not being functional and efficient enough. Yes, I do believe Virgo and Aquarius have much in common ;)

I admit I have a fondness for Aquarius — I have three personal planets in the 11th House and my mother always said about me: “she’ll do what she wants anyway.” I think for myself. Not a people pleaser or a trend follower and I’ll think for you too if you ask, ha!

So that’s the story :) Happy Monday!

Love, MP

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Also I have a new web site (not totally finished yet) and it introduces new ways to work with me – my independent study processes, subscription, chat rooms, and SOON I’ll be introducing my new creativity workshops. Probably in February/March.

The new site is here!

The Stars Today: Temperance Alert!

More advice for the rest of the Holiday Season (what will get you through December and the New Moon on January 1st):

the Temperance card from the Tarot. Not in the sense of drinking or not drinking (I’m NOT even going to go there) — but in the sense of mixology.

Combining. Coordinating. Compromise. Mixing. A supersize angel whispering in your ear the instructions for the magic you must make. You aren’t alone in this.

Sometimes I get this card as a marriage card (really!) but the point I want to make right now is about the marriage inside you — balancing mind and emotions, yang and yin, body in balance.

I know I’ve been writing some pretty gloomy posts about the sky-energy we’re all under and the tendency of Cardinal signs to want to push through and take a stand and draw lines in the sand and up and leave and…

but I also feel Sun and Mercury in Capricorn will force us to slow down like Saturn – despite the attending squares and oppositions.

But MoonPluto – you may say – isn’t that the tension? The angst of the Uranus Pluto square stirred up by faster moving planets in Capricorn as well as Mars in Libra?

Yes. Of course. But the Moon is in Virgo today and I felt myself tune-in to the deep earth. That if you can stay low, low to the ground, and listening, you’ll make it out alive ;) and smiling :)

Another topic:

on my Facebook last night I posted about love. I wrote this:

“Only just beginning to understand love. Not sure I really “get it” entirely but grateful for the experience.” And I meant it. I’m in a discovery process here.

An old friend of mine reminded me of a Wendell Berry poem called The Country of Marriage and a few others chimed in with their thoughts.

And what I also want to say is: it’s not what you think. Meaning, I haven’t shared a word yet about this experience. And I don’t even know if it can be described (as I experience it) but I will try! The words of others reflect their experience, not mine. But I hope to share mine more and more, in words, because the topic and the experience fascinates me.

AND I’m not saying that Berry describes my experience,  but I wanted to share a few of his words–

“Sometimes our life reminds me
of a forest in which there is a graceful clearing
and in that opening a house,
an orchard and garden,
comfortable shades, and flowers
red and yellow in the sun, a pattern
made in the light for the light to return to.
The forest is mostly dark, its ways
to be made anew day after day, the dark
richer than the light and more blessed,
provided we stay brave
enough to keep on going in.”

You can Google him to find the entire poem.

What thoughts are you thinking? About Christmas. About love.

Love, MP

So a client texted me this morning wondering if I had any SPECIALS going on. So I created one for her, and for anyone who wants to partake! 

$50 by PayPal for a 45 minute Reading. Instant Message or Email or Phone. Order this reading TODAY OR TOMORROW but we don’t have to do the reading then — can do it after Christmas. 

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ETA: he just finished a blog post about it CLICK HERE 

Your Map To Saturnalia: Sun Enters Capricorn, Dec 21st

So I am predicting a LUSTIER Capricorn Season than usual — BECAUSE of Venus retrograde  in Capricorn and BECAUSE of the Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs. Remember Mars is in Libra now, sparring with Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Add Sun and Mercury in Capricorn to this mix!

But don’t take my word for it ;) You can tell me later how it was. And of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will GET SOME. But I think it  definitely means you will WANT SOME.

If you visit my Facebook page (it’s not private. Click on the FB link on my homepage) you can see the little video I made on this topic yesterday.

Capricorn, in my experienced, fits many of the cliches :) very ambitious. Reserved on the outside. Hot mess on the inside ;)

But seriously — and I’ve mentioned this before — when you hug a Capricorn you can feel it in their bones (Saturn rules the bones) — how fragile they feel, how fragile they are.

Saturn is a “cold” planet, a cold energy. Saturn doesn’t get all hot and bothered. Saturn sets limits. Saturn says NOOOOOOOOOO. Saturn is death. Saturn creates ENDINGS. Saturn is NOT the planet of passion. Sorry folks, it’s just not. MARS is your heat hot sizzle factor, not Wise Old Man Father Time Saturn.

But I do predict, I do declare, a very VERY randy RANDY horny GOAT Capricorn Season because of the stress, because of the tension, because you are a tightly drawn back bow and lordy you need to fly through the freakin’ air. Sagittarius Season provided NO relief NONE.

The trick is this. You have to learn the rules. Saturn rules. Do Saturn’s bidding. To scratch the itch you want scratched. You have to do it Saturn’s way. Understand what I’m saying? You can feast and you can frolic and you can get your ya-ya’s out but in order to do it right (i.e. to get what you want) revisit your natal Saturn. Those are YOUR keys. What house? What sign? What aspects? I suggest you do this so you can find YOUR MAP to Saturnalia.

And don’t forget transiting Saturn is in Scorpio. ALL the itches you will want scratched require you grow up, take responsibility, work with others, work well with others, and MERGE. No corner cutting. No surface skimming. It’s a spiritual experience. That’s exactly what it is. The sex you want. The bonding you want. The love you want. The life you want. So stop fucking around.

All festivals have rules. All parties have rules. What are yours?

Love, MP

Water Into Wine: 2014 Cardinal Cross Preview

Yesterday was our first taste of it. Our first taste of disaster.

Maybe. Maybe not for you.

Moon in Cancer. Mars in Libra. Uranus and Pluto finish out this fast moving Cardinal Cross. Add Jupiter too.

This morning I pulled three cards for myself. Page of Wands okay. Strength: super. And then the Tower. Uh-oh. I want to quote both Rachel Pollack and Elizabeth Bishop. When I’m around, a poem is rarely far behind although I’m a bit out of practice these days.

When push comes to shove, THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Can you say that about your life today? This is what I want. This is who I want. This is what I am WILLING (yes willing) to work with. If you can say YES to all that, then you are poised primed ready Freddy for the mega-transits of 2014. If not, you’ll be coaxed, coerced, cajoled (into someone else’s idea) and possibly Tower-ed.

I don’t mean this to be a doom and gloom post. I can only speak for myself. The last few days gave me so much insight (thank you Full Moon!) and information that… at the very least… I’m more CLEAR than I was a week ago.

When you see or feel the energy of the Tower in your life, ask yourself: have I raised a prison around me? 

“If we cannot free ourselves peacefully, then the forces of life will arrange an explosion… The point is only that given no other outlets, the unconscious will erupt all around us, and that we can use this experience to find a better balance.”

And, here, from Ms. Bishop, the poem One Art (and this poem does have stanzas. The formatting got messed up when I cut/pasted.)

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.
Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.
I lost my mother’s watch. And look! my last, or
next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.
I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster.
—Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident
the art of losing’s not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.

I want to not feel afraid when I see the Tower. And yet I believe that if you do not feel afraid when you see the Tower, you clearly haven’t experienced the Tower – not really – in your life. Because the Tower IS scary. It IS upheaval. It IS crisis, sickness, loss, death. The Tower are those howling cries. Have you howled? When you’ve cried? If not, then you haven’t had your Tower fall yet. And maybe you never will. Maybe you aren’t quite… alive enough. Hmm.

So much for not writing a doom and gloom blog post. Sorry about that. BUT…

I did also pull the Strength card, remember. Here we see “the unconscious released and calmed, tamed by the direction of conscious understanding… the inner strength to confront yourself calmly and without fear.”

Do THE WORK now and the only Towers falling will be what needed to be released anyway, painlessly, and with grace.

What is the Tower? That which happens without our consent.
Love, MP

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Mars In Libra: Cookie Logic

I’m doing that thing again. Listening to the same song over and over today.

And I asked my Facebook Friends for a blog-post topic because I feel like writing but got nothing in my head.

A few good suggestions came through the wires but no-go. Instead I’m going to write about a recent experience.

Yesterday I had all these revelations. Suitable for transiting Uranus (breakthrough, insight) on my natal 8th House Chiron (pain). The long ago and far away stuff. And I felt so clear. That VEIL LIFTED feeling. You know that feeling? I know y’all are nodding your head.

And even at the time, I thought to myself: yeah right. How long will THIS last?

This morning I get triggered again.

And that’s when the further deeper necessary revelation happened. Something can be *very* wrong for you. And yet. There can also be something worth saving. The JUSTICE card. Must balance. Must weight. Must measure. MARS IN LIBRA. The scales. Making judgements. And there is such a thing called development. Things change.

Does this sound obvious? Well, not always to my brain. I think they call it black and white thinking. Which reminds me of black and white cookies and the fact that — I like both sides. The white frosting and the black frosting. Bear with me. This is cookie logic. You CAN hold two ideas at one time. The something is wrong idea. And the something is right idea. And aye Mars is in Libra now so… you know what? You don’t have to decide. One foot. Then the other foot. This is a Mars in Libra luxury. No matter how many people you annoy. You will feel pushed. Others will push you. Uranus and Pluto and Jupiter will push you. But you just stay right there, in your state of grace and take a bite of both sides.

In other words? Don’t decide. Not today anyway. And maybe not even during the first half of 2014. Not until Mars enters Scorpio. Oh yeah clarity comes then. Does that thought terrify you? Thing is — you may NEED ALL THIS TIME. Before you KNOW.

Love, MP

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Venus Talk: Do You Know What You Value?

So I’m back in therapy.

Today was my second session and our discussion was VERY Venus and it made me think about how Venus, now in Capricorn, will go retrograde and how Mars in Libra’s retrograde will find all of us… introspective. Turning inwards. IF WE DARE. Defining what we value. Fighting(Mars) for what we value. Fighting for ourselves. Fighting for our relationships. Or will we just give up and give in? Not if we know what we want, what we hope to INCREASE. Courage for your journey!

This woman is brilliant, a Sagittarius (I had to ask) and I’ve worked with her before. So many years since then. And today I stopped to ponder it – the years. And how I sought her out PRECISELY because “conventional” help or clinics couldn’t help me. Every time I tried, it didn’t work, for one reason or another. And so I googled her and found her and I asked my husband about the timing and he told me it matched up with my last Saturn opposition, which is in orb for me now. Saturn in Scorpio vs Saturn in Taurus. Third House to 9th House. The daily mind, the higher mind. The Cage vs perspective.

You are not your anxiety she told me. Anxiety “hangs on you” but it’s not you. She said many other sharp sharp things and I don’t mean sharp as in “mean” but sharp as in: I see you, I hear you, why don’t you try this, how does this sound. So many therapists are afraid to speak. Know what I mean? Too much of a certain kind of training has neutered them I think, but not this gal. As if anyone could shut up a Sagittarius ;)

I’m telling this long story because I want you to think what you value. If you don’t know what you value, it becomes impossible to make decisions. What are they based on then? Chaos? Fear? The flip-flop mind? Your anxiety? Your rage?

So take these transits in hand. Venus retrograde is the shorter one. Mars in Libra retrograde the longer one. Venture inwards. Acquire for yourself a notebook. And make a list of your priorities. Make a tree. Many trees. I just did a little one. What you want. What you have. What you know for sure. Branches, roots. You are worth it. What is worth fighting for. What is worth releasing. You are worth it. Define it all. Without shame. You are worth it. Just write it down. And if you don’t know yet, that’s okay too.

Something else she said to me today: if something lessens, then there is room for something else. What gets bigger?

What do you value? 

Love, MP


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Your Mars In Libra Shield!

I want to talk about two things today.

1) that the Mars Neptune opposition (already in affect but exact this weekend) is nothing for you to be afraid of and–

2) how appropriate it would be to create a BEAUTIFUL SHIELD OF PROTECTION for the long Mars in Libra transit of 2014. How Mars in Libra is nothing if not beautiful and charming :) Violently so :) but if this transit creates a steaming pile of doo doo in your chart (sorry, not very Libra of me!), then a little magic can go a long way!

You can create a shield in your mind. You can create a shield FOR REAL. Yeah. ARTS AND CRAFTS, BITCHES!

Think about it!

Mars = bravery! Courage! Protection!

I know some of y’all knit. I know some of y’all draw. I know some of y’all daydream. I picture mine… like a sand mandala that will last only as long as needed and then poof with a single breath, gone.

But about Mars (ambition, desire, passion) opposing (fighting with) Neptune (fantasy, daydreaming, sleep), my advice is this: you will want to watch your stress and energy levels verrrrry closely. Sleep extra. It will prevent a cold. Eat warm foods. Mars is in Virgo. Health is Wealth. Neptune may make you feel like everything is okay but the truth is… you are out of balance this weekend (maybe even RIGHT NOW) and how you  better your balance is by paying attention to your body. Smoke less. Drink more water. Allow yourself to mope or putter. And mutter. MORE WATER. HYDRATE PEOPLE HYDRATE! But also do your work. Mind the small stuff. Take care of the critters. Create a miniature. I am picture a Joseph Cornell…

Any questions? 

Love, MP


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More About Mars (In Virgo, In Libra…)

I’m starting with the 12th House because Mars (now in Virgo) is transiting the tail-end of my 12th and EVERYTHING for me goes back to The Spiritual.

EVERYTHING. All roads lead.

The 12th House is a mystical house.

It rules not just suffering but THE SEA. The afterworld. Other not-so-random keywords: witches, solitude, meditation, LARGE ANIMALS.

12th House people are lion tamers and we confront the Divine (a.k.a the large animal, the lion) on a daily basis.

I have Venus in the 12th House. Mars conjoined my Venus last week. Venus is what we VALUE and love. What we “hope to increase” (says Howard Sasportas) and I believe we can look on Mars in Virgo Season (starting today!) as an opportunity to GET CLEAN.

Not because we are dirty. Not because there is… something wrong.

Okay okay okay maybe there IS something wrong says my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

“Continual improvement” says Virgo.

We can zero in on the grunge and expunge. We can make it better. We can work it out.

And after Virgo (the virgin), comes Libra (married). It’s a change in status so change your habits NOW, take good care of YOU now, while Mars is in Virgo so you can be a better partner, husband, wife by the time Mars enters Libra which will not only RETROGRADE (redo, review) but square Jupiter, square Pluto, and oppose Uranus in the months long process.

Jupiter = BIG

Pluto = TABOO

Uranus = SURPRISE!

Sound fun? ;)

Here’s the gift of this transit, for better or worse: you won’t be alone.

Mars in Libra, Mars in the 7th House, DOES NOT WANT TO BE ALONE. Cannot bear it. So either you will be the Mars in Libra person or peeps in your life will be showing off this energy.

The question becomes though: who, what do you love? And who, what is your partner? And who, what brings you peace? And who, what are you willing to fight for?

You WILL want to break the rules says Uranus. You WILL want to break free. You WILL feel by any means necessary says Pluto. But you WILL also want to keep the peace and everything you have and all ducks in a row and HOW ON EARTH IS THAT POSSIBLE.

Yeah, wondering that myself.

Grand Crosses do not feel happy dappy do, and the most moveable part here is red-faced flesh and blood often angry Mars in airy make-it-nice and sweet and pretty Libra, in love with the ideal. Very Violent Place Settings indeed.

Who was I reading the other night? Oh yeah. Liz Greene makes this great point about Libra. They are obsessed with relationship in that they are obsessed with RELATING *things* i.e. matching people is not that different from matching colors or patterns! Surface. Appearance. Harmony! No clashing no clanging no shitty fabrics or matching plaid with polka dots. What looks good here, what looks good there. It’s not about fucking, merging, 8th House (that comes later).

Mars in Libra is THE test you MUST pass before you can fuck.


Love, MP


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TOPIC: How Mars in Libra and the Grand Cross (during the 1st half of 2014) will affect you!  

Mars is your ENERGY. You will want to use it wisely! (Is Mars wise? Now that’s an interesting question! I believe our bodies are wise. You will want to use your body wisely during this transit, but I digress…)

I don’t believe you will fall apart but I’m sensing provocation, not only in your relationships (Mars in LIBRA) but in your cardinal houses overall. It’s a continuation of your Uranus Pluto story, an amplification, but not a desecration. You do want to WIN, don’t you? My class will help you :) 

We’ll be discussing:

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*strategies for alleviating that crucified feeling

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Love, MP

How The Angel Of Anger Can Save Your Life: Mars In Libra 2014

I was looking at my transits the other day and noticing how hard they are right now.

I’ve got a fixed t-square going on and Saturn is involved and just now in one of the chat rooms we were talking about someone’s reaction to Pluto on their Moon and I start… talking about what happens, what happened to ME, after surviving brutal transits.

It’s easier if I just quote myself here and I am relating this to… the upcoming (YES I AM OBSESSED) long Mars in Libra transit in 2014.

That you must solidify WHO IS ON YOUR SIDE now, right now, while Mars is in Leo sextiling Libra, harmonious energy. So that by the time Mars spends so damn long in that one area of your chart pretty much you know who is committed to you and who you are committed to.

Libra is the 7th House is OTHER PEOPLE, contractual obligation, who we MARRY, and I’m feeling some switch-a-roo or indecision or confusion and… you can take steps to repair that now.

The 7th House shows your partners so behave yourself, people. Stop fucking around. Treat others with care, decency, JUSTICE. Not only because you may need them someday but because you need them… EVERY DAY.

And also because this Mars, this Mars transit, is your anger, your RAGE, and is the opposite of depression, it is the opposite of trauma and CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. As long as you don’t fall into “bad Libra” behavior i.e. outsourcing the axe.

And it’s okay to look good while you sharpen your weapon. In fact, I think you should. LIBRA = VENUS. And let me be clear. I’m not talking about hurting anyone with your Mars. I’m talking about NOT FALLING INTO DESPAIR with your Mars.

What remained for me, after very hard transits, brutal transits, of isolation, of losing everything, including my home, what remained was my PTSD from that time. But even that got better, slowly. 

But then if the same sore “spot” gets/got triggered again, the symptomology returns. 

So it CAN get better. It DOES get better. We don’t stay trapped forever there, however one can feel thrown back in time, as though thrown from a horse. Until RAGE takes over. The Rage of No. As in, “I will not let this xyz defeat me.” 

So let’s say something traumatic happens to you. You move on. You never get over it but you move on. And then some years pass and something similar, familiar happens again. And you can’t believe it. You are somewhere between numb and horror and wanting to die. You know that place? That’s the place I’m talking about.

But then there’s an even deeper layer, a solid level or foundational layer, not the death drive but the LIFE drive, which wants to save you and that level- layer is your Mars. Anger. Rage of refusing defeat. 

Not to hurt others, but to WAKE UP, to save your own life.

Love, MP

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The Stars Next Month: Ruckus And Reckoning With Venus In Cancer

venus in cancer, cardinal tsquareEnergy is necessary to keep love kicking. Energy exchange.

If he or she isn’t giving it, isn’t bringing it, if it’s dead air between the two of you, what do you do?

12th House or Neptune people tend to enjoy missing the Beloved which can turn sacrificial and sad. Anyone can be affected by this though.

This morning’s Tarot brought us the 8 of Cups and I just responded to someone in the comments, telling her that there are degrees of walking away. It all counts. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing although hell yes sometimes the break of all breaks must occur. A sign around your heart that says DO NOT REPAIR.


Mid-August will bring us some breakthrough aspects. Venus in nurturing Cancer will join the Uranus/Pluto square and Mars in Libra will conjunct Saturn.

Of course the meaning for you  particularly is based on your chart, your life, but in general I feel (so far) that the danger of these transits will be in trying to control others, metaphorically main them, or to act so out of character that you don’t recognize yourself and then you wake up the next morning going “Whaaaaa ???”

What’s the breakthrough? You can get closer instead of backing away or running away or punishing the other person.

These are relationship aspects, relationship transits, intense ones.Now I actually LIKE Mars coming to sit on Saturn. It’s a HELLOO YOO HOO SATURN HELLOOOOOO.  A bit more than a friendly jostling. But Mars is going to make Saturn MOVE.

Venus opposition Pluto is a power struggle, possibly abuse of power and Venus square Uranus is sudden and you could fall in love, or fall BACK in love with the devil. You don’t wanna do that ;) (Or do you?)

Venus square Uranus in Aries could see you running down the street in a flaming red dress and what stops you from reaching the point of no return is, actually, Pluto.

You can heal (Pluto rules healing and healers) your love (your own and your Beloved’s) under this sky.

Mars conjunct Saturn seals the deal. If you have felt in chains all year romantically (I’m thinking of the Devil in the Tarot deck) this is your get out of jail free card. Okay. Maybe not sooooo free ;) but this is a powerful dynamic passionate love ruckus and reckoning.

And THEN the New Moon comes :)

Three cards for this transit, this energy: 

The one thing that holds you back is your grief. There is still an edge to it that cuts you, that cuts others and it serves no purpose. It must be transformed. Softened. Surrendered. Put your guns down. You know who you are! Don’t point fingers. It’s you too. And that’s the Pluto energy. You need to serve. I know you are thinking “But I do so much for….”

But it’s different than what you think. Because all around is all this love and all this possibility and you have the skills and the desire and the dream and potential. I need to draw another card here. Tell us, wise Tarot guides :) give us some clarity around this grief:

Acknowledge it in a different way. I was writing a post this morning about building an altar to your passion. Well, include your grief. And it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can cut out pictures from magazines or use wind-up toys. It doesn’t freakin’ matter.  You can light two candles. One for your passion, one for your grief. But keep them where you can see them even after they’ve burned out.

Because you know what? You are taking WAY too long. And you will lose if you do not declare and define (Saturn in Libra) WHAT YOU WANT, who you belong to, and who belongs to you. Pluto rules possession. Stake your claim.



Love, MP

Smile. It’s Wilco time Wilco – One Sunday Morning

The Stars Today: Chafe!

"kylie minogue"Mars is at 5 degrees Libra.

The good news is that he will trine Jupiter in Gemini and trine Venus in Gemini but in between those two trines, he will bust in to the Uranus Pluto square like a soldier in drag, dangerously pretty :)

He will oppose Uranus. He will square Pluto.

What does this mean for you? At best, irritability.

Sorry Cancers :( You sign fills in the t-square, but read on anyway.

Mars-Uranus-Pluto or even Mars-Uranus alone or Mars-Pluto alone or Uranus-Pluto are violent aspects. Mars is war. Uranus is sudden. Pluto is (can be) crime. Accidents happen.

I don’t mean to be all doom and gloomy but be careful out there.

Here’s an example from my own life:

My natal Uranus is caught up in this Cardinal configuration. When I was out and about this morning, I felt short-tempered. Those around me were short-tempered or just… fast. The responses I was seeking were not the ones I was getting. And when I felt myself get irritable on the inside, I remembered that Mars is on my Uranus and I calmed down because you just don’t want to set that off.  I also feel a cold coming on. I tend to feel intense transits like these in my body.

So even though the Moon in Taurus is sweet, slow, and steady, we’re facing, in the coming days (although you may already feel it) something far more um stimulating.

The good news, of course, is that it will pass. Mars will keep on moving.

Now Uranus goes retrograde tomorrow and Mercury goes retrograde over the weekend. The energy is shifting, slipping and sliding but robustly. Like the exhale of a giant.

It’s Tuesday and Wednesday of next week that the t-square is exact but it’s building until then. And of course ;) the Moon will be in Cancer starting Monday night, making this a Grand Cross.

My advice really is this simple: check your ego at the door, don’t overdo it on the treadmill, avoid walking under ladders, drive carefully, avoid quarreling lovers throwing dishes at each other. If you see people fighting? In the words of Kylie Minogue: get outta my way!

Say it politely though. For Mars in Libra. Decorum matters even more under this sky.

Make sense? 

Stay tuned for my MoonPlutoLand News announcement! 

Love, MP

Betty Draper And The Upcoming Cardinal T-Square

"mars in libra"No one could ever be happy with surface only, right? Happy with eyeshadow? Besides the fact that I don’t give a fuck about eyeshadow. Never did. And not that there’s anything wrong with eyeshadow :) And there are great minds, great artists of this world who were very into eyeshadow. Just not me. I guess I’m not so multi-faceted ;)

I keep using Betty Draper from Season One (no spoilers please!) of Mad Men as my Libra example. Perfection on the outside. HUMAN on the inside.

Mars in Libra is heading into a tangle, don’t you think? Libra opposes Aries. Libra squares Capricorn. Libra squares Cancer. Although the Sun in Cancer is no longer part of the tangle, the Cancerian energy is still there.

Mars opposing Uranus squaring Pluto, and bathed in Cancer emotions.

And I’m not really a “numbers” person but one of my clients is and I just went to look at the list of planetary degrees, thinking about Uranus at 8 and Pluto at 8 and noticed that RIGHT NOW the Moon in Pisces is also at 8 degrees.

The 8 of Pentacles dude works hard. The 8 of Swords lady (or dude) feels stuck. The 8 of Wands is moving ahead. And the 8 of Cups is leaving behind. The major arcana 8 is Strength. Strength through CHANGE. That’s what these cards say to me.

Which is easier for you? Stasis or change? 

To me these 8s feel like the process of achieving a goal or a dream. Take breaks. Stop and start. Move forward. Take a nap. Change course. Re-commit. Eat something. Action, action, action. Sometimes even feeling stuck is action, just a different kind.

Here’s my wisdom for Mars in Libra: this transit will compel you to go beyond the surface… beyond the surface of your relationship, of what you value, of where you put your energy.

Uranus will say: hey, those shoes, that goal, that MAN is so last year!

And Pluto? Pluto will make you think you need to take desperate action when actually you may need to sit still.

This energy is building now but consider the week of the 15th to be especially potent.

Cardinal t-squares generate change in our lives. The question is: are you willing?

Love, MP

Mars in Libra: Doubt?

"mars in libra"Sometimes it really is like clockwork even though my teacher used to say that the planets don’t run on “train time.”

Venus and Saturn go direct and clarity comes. Both Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Libra (in trine because they are air signs) spoke to our relationships. Venus = love. Saturn = maturity.

Were you confused during the retrogrades or, at the very least, suffering setbacks? And now you are free? Your mind is free? Your heart is free? I feel back on track. Perhaps the Moon in Aquarius making a Grand Trine in air yesterday sharpened the focus.

But ponder this issue. See if it’s true. Are you MORE clear now? 

Mars now in Libra tells a similar story. The passion (Mars) to relate (Libra) and to relate appropriately (Libra), to get it right, to put it right.

I’ve been watching Mad Men lately, Season One. I know I’m late to this famous show but I was busy with some other shows :) I also don’t have a television, only Netflix.  Anyway, I am fascinated by the character of Betty Draper who looks like a doll and this surface, of course, is a mask. Complexity beneath, rage beneath. This isn’t a new characterization of Woman but I like the way her story is unfolding.

This character would have Libra or Libra Rising no doubt. A stellium in Libra. Probably with a Scorpio Venus. She’s crammed with desire but has been taught to be polite and gentle even when rejected or offended. Always pleasant. And yet…

Are you clear like glass? Are you beyond doubt? How’s your mask doing? 

And, you know, that rage, her rage, your rage is also a mask It just hides something else…

One more point about Mars (rage) in Libra (relating): Libra is known for indecision ;) Could this transit throw even more options into your heart? Or will the drive to marry (Libra) and I mean marry a person or an idea or a course of action… will this Marsy fire be braver than any and all confusion?

Food for thought, for the Sun in Cancer.


Love, MP