MOTEL RECOVERY At The End Of The Year (GOODBYE 2017)

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"mars trine neptune"
This week we recover.

Christmas Eve recovery.
Christmas recovery.
December recovery. November recovery. 2017 recovery.
Recovery recovery recovery.

I DREW A CARD FOR US: Four of Wands. Something good.

"uranus going direct"

And there is FLOW to this week so I want to encourage you to REALLY check in to this deep deep recovery.

Restful *while* making progress. As though recovery is a place and time. MOTEL RECOVERY. Check yourself in, my friends. They have those little bottles of liquor and cable t.v. or whatever you need. Whatever you need. A comfortable bed.

Mars is trine Neptune this week. What does this mean? Passionate clouds. Do you hear me? PASSIONATE CLOUDS! 

This week’s Moon is Aries then Taurus then Gemini. That young part of the wheel. You are brand new.

Remember that Aries is FIRST, the first sign of the zodiac, spring buds. ENERGY IS HERE. Motel Recovery.

Do you feel this? Take this rest NOW. Why? Because the first week of January has a FULL MOON and Uranus going direct and other stuff. Other stuff.

So we are wrapping it up, my friends.
Goodbye 2017.
Goodbye PAST.
Goodbye PAIN.


"moon opposition saturn"

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Uranus Retrograde, Jupiter Square Pluto + Tarot Class Thoughts

This is what I posted on my Instagram this morning about my upcoming Tarot class.:

I may just draw the Hanged Man over and over when I create my Tarot deck.
72 Hanged Man.

Already I’m starting to think visually. And I’m the kind of person who will say: I don’t think visually. But already it’s starting and in the middle of the night I had a thought and the thought had an image that I wanted to draw.

This is what my upcoming class is for. Bloodletting. Self expression. Creation.

And this is not so much a commercial but wanted to talk about my process and how making pictures is this other form of self expression that I’ve been alienated from for decades except for two versions of Tarot cards that I drew in 2015 which was a very bad year.

So I’m thinking there’s a missing piece here. So I’m thinking that maybe I found something. And I got up just now to draw what had been in my head overnight. My head cut off floating in the water, just above the waves.

There is a poem I love that begins: I know there is a worm in the human heart. I like to quote it every so often.

That too is my Hanged Man. Sometimes our lives are one card and one card only for years. And other times we shift between two or three. Sometimes maybe the whole deck. And maybe other times our lives go so blank we are that No-Thingness card from the Osho Zen Tarot. Black canvas. Pitch.

What I know is this: Life is a constant process of falling apart and coming together (or the illusion of it )and there are waves and drawing along with writing can take you deeper into the waves which is ultimately healing. Why? Because it makes you feel. Which is different than not feeling. Maybe someday your head won’t be bobbing on top of the water. At the very least, take a picture while it’s there.

So basically the class is to crack open your heart but I didn’t know that before. 

I’ve been drawing a lot which means three drawings this morning after two (?) years of none. I’m one of those “I can’t draw” people.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
The Hanged Man

My drawings are simple as you can see here! I don’t know if I’ll ever make a deck-deck. You know, have it printed, etc. In the meantime I like doing exactly what I’m doing and I like having IMAGES spring up in my head. It’s using a part of my brain (soul? body?) that’s been asleep for a very long time.

AND I’ve decided that my Tarot deck will have a Major Arcana but it won’t follow the Fool’s Journey. It won’t be Fool through World. And I don’t know where it’s going yet or how it will change, but I’ve begun and it’s a purgative. Here’s Woman in the Waves. Major Arcana card no. 2.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

A couple weeks ago in my other class (the one that keeps getting extended, the one that’s gone on for months now) I drew cards about my stuckness and all these Cups came up, including the King of Cups, Mr Stuck himself. Has to master those emotions, right? Yeah but. Squashing and repressing and pushing away is NOT mastery.

Stuff is coming up now. Starting to. Through the waves. Taking an axe to the ice.

Uranus retrograde is a magical marvelous transit. Think I’m crazy? I may be. Uranus is crazy too. Uranus retrograde stops this damn hurtling from hurtling so much. We get a break from the tireless tiresome invention. Isabel Hickey (who I quote often) wrote: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Aquarius is ruled by both! And our Monday Eclipse is in Aquarius with Uranus retrograde! Something from long ago. Something from the deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep past is leaving your life. You won’t miss it. It’s an old deep tired pain. Retire it. Return it. Ground it. Give it away. It probably wasn’t yours to begin with. You borrowed it. Give it back. Hand it off. Let it go. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.

In other news, Jupiter squares Pluto tomorrow (exact) which I wrote about the other day and your Pluto is EXPANDING.

What is Pluto to you? 

I’ll tell you what Pluto is to me although I speak as a First House Pluto person. Pluto is regeneration. Intensity and volcanic passion. It scares people. Depth. Intuition. All this is good Pluto. We don’t stop searching for meaning.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto tomorrow and yes bad Pluto (manipulation, coercion) can show up but good Pluto can also show up. Probably some of both will show up. You may feel overwhelmed at times if you aren’t used to this much Pluto, but there’s also much to enjoy about this aspect. Sex, for example.

As for me, I’ll be using my Moon Pluto conjunction to help clients find their way home and then it will be the weekend AND THEN THE ECLIPSE so rest up, my friends.


The Stars This Week: You’re Gonna Need Your Magick

"jupiter square pluto"
You’re gonna need your magick this week

It’s a pretty intense week my friends, and I’m feeling it already. Why so intense you may wonder? Because listen: 

Venus entered Cancer today. Cancer is a cardinal sign. 
Uranus in Aries goes retrograde on Wednesday (or Thursday depending on your time zone). Aries is a cardinal sign. 
And then on Friday Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. CARDINAL SIGNS.

They all square or oppose each other. TENSION. And cardinal signs, they say, are CONTROLLING.

All four cardinal signs are ACTIVE this week and even though Venus is brand new in Cancer, BY sign she is already squaring Jupiter and squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto. Anyone who has studied astrology with me KNOWS I do my astrology BY SIGN first. Degree, second. (And if you don’t know what I mean by that, I can teach you.)

You want your nurturing mama bear Venus in Cancer? Not this month. She’s more likely to spit in your food with aspects like these on the way. Not that Venus square Jupiter will be bad. She may over sweeten the cookies. Not that Venus square Uranus is bad. She may forget she left the oven on. Not that Venus opposing Pluto is bad but we all know what Venus Pluto is about don’t we. On a bad day. Forget about spitting in the cookies. How about a darker deeper nectar, more wicked than spit magick (been there done that).

My recommendation for this week besides BREATHE. Keep your mouth shut while you observe and gather intel so you can strategize when the time comes and the time WILL come when lovely Venus in Cancer makes all those aspects BY DEGREE as she moves through the sign. Time to dust off the altar, my friends. Our first Eclipse is a week from today.

For the moment, if you want to have a little fun and take your mind off the Eclipses (yeah right), you can meditate on this Uranus retrograde thing. Sounds funny I know. Uranus and meditation in the same sentence. But hear me out. As always, there is something to discover/REdiscover in a retrograde and now it’s Uranus’ turn and that 28 degree Aries mark is where you need to be looking. The Leo Solar Eclipse is also at 28. Guess we can’t take our minds off of the Eclipses after all but think about it: Uranus retrograde is part of your Leo Solar Eclipse story. Think about it. Think about it.


RIP Sam Shepard. I was, am, a fan.


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The Stars This Week: Uranus Goes Retrograde!

Friday the 29th of July:
Uranus goes retrograde at 24 Aries.

Uranus goes direct in December at 20 degrees.

Four degrees. Precious four degrees. What do they mean to you?
Do you have points or planets hanging out in there or nearby? 20 to 24…

Retrograde = we get a break, we stop hurtling into the future-

and then Uranus will station and lurch forward again and YES do expect the unexpected then.

Uranus rules your AWAKENING.

Are you awake? Do you want to be? 

Uranus Goes Retrograde + Chapter Two: MoonPluto In Love

"jupiter in virgo" There is so much I want to write about and I feel like I can’t yet. Not yet. And I am hoping I don’t forget. I am hoping all my good material doesn’t go to waste. I was saying in the chat room that I need to blog, that it’s been a while (although I finally did yesterday) and a gal said she likes it when I start with my Daily Life and go from there. Well, that’s what I can’t write about. And there is so much, so much I want to share.

So I’ll write about The Stars. And share bits and pieces and here and there and nooks and crannies and someday. Someday things will be different and the stories will come pouring out of me, probably edited by then for Jupiter (story) in Virgo (the editor).

Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury and Uranus goes retrograde tomorrow (the 26th) so you may experience some Mercury retrograde type situations or people but at a HIGHER FREQUENCY. Know what I mean? Sudden. Surprising. Fast. Everything changes or things just look different.

Also, Venus is now retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo and heading back to Leo and here I was getting ready to come OUT of hibernation (coinciding with Venus entering Virgo and out of my 12th House and Jupiter in Virgo next month) and then BOOM (or, shhh) fast moving planets populating my 12th House now – Sun and Mercury and soon Mars.

Well, it’ll pass. Venus will leave Leo. Jupiter will leave Leo. All the others will leave Leo and Virgo Season for us Virgo Risings will bring something new. The First House of the zodiac wheel = new beginnings, creativity.

"venus in leo retrograde"As for everyone else: well everyone else has their Leo House somewhere else and there is this dance going on, this back and forth, these delays and stalemates and switcheroos and uncertainty for many, especially concerning Venus matters, matters of the heart and heart chakra and wallet chakra ;)

Want me to draw another card? I’d like to. For you. 

OH MY. Two of Swords. AND I was just talking about delays and stalemates but you know what? It’s okay not to know. It’s okay not to do. It’s okay to be still and find your balance. Stay right there. Get the decaf. I feel like this card especially speaks to balancing the mind (Swords). Fear not. Find your center of strength. You aren’t the person you were last year or even last month. This strength? It’s in your kishkas. You know where your kishkas are, right? :) YOUR GUTS.

Do you have them? Guts? Virgo rules the intestines. I know I know I know it’s LEO SEASON and we are supposed to be primping and priming and curling and voguing and DIVA and big hearted love and courage but I’ve got my eyes on the future prize: Jupiter in Virgo, North Node in Virgo and what that’s going to mean for us all, come fall…


Uranus Retrograde &The Six Of Swords (Again)

I know what I’m supposed to write about. Uranus slowing down and then going retrograde. Mercury being retrograde at this time too. Also Neptune and Pluto: RETROGRADE. And Chiron.

How I *feel* about all this:

life IS moving forward but it’s unfinished-business-moving forward. CONTINUATIONS. Do the retrogrades signify a “coasting” energy? Mmmmmaybe.

Again I think of the 6 of Swords card — but they haven’t started crossing the water YET. They are at the edge.

July 17th: Not only does Uranus GO back, but Jupiter is trine Saturn. And Jupiter is trine Neptune. And Mars is conjunct Jupiter (not exact but…). Trines are blessings. We take them for granted.

So if you think this is the last stop or the end of the road, you are wrong. No resolution. Does this bother you? Good. No firm outcome from the Tarot. No prediction.

Do what you can. Sing. That’s what I’m doing as I type this. The figures on the Six of Swords could be singing too as they cross the water, as they wait to cross the water.

Was talking to a client today. It’s winter in her part of the world. It’s summer where I am. Slow, stagnant, stinking summer. What will make you feel free? Get out, no matter the weather.

Retrograde planets don’t mean quicksand or lack of invention but perhaps you could, for once, sit still. Yes, I realize I just told you to get out AND to sit still. It is not a contradiction.

What’s your experience of retrograde planets? 

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Sudden Flowers

Mercury retrograde in leoI was on the train thinking about love and death. That the fear of commitment is actually the fear of intimacy that actually is the fear of death. Not the fear of one’s own death, but the death of the beloved.  Alone again. This is the primary and primal Cancerian fear.

And that a person can keep himself safe. Read these words from Rilke: You who never arrived/in my arms, Beloved, who were lost/from the start/I don’t even know what songs/would please you.

So many poems of longing. That’s the poet’s job, don’t you think? It was my job, when I was a poet :)

Mars in Libra is the drive to be together. That’s how I’m feeling it. The coming square to Pluto is the violence of desire. The opposition to Uranus is the unexpected flowering, a sudden ecstatic rose. A forgotten rose :) Uranus is now retrograde.

Are you looking back? At what? At who? Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.

If you can, let the retrograde make you pensive, gentle, less rough with yourself, despite the hard Cardinal energy. You can reframe it. Use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce said. It’s okay to look back. It’s okay to turn Uranus in Aries into a pretty, strong flower. We all shape-shift. It’s partly why we’re here.

The Moon is now void of course in Taurus so be good to your body. Eat, rest, take good care, decide nothing.

Love, MP

Tarot This Week!

"mercury retrograde"I wanted to draw a few cards for this week, keeping in mind some of the planetary energy: the Moon starts the week in impatient Aries and then enters sensual Taurus Wednesday night. Over the weekend the Moon is in talkative Gemini.

And the most notable transits take place either near the weekend or on the weekend: Uranus going retrograde, Mercury going retrograde, the Sun in Cancer squaring Saturn.

So already we can feel a punchy beginning due to the Moon in Aries and full speed ahead but then the energy builds (as it slows = Taurus Moon) and it builds to reversal i.e. the retros.

What does this mean for you according to the cards?


Overall, however you feel right now is changing, will change, so hold tight. It looks like you are going through a difficult passage but remember: the Swords suit is “mental.” Your perspective can be shifted. You wake up in the morning and you forget everything you’ve learned and who you are. Bad dreams, perhaps. In either case, pull out those swords one by one, dab something sweet on the wound, and bravely face the day. Think of one beautiful thing in your life that you are happy about. Start there.


And although you feel like you are waiting for something that will never arrive, it will arrive. Just that some moments feel stark. Take a look around the room. I know you feel sad.  I am thinking  of the Psalms, David crying out in the wilderness to his God. Your enemies will not prevail. They will drink their own poison. You? Stay out of it. Live your life.


A happy ending. How do you get there? Being kind to yourself. Being kind to your people. Being kind. Do not isolate. You are not alone. There is a sweetness in your life, like the Moon in Taurus. Others may wish to restrict or delay that sweetness but fate is working against them. You need do nothing but live your life.


What a stark reading. Stark cards this morning. Feels very Scorpio to me as well. I am going to pull one more card. Things will change sooner than you think and change for the better.  A message arrives from the 8 of Wands: do not delay.

What’s your card for the week? 

Love, MP

Here Come The Retrogrades

"uranus retrograde"Uranus goes retrograde on Friday. Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday. Both in fire signs so they trine. I’ll have to give you degrees and more important details in my next blog post. The Sun is in Cancer and I’m not getting off the futon to get my glasses ;)

When planets retrograde, they don’t act like they are supposed to. They don’t act like we want them to. Now, Uranus Rx is an interesting one in and of itself because Uranus is the planet whose affect we cannot predict (says Isabel Hickey). Expect the unexpected. The shock of the new.

Ponder it for a moment: if Uranus forward is surprising, does that mean that Uranus backward lacks surprise? Or that the surprises multiply? Or that the surprises mystify?

I’m feeling, I’m thinking, it will be a return to something unfinished, like with Mercury retrograde (redo, review, revise) but larger in scope than what this Mercury retrograde has to teach you.

This Mercury retrograde is a mini Uranus retrograde. AND this Uranus retrograde is more proof that your Uranus square Pluto story is FAR from over.

There may be less fire around these issues. There may be less impulsivity. There may be more chaos and less drive. But…

Aw hell, let’s draw a few cards around Uranus retrograde. That’s what we’re here for, right? Right!


Cards for Uranus retrograde are telling me

1. be stubborn. If a certain goal seems out of reach during the rx period? Hold on

2. this certain goal definitely feels out of reach during the rx period. Could be some low mood around this, a feeling of defeat. Guard against it

3. what needs to be cut away. Prune the goal. There are weeds, some of them poisonous. Would do you well to cut. Ask Uranus square Pluto what should remain


4. the goal is reached or at the very least you are in a better place. You have enough, you have so much, that you are able to share it.


To summarize: although Mercury rx is quick and Uranus rx is months long, they are linked. They trine, Aries and Leo. Find the houses in your chart where these guys are transiting and you’ll find answers, I promise. More to come on this topic :)

Love, MP