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Sun in Cancer: Frida Kahlo

A client sent me this email today. It really made me smile. I’m still smiling now. I’m such a Cancer Sun. I want my little ducklings to do well 🙂

Here’s what she wrote:

Yesterday I was re-reading your take on my chart and was struck how good
it was. Anyone can chart with the tools we now have on the net but it’s what you
do with it that is the piece de resistance. Your analysis was insightful, out of the square, very encouraging and dare I say “poetic”. You dealt with my more challenging and meaty aspects with optimism and care. I’m almost starting to feel some fondness for my T-square, Saturn, Virgo-Pisces axis and sundry placements ;D Most importantly, I have been applying your advice re the above. Successfully.

Thank you. I’m glad it helped 🙂

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