Your Truth: Mercury Enters Sagittarius This Weekend

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday and this matters extra because Mercury will go retrograde in this sign, at the very end of the sign, AND we will have THREE count ‘em THREE Mercury Saturn conjunctions. THREE.

Serious stuff. Serious mind. Serious Sagittarius house.

YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE. You can’t just speed through. You can’t ignore the details. You shouldn’t. Mercury in Sagittarius, fire sign, may want to speed through but not this time because of Saturn, because of the retrograde. You must slow down. You must look. You must be the best of Sagittarius. What is the best of Sagittarius? They see in you what no one else could. They see the best of you. They see the truth.

Saturn in Sagittarius slows down Sagittarius. Mercury and Saturn together slows down Mercury. And a retrograde is a review. Honey bear, this is no ordinary Mercury retrograde and this is no ordinary Mercury in Sag.

The least you need to know FOR NOW (and I’ll blog more about the details of this transit):

Your Sagittarius house (or houses) need your attention at this time.

I don’t want to call it a problem to be solved. Call it a puzzle. There’s a puzzle piece inside this house of your chart and it links up, connects to, your natal Jupiter, transiting Jupiter, and the houses they are in.

Think of your natal Jupiter as holding the key to this transit for you. And that key opens the lock of your Sagittarius house.

In plain English? JUPITER IS THE KEY TO YOUR PERSONAL MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS TRANSIT. Explore Jupiter in your birth chart and you’ll see what you need to see, understand what you need to understand, feel what you need to feel, know what you need to know!

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Faith Without Proof: The Stars This Week

"saturn square neptune" Your transits emphasize. They underline.

Transits point a finger at issues that already exist, that have been existing, and possibly hidden or avoidable, in your life, good or not so good.

And these transits expose your shortcomings or fears or holes in the bucket or bring culminations and Wands of success.

Do not fear transits but know you must learn new skills and level up, even when good things happen. Find new strength inside yourself. See the events and people in your life from new angles. Work smarter. Take the right risks. Reach out. Leave the house or whatever your comfort zone is. Make sense?

This week is intense. I’m honestly not sure where to start.

Moon in Taurus
Venus in Libra opposes Uranus (money falls from the sky)
Venus in Libra inconjunct Chiron (just in time to pay all those bills…)
Mars sextile Saturn

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (words of harsh)
Mercury square Neptune (unreliable narrator)

Full Moon in Gemini (if you need peace and quiet you will have to guard the door)

Saturn square Neptune (faith test)

Chiron goes direct (faith test)

Moon in Cancer aspecting Uranus and Pluto AND Venus and Mars in Libra
PLUS Sun Saturn square Neptune

And I feel like I can’t even pick it apart piece by piece because there are SO MANY PIECES. I will say this though.

I think you make progress. In how you feel and in your perspective in regards to your Sagittarius House and the challenges you face there. The Gemini Full Moon shines a light and shows you the FACTS, what must be done. And it doesn’t feel as bad (until the weekend you get a belly ache). Jupiter is doing his thing over in your Virgo House but he takes a back seat this week or perhaps he is your silent strength here. But it’s like… Jupiter happens LATER, after you do the work. Funny to think of Jupiter as silent but Jupiter in Virgo chooses words carefully.

Sun and Mercury and Saturn square Neptune. Reality versus fantasy, what you hoped would happen. You can no longer ignore the discrepancy and I know you’ve been struggling. The difference is NOW you start to take action because you know WHAT TO DO. Mars sextile Saturn.

Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius:


What I wrote on my Facebook while the Sun was in late Scorpio, this morning:

So we are under this Sun Mercury Saturn conjunction with Sun still in Scorpio. In case you wonder why you feel blue. Saturn in Sag puts the breaks on your faith and can force a routine on you, a job. Saturn is work and we have to work harder at the silver lining these days. The upside is your faith can become solid. I think that’s what Saturn in Sag is for. To make our faith unshakeable unbreakable.

But first your faith has to be broken. The way a broken bone or heart is stronger after it mends.



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Lemon Excursion & The Moon In Virgo!

We’re making fish tonight.

Well, my husband is.

I don’t cook much.

When I do, it’s… not really cooking. More like burning. Yearning! For something good to eat ;)

I was at the store actually, ready to buy MEAT.

My body craves protein and I called him up to ask his advice about different cuts of meat that I was staring at and all he had to say was the word MUSCLE as he began to explain why such and such cut was superior to the one I was eyeing and… I had second thoughts. I’m squeamish like that. VIRGO MOON. One word and I was DONE. I’m NOT as squeamish about fish.

Fish, by the way are associated with fertility, with luck and protection and this reminded me of Jupiter, the original ruler of Pisces.

And then I checked the lemons. The lemons were no longer viable so my husband left on a lemon excursion (and for garlic and butter) and you guessed it, I started thinking about THE STARS TODAY.

Well, actually, the Stars Tomorrow:

the Moon will be in work mode (VIRGO, details, service and cutie pie sourpuss, cleaning up messes, analysis, file folders and list making!).

Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) is retrograde in secretive, persistent Scorpio, and Mercury will conjoin lesson-giver meanie Saturn.

What will this mean for you? Well, we’ve had this conjunction before. On October 8th to be exact. It’s solemn. It’s serious. It’s… bad? Not necessarily.

It was just a few weeks ago. What were you up to that first week of October and what’s happening now?  TIME TO SEAL THE DEAL.

And time for dinner :)

Love, MP


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