For The Sun Pluto People (And Others Who Never Feel Safe Or Secure)

I promise I will write about this weekend. Probably tomorrow morning after my coffee :) WHAT A WEEKEND IT IS!!!! 

In the meantime I want to tell you to name your path.

This was something I told to a client today. Name the path. The one you are currently on. And it could change. It will change. For the moment, name it.

I told her to surrender. She has a natal Sun Pluto square.

Here’s the thing:

how does a Sun square Pluto person feel safe and secure ever and I do mean EVER when the very basis of her personality (Sun) is destruction (Pluto)?

No matter how much you have, you’ll never feeeeeel safe and secure so it can be freeing to realize this, to realize OH I’ll never feel safe and secure.

So then the questions change. Take THAT question off the table and what else is left??????????????? 


It’s like someone who is “older” and searching for love their whole life and their whole identity is wrapped around being alone and searching for love and not having love and etc etc etc so what happens when she or he meets the Beloved? And marries the Beloved! And the so-called PROBLEM is gone???

Who are you then?
Who are you without your fear, your lack, your trick, your disease, your despair?

Who are you then?

"sun square pluto"

A Love Letter To The Pluto People

I’ve got so much on my mind. I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been all up in my social media the  last few days going on and on and on about PLUTO and power. And I’m thinking about energy work a.ka. MAGICK. And yes I do spell it with a K. Magick is the defense (or the offense) of the powerless. It’s more than that of course but hear me out –

There is a raw power us Pluto people have and this raw power can back up, can turn on itself. I have a moon pluto conjunction in my first house and thus the name of this blog. And honestly I don’t even want to define what I mean by PLUTO PEOPLE because I don’t want to leave anyone out but for sure Pluto conjunct your Sun or Moon and for sure Pluto in the first house and you have this power and it will f**k you up if you don’t know how to work with it, what to do with it. You can’t just let it sit there. It will wither and and stink and rot and people will hate you. You have to give your Pluto a purpose.

If you do not give your Pluto a purpose, a JOB, you WILL feel powerless (despite the power), become depressed FOR DECADES, continue victimhood year after year because you keep attracting and keeping the wrong people and situations as your mental health plummets – NOT that I blame you because maybe nobody ever told you and they don’t teach astrology in school but I want to show you that – YOU HAVE THIS POWER but you can’t just… la la la.. be NEPTUNE about it. You can’t be Neptune with Pluto. You can’t just hope for the best. You have to be aware of it, work with it, shape it. ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE and that people see your Pluto, respond to your Pluto. Be aware. Own it. Figure out how to behave in the world. You may attract sociopaths and even if you have been victimized PLEASE identify with another archetype as well. That’s fine. There is more than one card in the Tarot deck. There is more than one script for you to read. You may have been abused but you are MORE than that.
An idle Pluto is a sick Pluto.

I was talking to a client this morning with a first house Pluto and I swear we WILL SUFFER until we become ruthless. Ruthless with our faith and our magick and our refusal to die and by die I mean to accept less than our power requires. Anger is righteous, Anger is good. Let your Pluto stir you to an angry frenzy when you feel powerless and NOT to hurt anyone but to draw to you people and situations that will help you rise and rebirth like the Phoenix you are.

Does this make sense? Are you nodding your head? Do you know what I’m talking about?

You will feel uncomfortable if you work with this energy. If you decide to access your Pluto. You will get tired and need to take breaks. Believe it or not, Pluto in the first house, or Pluto Sun or Moon can be quite meek. YOU tuning in to your power, becoming your power, it won’t feel yummy good like Venus or spiritual like Neptune. You will feel like you are transgressing and you are (and yet you are supposed to) But honestly, for the Pluto person, I don’t know of any other way.

And I want to reassure you, again, that it’s OKAY to be angry and in fact, anger is a magickal seed here. I think without a seed of that anger your spells will fall flat and again I am NOT talking about curses or revenge or hurting people. I am talking about MANIFESTATION. What you want. And that your emotions are your energy and I think you need to realize how powerful that energy is.

I hope this helps



Confusion Removal Machine: What I Did In Meditation Class Last Night (Advice For MoonPluto People & Others)

"moon pluto conjunction" I wake up trying to figure everything out, everything.

I’m trying to remember the words a Tarot reader said to me the other day (yes I get readings too sometimes!). I’m trying to decide whether to get one little cookie with the blue sprinkles, or two, from the Mexican bakery. I’m noticing that Kitty is acting a bit more spritely and could the good energy I sent her last night from meditation class have done some good. And I’m listening to Lyle Lovett. Whatever happened to him? Is he still around?

I want to tell you about last night’s class — how when we were doing the breathing techniques, the breathing exercises, during the exhalation part I imagined that I was dumping anything I didn’t need, including extra Moon Pluto emotional intensity, letting it all go, how this is also a purpose to meditation, that we can include any purpose we want and we can mediate all day long because we are breathing and exhaling all day long.

In my September Meeting Place (my September class) I’ve been pushing the gals to sit in a rather “traditional” style, very straightforward, very gentle but with some discipline to it (not window gazing, not flying around the room) but last night I added in more, I added in this emotional process for myself, and I’m going to do it today too, with every out breath, every time I remember, let it go. Breathe out sadness. Breathe out confusion. Breathe out WTF. Doesn’t really matter what it is, but keep letting it go. You can even imagine it in the room with you – after it’s out of your body. You can see it. You can see it dispelling into the air, transforming itself, becoming a good perfume or sunlight or part of the air itself, compost, and helpful, foundational, able to help hold you up when you need it. Or you can send it to the earth. And maybe just maybe if you do this practice you’ll… see new value in this emotional intensity once it’s outside of your body. Maybe you’ll recognize who those emotions (some of them) belong to — I did this just now, letting my emotions out through the out breath and into the air and I saw my mother (which makes sense of course for someone who has a Moon Pluto conjunction!)

You Moon Pluto people: you can HEAL yourselves and others as much as you can hurt (yourselves and others). 

There is something I am confused about in my life right now. I don’t know what to do. There is nothing I *can* do except keep breathing and writing and let it go and trust it will all be resolved. This is VERY different from trying to seize control and forcing answers or results or wandering around howling!

One has to feel the feelings though – if a Moon Pluto person (for example) doesn’t FEEL them, they get backed up like a clogged toilet (we are talking Pluto here and Pluto rules shit and elimination) — they can’t all STAY in the body. There has to be a removal machine, discharge, thus the breath.

It is the letting go itself that transforms it, Anais!

Do you meditate? 


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The Stars Today And The Secret To 2013

The Moon is in look-at-me Leo as I write this.

The Sun (who you are) is conjunct Pluto (death) in Capricorn. Venus (social life) and Mercury (more social life) in Sagittarius with Mercury farther along in the sign.

Mars (the hunt) newly in air sign (hunts with the mind) Aquarius, heading to sextile (feels good) Uranus (surprise!) in Aries.

Saturn (what you fear) in Scorpio (sex) is sextiling the Sun Pluto conjunction. Neptune, Chiron, and the North Node in water signs. Jupiter still retrograde in Gemini but goes direct end of January.

My diagnosis so far: On the one hand you want to assert: ME! And will do anything to stay on top of… whatever you feel you are at risk of losing. It’s heavy energy, right? Leo and Capricorn are at odds despite both having a certain um large and in charge style. And yet both fire and earth are supported in the sky right  now.

My suggestion: detach from the heavyosity, take a break from that fated feeling: relax, enjoy these last days before our next turning point, the entry into 2013. Portal time! Can you take the day off? It’s Sunday morning in the Big City :)

Now, Sun Pluto supporting Saturn and vice versa says: you can build/rebuild a strong foundation i.e. build/rebuild YOU in 2013. Whatever you’ve lost.

The suggestion is: balance. Too much Saturn and you feel you’re unworthy. Too much Pluto and you’re taking over due to paranoia. The sextile between Sun Pluto and Saturn shows an opportunity for harmony, healing, balance between what you are meant to do here (and who you are meant to be with) vs. your fear of it happening (or not).

In the private room, we are talking about various Pluto transits. Pluto on the Sun. Pluto on Saturn. Pluto square Saturn. Chains dragging along the floor is how I feel about Saturn and Pluto together. Plastic surgery is another image that came to mind. Soul surgery. 2012 saw young Libras out of their minds and hearts with Saturn on so many of their Plutos. Now they’ve come out the other side. Libra was also the empty leg in the tsquare from the recent Full Moon and the empty leg in the tsquare in late July 2013.

So what you do in 2013 is take the Libra key and stick it :) turn the knob, open the door. Find the Libra house in your chart. Make yourself at home there, put your loving care there.

See, we get more chances to do Libra right. I know Saturn is in Scorpio now but if you failed Libra school while Saturn was in Libra, more chances are coming.

Your thoughts? 



P.S. Should be up and running again tomorrow, folks who I had to postpone this past week….

The Stars Today: Sun Sextile Chiron

I’ve been writing about acupuncture lately, which I sought for a problem that developed (i.e. couldn’t ignore it anymore) this year but of course Mr. Lee isn’t just going to put one needle in one point. He’s going to take into account the entire body. Needles so far in my forehead, ear, hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach. I must look like a fucking pin cushion. I can’t look. I have a needle phobia. Have I mentioned that part yet?

And my acupuncture sessions lead me to tremendous emotional release (a topic I was also writing about on Christmas) which wasn’t why I sought out Mr. Lee in the first place. I thought I was dealing with the physical body only. Yeah right. As if.  I’d prefer that a physical symptom be just that. Easily treated. Getting well can feel like an impossible dream.

But what I wanted to mention today is this: how just a couple days ago I was wishing there were a therapist on site to help process the feelings right after acupuncture BUT I realized today (drumroll please!) the release itself is the point. The release itself (tears, qi moving again) has value. THAT is the healing. Do you get what I’m saying because I just barely do. The release ITSELF heals. The processing/thinking is optional and may or may not lead you anywhere.

It’s like pee :) You have to pee. You have to get it out. You don’t sit there and analyze (yes I have my Moon in Virgo) the contents and history of that particular pee, what you ate, what you drank. Sometimes the processing is a delay tactic, delays the healing. The body wants to hold on to its sickness until it is prodded into letting it go. Until the body knows, believes, it is OKAY to let it go.

So my question today for you isn’t about the current sky although the current sky includes Mars getting ready to move into my AHA 6th House of health and healing :) my question is this: what does health look like for you? Do you think about it? Are you having a 12th House or 6th House transit? Or a 1st House transit?

Suddenly I also realize that the more I release these… children… thinking of trapped emotions in the body as my children, the more I let them go, the more I stop holding on, the clearer I’ll be able to see.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on Friday and she’ll oppose (fight with, refuse emotional balance with) Sun Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto on the Sun intensifies the ego/identity/self of self while making it feel like shit. Pluto is the death drive and conjunct the Sun creates enormous strength desire will, will power, but easy for it turn paranoid tyrannical. Uranus in Aries squares this trinity. It’s a bad, very bad, dinner party. Somebody (or everybody) goes home crying. Doesn’t have to be you though. You can be the one to send the consoling message, the one who reaches out.

Before we get to that point though, the Sun in Capricorn is sextiling Chiron (right now) which is appropriate for my healing journey and yours too. The Sun is you. Chiron in Pisces is the Christ (and I mean that universally, in an Edgar Cayce way).

If you find yourself at a loss on Full Moon day, be Libra (as I was mentioning before). Grace under pressure. And who knows? Quite possible 7 Cancer is well aspected in your chart and that will soften any stress. Saturn in Scorpio trines the Full Moon. Your emotions are real. Your instincts are right on. I’m trying to think of a suggestion, a ritual, for you and what comes to mind is that movie Like Water For Chocolate. Remember the scene where the girl cries into the dish she’s making. Do that but in reverse. Not tears of heartache, but of freedom. To quote Elizabeth Bishop: rainbow rainbow rainbow and I let the fish go!



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Can’t Find The Lesson? Another One For The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"When you can’t find the lesson, you get frustrated. Why didn’t you get what you wanted? Or, why did the bad thing happen?

And you can apply this to little things that hurt or the big things. And it’s not like you didn’t try to fix it. You did. We all have Virgo (self-improvement!) somewhere in our charts ;)

It’s a cliche by now to say that Saturn in Scorpio compels us to go deeper into what hurts us and why, compels us because the ugly stuff is coming up again, the return of the repressed.

Imagine a situation of lost love. That you pushed someone away. And you tried to get them back. Or maybe they died. It’s over. And life has this weird habit of continuing on no matter how much you hurt. Your world stopped but the rest of the world didn’t.

If you are a creative person, you may think: I must build a monument to this love. A monument of screams because I cannot stop screaming on the inside. Screaming fills up the empty space.

The good news :) is that the Full Moon in Cancer is a cosmic expectorant. Feelings will arise and lead you to the “lesson,” what you need to know, but you have to follow them back. See, someone hurt you this bad before, early on, and it’s taken root and has been growing all this time, wild weed, and like a good little Saturn in Scorpio soldier, your job is to yank that fucker out and look at it and say “Hey. You. I’m here now. Here to stay.”

One other piece of advice: if you want to make contact with someone who’s gone, living or dead, send a message. This week is a good for that. Not just because of Christmas and Mars entering less emotional Aquarius but the Sun (you) will conjunct Pluto (your power) this Sunday. We are already under the influence of this transit. Sun conjunct Pluto is an end, yes, but also a beginning.


Sun Square Pluto Strikes Again: In The Body

"moon in cancer"

Here is Cookie Monster for the Moon in Cancer today squaring the Aries Sun and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Have a cookie! 

When the transiting Sun squares transiting Pluto, I feel it in my body. I get sick. I am thinking that this partly has to do with my natal Pluto which is in my 1st House and conjunct my Virgo Moon. The 1st House is “of the body.” Appearance too.

And I remember my astrology class and a student telling us that she too felt certain transits in her body rather than as outside events or people.

Yesterday it felt like I was taken over – extreme exhaustion. My mind felt okay though. And I figured it was just too many days in a row at the gym.

A facebook pal wondered if it was a psychic attack but I didn’t think so. For me that would feel more like mental distress. I was pretty sure this was just a case of “over-doing it.” And I had a low fever in the morning and cancelled everything that involved leaving the house.

But then I remembered Sun square Pluto.

Anyone who does readings, who does any kind of psychic work must learn to distinguish between their body, their emotions and… everyone and everything else. It is subtle and necessary work and it takes time but eventually to begin to figure it out and trust what is yours and not yours.

And in the meantime? Have a cookie for the Moon in Cancer :) The Moon rules food and Cancer has a sweet tooth.

Pssst…. Next Full Moon is in Libra… 


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The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part 2)

"moon pluto conjunction"
well, lady gaga has a moon pluto conjunction

Today’s stream (of consciousness):

Meditation on Sun conjunct Pluto and how you should/could vomit it and again this was something I was tweeting (more and more I like Twitter).

Pluto: the slow burn a.k.a. Things Fall Apart

BUT, hear me out: The Sun threw its light on Pluto in that it was the Sun moving closer to Pluto to make the conjunction thus… illumination!

And this means/meant you can/could FINALLY see how Pluto operates in your chart/life (transiting or natal). 

Still, today’s Sun Pluto conjunction made me want to vomit. See, Pluto is the Great Purge! The Great Cleanse! Pluto transits and YOU LOSE.

Wherever Pluto is transiting for you, there will be power struggle, intensity, longing and obsession, death and change and new babies born in that house of your chart. Metaphorical babies everywhere! And maybe a real one or two.. Shifting, disorienting movement, dizzy-making like food poisoning. Pluto rules shit, right?

Pluto rules THE BIG HURL.

Well, I hope you got through the morning okay. I didn’t check my chart from this morning to see what else may have been happening to me personally but I know I felt this one. Damn Capricorn. Damn Saturn.

(Oh. Wait. You want me to talk about the high side of Pluto? You’re still alive, right? Isn’t that enough?)

Got to say though… the day has ended sweeter than it began. Must be that Moon in Pisces, ya?



The Stars Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto (part one)

"sun conjunct pluto"

“No one’s telling you how to live your life, but it’s a set up, until you’re fed up.” –Madonna (Leo Sun/Virgo Moon)

How do you live? By doing? Or by waiting? A combo? Like a restaurant menu? Do you make change or does change come to you? No judgement. Just curious.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto today (one degree past it now) and on Twitter I recommended that people follow Pluto, the yin way, and not the Sun, the yang way, if they were facing stressful situations or uncomfortable feelings today. Capricorn is hard enough, ya?

The Sun is your ego. The Sun is who you are. The Yin here, Pluto, is what the Sun fell into. Thus ’twas better to just… fall.  To leave it alone.

What I wanted was for people to resist the urge to burn it all down and no we’re not dealing with fire signs here but Pluto is the destroying urge in order to rebuild… the unstoppable urge to make change, to take away and replace and this can be devastating psychologically… that you’ve torn it all apart. And you didn’t really want to.

Raise your hand if you’ve done shit like this. I have.

This morning was tense for me. I felt dread, like some others I was chatting with. I talked to a Cancer friend on the phone but otherwise did my work (Sun in Capricorn).

The feeling passed. That’s the main thing here. It passed.

And you?


Control The Bleed? You And Your Pluto

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
is your Pluto showing?

I was chatting with another astrologer on Twitter the other day and we were chatting about Pluto.

About Pluto’s power to attract and Pluto’s power to repel. Others.

What’s your take on your Pluto?

What do you do more of? Repel or attract?

Or both? And do you know why that is?

Is Pluto married to any of your personal planets?

Someone once told me that my Moon Pluto conjunction would cause people to “fall into me” — and I am not going to comment about that…

I am wondering what your experience is–

Side note: while on the treadmill this morning I started another post in my head and I was going to call it “Control the Bleed” because a natal Pluto aspect to a Sun or Moon for example can give you that feeling of inevitability i.e you just can’t stop it i.e. compulsion. That your ego or your emotions are simply — well — you have to learn to master them.

Not control, but master.

Now I can’t stand the sight of blood. My own skinned knee made me faint once and I never give blood. I do love Vampires though… I’m on a tangent but my point is this:

You can learn to master your stuff, to master your immense Pluto Power so that you can… repel less and attract more. Destroy less and birth more. More of what you want.

Saturn (the teacher) in my 9th (also the teacher) trines my Moon and Pluto. I’ll have to come up with some lessons on mastering the bleed… besides bandages and applying pressure. And that is actually, in part, the purpose of this blog. Helping others with their emotional intensity, in whatever form it takes.

So maybe I’ve been doing it all along to some degree but… it seems more important than ever now.

Saturn in Libra is telling me to commit to this… in time for Saturn in Scorpio… for you AND for me.

Because if you (if I) keep on losing what and who you (I) want, instead of gaining, well, something’s got to change.

Please share your Pluto in the comments! (Pluto LOVES it when you do that.)

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