For The Magicians: Bloody Bloody Moon In Scorpio Weekend

"moon conjunct mars" I was only going to mention this on my Facebook but decided to blog about it too.

Tomorrow morning the Moon will enter Scorpio (NYC time).

The exact Moon Mars conjunction will be at 2:55 pm, Monday.

Magicians, witches, mediums, psychics, healers of all kinds, shamans, light workers, necromancers, this weekend and Monday is for you. 

The weekend:
Moon in Scorpio.
Mars in Scorpio.
Moon trine Sun Neptune in Pisces is PSYCHIC.
Moon sextile Pluto IS PSYCHIC and sextile Jupiter is PSYCHIC. Jupiter rules prophesy.
Moon trine Chiron heals you.
Moon square Venus and Mercury THE INFORMATION you will not be able to stop it. Although you won’t want all of it. There will be squares. You will be frustrated. You will try to stop the transmission. You will block it without meaning to. You will want to spit on the truth. But I suggest you keep your spit in your mouth.

HOWEVER: Open your chakras at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also on my Facebook today I mentioned the fact that your third eye may not be where they tell us it is. You may “read” or “know” from your Sacral or other chakra. It is this way for me, lower in the body. And it may change!

Also, I have to mention, my darling Magicians and Mediums and Shamans and Healers and lion cubs and lovers and moonstones and bloody bloody Scorpio Moons maidens… there is something called ECLIPSE MEDICINE and ECLIPSE MAGICK and I am telling you now that you can collect it.

March 8th all day
March 23rd all day

And the secret truth which I am sharing is that you can collect it pretty much all of March, especially between the two Eclipses, collect it and collect it.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Be careful with what you DO WITH IT. What you do with your Eclipse Magick. It is as potent as Blood Magick but don’t quote me on that (because nothing is as potent or potentially destructive as blood magick).

One other thing about this weekend:

the OTHER fixed signs won’t have it easy with this much Scorpio opposing or squaring, making a fucking mess of your chart. Talking about Taurus, Leo, Aquarius. The Scorpios will be even more Scorpio. You may love that or hate that. Now for the folks who have a combination of fixed in their charts, well… let us pray for the Sagittarius Moon :)



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The Stars This Weekend + Beware The Button Pushers

"new moon in taurus" Thoughts on pulling the Five of Pentacles (from an unfinished blog post):

Were they turned away?
Were they welcomed and then left?
Maybe they got fed (or fed up) and realized there were miles to go still.

Often I’d read that the couple CAN go into the church for salvation and a hot drink but maybe just maybe they already did and this is after the fact. They can’t stop now. Miles to go. Back on track. Yes it’s snowing. Yes they’re tired. But miles to go.

So we’re still under the Mars Saturn (frustration) opposition. In case you were wondering. In case you are feeling this blocked and smacked feeling.

And MY TRANSITS yes I really want to write about my transits. My transits are SO oppositional these days (i.e. it’s THEM not me, it’s them not you) but because the THEM are multiplying and getting stronger (Pluto transit to name one) the best advice is to pick battles because you will not win them. Maybe you’ll win one. Maybe you’ll win two. Depends on the battle. Be still, be wise, be careful. Do not take on City Hall. Do not take on the obnoxious taxi driver. Remember that a Pluto transit will also bring you powerful helpful Pluto people and situations – but sometimes the stink just rises and rises. And it’s often folks with poorly aspected Pluto (in their natal) who delight in raising the stink factor for you (unless they’ve worked on themselves and flushed out the ego of Pluto. We all have ego. We all have Pluto. We all have to not be an ass). If you are under a hard Pluto transit: pick your battles. Choose your friends. Do not suffer fools and button pushers. And drink LOL. I’m having some Nettles tea right now but I may indulge in a cocktail this evening.
"pluto opposition sun"
But back to the STARS today and this weekend:

so we suffer under the dregs of Mars Saturn frustration (people taking you to task even though you are not guilty) and it’s a VOC moon all day today, Friday. One more reason to relax. VOC moons don’t encourage the hyper productivity you prefer.

Tomorrow is the exact Venus Neptune trine so no matter what else is going on for you, GO THERE. If you can. Drift and dream. Please do not raise your blood pressure! Sunday is the New Moon in Taurus ahhhh maybe you want to dust off the altar and start ritual today. Seriously. A New Moon in your Taurus house. What could that be? Do you think it reflects the house more? Or a Venusian theme? What are you feeling around this?

That day, the Moon will…. square Jupiter and trine Pluto and then sextile Chiron. The Chiron sextile is the closest in degree to the New Moon so there is something you aren’t seeing yet i.e. New Moons are the dark. Possibility. They aren’t what has grown. They aren’t manifestation. So your healing is in the future. In the future but on the way. Don’t forget that. We keep pulling the Temperance card. The Healing Angel (says Mary K. Greer). So please do not look for ULTIMATE solutions now. Because it can’t be 100% now. But a little effort (sextile) and it gets better.

And then Monday Mercury goes retrograde…
In Gemini…
Let the games begin? I hope not ;)


Can You Contain A Wildfire? Mars Conjunct Pluto, November 10th

"mars conjunct pluto in capricorn" Was looking at my little book today, looking at November 10th.

Mars will conjoin Pluto in Capricorn.
Moon in Cancer will oppose.
Uranus in Aries will square.

And then there are the NODES! In Libra and Aries — so yes we have a Grand Cross. 

Mars conjoining Pluto in and of itself would be an aspect to… acknowledge. To RESPECT.

Can you contain a wildfire?
Can you harness a tornado?

This aspect (Mars Pluto), this DAY, makes me think of something I was reading — about Santeria — the caballo:

I am quoting now from a website (

caballo. Literally, horse. This term is used to describe the person who is possessed by an Orichá during a trance. The Orichá mounts a human being and uses him or her as a medium to communicate with others in the room.

Are you a wildfire? Are you a tornado? Are you a horse?

You WILL find out on November 10th.

We cannot control nature. Nature is unstoppable. I’d say Mars Pluto (especially in a Cardinal Grand Cross!!) is unstoppable too.

Funny I am trying to read my notes back to finish this post and the grammar is a bit odd, but I like it:

it has ways it must destroy and no we can’t always understand why nature or Pluto does what it does.

Mars Pluto is rage. Contained-waiting-to-strike rage or explosive-get-the-fuck-out-of-their-way rage. And YES I think the Pluto in Scorpio generation handles this energy WAY better than Pluto in Leo or Pluto in Virgo (just to name two examples).

Your rage will wake up that weekend. Your rage will hit its target on the 10th. And thus the volcano.

Are you a volcano?
Are you a horse?
Are you a goddess?
Are you angry?
Are you an angry goddess?

I suggest you plan for this day, plan ahead for this day. Try to stay out of harm’s away. Perhaps even avoid the people who trigger you because you cannot contain a fire or a tornado or a volcano or the rage of Mars Pluto opposed by EMOTIONAL Cancer and unpredictable Uranus and the Nodes of Fate… think of the Nodes of of Fate as your Gatekeeper Guardians, there to keep you safe! Yes! But they are caught up in this mess too! So they aren’t as objective and helpful as usual :)

There is more I want to say, about FEMALE RAGE in particular, and that I will save for the Private Blog — my messages of Liberation — as Uranus and Pluto aspect my Sun.

Very interesting babies born this day, verrrry interesting!

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Advice To Moon Opposite Mars Girl Being Hit By The Cardinal Cross

I was trying to find the words, talking to a client.

I was trying to explain to her that… if she could just STOP contracting.
When the feelings come up.
When those scary scary feelings come up.
Whatever they are.
Sadness, rage, everything in between.

And I actually made fists, even though she couldn’t see my fists but I needed to contract my body to make my point.
She has a natal Mars in Capricorn opposing her Cancer Moon.

That she doesn’t even need to feel it all fully every moment.
She doesn’t need to cry.
She doesn’t need to break anything.

That if she could stop contracting, resisting, making herself so hard, so hardened against what needs to flow, like water, through her, then her life would change, then her relationships would stop being so perplexing and painful. Then she could truly begin to show up. For maybe the first time ever.

One analogy:  there’s a terrible storm outside and you have the choice between tensing yourself into a rigid shape, bracing yourself against your dread, or… learning to sit tall from your center as you listen to the wind outside, no matter how terrible. No matter how terrible, you keep breathing, you stay present.

And this, my friends, is why I’m here. To know this, to tell you this. I hope it makes sense! It made sense to me and, I think, to her.

It’s the key to life.

What are you feeling these days? 

Love, MP

Oppositions Are Other People (And You Too)

I always seek to understand the astrological aspects a little more deeply, in particular the opposition.

In part because I don’t have ANY (involving personal planets). And involving outer planets and asteroids I have a mere TWO. 

My first astrology teacher taught us that “oppositions are other people” — in contrast to the square which is inner tension within YOU. Your inner battle.

That the opposition is coming at you, from the outside. And we see this especially in transits. Pluto oppositions by transit will bring Pluto people into your life.

The other day, in the wee hours of waking up I was thinking of someone’s Mercury Saturn opposition and how it felt to me.

Mercury is, first and foremost, the way one communicates. And Saturn can be cold. And I was thinking about communications with this person. How this harshness would pop out. That Saturn wasn’t blended smooth with the Mercury (like a conjunction would be). It would just show up. And then sink from view. And it sounded like Duck Duck Goose in my head, like this:

Mercury Mercury Mercury SATURN! Mercury Mercury SATURN! Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury SATURN!

My feelings would often get hurt. I thought I was talking to Mercury BUT THEN SATURN. Until I learned to expect it. This person couldn’t be Mercury for too too long without Saturn showing up to bash some heads (although some oppositions are more subtle than others, depending on the planets/signs, and not all oppositions are cruel. I’m particularly talking about a Mercury Saturn opposition with Saturn in a “cold” sign.)

Folks struggle to balance the energies. It’s a challenge. They tend to err on the side of ONE side and then slip to the other briefly and then head back to the original energy.  Example: you may be talking to a sweet and lovely Mercury in Pisces but then Saturn in Virgo (ouch! Saturn authoritarian + Virgo criticism) will erupt.

So apply this to the Grand Cross — Jupiter. Jupiter. Jupiter. Jupiter. PLUTO. Your rush and desire to expand something in your world can lead you to some pretty dark places. Throwing your weight around. Thinking you have nothing to lose. Double-crossing. Manipulation!

Oppositions are always fascinating to me because they supposedly help us understand others (we can see the other side, the other point of view) but we also project when we have oppositions. We consider that quality NOT OURS, we pretend we don’t see it, can’t see it (which is very convenient.) It’s always “someone else,” “the other person,” that we blame for the qualities we rather not admit we have.

Another example:

someone who has a  Moon Mars opposition but who finds Mars (passion, anger, rage) frightening (or gross or distasteful or taboo)  is going to NOT own that Mars and instead may covertly subconsciously seek to make OTHERS angry (or even make them passionate i.e. inspire passion in others so that the person with the opposition doesn’t have to feel passion, much less act on it) —

In such a situation, the other person lives out that repressed Mars, and the person with the opposition can feel safe from those terrifying feelings of… feeling out of control. The opposition person may even feed off, siphon off the other person. Draining them.

But you know what? If you sacrifice PART of your Mars, you lose all of it!

If you notice yourself feeling very depleted around certain people, check and see what oppositions they have and if they tend to repress that part of themselves. And if YOU tend to LIVE that part of yourself. Check the dynamic! It’s probably partly why you chose each other. Thing is, you need to cut yourself a better deal ;)

Back to Mercury opposition Saturn: oh that cold style and cruelty isn’t MINE. It’s his/hers. It’s not me! No way. I’m quite sweet and lovely, poor me! a Mercury in Pisces. I’m not critical at all, nope! That Saturn in Virgo is other people being too critical of me! That OTHER PERSON OVER THERE is so very very harsh. The world is so cruel! Alas! 



Not that life is easy but the opposition is going to “give away” or “outsource” one end of that opposition routinely and it will probably flip-flop. Although, again, I do think people do tend to favor one side over the other for complex reasons.


Life is complicated, isn’t it?

Well studying astrology is a pretty good way to spend April, don’t you think? :)

Love, MP


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Mars, The Moon, And What Wins In Your Chart

"mars square jupiter"

How did it get so damn cold?

I swear it was summer last week in the Big City and today it’s heading towards winter again. A chill. Wind. I’m shivering as I write this because I put my sweaters away! Yes, my Cancer Sun will prefer to avoid such tasks but my Virgo Rising wants it done. So I did it.

What in your chart WINS? I mean, we’ve got all this competing STUFF. Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc etc etc and maybe they get along and maybe they don’t and we’ve got aspects and planets and signs and houses.

And this: what do you WANT to win in your chart? Less Saturn? More Venus for example? Can you, do you, adjust your chart?

I have a friend with a Moon Mars opposition in his chart and I remember telling him that he needed to err on the side of his Mars. That his Moon was gonna wait until he “felt like it” but that wasn’t gonna get him anywhere except back to bed :) for another nap :) and then another :)

I’m not saying what I told him was news. I am pretty sure he already knew but… sometimes it takes someone else to point it out and say HEY! Do your Mars! Your Mars wants you to do your Mars. And your Moon wants to loafe.

And a chart of course is more than just one aspect or just one planet. It’s an entire world. Your world.

And here’s another question: do you think your “hard” aspects win? Or your “soft” aspects? Or maybe they are intertwined. Mine are.

For example, I have a Venus Jupiter sextile but that Venus is squared and so is the Jupiter. It’s taken me a long time to accept and LIVE this sextile. And I think I still am… in the process of… doing just that.

The painting here is by Van Gogh. He had a Mars Jupiter square (like me :) )

And you?


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Mars In Virgo Full Of Grace

"mars in virgo retrograde"

Full of grace on the treadmill. Full of grace.

When Mars went into Virgo, and my 1st House, I joined a gym. At first I walked (on the treadmill). And then I discovered walking at an incline. And then I jogged. And then I jogged at an incline. And then I ran. And now I combine all three – intervals. When I run? I am free.

And I thought of Mars in Virgo, retrograde, today because there’s this moment, there’s this moment when you RUN, when you are running for your life, and that IS how it feels, when *I* am running for my life, there’s this moment when… you realize that the place, the pace, the level, the speed you had originally thought was as good as you could do… you begin to realize that you can do more, so you start to push yourself, and you do more. That’s Mars.

It’s not about the exertion, the point I want to make, although there is that. And it’s not about the endorphins, although there is that.

There is something that happens when you are running and you are pushing yourself, and your body is simultaneously in control and completely relaxed. What I mean is: you are pushing pushing pushing, your arms and legs and heart and head and lungs are working together… but you can let yourself go slack. Let your limbs go slack, loosen them, relax WHILE you are running for your life.

Any athletes here know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s being “in the zone” and I guess it’s “meditation in motion” for me — but today, I think, was the first time I felt it, or maybe I felt it on Monday too. It feels like flying and it’s not that I keep this up the whole time. I don’t. Still doing the intervals but this feeling, this ability is so extraordinary, it’s my joy, and I feel full of grace at these times.  I wish the same for you, however you can find it. I want you to find it.

It’s probably nothing that anyone can see. It’s a feeling. My natal Mars is in Cancer, the sign that can’t stop feeling.

And it made me think of Mars in Virgo retrograde because Mars in Virgo retrograde can’t do the details or the control like Mars direct. It must, for lack of a better phrase, go slack. But it’s still Mars.

I’m telling people these days not to expect results. Or… to expect different results. Review, investigate instead of coming to conclusions because of the retrograde (Saturn too).

But you can pick one part of your life (Virgo rules details) like the treadmill, like sex, or some other Mars activity. Find where Mars is transiting in your chart and pick one thing from those areas of life that that house represents and find your power again, find your Mars.

The Moon and Mercury in Pisces are opposing Mars in Virgo right now so talk — Mercury — to your Mars.

Is Mars in your 1st House now? Talk to your body. Is Mars in your 10th House now? Talk to your family — the 4th House opposes the 10th. You must travel the axis of where transiting Mars is.  Is Mars transiting your 7th? It’s not just them; it’s you too.

Moon opposing Mars, Mercury opposing Mars: tense aspects, sure. But there’s more. There’s always more.


Do you have a Mars story to share?

The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces Shhhhh

"mars retrograde in virgo"

It’s days like this I wish I were a machine. Can’t seem to shake this cold or whatever it is, this run-down feeling since… Tuesday, which was a gym-day and a gym-day that I probably should have skipped. Regret. Too late now.

The moody Big City winter weather does it to me every year and with the Moon and Venus in Pisces? I want to rest. I need to rest. Pisces rules sleep :)

The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Venus RIGHT NOW and the Moon will oppose Mars in Virgo later today – Mars Retrograde that is — which, to my mind, is a double dose of Pisces.

No wonder I’m slowing down. AND YET I can’t accept it yet. I still want to do-do-do.

The solution for right now (as I was saying to someone last night) is the High Priestess more than the Magician i.e. the spirit of receiving rather than trying to create and make change. It’s yin time, baby. Yin. And Mars transiting my 1st House, even retrograde, finds that a little unsettling. And yet unsettle it must.

Otherwise: Moon Mars oppositions bring out the cranky in you and others — so hold your peace! Hold it tight! Guard it! Don’t let them annoy you!

Sun in early Aquarius: revolution is on our minds. What needs to happen, what needs to change, and what needs to wait until Mars goes direct, months from now. Don’t stop coming up with ideas… just know there may be delays (hello Saturn Retrograde coming up!)

Mercury in late Capricorn: we’re still in serious business mind. A little down too probably. Mercury in Aquarius will be funnier.

Jupiter moved another degree in Taurus which is totally awesome — just because! We like it when Jupiter moves forward, sprinkling his dopeness all around (to quote a Twitter pal of mine) and closer to a sextile with Chiron. Eh, all we want from Chiron are sextiles and trines. Jupiter and Chiron together is a big healer rolling up her sleeves and getting to work which reminds me again of the High Priestess. Roll up the sleeves of your robe but prepare to… once again… discover the essence of Mars retrograde in Virgo for you — and essence IS an appropriate word here!

Don’t get swept away by the Pisces tide. Even retrograde, Mars in Virgo wants you to pay attention as best you can. Make yourself a list and sleep with it under your pillow.


How does the sky feel to you?

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Love, Pity, And The Cancer-Capricorn Axis

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer

Cancer can be soft. Capricorn can be hard. And vice versa. Combine and balance these two *opposites* and you’ve got the ultimate Inner Parent: nurturing + discipline = reliable support. For example, letting your kid learn to walk without worrying they’ll fall because you know they will. At first.

I’ve got a friend who was coming out of a real hard time and deep depression and the other day was in a car wreck (she’s okay but may need surgery). My friend is also an addict and now she’s got this bottle of pain pills so now what.

And my friend lives across the country from me so I can’t go over there to cook or clean or take her to the doctor or change her bandage. She doesn’t have family nearby and I worry.

Love versus Pity: I will give her whatever love I have and can, from this distance, but I will not indulge her self-pity, which she may have every right to feel, because I think it won’t help. At all. She’s got Cancer planets (and so do I!) and Cancer can easily wallow and get stuck in the mud and not clean themselves off FOR YEARS.

So this is my *ideal* and like with all ideals, I will come up short but when friends are in trouble you got to support like Saturn and love like Cancer and you help them most by allowing them to take responsibility for their getting back up (emotionally or physically) and as a Virgo Moon this is a stretch for me. I want to fix it ALL now.

I also fear turning into my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother), but that’s another story.


What’s your helping theory? 

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News Of The Moon: The Future

"maria mckee"
Happy Birthday Maria McKee!

The Moon is in the early degrees of Aries right now, New York City time, so of course we have, or we’ll get, a conjunction to Uranus, a square to Pluto, a square to Mars, and an opposition to Saturn. Huh. Interesting. Makes me think about the kids born during these moments, their jacked up warrior moon in hard aspect to all that stuff, especially to sensitive withholding Mars in Cancer. AND with a Leo Sun! 

Were you into astrology when your kids were born? I don’t have children but if I did? I’d be nervous, yet unable to NOT look at the chart. And then I’d probably try like hell to forget what I’d learned so that I wouldn’t get nervous again. Hindsight may be 20/20 but there’s such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you think?

I have a pal with  a mild interest in astrology. She told me she looked up the sun signs when both her boys were born and was happy to know that her little Aquarius would probably do fine in daycare. And her youngest, a Gemini Sun with Venus in Cancer: how will he do? I’ve heard stories about how gentle and sensitive he is. Doesn’t want to fight over toys and will give his up if someone else is being demanding. Hmm.

Having to leave my mother and go to school? Oh man that was a tough one. I still remember that day. It’s hard for me to imagine being the type of person who wouldn’t mind, who would go bravely! And yet I know they exist.

Generally speaking, when the Moon is in Aries, you may have more energy or enthusiasm. You may start projects. You may run a marathon. You may take over the world ;) You may feel very Me-Me-Me. Aries rules the head, so keep your wits about you, keep your brains in there :)

And although the Aries Moon won’t be pulling any punches, the Moon is our fastest mover so if you feel stressed because of all the challenging aspects, take heart that the Moon will move to steady Taurus soon enough and around we go.

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