The Stars Tomorrow: VENUS ENTERS LIBRA

It’s such a busy and important week and I can’t help but focus on the Eclipse – but there are OTHER IMPORTANT TRANSITS happening:

Venus enters LIBRA tomorrow and the Moon is in Leo making a good aspect to Saturn so I think it’s a good work day – if you have stuff to do then do it! Work (Saturn) feels good! Do it while Venus is in Virgo at that last degree almost all day because once Venus hits Libra? You won’t want to work as hard (as Virgo tends to work).

We have a Venus Moon conjunction over the weekend but no other Venus exact aspects that I can tell (for major aspects and planets). Of course the story could be different for your own natal chart…

And another reminder: Jupiter enters Libra September 9th. 


Look Up From Your Book: Jupiter Leaving Virgo (Sept 9th)

Venus entering Libra this year is special. Why? I know you know!

Because JUPITER enters Libra September 9th – while we are in high Virgo Season with the Sun in Virgo, Mercury retrograde in Virgo (Mercury goes rx on Tuesday) and the coming Eclipses on the 1st and 16th of September.

VIRGO VIRGO VIRGO goodbye Jupiter in Virgo hello Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Libra.

Quick review: Venus enters Libra on Monday. Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday. The Virgo Solar Eclipse is Sept 1st. Jupiter enters Libra Sept 9th. Pisces Lunar Eclipse is September 16th.

So. There is this EMPHASIS in your life which is shifting. Just like that. Libra Risings will be happy to have Jupiter out of their 12th. Virgo Risings will be happy to have Jupiter enter their 2nd and around the wheel. It will be different for every sign, which area of life will bless you and bless you and bless you.

I recommend you look on the bright side – no matter how bleak things appear. Believe me I’ve had times when there was no bright side or it was the eye of a needle but through that needle eye I got HERE.

So think about that. Big changes coming across your Virgo/Pisces axis, beginnings and endings YES and yet… goodbye Jupiter in Virgo. Goodbye mutable mess. Goodbye Saturn square Neptune. Goodbye Jupiter opposing Neptune and Chiron.

Venus enters Libra. Jupiter enters Libra. Time to look up from your book (Virgo) and look into the eyes of the Beloved :)

The Wheel spins…


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The Stars This Weekend: LIBRA

"moon square pluto" It’s a Libra Weekend. Libra all over again. Think about it. SCORPIO SEASON now but Venus (retrograde all summer in Leo) has lagged behind and finally enters Libra on Sunday.

Mars enters Libra, Thursday the 12th. New Moon in Scorpio the day before.

A wise man once said to me:

Libra SHOWS YOU how to do it. They show you what they want.

Moon enters Libra tomorrow morning.

This weekend your VENUS ISSUES come to the fore  — love, money, relationship, social life, what you value, what you’ve been missing, fashion, beauty, art. She’s a little stressed though. The Libra Moon will square Pluto (graveyard frolicker) and oppose Uranus (freelance wild man).

Does what you DO match what you value? Libra in hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus says that you aren’t quite sure, in a charmingly volatile way.

"venus in libra" Gonna draw a weekend card:

Perfect. It’s the Two of Cups, the truce card. Libra wins BUT it’s that “peace at any price” thing.

Your thoughts? 

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No Cyclone, No Tempest: The Stars This Week (+ Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship W/O Losing Yourself Pt 4)

"full moon eclipse in aries" The more you love, the greater the fear of death.
And maybe yours.
But more theirs!
So you choose not to love.

Is this you? Is this you in love?
And then what happens?

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Tip no. 5:
Go and return.
Leave so you can come back again.
Hide and Seek.

To quote poet Jack Gilbert:
Love is apart from all things.
Desire and excitement are nothing beside it.

Do you agree? 


A few highlights of the week:

Some of us need more Venus. Some of us need less. I could use a bit more smart Venus strategy. I admit it! I am not strategic. I’m emotional. Reactive. Passionate. Angsty. (So I write. And then I write more.)

To quote Jack Gilbert again: Passion is clearly the path but does not bring us to love.

For those of you who want (or need) EVEN MORE VENUS, the Goddess enters Libra tomorrow. She is here to teach you. Follow her lead if you are like me, if you need her. She attracts what she needs. She doesn’t need to bark or bite. Or yell. Oh no. Heaven forfend. Not that. No yelling, please :) But she’s a button pusher nonetheless. Oh yes she is.

"mars trine uranus" The calm before the storm. That’s how this week feels to me. Storm isn’t the word I want though. There may be no storm. It may be sunny skies all the way for you. No cyclone, no tempest.

My point is that… there are a number of juicy aspects this weekend (thus they are building now and we feel that pressure) and next week is a Total Lunar Eclipse (at 15 degrees Aries – which partnerships will die? Which partnerships will live? ) so… we walk across the rooftops this week.

The Moon is in Capricorn mid-week which will conjoin Pluto of course and make a tsquare with Uranus and the transiting planets in Libra. You want tense? You got tense. Sorry Cancers :( You are the “empty leg” here but please do not hide. Instead: observe.

Weekend Fun Ahead ;)
Sun in Libra square Pluto (someone is jealous of your pretty dress)
Mars square Chiron (the bandaid isn’t holding, the bandaid is leaking, you are bleeding)
Mercury goes Retrograde (extra wobbly scheduling, double check everything)
Mars trine Uranus (and Jupiter) YESSSSS!!!!!!

Keep doing your thing. Keep driving. Suddenly that’s the image that came to mind. You in your car. Singing to the radio. Driving along. And you are passing this billboard and that billboard and this landmark and that landmark and this strip mall and that monument to AMERICAN LIFE (I am writing to you from America) and sundry consumer outpost. Keep going. DO NOT STOP TO SHOP. YOU DO NOT WANT WHAT THEY ARE SELLING. They are selling Sun Pluto dramarama. They are selling Mars Chiron salt on a wound and Mercury Retorgrade fuck with your plans. JUST. SAY. NO. Because next week…

What I’m suggesting is not avoidance although Mars square Chiron (and Neptune) could present denial as a good time (Mars in Sag). What I am suggesting is that you GO PAST IT. Observe and go past it. Into the wild. Into next week. Because next week is the game changer (the Eclipse) the start of a run of energy that has change in mind for you.

AND we’ve got the Fire Trine of Faith and Courage and Creativity on our side here.

My only other request is that you look good for Libra Season. Spend some time on your look. Some time, some money. It never hurt anyone to make a little effort. Even I’m wearing some lip color while I type this :) EVEN ME, BITCHES!

Love is one of many great fires, writes Jack Gilbert.

Which fire will you tend to this week? 


You Are An Exquisite Corpse: Games For Libra Season

"jupiter sextile venus" We’ve zigzagged around in this month’s Tarot class.

We talked about reversed cards.
We talked about cards that vex us.
Cards from a Kabbalistic perspective.
We talked about the Celtic Cross versus the theory behind the Open Reading style of reading Tarot.
And we are talking about numbers too.

I’m surprised actually how much I love the NUMBERS. I was never a numbers person. But now I’m making new connections when I read for people.

The big class assignment was/is to create a divination deck — real or virtual. Mine is virtual.

I have TEN cards in my “deck” and I don’t want to give away what I’ve done because I haven’t read for my “partner” yet but it reminded me a small bit of Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse.
Maybe just the raw randomness of the approach I’ve chosen.

And when it comes time to do the reading, I think I’ll ask her for a specific question and do a three or five card spread. Or maybe more! And because I’m not crafty, I’m not actually making anything. It’s all conceptual plus my notes. I’ll choose pictures from the Internet.

I’m bringing this up because a gal in one of the chat rooms was asking what rules creativity in astrology and so many answers were given and it all felt valid. The classes I do are experiments in creativity.

So often I forget that Libra/Venus rule ART. I get fixated on the RELATIONSHIP stuff. Love, romance, social life, beauty, but there is more.

According to Rex Bills, Libra rules artists of all kinds and yes it also rules weddings and fashion and truces and love and lovers and doves and diamonds…

According to Rex Bills, the 5th House/the Sun/Leo rule creativity and yet we found creative connections to Neptune and Uranus and Mercury too. I think we need them all to create even if 5th House is the “official.”

I’m writing this post because… not everyone is a fashion maven. I’m certainly not. And not everyone is in love with love. Some of us… just make stuff. 

Venus enters Libra on Monday so get your stuff on! Mercury will be in Scorpio by then but will retrograde back to Libra. The emphasis is clear. Sun and North Node in Libra too. Without art, what point is there to living?

Jupiter is in Leo and will sextile all this Libra loveliness. It’s time for a new fun game. Something exquisite, creative, and beautiful.

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The Stars Today (August 26th): TOWER OF POWER

Venus (love and money) opposes Uranus (out of left field) and squares Jupiter (the zealot) and is still in orb of squaring Pluto (making a Grand Cross) but I have my eye on this Venus Chiron inconjunct. (But about the Grand Cross: think big. Big love. Big crazy. Big crisis. All wrapped up in a big bow. PUT A BIRD ON IT. You’ll be fine.)

Do you feel pretty? Do you feel loved? Venus Chiron people are never sure of either. Never sure of their worth. Venus is what we value, including… ourselves.

The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune. Pisces people, how are you feeling? Shot? Aggravated? Calgon take you away?

This sky feels like a 7-Layer-Cake to me. The frosting is homemade sweet and good but the cake, below the surface shiny, bites back.

Can be hard to keep your cool when your world is tumblling. Hard to stay pretty when the truth is so ugly.

In one of the chatrooms, someone pulled THE TOWER the other day and oh yes some upheaval followed. It isn’t always that way, but sometimes it is. I wonder if his degrees match up with the Cardinal Cross. He took the Pepsi Challenge though; he is moving, literally and figuratively.

AND he came up with this great phrase: THE TOWER OF POWER.

It has forever changed my my view of the card I least like to see.

Ready for the work week?

Love, MP

PS Mars enters Leo on Tuesday! Early degree Virgo Risings time to get your meditation on. Mars through the 12th is a massive amount of energy in a confined space. Nervous energy in the house of mental health and solitude. Take more walks, get more quiet.


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Advice For the Love-Sad: Venus In Libra

"venus square pluto"What happens is this:

You end it (at least that’s the scenario that I’m going to build here) and then comes the deluge. You regret it. You cry. Did I do the right thing? 

At this point you feel like you’re gonna die if you don’t do SOMETHING. So you reach out. And reaching out comes at a price. If they don’t reach out back, you feel worse and around it goes. Loser, loser, loser.

My advice, of course, is to do nothing. When you feel that desperate whirlwind feeling, despair, desolation, do nothing. And the STRONGER you feel it? The less you should do. Don’t ACT on the feelings. Don’t call. Don’t write. Of if you want to do something, go for a walk, yup. Sit in meditation. Cry. Write. Go to bed. Call a friend. Going deeper into the feelings is another option just don’t involve him or her. Commit to YOUR part of the process which doesn’t involve them. Just five minutes of sitting quietly.

I’ve been through this. I know how it feels. I know that feeling of… feeling like you’ve destroyed something. And you feel guilty or that somehow you got it all wrong, missed an essential truth, and your actions were based on childhood triggers rather than anything real or recent. Damn.

Isabel Hickey‘s list of the Negative and Positive expressions of Pluto is helpful and more practical than it appears on the surface. Venus is opposing Uranus (sudden) and squaring Pluto (crisis). You don’t have to DO anything.

Illumination not obsession. Wisdom not struggle. Submission not submersion. Don’t drown. I read this list and I think: cry all you want but don’t drown. Same goes for this intense Scorpio Season we’re in the midst of.

Venus in Libra wants it nice but Uranus and Pluto make a mess. So be it. Serve up Libra anyway i.e. LOVE.



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The Stars This Weekend! Venus Enters Libra

"saturn in scorpio"The Moon is Void of Course in dreamy Pisces as I type this and will enter hot forceful fiery Aries in a couple hours.

Do you usually feel this shift? I know that many of us feel the moon’s movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius pretty intensely. But what about from Pisces to Aries?

Saturday’s best Moon in Aries moments are the trine to Mars in Sagittarius and the sextile to Jupiter in Gemini in the PM. Those of us on the East Coast likely will be sleeping through the earlier middle-of-the-night aspects, Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto (fun!).

Consider Saturday a good day for good moods and getting things done, especially around the house. Watch your back though if you are lifting any heavy objects. You may feel like Superman (or woman) and regret it later. Mars is opposing Jupiter as well, exact at 8:56 Sunday morning. Venus enters Libra just a few minutes later.

The Full Moon at 6 degrees Taurus is on Monday and Mercury enters Sagittarius.


Now besides the Full Moon and meditating on what is leaving your life in the Taurus part of your chart, Venus changing signs is a sweet shift from medicinal Virgo to lipstick Libra ;) You’ll want to look good and looking good will feel good and the good lord knows you want your wig on straight ;) for the Venus t-square: the aspects aren’t exact until early November but I know I will feel this energy EARLY.  Venus will oppose Uranus and square Pluto and you early-ish Cardinal peeps will eat this transit for breakfast. And lunch. Maybe dinner too. And drinks later. And then a snack.


Venus in Virgo was health-minded and duty-minded, work, service, not so fun maybe ;) She may have healed you or healed others with her witchy ways but Libra makes room for a gathering, a pretty dress maybe, a less lonely-loner feeling. An excellent time for teeth-whitening perhaps :) Just wait until she exits stage left the t-square, leaving both Pluto and Uranus behind, their drinks in their hands.

Got weekend plans? 



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Venus In Aries: The Ultimate Gender F**K

"venus in aries"

I write too much about straight people, which is odd because it isn’t my life at all.

Lots of issues intersect here but I don’t have the patience to separate them. For example, I am not nor do I feel like any kind of conventionally acceptable woman/female. Yes I have the biological stuff but if you want Libra or Taurus (the Venus signs), then look elsewhere. I’m not a people pleaser, which includes men. And to me, gender and sexuality are fluid things, interesting things, things to be played with, not rigid. Stereotypical representations of women in particular tend to bore or annoy me. And I prefer to wear shoes that I can run in.

(In fact I had this thought today: the sign of a true New Yorker is one who jogs through that tunnel from the L train to the 3 train at 14th Street. Good luck with that sprint in your heels. And  yet NYC women can do *anything* in heels it seems. But perhaps not sprint uphill through the tunnel. Do I judge? I do not judge. I’m just saying that I’m about something else. Always have been. )

Remember that show Deadwood? I love that show. And I love all the women characters on it, but I am far closer to Calamity Jane (although not a drunk) than Alma, the beauty. At least that’s my self-perception.

And even though I have dated men for the last 10  years, I have never identified with the straight world as such. Never felt like I belonged there. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t do and wasn’t interested in those things that other girls did and were interested in… like dressing for men for example. Just couldn’t get a handle on that.

What does all this have to do with Venus in Aries? Well, Venus in Aries is the ultimate gender fuck. Why? Because it’s Venus (WOMAN) in the sign of Man (Aries)! It’s mixed up, confused, too strong, too aggressive, too desirous, she knows what’s she wants! Is she a woman? Or a man? Neither? Both? WHO’S THAT CHICK??

Which is why I LIKE Venus in Aries. Because Venus in Aries DARES.

Now yes I know there are plenty of Venus in Aries who go the conventional way (whatever that IS) BUT the placement in and of itself is a rebel, is a twist, is a little bit… well… this Venus don’t float on by like Venus in Pisces and this Venus don’t coy like Venus in Libra and this Venus don’t feed you from her boobies like Venus in Cancer.

This Venus is ON FIRE and she will burn you and burn for you.


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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"moon pluto"
Madonna has Mercury in Virgo!

The Moon Venus trine is light and airy like a whipped dessert even though Venus will run headlong into Saturn in Libra soon enough and the atmosphere will change to heavy custard ;)

Will Venus sweeten your Saturn transit? That remains to be seen. Venus Saturn can be heavy: it’s a commitment aspect, work and love working together.

Mercury still in Virgo: your thinking is sharp. An analytical approach is more than fine. The Sun leaving Virgo is on its knees, serving you, while nagging you to take stock. What have you learned. Virgo is always learning, and teaching. And giving.

Mars leaving Cancer for Leo, leaving the mother for the beast. Mars in Leo will energize you, will lighten you, especially if you’ve been sopping wet from Cancer tears. Leo will dry them and then make you laugh out loud.

I want to give a shout out to other 16 degree Cancer Suns at this moment because Saturn is now ONE degree off the square! And one degree closer to squaring my Mercury but where Saturn is concerned, I’ll take what I can get :)

Venus in aspect to Uranus and Pluto has her feeling dark (Pluto) possessive (Pluto) obsessive (Pluto) and possibly wild (Uranus). I’d look and see what else this early degree Venus in Libra is kicking up in your chart. She’s conjuct my natal Uranus at this very moment and I am feeling the freedom urge :)

And you? How are you feeling? Are you looking forward to Mars in Leo? Enjoying Venus in Libra? Tell us in the comments!

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Libra Season And How Not To Be A Douche

"moon pluto conjunction"
A beautiful image. Neither were Libra though :)

Pluto goes direct on Sunday (Read here) but first I want to talk about Libra (read here too)!

Venus enters Libra in a few days and the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd.

Are you a Libra? Know anyone who is? Are you are ready for them to shine?

They will likely want to shine with you, or with someone else ;) Libra is the Sign of Partnership!

In Virgo Season, we clean our houses, we care for our bodies, we worry about our houses, we worry about our bodies. In Virgo Season, we bicker: not that word, THIS word.

But when Libra Season arrives? Think diplomacy. Think fair. Think 7th House. Think THE OTHER. Consider THE OTHER. And don’t project your shit onto THE OTHER. The other is the other is the other i.e. Not You :)

Libra is not about you and your virginity (Virgo) and your holy untouchable body (Virgo) and your need to be alone with your work and your mind and your fear. Virgo fears.

Do you have a person? Are you part of a WE? Do you consider the other? Do you consider the WE? What’s best for the WE?

When you have a true WE, you carry each other. No matter what. You always have that… little bit of room left to give, to carry, to love, to offer, to hold, to hold up, to consider, to strengthen, to love. Did I mention love? Venus is our love. Venus rules Libra.

If are you thinking only of yourself, still, then Libra Season will bring your attention to the one(s) you have been ignoring. (People may not talk about this much, since Virgo is so giving, but Virgo can be pretty self-absorbed.)

Find the Libra House in your chart. It’s in that house where togetherness, cooperation, love is what works best. DON’T BE ALONE in Libra Season. Don’t be alone in that house. Find your other half. Doesn’t matter what/who it is. Find it. Learn from it.

And if you read any astrology blog then you know that Saturn is in Libra. 16 degrees Libra now. Squaring my Sun (and Mercury and then my Mars). Any y’all with Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra planets in the mid-degrees are REALLY feeling this now. The squeeze. The squeeze of hard work. Saturn is your work.

But as we wait for the sweet fall season to begin, as we wait for Libra Season to bewitch us with her beauty, inside and out, remember Saturn. And let the work begin. Serious work. Seriously.

If you don’t have a WE, a partner. If you want a partner. If you are unhappy with your partner. Then… this Libra Season is for YOU.

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Libra Your Time Is Coming

"moon pluto"
Anita Ekberg: Sun in Libra!

Venus will enter Libra later this month and then the Sun will follow. Isn’t that cool? That Venus, Libra’s ruler, will be the first to poke her head in?

Libra Season is on the way.

Some thoughts on balance and balancing:  anyone who has ever contacted me for a reading knows that I juggle another job and sometimes can’t do the reading as soon as we’d like. I hope the wait is worth it though :)

How do you find balance?

I want the balance in my work life to shift: more astrology/more writing, and less of the other. And I am setting that intention right now, today, in between the New Moon in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces and thinking about how we’re all leaving Virgo, the sign of the clean house, and entering Libra, the sign of the full house, meaning… we all, collectively, move from being maidens/virgins to being married. We need each other.

At the moment I’m battling a cold-flu thingie. I think it had been hanging around me for at least a week and then yesterday, after all day in the rain, it really sunk in. I felt pretty bad by meditation class and miserable by the time I got home.

Balance. Isn’t it imbalance that makes us sick? Can’t always be avoided though, we’re human, not angels.

In honor of Libra, I want to encourage you to think about balance. Do you have it? Do you need it? Where is it lacking? How will you find it? 

Imagine yourself on a balance beam, a metaphysical gymnast. Or maybe you’re a tightrope walker. Remember in Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra? The parable of the tightrope walker? I know you do ;) Or think of Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. How do you… walk across? How do you get from here to there? Can you, do you, see your future before you?

Friends, fellow stargazers, let’s toast to the change, to the last days of Virgo and the first days of Libra, coming soon to a sky near you!

Some other random Libra keywords and issues: 7th House, partnership, air sign, ruler of the kidneys, marriage, fall season, Saturn is exalted in Libra, Cardinal, diplomacy, controlling, harmony, cooperation, iron fist in a velvet glove, beauty, charm, grace, art, music, indecisive people-pleasing hostess! And we can’t forget everybody’s favorite 7th House keyword: open enemies!

And, yes, please find the Libra House in your chart. I want you to know what areas of life will be lit up as Libra Sun and Venus traipse through. Dance through? Glide through? Saunter? Stroll? Tiptoe? However they move, it will be light, it will be beautiful, it will be Venus, it will be Libra :)

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Your Progressed Chart: Use It Or Lose It!

"carl jung"
Carl Jung: Sun in Leo

Loyal reader and commenter redleppard wanted me to address the topic of Progressions so here goes. And this is not going to be too technical (not today anyway) but more about what I do, my approach. And of course I need to quote my fave (one of my fave) astrologers Isabel Hickey who says that progressions, the progressed chart, show how the consciousness is affected from within.

Do I think they matter? Yes. Do I use them in my work? Yes. But for me, it’s the natal and the transits first and foremost and everything else is everything else. I definitely look for the progressed Sun and Moon, and Venus and Mars. And the angles. Progressed Jupiter will be interesting to see if you’re of a certain age. I’m 41 and my progressed Jupiter has moved only from late Libra to the beginning of Scorpio. (Oh, and I do like to look at progressed Sun/Moon/Mars/Venus in synastry.)

Thing is: you just never know until you look. Maybe someone comes to you with a problem and you are having trouble finding the key to the door and something in the progressed chart lets you in a little more. It happens.

An example from my own life, years ago, on the phone with an astrologer, who had read for me ten years previous, she saw transiting Saturn was sitting on my progressed Sun in the 12th House. It helped to explain why I felt so… Saturned!

Or, another example, right now my progressed Venus is in Libra and Saturn is sitting on it but… this Venus Saturn transit only mimics, echos other themes that are already happening, already being shown by the transiting planets. Knowing the placement of the progressed Venus just emphasizes it that much MORE.

I do admit to being cynical, however, when I feel people over-rely on their progressed chart, for example. I mean, to a good astrologer with a sharp intuitive sense, the information is THERE in the natal and the transits. I believe this.

There are layers upon layers of information that often lead us back to the same place. Understand? All these different techniques should bring us where we need to be, which is… why you came to us (me, whoever) in the first place.

I hope this made sense, redleppard :)

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