Burn Brightly: This Weekend The Sun Enters Aries

"venus conjunct neptune" This weekend is the Spring Equinox (in my part of the world).
The Sun enters Aries.

We also have a Venus Neptune conjunction so HELLO all my Venus Neptune lovelies!!!!

It’s gonna be rough.
I’m not gonna lie.
It’s gonna be rough for the Venus Neptune/12th/Pisces people.

WHY? Because this conjunction will be in Pisces of course!

The pain! The longing! The fainting couch! The tears! The poems written! The poems unwritten!

Here let me play you this song over and over and over and over and maybe you’ll feel how I feel.

God. That reminds me. Of when I was dating B. And I was in bed with B. I almost came with him. I mean, with him inside me. Oof. That was special. But I think it was THE LOVE. It was cuz I loved hiiiiiim. He had a Venus Neptune conjunction! But an Aquarius Moon. He said to me: I feel the way you want me to feel.

Venus Neptune is love. But as I’ve been saying for years, Venus Neptune people need to love MORE than ONE PERSON because one person cannot contain, cannot hold that much love. It’s NOT FAIR to them. It’s too much pressure ON them. Because no one is that perfect, no one is that ideal, and the pedestal hurts. Bring them down to the earth.

But the Sun entering Aries is the big news. The year turns.

Aries is not only the first sign, the head, the RAM of the year, but a fire sign, the first fire, and the violence of spring. “April is the cruelest month,” wrote T.S. Eliot. New life asserting itself.

We must burn brightly once again. I’ll write more about this…

What does Aries Season mean to you?


ETA: about Venus Neptune. I don’t mean loving more than one HUMAN. I mean that Venus Neptune people must love something much larger than ANY human i.e. the Divine.

We Are Pisces People, We Are Venus Neptune People

"venus square saturn" We are now Pisces People. We are now Pisces People even though we are still officially Aquarius Season. And we are Pisces People under Saturn medicine.

From my recent Beliefnet post:

Venus will square Saturn in Sagittarius, just as Mars did — which is another reason to love seeing the Nine of Cups today:

because Venus square Saturn is the antithesis of ease in matters of heart and desire.

Venus square Saturn sets up a false limit. You believe you aren’t enough. Aren’t good, pretty, worthy enough.

I want to caution you: do not take any somber moods to heart or any self-esteem dips to heart this week. If you want to work with Venus Saturn magic, here’s a thought:

Saturn, in astrology, is structure. Saturn rules bones and skin: the stuff that hold you up, holds you in, keeps you together, protects you.

Venus is your love nature. Venus, among other things, rules apricots and apples and bouquets and nectar and peaches and perfume and roses and swans and suitors and…

A square between two planets, in general, reveals tension or tightness, strain, pressure, even restlessness. Ill at ease.
When Venus and Saturn are squaring, we may not feel we can express our love or our sexuality or our desire.

We inhibit our roses and swans.

So one thing you can do is create a structure. This will make serious Saturn happy. Create a structure for your heart, for your art, for your desire. A structure for your roses and swans. This will make Venus happy. Sew something. What is that you say? Can’t sew? Me neither. But there are other ways.

What that structure should be is up to you and your Venus, but with Venus transiting Pisces I’d say there really is no limit. Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House represent (among other things) the mighty merge. Example: the ocean. Can you separate the waves? You cannot separate the waves.  Just like you cannot separate the kiss of true lovers.

(Click on the link above to read the entire post)

And it’s going to get worse :) the longing is going to get worse. So I hope you like it so far. Why is it going to get worse? Because Venus conjoins Neptune this weekend after the square to Saturn loses intensity. But wait. No. We really are under BOTH of these aspects at the same time. NOW. Sensitive people feel this. I feel this. With Saturn, you feel time. You feel delay. You feel the time it will take before you can become one with the ocean, before you can BE the ocean. But the truth is (and I was writing about this in the Beliefnet post): you already are. See, the 12th House does not acknowledge your separation.

And look! Moon in Cancer this weekend. Moon trines Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Pisces conjoins Chiron. Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and trines Mars Chiron so if you want to know how it FEELS to be a water sign this weekend, you’re in luck. We feel it all.

If you are a Venus Neptune person (and you have my sympathy) you tend to feel whatever the hell you feel. Reality doesn’t make much of an impression until, often until your life implodes. Venus Neptune people need to guard against this. 

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Candy For Your Journey La La La

Enjoy and look forward to this, my beginning-of-Aries-Season-end-of-March friends :)

Mercury conjunct Neptune, exact on the 22nd (tomorrow)
Mercury trine Jupiter, exact on the 26th
Mercury sextile Pluto! exact on the 27th
Venus trine Mars, exact on the 29th (Venus also squares Saturn this day but shhh)

I’m giving you some candy here, some sweet and light :)

Mercury and Neptune together will let you sail away. Just close your eyes. Daydream and distraction is a bonafide technique!

Mercury trine Jupiter is an affirmation that is already TRUE & Mercury sextile Pluto is darker mind yes because it’s PLUTO but provides the bottom rung you need for the mental and emotional salvation of Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer.

Venus trine Mars is you looking good, feeling satisfied, feeling worthy, feeling attractive, and the soul searching about why you’re here and who you’re with on this journey is a bit less stank. You don’t fight with your therapist this day ;)

Telling you this stuff because the Sun now in Aries revs us up and those of us with Libra planets are already feeling the vroom vroom vroom and really since the Full Moon in Virgo if not a week or so before.

Some feel April will be a game changer, deal breaker, deal maker, game of Twister, End Times, and so on. I say don’t believe the hype and evaluate your own soul sitch. What are you feeling?

Love, MP

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Check Your Longing: A Cautionary Tale For Super-Neptunians

"venus in the 12th house"

I’ve written about this before but Pisces Season is bringing it up again.

What I want you to do is check your longing. And this post is addressed to Venus Neptune people. I am one of them. We are truly in Neptuneland now with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces.  (And Athena but I don’t talk much about the gals around here. I suppose I should!)

The next time you feel that feeling for that guy or girl who isn’t really in a relationship with you even though you swear you’re in a relationship with him or her, check your longing. That longing you feel may be ALL YOURS  i.e. it’s YOUR beautiful love nature as opposed to… anything that THEY ARE DOING.

Really. It could be so. Try it. Check your perspective. Jupiter co-rules Pisces. You could be in love with love. You could be in love with YOU.

But more likely I think it’s your, yes, beautiful love nature (oh the longing!) that you are feeling and you are simply applying it to this human who is inspiring longing and pining in you and the only reason they are inspiring longing and pining in you is because THEY ARE NOT THERE. It is their absence which is the requirement for this particular love.

Venus in the 12th house and Venus Neptune people even more than most I would argue need Saturn, need reality, contact, touch. Because they CAN live a long time in fantasy, in the dream but then they wake up from the dream and they’re alone.

The signal for me that something isn’t quite right is when I start to feel that feeling. Not necessarily idealization of the lover but that ache, the longing and the pining and the endless distance. It’s like a fish just caught, flip flopping in infinity on the dock. And then it dies.

Don’t be a dead fish, okay?


Did you set your New Moon intentions yet?

PS James Joyce (pictured above) had Venus square Neptune and wrote, among other works, the short story collection Dubliners. Read it.

Edited to Add: Venus Neptune people WILL long and pine. That’s their nature. That’s fine. Thing is.. just make sure there is MORE to your relationship than longing and pining and hoping and dreaming and wanting and waiting. Can your sweet Neptuney relationship withstand the Saturn reality test? An important point I forgot to make and Mitraya in the comments inspired me to add this!