The Stars This Week: Jupiter Retrograde & ARIES ALREADY?

"jupiter goes retrograde"
from the home office

I sent out a newsletter this morning with a few thoughts about JUPITER GOING RETROGRADE. Click here! You can also subscribe at this link!

But you know what? I want to talk about integrity. Even though I plan to talk about Jupiter retro and the week ahead, I want to talk about integrity too.

This is on my mind ALL THE DAMN TIME, no doubt in part because Saturn is in Capricorn.

Part of integrity for me is that I live according to my standard. What I think is right or true or good.

Doing the right thing. Am I who I say I am. No two-faced duplicity.

Do you have thoughts on this topic of integrity? 

I mentioned earlier that I STOPPED allowing comments on this blog because the spam got out of hand. If you have thoughts on this topic, visit my Facebook. I’m going to start a thread there RIGHT NOW (It’s Sunday 4:30 pm Eastern time March 4th).

I often think about integrity in regards to my YouTube. I’m still figuring out how best to show up there. Not that I’m there without integrity but… I want to do more/better.

But about Jupiter going retrograde…

That happens this week. In Scorpio of course. It happens on Thursday, March 8th. It goes direct July 10th (and I just realized now I think I put the wrong end date in my newsletter!).

What does it mean for us? I like what I said in that email about reviewing our expansion and I’m not just throwing around some obvious Jupiter keyword. I mean it honestly and sincerely, with integrity. With Jupiter we GROW. It’s time to review the pathway thus far.

Are we growing in the right direction? In the right ways? Towards the right places and people? Right track? Are we reaching towards the right future?

Is it time to move on?
What parts of our path and story need revising?

Jupiter in Scorpio likes the deep realms. How can you go even deeper?

I’m thinking about my “career.” The things I am interested in expanding. Are they correct and true? And what about personally? Time to review what has grown.

And what about the house that Jupiter is transiting for you? And in what areas of life have *you* been expanding or growing?

Take a step back. What is there?

Remember that Jupiter and Saturn currently sextile – no matter the degree. Scorpio and Capricorn sextile. Faith and planning.

Also this week:
Mercury enters Aries
Venus enters Aries

This is huge, y’all. The start of the astrological new year. Almost. We need the Sun to enter Aries for that and that’s this month as well.

The gloomy news:

the week brings us an unpleasant Mercury Saturn square (depression, mean people, negative thinking, inertia, writer’s block) and NO WONDER THE CARDS I DREW FOR MY PATRONS …

but we also two marvelous aspects –

Mars trine Uranus and Sun sextile Pluto. This is dynamic and creative and I’m so sick of the word “power” or “powerful” but how else to describe Sun sextile Pluto. Power without domination. Thing after thing, you get it all done!

So no wonder this week is a little wonky. Any week that has a Mercury Saturn square is going to have its gloomy moments. We have an intense Moon Pluto conjunction on Sunday too but Mars Uranus? Mars Uranus is exciting. And Sun Pluto? Sun Pluto in good aspect is CONFIDENT.

Hold tight. That’s my advice. Weather the Mercury Saturn storm and by Sunday you’ll be inventing a whole new world. Best case scenario, right? Right!

"jupiter going retrograde in scorpio"

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What To Do, How To Get Through: Full Moon Eclipse In Libra This Weekend

"full moon eclipse in libra"
(picture by Aliza, New Palladini Tarot)

Today’s Astrological Warning + Tarot:

Let the ships go by, my friends. Don’t get on board and don’t jump any ship you are already on. Look ahead. You’ve got work to do. There may be all kinds of distraction and interference in the background but don’t you lose focus. The King of Cups doesn’t spill all over. He/She has a Kingdom to contain. I know you, reading this, may feel powerless today, tomorrow, but that’s Eclipse Season for ya — can be weird, shocking, uncomfortable, surprising but remember:

maturity, creativity (I also pulled the Empress today — fertile creativity — but didn’t show her in the video), the Cup as power, emotional wealth and strength is your power. Hold onto it until you need it. Have a good cry, if you need it but then straighten yourself out and get back to business. Your Kingdom needs you xx

The Stars Today: Moon In Sagittarius!

"new moon solar eclipse"

Another busy day in the Big City. Let’s take a look at the sky. Let’s think about the sky.

May’s got some STUFF coming up, okay? We’ve got the Sun conjunct Jupiter (which is a good thing!) this weekend. And then we’ve got Venus Retrograde just a couple days later. And then our first eclipse of the season, in Gemini. And Mercury enters Taurus!

Find find find find your Taurus/Gemini Houses! Action action action!


How was your Full Moon? I always feel the transition from the Moon in Scorpio to the Moon in Sagittarius. For me? It just feels better. My chart is supported by Scorpio – I am mostly water and earth. And yet…


So the Sun is in Taurus, earth energy. Do you feel stuck? Or do you feel… steady, more grounded? The Moon is in early Sag (7 degrees as I type this). Mercury in late Aries. If you’ve been feeling impulsive and as though… your life was leading you around rather than you leading your life? This will change. Taurus is slower than Aries. More earth energy will settle you.

Venus at 22 Gemini and she will proceed a wee bit more before retreating! Mars at 6 Virgo… and I’ll let you dig out the slower moving planets on your own but I will add this:

The Moon is square Mars right now. Despite Sag’s uplifting nature, you may feel cranky! Or tired.

And the Moon is trine Uranus right now. Cranky/tired + … making a leap, a good luck leap!

In other words, you’re effin’ moody, but it’s okay. Moon’s in Sag! :) You can forget to worry says Sagittarius square Virgo: PLEASE forget to worry ;)


Venus is trine Saturn: what relationship is actually working out for you and will stand the test of time? Doesn’t have to be romantic. Could be work or friendship but something is happening NOW and you will review it, oh yes you will, during Venus’ retrograde but that doesn’t discount the reality (Saturn) of love (Venus) today.


Where’s your Gemini House? Have you found ZERO Gemini yet? That’s our eclipse degree. So forget Coke Zero and Sprite Zero and whatever the hell else yer drinkin’ — Gemini Zero will refresh you!

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Full Moon In Scorpio: WE

"full moon in scorpio"

I love office supply stores. I love notepads. I’m not a snob. I can go to Staples or a Mom ‘n Pop shop.

The other day I visited one of these stores… last time I was there was… maybe 8 years ago and I got myself a sweet little hardback Record book and decided I was going to keep my schedule in there. Write down a client’s name, whether they were new or a return client, length of visit, etc… Any other notes but keeping it simple.

And you know what? It’s turned into a diary. Which makes me wonder if I should buy another sweet little hardback Record book with the red edging and the black front.

This is Mercury-talk, don’t you think? Taking notes, stationary stores, writing, record-keeping. Where’s your Mercury? 

Transiting Mercury is in Aries. What house is that for you? You are talking about and FROM that house.


The Full Moon takes place in my Mercury House, the 3rd House, the house of siblings AND my sister called me today. We don’t speak every week so I think it was/is a synchronicity that she did call today and she did bring me news, the death of a wonderful old Aunt on her husband’s side.

The 3rd House is also “short trips” and I am probably going to take one of those today.

And considering that it’s a Full Moon, I think there will be news of some kind or results or conclusions or revelations. Not bad but… striking. Not even stark. For a Scorpio Full Moon, I’m not feeling out of the ordinary heavy. Just my usual ;)

Oh. I see. It just came to me. The news. I know what news I’m gonna hear today and no I’m not telling. Scorpio keeps secrets!


Have you tracked the Full Moon in Scorpio in your chart? Pay close attention to any planets you may have in the mid degrees of Taurus, who opposes Scorpio, as well as Leo and Aquarius: they both square Scorpio.


Your life is… mystical, unfolding. A mystical unfolding! Do you think of that way? I see an image in my mind of folding chairs now. Opening them up, setting them down in place. All you need to do, when you feel rocked by confusion is… sit. That’s the first step. Not the only step.

For example, last night I attended a healing and a meditation and oh man do I feel better today, so much better. There is only so much we can do on our own, like sitting. And then we must call in the cavalry :)


Scorpio is “we” energy. Taurus is too really since she’s Venus ruled and social but Taurus is MINE and Scorpio is OURS and it would be good for you to involve yourself in both and consider this Full Moon in Scorpio how you can share more.

What are you thinking? 


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The Stars Today: Venus Trine Saturn Retrograde

"full moon in scorpio"

I hope I got you thinking about the Full Moon a little.

As I write, the Moon is in Libra conjunct Saturn (retrograde) with Mercury opposing in Aries. It’s a War over Manners. A War over What’s Right and Who’s Right. Anyone?

I’m going to bow out of the war entirely and stick my head in the sand. I’m a Cancer Sun and my natal Mars is being squared by all this back and forth.

Venus in Gemini likes her sextile to Mercury and loves her trine to Saturn. Wait. Does she? Venus is love and Saturn is serious and in trine it’s long lasting love or long lasting money but retrograde there’s a… glitch. An old piece of the story or a not-quite-moving-forward-yet BUT…

Venus in Gemini is a good-time-girl :) but I keep running into people with this transit in the 8th House. Inconjunct energy. The good-time-girl grows up.


I get to leave the house today and I’m excited. Been busy and at the desk a lot so I welcome a little free time. I will be back for some hours this afternoon though to continue readings in progress. I am still planning on some time off though next week but as a reminder:

I AM available for: Email Tarot. Also, some Astrology by phone or in person, especially if you are in the midst of transit craziness and need some explication.


Eclipse Preview: something to think about :) Sunday, May 20th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at ZERO!

Gemini is really the star of this summer, don’t you think?  The excitement with Venus, the Eclipses along the Gem/Sag axis. It’s time to investigate Gemini. Or probe Gemini (for you Scorps out there!). Because she’s more, much more than a multi-tasking good-time-girl.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rules the Messenger and the Message. You WILL receive this spring, this summer. You WILL receive instruction, news, information.

Mercury rules detour signs *and* flight. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, gathering the news of the day, putting it in order or leaving it in a heap on your desk or on your bed like the clothes that will not fold themselves.

You can ignore Mars in Virgo compelling you to tidy up the mutable messiness. Or not!

Have a good day, my fearless Astro-Soldiers! 


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Full Moon In Scorpio Is/Is Not A Love Moon: May 5th

"full moon in scorpio"

When you’re in love, no matter the stage of that love or the Saturn of that love or the Neptune of that love, every lunation is about that love:

New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse.

Is this the one? Is this MY MOON? My Moon that will explain it all or set it in motion or bring me what I want or keep me from destroying it?

Full Moon in Scorpio is not typically thought of as a Love Moon but I beg to differ.

Just this once. Wish upon this Moon.

The Scorpio Moon will be opposing the Taurus Sun of course. 8th House vs. 2nd House, when you consider the “natural” wheel.  Sharing energy vs. keeping it for yourself. Let Scorpio win this one, the Phoenix who rises from the ashes. Whatever you thought was dead lives again. The 8th House doesn’t have to be about who hurt who first.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will illuminate those areas of life where she finds herself. For me? 3rd House. Feels kind of dull ;) My thinking. Big deal. Or my siblings? Eh. My immediate environment. Hmm.. Sometimes 3rd House transits to me feel like “moves” or “moving” when I see them in the charts of others.

And then I recall that the 3rd opposes the 9th! PERSPECTIVE. And the Full Moon will be opposing my natal Saturn.

Oh well she said sullenly.

Full Moons bring results. Full Moons can bring endings. Revelations. Answers.

But let’s look at the rest of the sky on this Full Moon day: Moon and Sun in opposition, 16 degrees.  Mercury at 25 Aries. Venus at 22 Gemini. Mars ONLY at 6 Virgo (can he please get the HELL out of my 12th House??). Jupiter at 21 Taurus. Saturn Rx 24 Libra. Uranus 6 Aries. Neptune 2 Pisces. Pluto Rx 9 Capricorn.

I like this sky. We’ve got Mercury and Venus still travelling rather closely. We’ve got Mars still moving towards his trine with Pluto. Saturn gets support from both Venus and Mars – whatever you thought was so hard, so harsh? It’s better now, by the light of the Moon.

Set your Full Moon intentions. What are you leaving behind? 8 of Cups, yo!


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The Stars Today And More From The Mars In Virgo (Direct!) Trenches!

"venus transit 2012"

The other day I announced my Mars in Virgo (Direct!) call to arms, a challenge for anyone interested.

A Mars in Virgo support group :)

Click here for the link!

And with the incentive that I’d do a raffle once Mars is done with Virgo (one winner for a Mini-Reading). And the idea being that we check in with each other about our Mars in Virgo resolutions/intentions.

Well, already I have been slipping! So this morning I decided to write it down, which I hadn’t done yet. 4 simple points on a piece of paper and I’m going to hang it up over my desk. Nothing fancy. Or maybe I’ll just tape it to my desk. If I don’t write stuff down? I forget!

Truth is I didn’t abandon my entire plan but two things on the list I did indulge in yesterday. The key with Mars in Virgo is to be aware of what one is doing, the details… so as to prevent lapsing into old patterns. BUT then when one does lapse into old patterns, not to self-hate. Not to do the low side of TooMuchVirgo.

So that’s this morning’s suggestion: write it down if you haven’t already. And make it simple, streamline it. And with the Sun in Taurus, make it pretty if you want :) Taurus rules beauty!


The Stars Today: although the Sun has moved a degree past Mars (Taurus to Virgo) we are still in GrandTrineLand far as I’m concerned. Pluto is the slow moving planet and retrgorade at 9 Capricorn.

By the way, have you felt your Pluto parts or your Pluto house (natal or transiting) turn a bit? A bit of reflection, reflecting going on? Just curious ;)

Moon is in Gemini and oh man Gemini is the star of the spring and summer, ya know? Not just because of lunations (hello Eclipse!) but because of the Venus transit that I was reading about yesterday. Sun conjunct Venus but with a kick, a historic kick, happening in early June. Know those degrees now, okay? 15 degrees of Gemini. What does it aspect in your chart? We’ll talk more about this as it approaches… or sooner!


Mercury in Aries, Venus in Gemini, Moon in Gemini as I was saying above, Sun in early Taurus, Mars in early Virgo… how does this sky suit your chart? Are you a fire/air person?


Yesterday I was talking to my sister on the phone. Was walking from the gym and got a wild hair to call her. Even with Mars direct she feels like she’s sloshing in the mud, can’t move forward.

I told her about Venus this summer in her sign. She’s got Mars and Venus conjunct in Gemini, 11th House and feels like a pretty important transit to me: not just about love and friendship but about hopes and goals and dreams and maybe she can finally begin to unstuck herself but not before Venus in Gemini gives her the runaround.

Now she has a fabulous fire/air chart with North Node in Cancer. Every time I talk to her, I get all Virgo (in my mind) in that I start silently evaluating whether she is doing her North Node on the phone call or falling into Saturn ;)


A little reminder: Jupiter is STILL in Taurus but slowly winding down his time there. 18 degrees today. If you are a late degree Earth person (or water), you will really begin to experience this transit. It will feel good. Many of us, the Pluto in Virgo generation will have this Jupiter Pluto trine :) Some of you lucky peeps have this aspect in your natal: your Guardian Angel is married to your own personal God of the Underworld. With an aspect like this, dying feels good. You emerge as Jupiter time and time again. You give perspective to others.

What’s the latest in your corner of the world? 


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April Is The Cruelest Month: Pluto Square Uranus

"pluto square uranus"

Is a line from a famous poem by T.S. Eliot (the April part not the planet part) but this April brings good stuff. Not only Mercury direct but Mars direct too. FINALLY!

Pluto will go retrograde a few days before Mars direct but…

I don’t feel that we always feel Pluto rx although I do believe we feel his moving forward. Does that make sense? I mean, Mercury and Mars retrograde: both very tangible to me. Pluto retrograde not so much but when he went direct the last time? Oh I felt the movement there, yes I did.

The Full Moon will be at 17 Libra so go ahead and check your chart for that one! And the New Moon? 1 degree Taurus. You Venus peeps will be feeling this month for sure — Venus rules both Libra and Taurus.

Other highlights include: Mercury direct entering Aries again, the Sun entering Taurus of course, tax day…

The reason I decided to post this post by the way is because I was doing an April overview (by email) for a client and looking at some of the major transits for her chart as well as the sky-energy.

April to me feels like we can move forward again, the coast is clear, even though Pluto will move back into square position with Uranus… I’m not feeling that combo except in a personal way, how it may affect your chart.

Pluto is slow change. Uranus is sudden change. Pluto is rebirth. Uranus is liberation. It’s the timing that’s off when these two are in square. We get the change we’re obsessed with but not in the way we’d prefer. And that’s an understatement.

What are your thoughts on Pluto square Uranus?


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A Ritual For Mercury Retrograde: Lethe, Tashlich, And Forgetting

"mercury retrograde"

I was writing to a client and Lethe came to mind.

Lethe: the river of forgetfulness in Greek mythology. One of 5 rivers of the underworld. One was required to drink from Lethe to forget one’s earthly life. And then rebirth, reincarnation, could happen.

I was telling this client that it would do her good to do some “intentional” forgetting. 

I don’t want to give away any personal details but this person has planets in a sign that can be very tight.

And a North Node in a sign that I see as very free. And of course the squares are built-in. The recent Full Moon brought it up again.

Like a map in day-glo colors: GO HERE.

But why Lethe? Why forget?

Because there comes a time when you must STOP.

Stop self-undoing. stop worrying, stop questioning, stop hand-wringing, stop everything you are waiting for and LIVE.

In practical terms I mean… a new perspective comes and sits down beside you. As though taking your head in his heads and turning it, gently, so you can see what’s OVER THERE, over the fence, outside your disturbance which is a product of the years and the perceived failures. An angel sitting next to you.

Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. In early Aries. He moves back into Pisces.

Do whatever review you need to do and then? Let it go.

If you want a ritual for this, here’s one, and I am borrowing this from a Rosh Hashannah ritual.

Many of the rituals I create for people will be adaptations of Jewish rituals. They speak to me, are powerful, and  yet… how to put it… they can be re-formed and shared.

On Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year, one of the many things we do is a ceremony called Tashlich. We symbolically toss our “sins” into the sea (or other moving water). We use bits of bread for this.

So go to the sea (whatever “sea” means to you) this Mercury Retrograde, as he moves back into Pisces, and toss away your perceived sins, your perceived failures, the dreams that are long ago, the things you thought you wanted, the old selves, the ghosts of your past. Guilt. Sorrow. Keep what you want. Let the rest go. Let it all flow downstream or get lost in the waves.


Quick! Name one small thing that brings you joy or makes you smile. Return to this image today. Write it down. Know that this image is, has, a message for you. We are approaching Aries Season. Take this image with you into Aries.

Did you do it? Did you write it down? Good!


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Mercury Enters Aries And Do You Have A Fast Car?

"full moon in virgo 2012"

Keeping track of the planetary comings and goings:

-Mercury entered Aries this morning!

-Venus leaves Aries for Taurus on Monday

The Moon will enter Cancer this morning as well so you can expect a rift between your thoughts, Mercury, and your feelings, the Moon.

You may want to go fast while your emotions say S L O W  D O W N. Cancer Moon feels easily threatened.

And of course, as you probably know, the most cool thing about any planet entering Aries these days is that it will conjunct transiting Uranus straight away!

Uranus is at 3 degrees and Mercury is now at 0 but that is a conjunction that will only get tighter! I often feel such transits the most when they are applying so I expect my mind (my Mercury) to be revved up today! On fire (Aries)! AND I feel good. Aries planets get us mooooooving.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries is a fast mind, a fast car, an impatient innovator. You’ll probably think fast, talk fast, walk fast, and then forget it all!

Aries doesn’t retain like Cancer does so again you’ll feel these dueling energies this morning or early this afternoon (Big City time): the mind vs the mommy: you may want to go-go-go just make sure to eat first. And put on a sweater!


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