The Stars Next Week: A Very Quick Heads Up

"uranus in taurus"
I was just letting my Patrons know about THIS WEEKEND (to become a Patron look here) when I realized EVERYTHING that is going on next week. 

This weekend though is the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus AND Mercury going direct and I told them it may be MESSAGES MESSAGES MESSAGES all weekend long – like all the Pages from the Tarot REVERSED!

You may feel frazzled. Confused. Busy. TOO MANY MESSAGES!!

But about next week. Listen to this y’all: 

Venus in Taurus opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto.
Sun conjunct Uranus (and remember Uranus enters Taurus in May)
Sun enters Taurus
Pluto goes retrograde

Is that enough for you? It’s enough for me. I think what I’m going to do is break it down EACH DAY on my YouTube channel. Visit me there. I’m uploading frequently including new astro/tarot videos each morning (although I didn’t today – I probably will in the afternoon).

Each day I’ll have something to say about each of these aspects…

Stay tuned my friends. Love you. And as always, if you want to reach out for a Reading, look here. I’m ready when you are. 

The Stars This Week: You Really Won’t Get Lost

"jupiter in libra"

Thank you for your patience my beautiful friends.
Let us talk about the week ahead even though it’s Monday as I write.

And stay tuned for the blog post after this one which will have more details about the Tarot group that begins on Thursday.

Something I posted on my Facebook: 

So I’m thinking about contraction and expansion.
And I’m thinking about suffering.
How certain acute suffering makes us expand.
The death of a loved one for example because it breaks our heart so profoundly – this is an expansion of the heart and the love nature. We feel the pain of the world then.
But it’s not long after that we then pick up the brick of suffering and put it on our back and we wonder where that tender expansion that tender brokenness went.
I’m telling you this because I want you to hold on to that moment of great pain before it goes. Because it will go.
And what I mean by that is:
be in it.
I remember when my mother died which was before my Saturn return, in my 20s.
This was a long time ago now but I remember feeling her around me in such a unique way, those days right after her death. That it wasn’t going to be this way forever and to savor it.

I wanted to put those sentences here on the blog too because we are heading towards another crossroads, a pivotal moment, my friends. The equinox. Change of seasons. Here we go. The equinox is a BREAK. It is a death and it is the minute after.


The exact Venus Mars sextile (Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius) has come and gone. This energy will still be felt for the next couple days as it separates and what I like about this aspect is its contentment. This is not disgruntled energy. This is peace.

Have you felt this today? That you got along with others? Air and Fire are compatible elements and the Moon was also in Taurus (on Monday) so I think there was much ease to be had.

(I know when I write these things there is always a crowd who will say no the day was awful but I would like you to ponder the idea that there is energy you can tap into pretty much no matter what else is going on -baring tragic circumstances of course but even then a good sky is better than a bad sky. And then there are some people who complain no matter what. So there is that. And if your day is always awful then perhaps you need to explore why that is, above and beyond whatever the immediate issue is. Expand your mind. I know Saturn is in Sagittarius and this means hope is harder to come by but also that we can work at it. Saturn requires our effort.)

I was tired today a bit but I went from one task to the next with Venusian grace. AND I had a good hair day. Venus focuses on her appearance and Venus sextile Mars shall be pleased.

More Moon in Taurus and all the major aspects are good. There is a Yod though and Yods are complex. A Yod between Taurus Moon and that Venus Mars sextile HMMMM.

Now this isn’t a Yod blog post (I should do one, right? It’s something I don’t write about much) but I’ll tell you what this Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius Yod makes me think of:

how we want to get on the road, how we want to expand (Sagittarius), how we want to hear the call of our right journey and how strong a pull is our comfort zone and security (Taurus). Comfort vs expansion. But we are dealing with three signs, three distinct energies. Venus in Libra is what stabilizes the Taurus/Sagittarius inconjunct. The problem with the inconjunct is that it is blind. You don’t know what the other part is doing. It’s dissociative. And then Venus in Libra walks in the room and smiles at you, tells you to fix your dress and hit the road.

WEDNESDAY MERCURY IN VIRGO GOES DIRECT under a Gemini Moon. Life speed up, much? Yeah. Expect that. Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees which is trine Pluto and this trine is exact exact on Friday. Don’t mind the wobble. This is a confident, powerful aspect and you are on task and on target despite a mostly crappy day for the Moon aspect-wise. Just keep going. Stay in the car. DO NOT STOP FOR SNACKS. You can stop for snacks over the weekend for the Cancer Moon.

Thursday is the equinox and the Sun enters Libra and then on Friday Venus enters Scorpio. ALREADY.
I think I’ll do a separate blog post for each of these. I just wanted to alert you to the shifts and to remind you that Jupiter is in Libra so we will have a Sun Jupiter conjunction and we will have a New Moon in Libra next week! OH and Pluto goes direct on Monday and OH Mars enters Capricorn next Tuesday (FINALLY) and are you feeling at all on track? That the slog of the summer season (in my hemisphere) is quite over with. We are MOVING again. I think this is shown in that Yod and shown in Mercury going direct and Pluto going direct and Mars entering CAPRICORN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here we go again says Pluto. Buckle up. What’s your Pluto story? Got planets at 14 degrees? 14 – 16? This is the Pluto range for the rest of this year.

On a personal note, I have all kinds of transformative stuff going on in my life that I have not been sharing on the blog or on social media publicly,  but eventually I may share some. Not sure yet how or when but suffice to say my beautiful friends that I’m doing well. Weird. I actually have a separation between my public and private life. Eh. Won’t last long I’m sure. I do post about transformation though. How transformation is something that happens to you. You cannot manufacture it. You cannot push for it. You cannot bend it to your will. What you can do is check your transits and see what you’re on time for. Know what I mean? Sometimes I tell people that: you’re right on time.


No specials going on at this time. Best “deal” are the reading or teaching bundles but single sessions (30 or 60 minutes) are also available. New Tarot group starting (details in next post).

Witchery For Miss Pisces

"venus in leo retrograde" I asked for a blog topic and one gal, a Pisces, said WITCHERY!

Anything in particular?

How to connect with Source in daily life (she said).

Well, Miss Pisces, I’m glad you asked! 

I believe it is important to consciously connect and reconnect. This is how it is for me. I need reminders otherwise I get a bit slack. I lose track. And sometimes I have a firm routine (smudge in the morning, candle magick in the evening) and sometimes I don’t — but then I pull myself back and get a routine going again. (I also smudge whenever I feel the need.)

How to connect with Source?

Dear Miss Pisces, can you do at least one of these things on a daily basis?

*reading on spiritual topics that interest you – even a few pages
*watching YouTube videos that inspire you
*prayer (traditional or not)
*doing *anything* mindfully
*being in nature, drawing from the earth as you walk
*giving a reading or getting a reading about your purpose in life

And your mileage will vary of course, how much ceremony you want or how casual.

You can build your own routine, just like physical working out. This is spiritual working out. Maybe a semi-strict routine is better for you. 10 am every day you say a few choice words (prayer, incantation, mantra, invocation) plus 10 minute meditation (watching breath and/or seeking communication with Source) plus 10 minute yoga or qigong plus ????

Easiest: any time you can pause during your day and consciously think to yourself or say to yourself:

I am reconnecting to you, Source of All Life (or however you want to phrase it).

Solitude isn’t even necessary. You can connect while holding the baby, Miss Pisces.

Now in terms of witchery per se, maybe there is something you want to study, even informally. Or maybe you want to gussy up your altar. Experiment with circle casting or spell casting.

You could even draw a few Tarot cards: in what spiritual direction should I go at this time?

Many of us draw a card or two each morning, remembering that we are in direct communication with the Divine. 

Overall, let your spiritual life become something that you do, an action, no matter how brief, no matter how small. It can change your day. It can change your life !

You may also want to think about (if witchcraft interests you) what is on your mind the most at this time: protection? Exorcism? Drawing love or money to you? Spells for healing? And then craft a ritual for yourself.

Also, this is a very interesting week to reconnect to Source. I see Neptune going retrograde as increasing our magick. Mercury direct makes our intentions more clear. Saturn going back into Scorpio is spooky as hell. Stir your cauldron, Miss Pisces!

Neptune is spirituality and mysticism ALL THE TIME but retrograde I find him even more so, very Hermit, very High Priestess.

What say you, Miss Pisces (and others!)?

(P.S. I am running a special all this week: 60 minute readings at $90 instead of my usual $115)

"saturn in scorpio retrograde"

Hello Mercury Goes Direct This Week (And Venus Inconjunct Jupiter)

"venus inconjunct jupiter" I have been very affected by this Mercury retrograde period but NOT in a bad way (knock on wood). Nothing broke (knock on wood) and I did, am doing, a lot of clean-up.

Finally going to give the blog a much needed makeover this month. Decided to put the Private Blog on hold, which may or may not resurface at a later date. Other work-life organization (Mercury through my 6th!) and forward movement around projects that started months and months ago. Classic review and redo.

I also have a health thing on my mind and hmm this could be Mercury retrograde through my 6th as well hmm hmm and hmmm.

How was it for you?

Mercury goes direct next week, Wednesday, at… one degree Aquarius. I hadn’t realized. Back so far.


In other news: 
Sunday: Venus sextile Pluto. Venus conjunct Chiron.

And I have written and spoken about this before: remember Mars? Mars in Pisces. Mars also conjoined Chiron and now Venus does it too but this time it’s a KISS. Venus can kiss and make better what Mars stabbed. Think about it. January 31st was the Mars Chiron conjunction. Ring any bells? Last week of January hotspot for something ARGH! Something that pissed you off or hurt you OR obsessed you, pissed you, and hurt you.

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours ;)

So Mercury goes direct mid-week. We have a Scorpio Moon and Sag Moon. Venus Jupiter inconjunct, and some gals in one of the chat rooms love to talk inconjunct SO THIS IS FOR YOU, LADIES!

Remember with the inconjunct:

they, the two planets, the two energies, can’t see each other across a crowded room, like your handy dandy opposition can. Think about it that way, visually. It’s a straight line across (with the opposition) but not with the inconjunct. It’s crooked. They don’t make sense to each other. They may be horrified by each other. They may not even SEE each other. But they MUST live together.

Also remember that the inconjunct is often a health/body thang or a money/resources thang. Because in a natural chart, the first sign, Aries, will inconjunct both VIRGO (6th) and SCORPIO (8th) (and you can add in all the other key words as well for those houses).

I remember writing about the inconjunct this way: the dissociation aspect. Each side doesn’t quite know (much less understand) what the other side is up to (until they start observing themselves). The inconjunct person has to do EACH side fully to be happy. Denial creates misery. But then there is this weird disconnect. Who will I interact with today? Sag? Or Cancer? There is no integration. It can be jarring. And it’s not about finding balance or meeting in the middle or blending. No Temperance card here. You can’t marry Sag and Cancer and have a Cancettarius!

But about this Venus Jupiter, the two benefics in this wonky formation that needs adjustment. Do we turn down the Neptunian longing and sweetness to make room for Leo bravado and showtime? Or do we turn down the volume on Leo because we must encounter Piscean despair. How is that possible? Really. How is this aspect even possible? 

A rhetorical question, yes :)

Too much Venus and Jupiter in general and we get lazy. Maybe we stop trying.

But with the inconjunct and this one in particular…

Think about it this way:

Pisces = 12th House. 12th House wants and loves to be alone, meditate, commune with spirit and love the Collective, love EVERYONE whereas Leo = 5th House fun and gambling and casual sex. The 12th House is NOT a silly house. It is many things but it is not silly. The 5th IS playful and the house of kids.


That’s what this week is for. It is for NOT making sense of what doesn’t make sense. Maybe in your money life but DEFINITELY in your love life. It just doesn’t fit. Yet.



Mercury Goes Direct: July 1st

"venus sextile uranus" So the apartment search continues.

Today we looked at a place and I am “eh” about the neighborhood.

At first, when we got the news that we had to move, I went into crisis mode.
And PMS mode.
But that crisis mode got me that apartment (if we want it).
An affordable one, but there are various issues and then today on the way home I thought to myself (or said out loud, I don’t remember):

Is this what life is about? Is this what MY life is about?
That I can’t even CHOOSE on what street I live?

Suddenly nothing made sense. And yet everything made sense.

Why am I telling you this story? Because that’s what I do :) I tell you my stories.
But ALSO because of the revelations, the messages incoming so pick up the phone, news on the way to you:

Mercury goes DIRECT tomorrow and the missing pieces are going to fall into your lap. You can put the puzzle together now.
This may not mean that everything goes from shit to sunshine in a minute but it DOES mean that now you have what you need to know to make a better decision and move forward.

I love that the Moon is in Virgo this week. Those with a lot of stupid detail oriented work shall prevail!
One caution: listen better. The folks around you actually have some decent, possibly sage, advice so don’t just disregard it, Miss or Mister Virgo Moon. LISTEN.

The week rounds out on a low note: we have a Venus Pluto inconjunct and a Sun Pluto opposition. THERE WILL BE BURLY SURLY MOODS and moments. And then UGH for the weekend, Moon in Libra makes hay with Mars, the Sun in Cancer, the Uranus Pluto square, and Jupiter in Cancer. It’s a bit tense.

Tastiest morsel: Venus is sextile Uranus, exact on Sunday night but consider this aspect in orb now so it’s watching over you even as you fret.

Venus is love. Venus is money. Affection. Your social life. What you value. What you desire. Venus is your mouth. Venus is your luck. She brings you what you need with a toothy smile. She’s in harmony with GET THE F**K OUT OF MY WAY I AM CHANGING YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE Uranus.

We NEED Venus in Gemini’s light touch here. We need her humor. We need her grace. And we’ve got it.

To quote Elizabeth Bishop:

Somebody loves us all.


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Neptune Goes Direct November 13th

So I was going to start a series on my Saturn opposition and I probably still will do this, but as it arises. I realized too that it was other, faster moving transits that knocked me off my feet last week.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow so don’t be surprised if communications are wacky today (and tomorrow). I find this is often the case during the first days and the last days. What did you learn? Anything? It has been an extremely lucrative retrograde for me, deep sea diving to say the least. And then I let it go.

This week NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT (at 2 degrees Pisces) and honestly I can’t promise you crystal clear mountain streams and all your dreams made manifest BUT I can promise you THIS:

Neptune going direct is you, at the very least, swimming Upstream.

I feel for all the early degree Pisces Suns, Moons, and Risings out there. I even chatted with an early-degree Pisces Venus yesterday and OH YES Neptune going direct, off her Venus will DEFINITELY help with motivation and COHERENCE. Neptune is blurry. Neptune is VAGUE. It may very well feel like someone has turned the lights BACK ON.

The biggest surprise here is that I do NOT think you will be shocked by what you see and find. More like… pleasantly surprised by the cards you hold. I mean, you thought you were doing everything blindfolded but actually you had it RIGHT.

Love, MP