Where The Wild Things Are (And Aren’t): Uranus In Taurus! May 2018

And then THIS happened. My book is coming out June 2018. Didn’t even realize it was in the catalog already but it is. Look here, my friends. 

"uranus in taurus"

May 2018.

This is when Uranus will finally leave Aries and enter TAURUS! Uranus spends about seven years in a sign so this is a big deal! And for you it may signal not only a sign change but a HOUSE change as well (depending on your birth chart and the house system you use).

I have an early degree Rising Sign AND most of my house cusps are pretty early in degree (I’m back to using Placidus these days) so for me it is a house change, and what I want to tell you (about you) is this:

Uranus is not the planet of stability. Uranus is not the planet of staid sober disciplined action. Uranus is freedom. Uranus is creative. Chaos. Uranus is unpredictable. Uranus is nuts. Uranus is wild. URANUS REFUSES THE RULES, REFUSES RESTRICTION. URANUS REFUSES!

So whatever House Uranus is leaving in your chart, this house will soon lose this wild Uranian influence.

See the point I’m making? We don’t just have a new sign and possibly a new House for transiting Uranus for you — you also will have NEW or regained stability in the House that Uranus is LEAVING.

This is huge, especially if Uranus is leaving a money house or a health house, those areas of life that can really bring us to our knees. You will see things be less CRAZY.

I’m telling you this to reassure you. That there’s a part of your life that is about to get more stable than it’s been IN YEARS.

Yes, MoonPluto, I hear you say, but that also means that Taurus House, where Uranus is headed, is about to be rocked, right? 

Maybe. Depends. Depends on YOUR CHART (yes I am all caught up from the Hurricane so can schedule you relatively soon). We can talk about this. We can talk about how Taurus is aspected in your chart because that matters. If your chart is full of fixed planets (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo) your experience of Uranus in Taurus will be very different than someone with an emphasis on the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra).


Got questions? Let’s talk. But otherwise know this, as I wrote above: one area of life, next year, is gonna start to even out, smooth out, and stop giving you so much trouble, and another area of life is going to demand your flexibility, creativity, and general ability to say OKAY LIFE, I SURRENDER!

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"uranus in taurus"

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Saturn Trine Uranus, North Node in Leo, and Flowers Growing Out of the Floorboards

"north node in leo"

I have this problem and I’ve probably had it my whole life:

I put purpose and meaning and freedom over “survival.”

My chakras are screwed up ;)

We’re “supposed” to be ROOT CHAKRA first and foremost and best so that we have food on the table, solid foundation, Saturn.

but some of us do Crown and Throat and Heart first or better.

See, for some of us, purpose and meaning and freedom IS survival. It’s the only reason we’re still alive. 

And this is okay.

We are artists. I was always a writer, always a deep helper. Pretty bad at understanding verbal instruction and unable to not daydream when people talk to me. However when I do focus I do so intensely.

And then the rent has to be paid. We continually have to master these earth school lessons. SOUTH NODE IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE HERE.

But this question of PURPOSE and MEANING and FREEDOM and WHO YOU ARE is Saturn trine Uranus to me which will be exact next week.

What is your purpose? What is your meaning? What is your freedom? Did you know the trine is flowing energy? I know many of you know this.

To quote Isabel Hickey: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. This combination of planetary energy in a TRINE… the power cannot be underestimated for you PERSONALLY. It is PERSONAL TO YOU. Do you hear me? PERSONAL.

So what do you want? I asked this in the previous blog post WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

Uranus will break down everything that Saturn has built that is no longer useful or required. Uranus in Aries will burn it to the ground and up in its place Saturn will spring the NEW STRUCTURES OF YOUR LIFE. Just like that. Beautifully. It’s so beautiful how it will happen. Your new life. Reminds me of a game show when they announce the prizes: A NEW CAR!!! A NEWWWW LIFE!!!! But then again I few up in the 70s, the era of the television game show.

There is a scene from a Sarah Kane play god I wish I could remember which one. I haven’t seen it, only read it, but these tall flowers grow out of the floorboards, they thrust out of the floor. Just like that.

That’s the Saturn Uranus trine to me. Suddenly LIFE. Suddenly BLOOM. Suddenly you aren’t dead and you thought you were dead. I thought I was dead, or, at the very least, a ghost.

You, dear reader, have hope.

I know I know I was railing against hope two blog posts ago but hear me out, hear me out: 

we have to live with the times. Let the Saturn Uranus wave take you there. I know it’s fire and I know with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra that it’s air, too, but it’s a wave of something so good and so… dare I say it… unrefined.

You want fireworks? Are fireworks refined? It’s Sagittarius and Aries for crap’s sake. THESE SIGNS ARE NOT REFINED. They are brutes. But they are brutes on your side!!!

Are fireworks dainty? Polite? NO. Fireworks are BIG and BOLD and so is the North Node (now) in Leo. 

This morning I was talking to Susanna from Dusie (an online poetry journal) because I am going to be curating an issue for them in the fall and that conversation gave me LIFE. Perhaps no surprise that she’s a heart centered Leo. The writing workshop that I’ve been trying to do for years will finally happen. 

If you are feeling dead, if you are feeling like a ghost, if you are feeling like your work or your very being can’t possibly matter then I want to tell you that you’re wrong.

And I tend to know things. You’ll just have to trust me.


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Uranus Goes Direct Christmas Day

"uranus square sun"Things change on a dime.

Do you know that phrase? I forget when I first heard it, but it’s on my mind.

Why? Because agent of change, URANUS, goes direct on Christmas day, Full Moon in Cancer too, and these energies square each other by sign although not by degree, and I am not kidding my darlings, but EVERYTHING (okay not everything but many things) changed for me last week.

Direction change, about face, clarity. It was very much a week of THREE.

Three from the Tarot : clarity, clear expression.

What will Uranus going forward bring?

It hits my chart directly, personally.

Are you watching this transit? 


Pluto Goes Direct (& The Secret Of Uranus In Aries)

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"uranus square pluto" So much going on next week (the week of the 22nd) but I want to focus on Pluto going direct for the moment because I BELIEVE IT MATTERS.

And yes it is VERY particular to your chart, to the Capricorn house in YOUR chart — where transiting Pluto is. Please do not ignore this transit in favor of the shiny transits :)

I had a feeling — and I still believe this — that the story of the Uranus Pluto square, for you, will not be over and done — or happily ever after (however you want to look at it) until they are done squaring.

The last Uranus Pluto square is March of next year. (Before that, they square on December 14th, this year.)

Then, and only then, will you be able to wrap things up to your satisfaction. And this may be an inner state, you know? An idea. A firm decision. For some, however, it WILL be a spectacular cloud bursting event. An elemental orgasm of the spirit. DONE LIKE DINNER or a brave new world. Or both. 

Have you kept tabs on this, despite all your other transits and changes? Both these planets signify upheaval.

Pluto, for me, is the Death card of the Tarot. Slow-moving inevitable change. When you know how the film ends and you don’t want to look, and yet YOU ARE LIVING IT.  I call this: THE IMPOSSIBLE. (Blogged about this yesterday on the Private Blog.)

Uranus is the Tower card (sorry Golden Dawn, I prefer Uranus over Mars for this one).

So we’ve been having these drawn out periods of supposed/possible/feels-like stability but underneath it all, at the same time, is a man on a horse setting fire to everything in his path. Fire in slow motion. And then come the little bombs and big bombs, Uranian. One part circus, one part magic show, one part End of the World.

I think my good Saturn transits have kept “it all” together for me despite any revolution. The bottom didn’t fall out. Just pieces of the top and the sides and the middle. Still painful.

September 22nd, when Pluto goes direct, is a busy day. Much will happen this day. This week. But I feel confident that Pluto moving forward puts you back where you belong. 

I am focusing so much on this transit because I’ve been feeling it all along — on good days and bad days and in between days — and I ask you to return to the basics here. To revisit the meaning of Capricorn and the meaning of Aries and the meaning of Pluto and the meaning of Uranus and those two very special houses of transit :) I think that’s plenty of homework.

Also, in 2015 we have Eclipses across the Aries/Libra axis once again. You cannot avoid the FREEDOM represented by your Aries house at this time. It’s just not possible. Don’t even try. And soon enough Pluto will be DONE slowing down this energy. Does this make sense? Are you nodding? The Uranus in Aries transit is THE SHIT here and it’s Pluto that has (with good reason) slowed things down and cleared the way.

When Jupiter trines Uranus next week you’ll get a taste. Maybe a small one. i say… watch for it. In the leaves. In the breeze. On the air. At weird hours. The clock strikes 4:24. 4:25. 4:26. Watch for signs, feelings, ghosts, glances. Strang birds. Watch for it. Because there is a secret written there. The secret of Uranus in Aries for you — of which some gets exposed during the Mars/Jupiter/Uranus trine as well BUT as stated at the outset here, the full story is not told, not completed until Uranus breaks out, leaving Pluto behind.

And by that time, you won’t feel bad at all.

Love, MP

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Mercury Trine Pluto And The Donuts Of Desire

I love the way Howard Sasportas describes the Second House: “…not only what we value, but what we hope to gain in life.”

We are ALL having 2nd House transits these days because it is Taurus Season (Taurus Season opposing Saturn in Scorpio!) and you may be feeling the crunch there, along that axis. Insecurity. You may be feeling alone. You may be feeling broke, if not materially then spiritually. And when energies show up that are hard to manage, we have a few choices at the ready, right? We can hide. Or we can seek. We can pound our fist at the sky or we can renew our faith. Or both :) Those of you with Neptune in the 2nd know what I’m talking about. Faith is your currency.

The 2nd House: what you earn, what you own, what you desire to earn and own.

And then this: what you desire, or value, determines what you attract into your life (says Sasportas). Remember Taurus is associated with Venus. She’s not supposed to hunt. She’s supposed to intend and receive. More High Priestess, less Magician. That’s our Venus. But nothing is ever that simple.

Think about this, my friends. If your life is filled with what you do NOT want… you actually have something to do with that. You are projecting your desire out into the world. Look what comes back. Are you summoning joy and good? Are you summoning trouble? I’m not blaming you for your misfortune just gently reminding you that you aren’t powerless.

What planets do you have in your 2nd, natal or transiting? Anything opposing your 2nd, coming from the 8th?

Even though I’m done with my mid-life Uranus opposition, transiting Uranus in Aries still has a ways to go in my 8th. Years. He’s shooting his energy across that axis into empty space right now. I think he’s waiting for me to… create the next thing so that when Libra Season (my 2nd House) comes around again, he’ll have a place for his fire.

One other thing: folks of my generation, you may also be having a Uranus Chiron conjunction by transit. Some days you think you’ve got it all solved. Some days you haven’t a clue. Uranus is erratic energy. Shocking energy. Nervous energy. Destabilizing. Rubbing weird salt in the wound of all wounds.

My advice for this and other problems that arise in the next 24 hours can be found in the jewel of the Mercury Pluto trine, active now but exact tomorrow. Earth signs, Taurus to Capricorn. Stability of mind. Depth of mind. Clear concentration. Right thinking. Slow and steady. You can bend steel with an aspect like this.

And I really don’t know if the chakras are associated with the houses, but the chakras have been on my mind today, how I feel the Root and the Sacral symbols and and meanings overlap, at least for me. Mercury trine Pluto is most definitely balm for these two parts of your being, for the safety and security fears keeping you up at night.

Get comfortable in your seat, Pema Chodron says, before beginning meditation practice. Sounds like 2nd House/Taurus advice to me :) Get comfortable. Can you? Wherever you are? Find some peace and space and softness in whatever is rocking your world.

Love, MP

P.S. The donuts are just because it’s Taurus Season and lord knows I’d like one right now :)


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Mars-Conjunct-Pluto-People And Uranus In Aries

"mars conjunct pluto"
film still: in the realm of the senses

This blog post was written on the subway, by hand

My phone saga continues as I find myself unable to type at all on my new phone. Why? The touch screen is impossible. My brain moves too fast to slip and slide on that thing, swiping, so here I am with a clunky old-school notebook, all they had at the bodega down the street, among the sodas and Camels and candy, and my hand (I am Mercury-ruled) is trying to keep up and my fingers begin to cramp, not used to this.

Note to self: learn shorthand. Note to self: slow down.

Transiting Mars is in Virgo sitting right between my eyes i.e. between my 1st House Moon and Pluto conjunction, and I am beginning, I realize, to feel um compulsive and am truly looking forward to Mars Retrograde i.e. some relief from this aspect.

Mars is your stamina. Mars is your desire. Mars is your… dick. Whether you have one or not.

So if you see a girl on the train with wild Venus in Leo hair and a Composition notebook on her lap…

The train is crowded. It’s Saturday. The tourists are out. The weather is good. I didn’t sleep well last night due to fussing with the new phone and phones die, you know. Pens leak and run out of ink. Everything gets wet in the rain but not today. Only my mood is soggy.

Jesus Christ, how do you Mars-conjunct Pluto-people live with this aspect day to day and not implode? How many trips to the gym can I possibly make to work this shit out? To give this energy a chill-pill!

And here I am feeling like a freak with pen and paper. May as well just memorize my thoughts.

With Uranus in Aries, all our Uranus stuff speeds up. Mars rules Aries, the sign of the Warrior, the Hunter, and Uranus takes on this bloody rosy Marsy glow. It’s a very NOW NOW NOW kind of feeling but but less playful enthusiasm and more… like that movie In The Realm Of The Senses. 

Do you have Pluto in Virgo? Is Mars conjuncting it? How are you feeling? 


Uranus In Mars-Ruled Aries: What Kind Of Sex Will You Be Having For The Next 7 Years

"full moon in cancer 2012"
infamous Two Virgins album cover

When you have sex at this age — and I mean *my age* i.e. middle-age, you’re making love to someone’s life, someone’s life story, it’s on their skin, in their cells, their blood, it’s their history, everything they are, hair fibers, fingernails, favorite food, their past lovers, past pain, their losses, failures, what they dream of, and all the good stuff too. Yeah, the good stuff. Everything that’s inside them.

You take all of that inside you, or you enter it. Depending on your um position.

And the only one for me is the one who understands this.

Sex = depth for me. I have an emotional Mars in Cancer, pretty well-aspected, including a square to Jupiter, and I think I’m more Marsy than Venus-y although as  I get older I am *trying* to work on my Venus, my yinnny yin yin BUT–

With Uranus in Aries heading to my 8th House? Sex and death become one, my love — that old 8th house keyword: transformation. Change. The Death Card in the Tarot.

Sudden (Uranus) and surprising (Uranus) change (Uranus square Pluto) leading to more change.

Where is Uranus transiting in your chart? 


Uranus Power!

"uranus opposition uranus"

You know what? Sometimes… sometimes energy just shifts.

Think of Uranus as the Great Shifter. The Great Abrupt Shifter. Think of Uranus as your energy as Uranus is associated with the nervous system and electricity! IT MOVES YOU. (And moves through you.)

Uranus stays in a sign for 7 years and then makes the change and says “Yer coming with me!”

The energy shifts.

I felt a shift yesterday. It was Uranian i.e. out of the blue. Didn’t expect it. It was, well, like magic!

It was a conversation I had that… set this shift in motion I believe. I wasn’t planning it or trying for it. It happened. Uranian. Just like that… like.. catapulted.

Like I was in Timbuktu one moment and then in North Dakota the next. It was THAT FAR APART.

I’m still reeling. Because I try to go BACK THERE, I try to go BACK to the way it was.

But it shifted. There is no longer any BACK to return to!!!

Freak out!

The train changes tracks and your new life begins and you have no time to process it’s just All Different Now.

My progressed Moon in Aries is conjunct transiting Uranus now and both are opposing my natal Uranus ooooooooh mid-life transit!

So I think this will be my theme for a while. The thing you cannot prepare for. Chains unchained.

Are you having a Uranus transit? How’s that going for ya? 

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Sagittarius, Schnitzel, And Why The Inconjunct Is Not A Failure

"full moon in taurus"

I was complaining on Twitter the other day that there wasn’t enough water in the sky. Well, today we’ve got the Moon in Pisces which is trining the Sun in Scorpio as I type this.  I don’t have a Grand Trine in my chart, but I’ll get one, by transit as my Cancer Sun gets pulled in.

How about you? Do you benefit from extra water? 

And it’s a two-trine night as Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries.

Whatever else is going on in your chart, see if you can latch on to this stuff, if you can feel it, if it makes a difference.

Do you feel a wee bit calmer with this smoooooooth energy in the sky? Of course a fire trine is not exactly sleep-inducing smooth but it is harmonious, friendly energy! So go out tonight and make a friend!

And could it be the Sagittarius energy that made me social tonight? Had to be some planetary magic, right? Lord knows I would not have done it on my own, un-pushed!

There I was, home after the long day, sitting on my futon, trying to finish the newsletter, then chatting with my roommate, then unburdening myself to my roommate, and then my roommate was heading out to dinner at a friend’s house, and then there I was, joining her.

AND wouldn’t you know it, but our hostess was a Sagittarius and we got to talking about Occupy Wall Street and I shared my experiences and she’d been too busy to head over (she works full time, is in school, and has a big family) but is anxious to go “see what it’s all about” and “talk to people.”

I swear, to the Cancer creature, the Sagittarius creature is an odd one indeed. Her fire nearly overwhelmed me. Her mind wouldn’t stop, her enthusiasm, her stories, her chaotic friendly household.  Or maybe it was that little bit of wine that I had. And she’s married to a Virgo.

I said to her. You don’t see the details. He does. She looked around the messy kitchen. Her husband was skeptical of course, which is very Virgo, so I cut out the astrology talk. I’m sensitive and didn’t feel like defending this stuff. Can’t help but talk about it though. It’s what I do.

So we talked, we ate. It was a food marathon, I said. And I’ve just reached the finish line.  And I don’t know if all Sagittarius women make amazing schnitzel, but this one does.

It’s never easy for Cancer stellium girl to leave the house, but it always feels so good to come home.


In what sign are YOU a tourist? 

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The Stars Today: Sun Opposition Uranus

"new moon in libra 2011"
don't be alone in Libra Season

And today’s big news? The Sun is opposing Uranus.

Sun in Libra, Uranus in Aries. Sun moves fast. Uranus moves slow. Dizzy yet?

Are the changes coming too fast for you to handle, to process? Well, sit down. It’s okay to sit down.  Actually, it’s more than okay.

Uranus is the “expect the unexpected” planet. Unpredictable. Isabel Hickey called it the one planetary energy we cannot control.

The same keywords arise: it’s too fast, too sudden, too crazy, too much.  Isabel Hickey also wrote that Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury. So think about that. THINK. Intuition. Mental shortcuts that get to the truth. Ever notice that the Uranians among us are pretty damn tuned-in? Electric. That’s another Uranus keyword as in people with Venus Uranus contacts in their natal charts usually have some shocking (or shockingly attractive) quality that draws you in. And we find them absorbing but absorbing like a flash of lightening. Here today, gone tomorrow. Uranus is fast.

Sun opposition Uranus square Pluto: what are you losing? what insight are you gaining? who is coming and who is going? who is leaving, who is healing, who is knowing, who is carrying you. We always set intentions for the New Moon but I say set an intention for Sun opposing Uranus. It might help you… hold on a little better.

I keep having an image in my mind of a whirling carousel, horses bobbing up and down at different speeds.

If the Sun is who you are, then Uranus is the stranger. Friend or foe? You’ll find out. But then what?

I feel this Sun Uranus opposition is the build-up to the New Moon in Libra. Your foundation is cracking and the New Moon will deposit you where you need to be.

And this too: don’t be afraid of what’s to come. Look to Uranus as a friendly flag waving. Hello! Over here! Your new life! I’m shaking you up! Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on!

Yeah, look in your chart for the Libra Sun and Uranus in Aries in the opposite corner. These houses, these areas of life are ALIVE for you right now, vitally ALIVE. You can make great change, great progress. Progress is Aquarian, Uranian! It is NEW. You must move forward. I know you don’t want to. I’m sorry.

But Mars in Leo sextiles the Sun in Libra and trines Uranus in Aries so… make sure to smile a big big big big big big big Leo smile. With teeth. Like a proud lion. After the kill.


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Subway Stories: Mars Square Uranus

"mars square uranus"
Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther

I felt like an Astro-Detective today. Due to the current Mars Uranus square, I was alert, I was careful, as I went about my day. Mars Uranus can be accident-prone energy.

On the inside though? I felt like a nervous (Uranus) wreck (square Mars). In square, Mars is rage and Uranus is sudden and I could hear myself grumbling to myself on the train as someone’s phone-video-game made a monotonous and loud tick-tock sound for the duration of my ride. Grrrrr…. 

But did I find signs of the harsh sky in the outside world, my immediate environment (3rd House)? Not really. The harsh sky of the outside world was WITHIN me.

And you? What’s happening in your world?

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MoonPluto Meditation Retreat: Attention! Mars Crossing!

"mars in cancer"
Donald Sutherland has Mars in Cancer!


This Sky

Mars in Cancer is currently at 2 degrees. Uranus is at 4 degrees Aries (retrograde). Pluto is at 5 degrees Capricorn (retrograde). Not even going to mention Saturn yet. Let’s just start here. We’ve got a square and an opposition and you need to look in your own chart for planets at these early degrees and what aspects are made to your natal.


Sit Still

But MoonPluto what about this meditation retreat? Hold on, I’m getting to that. See how impatient you are? You really DO need to sit still. And so do I :)

The other day, on the subway (was it yesterday?) I was thinking about ways to deal with transiting Mars entering this Cardinal combat zone when it hit me that what I needed to do was the T-word. Transform. Transmute. The energy. Like a magician. And that’s what I suggest you do as well. And isn’t that a Pluto word? Transformation? It is, it is. And since Mars in Cancer is a Mars that cooks? Well, transformation is a given. Think about it. When you put the butter in the pan and turn up the fire, the butter changes. You made it change. You are the fire. Sun is in Leo!

I’d been feeling this t-squarey, grand crossy energy in my body although weird stuff has been happening outside me as well, Marsy stuff, man stuff: fights, strong emotions, misunderstandings, weird business things. Remember, Mercury is also retrograde, still in the early days.


Order Up!

I was searching my mind for solutions and I thought, well, I can either take it out ON me or IN me or OUTSIDE me and what is the least destructive method but also the most satisfying to Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. If only there were a cosmic restaurant we could go to and order up just the right concoction and maybe we can, if we try, if we think about it.

Too much Mars energy can make me want to nap, make me want to stuff it , but stuffing the energy leads to listlessness, depression.

And doing something overly Mars, overly yang, could lead to an accident. I haven’t been jogging in ages. I’m not going to start again under THIS sky.

So what’s needed is the perfect measure of active and passive, yin and yang, give and receive. Must do something but not anything.


An Invitation

I decided that the first thing I’m going to do is sit still. And maybe that sounds nuts considering we’re dealing with cranky outer planets and Mars, but I felt certain this was the first step towards the t-words: t-square, t-form, t-mute. And I invite you all to sit still with me this weekend. Now it’s already Saturday afternoon in the big city (didn’t get a chance to post this sooner) but something like this doesn’t have an expiration date.

Consider this your first MoonPluto meditation retreat. Try sitting for at least 5 minutes. Try 10 if you can. Once a day. Twice if possible. Try this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check-in in the comments and tell me, tell us, how it’s going, how you’re doing, what you’re up to. If you even feel the energy at all. Maybe you don’t. Everybody’s different.I love it when people comment, especially when they talk to each other :) But mainly I want you to… check in with your yourself. And ask yourself what you need to do.

I know there are other options, other solutions. I know if I had an axe, I would have chopped something to bits  yesterday, that’s how rangly I felt. (I think I just invented a word? Rangly? Kinda like jangly and rankled with a side of heavy metal.)

But try it, okay? And let us know how it goes.

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Your Uranus Transit

"moon in aquarius"
Moon in Aquarius

Every 7 years.

Every 7 years, Uranus takes you by the hand, or by the hair, and says: you’re coming with me! That’s how my first astrologer, years ago, put it.

Uranus is the only planetary energy we cannot control (wrote Isabel Hickey). We can only control our reaction to it.

Uranian keywords and phrases include: expect the unexpected, rebellion, sudden change, originality, revolt, electricity, genius, invention, inventive, astrology, out of the blue, weird, freedom, independence, don’t fence me in, don’t tell me what to do.

Uranus, says Hickey, is the higher octave of Mercury, bringing flashes of insight. When transiting Mercury, for example, positively aspects your natal Uranus you  may feel brighter, literally sparkling with exciting new ideas. Your intuition will be sharp!

People with Moon Uranus aspects in their charts may be prone to creative brilliance, or mood swings, feelings that can’t be trusted because they change so fast. Erratic.

Mars and Uranus in hard aspect is famous for accidents or violence. With Mercury, Mars, and Uranus in configuration, your hot words could get you into trouble.

And of course there is a difference between the soft aspects and the hard aspects but anywhere you find Uranus is where you find a question: how will this play out? What will happen? Who is in charge? Am I safe? Do I care? I’m doing it MY WAY.

Uranus entered Aries and is now Retrograde. Look in your chart and see where your Aries house is. The house shows the area of life that will be affected. And look in your chart for planets in the early degrees because Uranus is in the early degrees. Match up those numbers and you can begin to see more of the story.

Also helpful is to look at the condition of your natal Uranus. Where is it located? What aspects does it take? Is it comfortable or challenged? A little of both?

My natal Uranus is either in the 1st House or the 2nd House (depending on House System) and I tend to read it for both. Its aspects are few, but one of them is one of my few trines: Uranus trine Mid-Heaven. 

So one could say that my um renegade nature will cooperate with my career. How about you? Tell us about your Uranus!

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