The Hope Is Deep: Moon Trine Pluto Today

Moon trine pluto"

The body of work is the LIFE itself.
That is the body of work.
I am a writer. Always was. Poet, playwright, blogger.
But the body of work is more than poems written, poems published, plays produced, revised, other writing…
The body of work is the life.
That’s how I feel. That’s how I live. So it’s my readings, my blog posts, the classes, all the social networking, the Instagram posts — all of it is my body of work. And there’s a lot of it! Across the platforms is a story.

It’s the food and the house and the animals and the technology. It’s the old MacBook. It’s the old friends back in my life. It’s the hope for love. It’s the love arriving right on time like Amazon Prime. It’s those big leafy plants outside my window I forget the name of and the little red bird, not a cardinal, that orange cat asleep on the desk next to the Tarot cards. It is all these things.

This is on my mind because:

1. Mercury is retrograde and Mercury retrograde will examine the past. In VIRGO, Mercury looks back with a critical eye. So I caution you.

2. Rebirth is possible. 
With a little time and a little grace I believe it does become possible.
What is required: silence. Space.
Soon you’ll be doing those pushups once again ;) the real ones.

Moon trine Pluto today. Emotional rebirth. What do I mean by this? WE CAN HAVE NEW FEELINGS. YOU can have new feelings. Maybe you’ve never felt relief before. Or not for a long time. Or pleasure. Or giddy joy.

Hope is not enough. You have to get. Today you get. Today you get fed. Your needs get met not by some measly fast moving “inner” planet like Mercury or Venus or whatever but by PLUTO.

Nobody wants you dead. You can begin today. You can start today. I will start today too. Like the rain that slides off that giant leaf outside my window is starting today as it falls. And the bird that landed on it. And the cat cleaning his perfect fur. It’s all perfect. Don’t you see?

I see it. I feel it. THIS is the morning after even though the Eclipse was just hours ago.

Make sense?


Look! A Good Weekend! Trines, Happy Virgo, and Venus sextile Uranus!

"moon square saturn"The truth is - I don’t blog as much as I used to – but you can find me on Facebook most days and usually there is an overlap between my two pages in terms of content but I am more on my personal page and you can FRIEND me.

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These first two little updates are from my Facebook then I’ll post something new here about the weekend – 

Volcano Volcano Volcano VOLCANO!
Attention people having MARS TRANSITS:

and it may be YOU and you do not realize it so check your chart or have me do it for you!
That Mercury Mars opposition is EXACT today!

Mercury in persistant (stubborn)Taurus opposing Mars in (secretive) Scorpio RETROGRADE.

And the truth comes out in unattractive fashion ;)

You may have forgotten that your MARS ruled houses (Aries AND Scorpio) are not behaving as they should or as you would prefer. THERE ARE DELAYS in the matters of those houses and it is beyond frustrating for many of you! Especially those Marsy types who want to SEPARATE and PIONEER and PUSH.

Lucky for us it’s almost over. ALMOST. Mars goes direct end of June and we can passionately pursue again with better outcome!

Mercury = your words
Mars = your anger
Mars rx = raging on the INSIDE
The opposition = CONFLICT.

Yesterday was talking-to a client who is feeling VERY VERY ANGRY these days (she is Scorpio Rising) and transiting Mars is square her Pluto.

Well that mystery got solved asap.

YOU’RE HAVING A MARS TRANSIT I told her. This is pure astrology.
Mars square Pluto. You are feeling homicidal, I said.
Yes, she said. (Of course she isn’t literally homicidal but you know – I needed a word to express the extreme irritation and anger she’s been feeling).

Mars transits can feel like this especially if aspecting PLUTO.

AND she’s a sweet (oh how we get attached to who we think we are) Libra Moon.
She is NOT enjoying feeling this much anger.

Thing is this: Libra Moons are JUST AS PISSED OFF as the rest of us. It’s that it’s taboo for them to feel it, admit it…

MORE PREACHING from yours truly about this nasty continuing Mars retrograde and true tales from working with beloved clients…

“Sweet” Libra Moons get just as pissed off as the rest of us –

it’s just that it’s TABOO for them to feel it or admit it —

Thinking about this because of my client NOT enjoying transiting Mars RX in Scorpio squaring her Pluto in Leo. (Not that anyone would enjoy such a tinderbox.)
Also reminds me of when I was having a disagreement with a “friend” — also a LIBRA MOON — and he was saying angry things to me and then said “I’m not mad”
That was funny.
So you are saying nasty things and swearing but you’re not mad. Okay.
Keep up with the force, bro.

Where I come from (MoonPlutoLand that is) it’s okay to feel.
It’s okay to feel it all.
Don’t make feelings taboo.
When you do that? A little part of you dies and then you have to do a soul retrieval ;) ;) ;) which can be costly


So the Moon enters WORK WORK WORK I LOVE TO WORK I LIVE TO WORK Virgo early-ish Friday morning and thus it’s Virgo Moon all weekend until Moon enters Libra around 8:30 pm Sunday for my Swamp Palace time zone.

In other words VIRGO MOON WEEKEND, my friends. Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING! Rest if you must but keep mind and hands busy. 

Forget about the forest my love! This weekend? Tree, tree, TREE! Look at the skinny details. Forget the robust big picture!

I have my natal moon in VIRGO CONJUNCT PLUTO so I know what I’m talking about. Heal someone. Heal someone specifically. Virgo Moons have the power to heal. And they also have the power to destroy themselves by viscous monkey mind and inferiority complex. CHOOSE WELL.

Moon square Saturn: depressed
Moon conjunct Jupiter: happy!
Moon trine Pluto: proFOUND.

That Moon Saturn square happens a little before 10 am.
After that square the day is clear and simple Tree, tree, tree.

Mars trine Chiron
Venus sextile Uranus
Mercury enters Gemini
Moon enters Libra

I’m in love with this day and I’m almost hesitant to say that because sometimes when I fall in love with a day it often doesn’t deliver or has some hidden wicked nugget in it. THAT SAID, I’m in love with this day.

Mars trine Chiron is INTERESTING. Mars is retrograde so moving ahead is dubious at best. Trines are easy and good and lucky but it’s to CHIRON who represents what we cannot heal so.. here we have this castrated Mars in SCORPIO (sign of sex) making The Good Aspect to our pain. Obvious to say we can help, we can heal from hurts BUT WHAT ELSE?

Let’s see the rest of the day and then come back to that point:

Mercury done with Taurus FINALLY enters Gemini so this is a welcome shift. The mind is faster. May be indecisive. Confused even. Many directions which road to take. My Gemini Rising clients especially know this “problem.” Can be challenging to commit. WELL perhaps Gemini Season is NOT about commitment but about having fun and experimenting. Can you let that be so? We are heading to the Solstice and Cancer Season and you may feel less social soon enough. Enjoy Mercury in Gemini and all the new conversations and friends and buzz.

And your mileage may vary (I hate that phrase, sorry) depending on how Gemini aspects your chart.

About Venus sextile Uranus: YES YES YES YES YES! I love Venus and Uranus in trine or sextile. WHY? Because Uranian energy can be terrifying.

And Uranus (SURPRISE!) in sextile or trine is a LUCKY surprise! Is MAGIC! And yes it may involve love and/or money (Venus).

I recommend a VENUS RITUAL. Light the lights.

Something else I should mention but won’t blog about until tomorrow probably – NEPTUNE goes retrograde on Monday – but about Mars retrograde trine Chiron:

again the RETRIEVAL idea.

And again this idea of healing the old older oldest wounds. You can do it this weekend. Particularly in regards to VIOLENCE. Healing THOSE wounds. Violence from the family. Abuse. Alcoholic parents. Dust off your perfect core. Imagine the soul of you, un-tarred. Because that’s the truth anyway. And then came this incarnation with its attendant woes. That perfect core of you, un-tarred, exists, and when something like a retro Mars trine Chiron comes along, you do not need to open the roads. The roads open FOR YOU.


Class starts Monday! Here is the link. Email me if you have questions!

So In The New Year + The Stars Tomorrow! End of 2015 BYE

"new year's eve" So in the New Year (news and commercials. Scroll down for the Astrology). 

I will return to more blogging blogging blogging, the writing writing writing  — although still with the videos. I’ll also most likely be back on Beliefnet with the Tarot column! 

There will be a January astrology class and I am running my special on readings throughout January as well – $65 for one hour and then back up to usual rate in February (unless I change my mind!). This rate is for VOICE or CHAT only. Email Readings are regular price. 

Someone just wrote me about life coaching and YES I do this, it’s the way to work with me in-depth. The Reading Bundles are for this purpose. Also am taking Tarot students for 1:1 lessons. All of this CONTINUES. 

Beginning of next week may be a bit slow but then back up to speed. 

No other business at this time to share with you :) New Year on the way. 

Uranus went direct square my Sun and the Sun was square my Uranus and… change is afoot! The Tarot Fives! 

END OF THE YEAR! I fucking HATED this year. And I am happy to swear here, on my own blog. I swore in one of my videos and some yahoo chastised me for it ANYWAY fuck you 2015.

As for the STARS tomorrow, the last day of the year:

keep busy. Still under a VIRGO MOON until NIGHT or wee hours depending on your time zone. In fact wow very few exact aspects tomorrow. Moon Jupiter conjunction in the morning feels good. Moon trine Mercury (Virgo/Capricorn) also feels good NOT crazy :) unlike that doozy of a Full Moon. See, I think we end 2015 on a stable no nonsense note. On the West Coast of the U.S. the Moon is in Libra for the midnight tolling but other time zones may still be in VIRGOLAND. Interesting isn’t it? Some of you will say goodbye with Virgo mind and others with Libraland. Which do you prefer?????????

If I’m not back tomorrow, Happy New Year. Blessings to you.



New Moon in Taurus: Paradise

"new moon in taurus" I was just on Facebook asking if folks were thinking about the New Moon in Taurus (this Sunday), were they setting intentions. See, if I don’t start thinking about it early (someone said: too early!) then I may not think about it at all. Well, not in the way I want to. I need to put it there. I need to put it present in my mind. Put it there. Leave it there. New Moon in Taurus. Which house for me and what aspects it makes and I started rolling through my mental list of common 9th House keywords (my Taurus house) and nah nah nah, that’s not it, nah nah nah, no pressure, just tuning in and then AHA! I knew what it was about. That was quick. What my New Moon in Taurus is about.

And I thought also about Moon squaring my 12th House Venus and thinking I’d have to come out of my 12th House shell somehow with the 9th being a house of the world, and not hidden worlds. Publishing. Teaching. Dissemination. Law. Long distance travel. That’s it. Long distance travel. I’m going on a trip.

"new moon in taurus" And more often than not this is how I read a New Moon — for myself or someone else — individually, personally. I have to force myself to think about TAURUS energy or VENUS energy. I make that tie-in at the end usually although people like those bigger themes. And as I type here right now I get another aha moment. It’s a solid (Taurus) start (New Moon). This is no fly-by-night opportunity. THIS has staying power. This. Ace of Pentacles comes to mind. Earth element. And the more aspects the New Moon makes to your chart, the more manifestation.

That feeling when you know things are gonna change. Change is gonna come. I even sometimes see 3rd/9th House transits for moves, moving. That feeling when you don’t have to do anything because change is gonna come on its own. You don’t need to push it. You’re the High Priestess here, receiving the lore. Story. And every song you hear, every song you listen to, reminds you of that thought you had, without a vision board, you didn’t need a vision board, because the vision came on its own. Your future. It was vague at first, hell it’s still vague. But it’s there. Yes you had days nights years when you thought it would never ever come. And then one day…

Two of Cups. I drew a card without a question but in the back of mind, yes, the New Moon in Taurus. Gosh he is carrying her, isn’t he? He is CARRYING her. But it’s not a card of sickness, no. It’s a card of HEALTH. Healing. Love.

I’m using the Tarot Illuminati deck (Google the image). Note to self: we see a very large caduceus (associated with Hermes, messenger of the Gods).


Some words from Barbara Moore (I’m loving her Tarot of the Hidden Realm deck and book):

a moment of chemistry or of recognition, when like meets like. 

She lets us know that this may or may not be “romantic” —  “the connection can also be between a person and a group, an idea, a project.”

Venus rules Taurus. Hmm. There is love here. There is much love.

Your definition of paradise? May the New Moon in Taurus bring you yours. May you be carried.


The Stars This Weekend: ONE WORD

"full moon in taurus" I don’t want to call this weekend a clusterf**k but…

We shall be under the shadow of the Mars Pluto conjunction (exact on the 10th).

Mercury swims into surgical Scorpio on Saturday, the 8th.

And then Venus in Scorpio squares (i.e. backhands) Jupiter in Leo on the 9th, Sunday.

Moon in Gemini these days could keep us talking, reaching out, and less afraid of the dark but…

Moon square Neptune and Chiron? And inconjunct Mars and Pluto? And inconjunct Sun and Venus in Scorpio (so it’s a Yod, considering the sextile from Scorpio to Capricorn). AND Gemini Moon inconjunct Saturn. All this weekend. Thus, you must adjust. And look for the… not lesson but…

Look for the WORD in your Gemini House. THERE WILL BE *ONE* WORD. That you need to know. That you need to learn. That you need to look up. So that you can remember. This is all all all all all all Gemini House. All roads lead back to your Gemini House and Gemini planets if you have them. Yes I am talking Gemini and still telling you there is ONE.

It’s NOT a do or die weekend in my Humble Opinion but the message in the bottle written on invisible ink needs to be made visible by you, by trick, by spell, by however you de-code.

The “nice” aspects are Moon sextile Uranus and sextile Jupiter in the fire signs but…

Okay we’ve got a lot of “but…” here :)

It’s a weird space to be in, I think. Jumpy. Nailed down but jumpy. Confusion in your Gemini House. Lack of focus. More lack of focus than usual there — while Scorpio and Capricorn want to solve it. Not just want. Scorpio and Capricorn FIND IT. THEY FIND THE WORD, they END the confusion. With a trick of the knife. With sleight of hand. With a white lie you tell yourself. SOMETIMES WHITE LIES ARE NECESSARY. The white lie could very well contain the ONE WORD.

Do you think this is bullshit? This is not bullshit. I challenge you to take this challenge and tell me what word you found. Leave your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook and what that ONE WORD means to your Gemini House. Or, better yet, take a picture. Post it.

Full Moon in Taurus tomorrow at 14 degrees. I think I have Eclipse Exhaustion :) I’ve barely paid attention to this one — I admit it! I just can’t get it up for this Full Moon so I’ll keep it super simple and remind you that the Moon will…

TRINE Mars and Pluto, and sextile Chiron, and of course oppose (negotiate with) the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. ALL HANDS ON DECK. (Moon square Jupiter too).

You really have everything you need under this sky — before the wacky weekend begins — to go solid.

See, the Full Moon is actually going to reveal the ONE WORD (which you can catch, early, if you spend some time in meditation tomorrow) and then as the hours pass, as the minutes pass, the seconds, the breath, in and out, this word will then sidle up to your Gemini House, travel there, sit down, but briefly, as the Moon does, from Taurus to after-Taurus, and you’ll get ONE MORE CHANCE this weekend to know it, to catch it before it… flies away. Once the Moon enters Cancer, it’s gone gone gone.


Any questions?


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The Fulfillment Of Unfullfillment: Neptune In The 7th House

Got *really* inspired by a client this morning.

Inspired to talk about NEPTUNE.

Because what she was saying was SO CLEAR to me and Neptune is NOT clear.

She’s got a Pisces Moon and Neptune in her natal 7th and a VERY Venusian chart.

“But it’s not fulfilling,” she cried! (Referring to a love situation but the tentacles of Neptune extend outwards.)

NO. IT’S NOT, I said. Neptune is NEVER fulfilling. Neptune, by its nature is LONGING for what you do not have. Of course it’s NOT fulfilling. You know what fulfills us? (Has the chance to fulfill us – if we give it a chance.) SATURN. Saturn IS. 

And I could say the same thing in a bunch of different ways, but I think that there, above, is plenty. I hope she finds her way. I hope (NEPTUNE!) she takes the gift of inspiration (which she’s got in spades) and obsession (also got that in spades) and turns it toward what she can actually DO and wants to do: WRITE AND LIVE AND LIVE AND WRITE.

Good luck, Miss X! Take those 6th House transits and FIX YOUR LIFE. It’s right there, where it always was, waiting for you.

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: STRONG, SOLID: Moon Sextile Saturn & Trine Pluto

Two posts from my Facebook and three videos. I know not everyone is hooked up to me on Facebook so figured I better double-post :) To see all my videos go to my YOUTUBE channel!


I felt sad this morning. Not sad. I can’t find the word.

The deeply wistful? Missing family. LONGING.

But wait no, not longing.

More like… a memory imbued with deep feeling but not longing and not nostalgia.

I NEED A NEW WORD. I was remembering myself from a certain age in a certain time and place and the hopes I had then and the illusions I had then, and how much things had changed but NOT wishing I was back there and also trying to situate myself in the present. How much things had changed. Who I was then. Who I am now. THERE MUST BE A GERMAN WORD FOR THIS.

And I did something different with it. Instead of forcing myself to DO something with it, like write a poem. I just felt it. And then made a video for Rosh Hashanah. See, feelings move on their own. We don’t need to wrestle them to the ground. Sometimes we don’t even need to create a monument to them. Sometimes we just acknowledge their presence. Hello, feeling. Thank you.


Doing readings is not easy for me, but I love it.

I am not a jealous person but sometimes I do get jealous of those for whom it is “easy” — the ideas or words just fly out of them. I work slowly, quietly, deeply, sometimes painfully. It is worth it though.

Just now wrapping up with someone who was asking about a couple of key transits. When I talk about a person’s chart it’s never a cookbook interp. Of course keywords may play a part but what I see is particular to that person.

“You know how I’m reading this? Healing energy. Healing from the inside out. Like inside you is a radiant glowing husk and it… has been covered over for years, centuries… and just now, since this transit began, finally your light is emerging. From way deep down inside you. YEARS from this lifetime but also LIFETIMES. I believe this.

You MUST consult inner guidance (all her transits are 12th House involved) to know what to do next. That’s what I feel this transit is about the most. About trusting yourself and your instincts.

On a mundane level? You know you MUST change but aren’t clear how. That’s the Neptune part. Your work, your health (i.e. sobriety). 6th House involvement here. 12th/6th axis. This transit no doubt matches up with that timeframe, say, when Neptune got closer or perhaps it may even match up with Neptune stationing.

Far as Venus Uranus goes… well Uranus is exciting but also can be erratic. In a trine though… more stable. Or easier to deal with any off/on energy. You go with the fire flow. But Uranus is creativity. I think… with Venus trine Uranus you finally figure out how to make your Venus happy. You become a Genius at Love. It’s about believing you CAN be happy. I think this is a new thought for you. To truly believe it is possible.”

One other thing though–
it is so easy to tell someone TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS but when you see massive 12th House action like this… you know you must tell them, you must make sure they KNOW that the inner guidance comes from Divine guidance.

Trusting ourselves… especially for those who have known trauma… it’s fucking hard. I see this over and over with clients. I see it in myself.


Happy Rosh Hashanah y’all. Have a sweet beautiful New Year to all my supporters and readers here

Love, MP

Venus And Pluto Together: In Or Out

Venus is trine Pluto today. Venus in Virgo. Pluto in Capricorn.

Trines are “good” — easy, flowing, lucky energy that we often take for granted because we don’t notice our good fortune. Know anyone like this?

Trines can be sneaky in this way. Making things too easy and then people look for trouble. I definitely know folks like this – everything is fine so they invent despair. Mind needs to keep busy!

Venus and Pluto in good aspect can be passionate without being destructive. Charismatic without being manipulative. Compulsive though (in my opinion) no matter the aspect but it won’t go over over OVER the top into danger (unless, perhaps, either Venus or Pluto are otherwise poorly aspected).

Reminds me a bit of Moon Pluto. Moon Pluto in trine or sextile will have emotional depth but… fewer highs and lows and scenes perhaps (compared to the conjunction or hard aspects).

Venus wants peace. Can Venus find peace with Pluto? Pluto is a threat to peace. Pluto is rape. Pluto forces you. Venus and Pluto living happily ever after is a complicated story but of course it exists because I’m sure I have readers and clients with all kinds of Venus Pluto shenanigans in their charts who are capable of love and relationship, which is Venus’ domain. Share your experiences in the comments.

I have a Venus Pluto semi-sextile but will save *that* topic for another day. Far as today goes? It IS a good day for love, sex, passion and power. Not bad for a Tuesday. If it sounds like “too much,” fear not. You may not even notice. It is a trine after all.


Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Stay Busy!

Someone, somewhere, is wrestling his coat to the ground.

It is springtime in the city. The city wakes up. Block after block of blooming. Do you feel new?

I already posted about the juicy week ahead in general so let’s talk about right now, this evening, and tomorrow.

The Moon is in analytical Virgo. But no big picture windows please. Just the details.

The Moon will trine Pluto, inconjunct Mercury, oppose Chiron, and square Jupiter before going void of course tonight.

So many different aspects happening here but my advice is to… not be a slacker! Even though it’s Sunday afternoon (as I write this), get done as much as you can.

Moon trine Pluto is emotional strength. The inconjunct to Mercury in Aries is an “I don’t feel like it.” Details you rather not deal with. The opposition to Chiron is this theme repeated but more emotional. A minor nervous breakdown around 8pm EST ;) And then comes the square to Jupiter. It only gets bigger.

Jeez. I’m sorry. This doesn’t sound like an evening to take charge, does it? Take charge LIKE A VIRGO. I’m recommending you stay BUSY even if that Moon Chiron aspect is a shitty phone call or a sad song or dust motes, too many goddamn dust motes.

Tomorrow we’re under Venus Saturn all day (an opposition). Actually we’re under this now, we’re in orb. It’s not pretty. Well, maybe it is (it’s Taurus(, but it’s cruel (Saturn) too. And cold. And when you want a hug from Venus, a stinging remark from Saturn in Scorpio is gruel instead of your Lucky Charms.

You may feel oppressed, thwarted, hopeless, victimized, frozen… but feel the fear and do it anyway. Get close anyway. To what scares you. Not to banish it but to get to know it better (paraphrasing Pema Chodron).

Love, MP


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Moon In Taurus & The Lives Of Poets

The Moon is in Taurus today thus my preoccupation with food and love and pleasure.

Went out of my way to get my favorite food after the gym as though my reward for a job well done. No sweets though. Getting my fuel from earthy matters, nothing laced with sugar.

Then on the train home, received a handful poems in my inbox, poems by my old college friend and I feel in love with one of them in particular.

And I wrote to him this: I like poems best when the poet is present. But some poems are ONLY the poet, right? And it becomes a weakness. Too much voice. I think my Nostrand Avenue poem (the one that will appear in that new journal) falls into this category but hopefully reaches beyond that. And then in other poems, the poet disappears. It’s a delicate balance.

A good day. The Moon will sextile Chiron and trine Pluto. These are solid aspects, serious, solution-y. How are you feeling?

I feel like the skies are making up for recent crappy days :) The weekend is similarly sweet, filled with sextiles and trines. The Moon will oppose Saturn though and you’ll feel this tomorrow morning. Fixed signs especially. Something or someone standing in your way. Or maybe it’s you. You don’t need to guard the door.

Sunday: just a short void of course Moon in the afternoon then into Gemini we go wheeeeeeee fun :)

One card for the weekend: 4 of Swords. Rest. You must rest. Not that you can’t have fun but… things are going to speed up this spring. I know Saturn will be retrograde but that’s part of the plan. Gather strength now for the changes to come. The “4” is stable like a table. Something you can touch. For some this is stagnation and for others it is restoration. Which do you choose?

I feel like I’ve got some things figured out. Maybe ;)

Got plans? 


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Moon Trine Pluto: Master Your Emotions

Great comments on the blog today. Thanks for that :)

I am obsessed with Venus Neptune because I AM Venus Neptune. And not that I wish those problems on anyone but… I think it’s good to share, good to talk, attempt clarity.

And speaking of clarity, the Moon is now in Virgo! Opposing Neptune (so much for clarity).

Tomorrow she squares Jupiter, trines Pluto, sextiles Saturn. You know what? I like this day. It’s preparation for Sun square Saturn and for Jupiter going direct so there’s this… pent up energy and only some of it will release on Wednesday. The rest of it will keep holding its breath (due to the nature of the square. We need the aspect to separate and then we exhale).

But Tuesday? Tuesday is sweet despite it all. What can you do to enjoy this day? Moon in Virgo always wants to clean up. Square Jupiter she’ll feel more than she wants to feel but the trine to Pluto will help her master it and then the sextile to Saturn will make it practical. Moon in Virgo wants her feelings to be put to good use!

Blog nuts and bolts: have you noticed the new little message thingie in the middle of my homepage? I need to update it already. It’s there to let you know when I’m home, around, and available for calls (or emails) in the moment! So if you do find yourself needing to talk, check the homepage for the status!

Happy Moon in Virgo :)


P.S. That’s Keith Richards, Sagittarius Sun & Virgo Moon

The Stars This Weekend: Aquarius!

Mercury enters Aquarius in the wee hours Saturday morning, and the Sun enters Aquarius in the late afternoon, Big City time. The future is now.

Although we still have Venus and Pluto in the sign, this year’s Capricorn domination has come to an end. Relieved? Goodbye, Capricorn, Goodbye.

Capricorn Season is always a mixed bag for me. I get trines to my Virgo planets and Saturn in Taurus, but Capricorn opposes my Cancer Stellium. It’s harsh, hard, and I do wind up feeling, well, opposed. Feelings and energy are stirred up wherever the transiting planets are marching.

I believe you will feel better, smarter :) as we move from heavy earth to light as a feather, air, unless you are one of those folks who sink when the Moon is in Taurus, which is where it will be all weekend.

Taurus is such a… comfort-oriented sign that it could be hard to motivate. Truth is I am feeling a little slow-moving myself even though I spent much of the afternoon cleaning up this mess :) Mars (energy) is transiting my 6th House which rules “daily routines” and all kinds of fixing and organizing. Details.

Saturday morning the Moon sextiles Chiron. In the afternoon, the Moon trines Pluto. In the evening the Moon opposes Saturn and a little after midnight, we get a trine to Venus in Capricorn.

Sunday afternoon, the Moon squares Mars in Aquarius.

Mostly good aspects. A couple crunchy ones.

What I like most about this weekend is the lack of drama and the abundance of depth. Saturday brings us Chiron, Pluto, Saturn, Venus all in contact with the Moon, your emotions.

My advice: stick close to home or to what you enjoy doing. Seek pleasure, routine, good books. It’s probably not the weekend to jump out of an airplane, but if you are… I think you’ll land just fine.

One card for Aquarius Season: 6 of Pentacles. You have made Saturn smile, working so hard while the Sun was in Capricorn and now comes the result: whether you give or you receive, you have plenty. Enjoy, says the Taurus Moon :)


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Full Moon In Taurus! October 29th

"saturn in scorpio"The recent Full Moon in Aries was spooky accurate for me and it was a testy Full Moon in my 8th House, the house of crisis.

Not only was transiting Uranus involved but my natal Chiron and Progressed Moon as well. The news was waiting for me in my PO Box and since I only check it every couple weeks, I didn’t know until yesterday.

That Full Moon hit me on another front as well but it was more bark than bite. Not end of the world in either scenario, but it felt that way at the time. Over-blown panic-attack level emotions.

Flash forward to the Full Moon in gentle Taurus. Funny to characterize Taurus that way actually. The ones I’ve known, including my father, had pretty explosive tempers and their Mars’ were all in different signs.

But let’s look on the bright side :) and remember that Taurus is associated with reliability and pleasure, ruled by Venus. In my recent Creativity class, we had a few North Node in Taurus people and I felt certain they all needed to be more selfish.

On Full Moon day, Mercury enters Sagittarius and squares Neptune. The new adventure you’ve been planning for, longing for, has hit a snag. You may need to wait until after the Mercury retrograde period. You may need to wait for Jupiter direct. There’s a slowness to the active Scorpio energy now, even though the Sun isn’t there yet. The only thing I’m predicting here is that it would be good for you to start developing your patience a bit more. I know, I know, you’re sick of that too.

More bright side for those who need a break: this Full Moon won’t feel fast and furious and shocking. It will likely take its place among your garden of knowledge although, yeah, as I was just writing above, you may feel restricted.

What I like best is the Full Moon trining Pluto. There may still be some emotional intensity but nothing will be destroyed. The earth trine is sturdy and can handle it.



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Sunday Morning Astrology: Moon in Taurus

"moon trine mars"

I have to head out this morning, early, and am waiting for my phone to charge so let’s look at some of today’s Moon aspects.

As I write, the Moon in Taurus has already trined Mars in Virgo.

What do you know of Moon trine Mars? Do you have this aspect? 

With Moon trine Mars, the emotional life and the mood matches the energy level. It’s like you always find time for your interests no matter how busy you are. Also these folks love Mom and family. In Taurus and Virgo? A baby born today would have a retrograde Mars and in Virgo…  I think I’d almost prefer Mars retrograde when in Virgo, turned in on itself to dismantle some of the Virgo fix-it urge.

The Moon also trines Pluto today – emotional depth and clairvoyance without the UGH. The harder Moon Pluto aspects show loss. The trine or sextile may also show  loss but more tangible support, that it’s easier to find support when the Pluto problems arise.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening so plan something sweet and delicious. Taurus loves their food and Moon Jupiter in Taurus loves their food even MORE. Jupiter expands what it touches.

With Moon aspects like this, it’s going to be a good day. When Momma is happy, everybody’s happy.


Got Sunday plans? Got Moon trine Mars?


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Death And Moon Chiron

"moon opposition chiron"

Our bodies get tired. Our spirits don’t.

This was an interesting point mentioned by my meditation teacher last night. Interesting, on one level, because I sometimes feel spirit-tired but I trust my teacher and the text he was reading from so am giving this idea some thought.

The body ages, body and brain. We start forgetting things, our muscles get tighter, we get sick.

And if we were *only* our bodies, this would be cause for alarm. Rest assured you have a long life ahead, but in other forms.

And so goes the morning: some stretches, the coffee is brewing, the dirty dishes are waiting for later, which is my favorite time to do the dishes.

Sky-wise, the Moon in Virgo is opposing Chiron in Pisces as I write this. Ponder this for a moment.

The Moon is women, your mother, your feelings, habits, what you need to feel secure. And Chiron we know as the “wounded healer” — immortal, can’t fix himself but can help others.

A very Virgo opposition wouldn’t you say? 

Are you interested in healing?  I am. I have a client who has a medical situation. Not life-threatening but… something I may try to help with. I know I have felt the long distance healing energy of others and I want to try to do the same. We shall see. I haven’t committed yet to the project but I might, which would include daily visualizations of her complete health in the area that’s being affected. I would do this during regular meditation practice.

But back to the sky: Mercury is also at 5 degrees, but in Aries. The Moon is making an inconjunct.

If you speak your mind today, it may hurt a little. May hurt you, may hurt the other person. If that’s not your goal, then watch yourself. Think first. Think second. Think third. And then maybe just maybe let it out. Err on the side of the beautiful with Venus in relaxing Taurus.

Interesting to notice how transits play out in your life. What are you experiencing so far with the Jupiter Pluto trine? Anything? I am seeing some very tangible results. Wonder if you are too.

But back to Moon Chiron. Oppositions are a balancing act or a tug of a war or a… we tend to do one side too well and the other side gets weak or… the opposition brings in one side of it, for example, if you are the Moon in the 1st House you bring in Chiron-people to your 7th House i.e. there’s some pain there but you may also meet healers, you may heal or be healed. You may use your feelings as your path to healing.

What is healing anyway? How much improvement is necessary to say you are “healed”? Must it be all clear?

Today’s sky: Virgo dreams of perfection but we understand it was just a dream: she’s done opposing Neptune. Now she’s opposing Chiron, the reality of not being perfect. Ouch.

But the good news is to come: trines to Jupiter and Pluto. Emotional power and optimism. A Virgo with true faith.

Virgo is the body. Pisces is the spirit. We need both at this time. But there will come a time, in your own life, when Virgo finally gets the perfection she longs for. Let this Full Moon in Virgo give you taste of it – without fear and in total Earth Trine comfort.

I am feeling my mother’s presence more and more as her yartzeit approaches and it feels fitting that the Full Moon in Virgo is conjunct my natal Moon. There was a pet name she had for me. Well, more than one, but this one name in particular that I call the cats sometimes.

How I miss her. So much. How I wish she could see my face, say things like “you look thin!” or “look at you!” or “you look like so and so…”

Legacy. Simple conversations. I was recently telling someone that death doesn’t end relationships although it does change them and when someone dies they are even MORE available to you. The boundary is gone. Just like the 12th House. There are no limits. Of course you can’t go to Katz’s delicatessen together for a corned beef sandwich but even death can be reframed. Not just loss but landscape. Now you see the distance.

PS The picture is of Isaac Bashevis Singer, one my mother’s favorites

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The Stars Today! Moon Conjunct Taurus And Moon Trine Pluto

"full moon in leo 2012"

Did the Moon conjunct Jupiter cheer you up or cheer you on?

The Moon is your mood and Jupiter, they say, expands what it touches. Not only that but it lifts up the moods, the Moon, like a balloon.

Taurus (an earth sign ruling bank tellers and beauty, among other things) is solid which can become stubborn! Moon and Jupiter in Taurus: maybe you are feeling less anxious about your money this morning! More… expansive!

The Moon also squares Mercury in Aquarius: mood and mind don’t meet completely – so even as the mood improved, in the back of your mind is that nervous (Aquarius) doublechecking of the bank balance. OR the mood. Or the face for wrinkles.

When the Moon trines Pluto though, a spiritual aspect, the answer is found: don’t put too much value (Taurus) on what is fleeting, like moods and bank balances.

Instead, you can put your faith (Pluto) in what can’t always be seen (Pluto). Although Pluto rules the muck and rot of your life, he also rules your restoration.


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Ah The Moon Is In Taurus…

"full moon in cancer"
taurus mooooooooooooooon!

Do you feel soothed?

Taurus is the sweet-eyed Moon. Every Moon in Taurus that I know has those *eyes*! Those enviable sweet eyes! (And I think I mention this every time I write about the Taurus Moon.)

And the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus now so good (Jupiter) feeling (the Moon), good REAL (earth) feeling, feeling you can TOUCH, is available to us all.

The Moon in Taurus is also making a wide trine now to Pluto in Capricorn so feelings run deep but they aren’t… scary or overpowering. They are just the right amount of deep-well-earthy. Remember, trines make it easier.

The Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo support the Moon (and Jupiter) in Taurus although both are at higher degrees. The Moon will trine it all as it moves forward, pinging and dinging you richly so.

Touch the earth. Bake a cake. Go for a walk. Eat heartily. Hug yourself. Have sex. Put your feet on the ground.

Does your chart like this sky? 

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The Stars Today: Grand Trine In Earth

"moon in virgo"
Always loved this pic: Keith Richards (Sag Sun/Virgo Moon) with g/f Patti Hansen - 1981

What happens when our people die, or when our companion animals die, is that they come with us, they become part of us in a new way — in some ways it’s better.

That sounds odd to say because I rather have my mother here than not here but I am wondering these weeks after my grandfather’s death if… I am receiving something now that I couldn’t, didn’t, receive before.

Right now it’s just… traces… but I expect a clearer revelation or shape eventually. No answer to all the riddles but… a new layer of spirit in me. Makes me think of those pictures in geology textbooks: layers of strata. Or, for my Mars in Cancer, layers of cake.


The Moon is in Virgo now, squaring Mercury in Sagittarius. Thoughtless words may come out and then be regretted.

This Moon will conjunct Mars and more thoughtless words may come out as Moon squares the Sun in Sagittarius later on so… go slow.

Moon trines Pluto though, exact now, and pulls in retrograde Jupiter in Taurus so we’re in Grand Trine Land, my favorite place, way more than Epcot. (Does Epcot still exist? What the hell is an Epcot anyway? I remember loving the Imagination ride.)

What do you want to do with this practical, intense Grand Earth energy? It’s Big-Energy energy, but also skillful.

Moon (feelings), Pluto (Free-flowingness, to use a Hickey word) and Jupiter (INFLATING!). Thinking of those balloons before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Venus in Capricorn at higher degrees adds in even more earth. Are you feeling more steady and stable? Or has the fire got you flickering still? Or maybe a bit of both, like me, kind of anxious but still… doing what I need to do.

The New Moon in Capricorn is coming. Jupiter direct is coming. 2012 is coming, whoa!

Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn: early Taurus i.e. late Aries vs. late Libra: expanding and contracting which is reminding me of something pumping, like a heart of course.

I am thinking about duality a lot lately, thus the first paragraph of this post: the living and the dead, action and thought, active and passive… and the transformation that takes place when we don’t merely blend two sides but… create something new and how that new thing gets created. For me, it takes work. I can get inspired in an instant but the manifestation takes work, concentration, effort… which is perfect for   the earth energy today.  Manifestation, ahoy!

What will the New Year bring you? What do you want? 

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Taking Your Monster For A Walk (Moon Pluto People)

"moon pluto conjunction"
bette david had a moon pluto conjunction

(This is a re-post from September)

Are you an emotional person? I am. I often can’t stop, can’t stop it. It’s relentless: Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House. Not all 1st House Moons are like this, but many of them are, and yes, a Moon in the Aries house surely gives strength and fire and warrior-tude to the feelings, no matter what sign the Moon is in. And Pluto makes it obsessive, possessive, compulsive.

Do you have a Moon and Pluto contact in your chart? A hard aspect or a soft one? Pluto attached to the feelings is… well… how do YOU feel about your Moon Pluto? Do you find it makes you flow and leak and gush? Or do you find that it makes you hold it in more and you threaten to burst and then you do, when triggered.

Or maybe you are sealed up tight.

How do you regulate your intensity? 

It’s like a war inside, right? You don’t need politics, you don’t need newspapers, you don’t need reality. You’re a self-sustaining, self-generating source of power. It’s all inside you. Most of the plays I’ve written were this Moon Pluto intensity but through the mouths of characters. On the one hand, you don’t need anyone to feel. On the other hand, you need desperately.

It’s like the music is never loud enough, the sex is never hard enough, the other person is never there enough. FILL ME UP says the Moon Pluto person because I can’t bear to be alone IN THIS. It needs to be shared. It needs to ATTACH.

And it’s not that it feels bad. It doesn’t feel bad at all. But it’s a tremendous amount of energy that needs release and relief and expression and explosion. And no fear, okay? Don’t fear what’s inside you.

What do you do? How do you make it better?

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