Saturn Changes Signs But Not Houses (In Your Chart): What Does It Mean?

"saturn square moon" It’s kind of a technical topic but an important one!

What happens when a planet changes SIGN but doesn’t change HOUSE — in your chart?

And let’s say you use PLACIDUS (or some other house system) and NOT the Whole Sign system (which would give you a new house position when the planet changes signs).

What does it feel like?
What can you expect?

I recommend to use the house system that you believe in, the one you are comfortable with, the one you believe to be true for you.

But I also think it’s worthwhile to do double-duty.

Do Placidus AND Whole.
Do Koch AND Whole.
Do Equal AND Whole.

Or whatever combination you prefer.

I’ll tell you what I’m noticing – about my own chart. I think it may help you too.

Saturn in Sagittarius was my 4th House.

And I also had Saturn square my Moon so there were big time lessons and messages and revelations about HOME and family and BELONGING and a move and a big rental house and etc etc and my beloved Cleo went from body to pure energy, pure spirit (very Saturn 4th, also Pluto 4th in my Solar Return)…

Using Placidus, Saturn is STILL in my 4th House.

I call it “finishing up” in my 4th House and won’t enter my 5th until… late this year or early 2019 (have to check the degree).

OR is Saturn already in my 5th? Is Whole Signs more TRUE but that cusp line is still a high vibrational point? 

We know one thing for sure: SATURN CHANGED SIGNS. Saturn went from Sagittarius to Capricorn. And Saturn is no longer squaring any of my Virgo and will TRINE my Virgo.

I am still in the house but honestly I have felt: I can move now if I want. And I have felt: I can stay. And I have felt: it’s okay. I love you, house, no matter what challenges arise. I feel more “settled” even though it’s not *my* house. After all this time, I’m finally there. It’s mine and not mine.

I think it’s an interesting set of questions and they don’t need ONE definitive answer.

Your LIFE will tell you what the answer is. Pay attention. You’ll know. 

FOR SURE the squares to my Virgo stuff are over. For sure Saturn is in Capricorn which is harmonious and “at home.”

And for sure I am suddenly literally suddenly thinking about: home and where do I belong and roots MORE than before. Where do I live? What kind of place? How does a self-employed astrologer purchase property? Do I want to? What to do? ALL such questions.

Saturn through my 4th… was TOO HARD to face those questions. I was too busy SURVIVING.

And now? It’s just not as painful. Not perfect, but not as painful.

As for what Saturn in my 5th might feel like, well, I don’t have kids (5th) but I am a creator and so maybe I’ve got one foot in one world and one foot in the next (4th and 5th) and it may be a similar situation for you. My book comes out this year. 2019 could bring new interesting 5th House stuff!

Where’s your transiting Saturn these days?

"Saturn in capricorn"

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Horoscopes For The Week Of March 5th – March 11th (Aries – Cancer)

"saturn through the fourth house"

HOROSCOPES for the Week of March 5th (posting four at a time)

When I think about this week for you, Aries, I think about the desert, and how there is a difference between the desert and the wasteland. I wrote a poem about it once, quoting a Scorpio friend. “In the desert, there’s hope,” he said. He was remarking at *my* remarking on the desert beauty, which wasn’t desert at all, but death for miles. This is your week, dear Aries, to knowing the difference between death and hope and knowing how long to drive to get there.

I’m thinking about the water, Taurus. I think you have to do more than dip your toe in, foot in, ankle in, knee, hip. All of you has to immerse. Don’t you see? Don’t you feel it? Last night I was at a bar with an atheist friend who told me that if she were to be baptized again she’d want to go all in. She raised her arms above her head. “I’m a sinner,” she said. Wash me. Make me clean.” It was that kind of night. It’s that kind of week. But the only “sin” that I can see is your stubborn refusal to believe —  in yourself.

I had a dream about a love letter. You wrote it to me, Gemini. You were telling me about your big plan, big dream, and how you were going one step at a time. I nodded.  You described feeling overwhelmed when you looked out the window or put your hand in your purse to touch your wallet when paying for groceries. Mundane shit like that, but then you signed the letter with the biggest X’s and O’s I’d ever seen.  Kisses from heaven. My advice: hold the heaven in your hand like one of those nickels you’re so afraid to touch, but touch.

I wouldn’t mind a Cancer girlfriend. Tears don’t bother me. Feelings are juicy, nectar, those cherries from my Whiskey Sour last night, and I’m listening to Bon Iver, wondering what it would be like to kiss you, if it would feel like “Holocene.”  Fall in love with yourself this week, dear Cancer. I know that may sound repulsive and although my love life for the last decade-ish has been mostly Grey’s Anatomy, I have hope for us. This world is an orphan, and we are the mother of the stars.


Dear Star Lovers:
Now that I’ve handed in the first draft of my manuscript (I have a book coming out with Weiser in 2018) I can BLOG again.
Love you xx