Jupiter Retrograde & The Writer’s Way

"jupiter in scorpio"
I have a little homework for you.

A notebook. Any notebook. It doesn’t have to be fancy but some folks like fancy. Sometimes I like fancy.

I had times where I bought fancy notebooks and journals and all kinds, but these days it’s cheap spiral or composition notebook from Publix and usually these are for my “to do” lists but now I have an idea for Jupiter retrograde.

Keep track.

Until July 10th when Jupiter goes Direct.

Will you do it?

The Stars Today: Venus Conjunct Mars

I’m a little under the weather today, but got out of my sick bed to write to you :)

Just a cold but my head was fuzzy. I took some Tylenol and cancelled my scheduled peeps. Tomorrow for sure I’ll be up and running. Virgo Rising :)

This morning though I got up early and was happy with my new headphones and my journal with me, all in black, as always, working on one of my new poems on the train (on my way to the necessary errands) and I was reminded, once again, how being in transit (walking, subway, plane!) makes me write, makes it come out. Even editing goes better while in transit. I don’t know what it is, what it does to my brain, the movement, but… now my poem is farther along, inspired. And I had a wonderful breakfast in the theatre district.

I was wondering about you though – what do YOU need to get going. What creative projects are you working on and do you remember what you need to do when you get stuck. What works for you?


“Insatiable” is what I think of when I think of Venus conjunct Mars. In Aries? How much passion can you stand? Or does it fade as fast as it flames? What do you think? Aries comes on strong and then… is done? Or does it again? ;)

Another view is that this conjunction (in general) doesn’t need anyone. That the yin and yang together create a kind of self-sufficiency.

Moon in Pisces all day today and the folks on my message board are feeling extra sensitive, talking about crying spells :) The Moon is conjunct Neptune and trine Saturn so you *can* do something (structure!) with all that creativity and emotion, just like I did.

Tomorrow the Moon continues through Pisces, aspecting Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury, before going void of course.

Hmm. I think it’s a good day for just about anything visionary, imaginative, beautiful. Write a poem. Save a life.

Love, MP


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Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much :)


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Ceres: Fertility, Creativity, And The Word-Seed

"ceres"About Ceres, creation, and the creative spirit:

Just start by saying the words.

“Let there be light and there was light.” Simple, right?

If you are having trouble manifesting what you want, if you find that you can’t move easily from air and fire to water and earth, then SAY IT.

In Bereshis (Genesis) God calls the world into being. And if we are made in God’s image (and take it as a myth, a story. Doesn’t have to be literal okay?) then we can mimic his/her/its creative process. Right?

For example, I decided that I want to start a theatre company. Just like that. Start one. So I told people. All I need is a name to start. A name and it exists.

Saying the words makes it real. The first level of real. Creating this “company,” this “idea,” is making a FRAME for the creative spark.

Makes me think of Saturn (form) and Neptune (spirit). That’s what a body is.

Love, MP

Ceres Part One

Ceres: Possessiveness, Loss, And The Bloom

"Ceres"We’ve just started talking about dwarf planet Ceres in MoonPluto Land and I was telling folks that wherever Ceres is in your chart, you may feel, well, EXTREME.

No half-measures. No quarter-minutes. No $ 1.99. We’re talking million dollar ferocity.

Where Ceres is, you may feel emotions/mind-states such as: grief, loss, betrayal, rage, pain, abandonment, but also creativity, fertility, deep love.

Ceres was Goddess of the Harvest. Agriculture. Ceres was intensely bonded to her daughter, Persephone.

When Pluto, God of the Underworld, abducted Persephone, the earth tore open. (Interesting because it would have been Persephone who would have been torn open by Pluto but instead we have the earth tearing open here, symbolizing Ceres. That’s how close they were.)

When the deed was done, the earth sealed again. Could this be partly why Pluto is identified with healing and healers? There was an extreme rupture followed by seamless repair.

Where Ceres is in your chart creates a breach, a hole, a gap, a gape, a wound. Open earth. And it’s different than Chiron’s wound. Chiron was bodily injured, a teacher, healer, gatherer of balms.

Ceres is not our Warrior Goddess but she is AT WAR, on the inside, grieving. Lamentation.

And as Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres is about cycles, the waxing and waning of the crops. So despite her being a portal of angst in your chart, she is also there to show your abundant, emerging, cyclical maturation and creative bloom.

Part 2 Coming Up!

Love, MP

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Reading Poetry On A Hot Saturday Afternoon In August

"moon conjunct jupiter"I’ve been reading poetry this afternoon and remembering the time when reading — no — writing poetry was all I did. Reading it was a close-second though :) Reading poetry, having love affairs. 24 years old.

And how grateful I feel that the play I wrote a few years ago will be seen, seen by a few ;) this fall. My 1st full length production. As though this is the beginning of… making up for some disappointments. The end of a cycle. We shall see, I am fond of saying We shall see.

Funny to look back. Funny to think that I’ve got clients almost 20 years younger than me and clients 20 years older, and more. I type in birth data and then I forget the age.

Reading poems is a time machine for me even if I’ve never read the poems before and just now was reading the work of a poet I had a class with, just once. I had these strange hopes back then. Had no idea how to… manifest anything. It was all luck. Luck or nothing. Luck or nothing and some natural writing talent. And that was it.

This is another post about creativity and the creative process, but this time from the perspective of memory and the past which of course makes me think of the Moon. But I wonder where else memory is stored in our charts.

There is no right answer to this question. The obvious answer of course is anything having to do with the Moon, 4th House, Cancer… but I’d like to think that each of you, each person, each chart, has her (his) own theory.

As I type this, the Moon is even farther along in its conjunction to Jupiter. No wonder memories (the Moon) are showing up big (Jupiter) time!

And the Moon and Jupiter are in Gemini: I am writing (Gemini) about it, telling my story (Jupiter).

What’s your story today?

Love, MP

Blood Days: Creativity, Pluto, And The Birth Process

"new moon in leo"I wake up thinking, as always. But a bit slower this morning. May I be blunt? I’m menstruating.

Any coincidence that this is Day 5 of the 7-Day “Cleanse”? And although I don’t like that word “cleanse” because it reminds of a Comet commercial, it’s also the name of a Sarah Kane play, whose work I admire :)

The blood days (the 1st two days) are probably the only times during the month when I allow myself to slow down. I can never remember which hormone does what but at the onset of menstruation, my mood (usually) goes up and I want to stay in bed. Nice combination :)

It’s not a moping depressive energy but that I can sink into rest and relaxation much easier. Like butter :) Less fluttery anxiety.  A dazed, relaxed pleasant feeling which is wonderful as long as I don’t have to leave the house.


I have Chiron in the 8th House in my natal. This placement can make intimacy tricky. Painful. Chiron is “the wounded healer” and many astrologers believe this place in the chart cannot be healed, that it always hurts. Easier to help others (than help yourself) wherever Chiron is in your chart.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself an 8th House person at all and perhaps that is why, because of Mr. Chiron there. More of a Pluto person with my 1st House Pluto, the house of the Self (no planets in Scorpio except Neptune which is “generational”) so taboo is not really my thing. Taboo is associated with the 8th. Interesting thing about keywords: you need to discover the ones that fit you. And even though the keywords for Pluto, the 8th House, and Pluto do overlap, there are some that cling to me and some that don’t.

And yet. With a Moon Pluto conjunction I feel deeply and you know what is the most taboo? Having FEELINGS at all. About the shit no one wants to have feelings about or talk about, such as anger or feelings of loss. Disappointment. Ambivalence.

Oh. Wait. That IS taboo! 

I remember at my mother’s funeral, and yes I know everyone deals with shock and grief in different ways, but it was shocking to me, and yet not so shocking, that I was the only one FEELING IT in the moment. No delay.

Grief, especially when the death is unexpected, is a physical response. Like being thrown against a wall. A physical-psychological response.

And there I was in tears and there was… everyone else not. 


Which planet do you associate with your creative process? I know I need to be inspired, Neptune, but overall I feel Pluto in the process itself, the dredging up from inside. Pluto also rules crisis.

And then there’s Saturn. Form. Boundaries. Saturn is the ruler of my 5th House.

Inspiration isn’t enough. You have to DO something with it. Organize it. Set limits around it. Otherwise it’s… a baby who never learns to walk or talk. It stays in the realm of the blob ;) it doesn’t grow up, grow shape and form and selfhood, yes, the selfhood of the work of art.

Saturn is the secret.

Motherhood, creativity, birth, death: what’s your comfort level with these processes? I know you love this kind of question :)

Love, MP

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