the best ten of swords in the world

Maybe you don’t have to feel so bad when you see this card and you are using the Connolly deck. Many of the dark cards are beautiful here. The Swords don’t touch her. Here is an ecstatic poem called Plum Wine that I wrote in my youth (before my Saturn Return). It reminds me of this card. Plum Wine Q: What is suffering? A: The moonlight, always the moonlight. Q: You’re thinking of Eiji again, shadows on his throat. A: Yes, there was a sound the car made like moonlight on his skin, his head at my breast, body bent halfway, and when I let him get there, there was no suffering at that hour, anywhere. “I am weak, “ he said. “I am old and weak,” (one empty child’s car seat in the back seat.) He came twice, had me watch his face. And he was not suffering then, and I was not, that night in the car, the Coralville Reservoir in the smell of his body. And there was nothing like plum wine there, pouring from his mouth or mine, his breath or mine (his mouth) his thick dark hair yes in his thick black hair—