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We Are Pisces People, We Are Venus Neptune People 3

We are now Pisces People. We are now Pisces People even though we are still officially Aquarius Season. And we are Pisces People under Saturn medicine. From my recent Beliefnet post: Venus will square Saturn in Sagittarius, just as Mars did — which is another reason to love seeing the Nine of Cups today: because […]

"Aliza Einhorn astrologer"

"new moon in cancer"

Candy For Your Journey La La La 4

Enjoy and look forward to this, my beginning-of-Aries-Season-end-of-March friends :) Mercury conjunct Neptune, exact on the 22nd (tomorrow) Mercury trine Jupiter, exact on the 26th Mercury sextile Pluto! exact on the 27th Venus trine Mars, exact on the 29th (Venus also squares Saturn this day but shhh) I’m giving you some candy here, some sweet […]

Check Your Longing: A Cautionary Tale For Super-Neptunians 17

I’ve written about this before but Pisces Season is bringing it up again. What I want you to do is check your longing. And this post is addressed to Venus Neptune people. I am one of them. We are truly in Neptuneland now with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces.  (And Athena but […]