Writers Are Never Done: A Very Pisces Weekend

"sun conjunct chiron"
Sometimes I’d think:

I’m done with Moon Pluto. Done with Moon Pluto Astrology.

Not done with writing or helping people or being an astrologer but done with *this* blog.

My Tree City Witch blog on Patheos Pagan is going to get a new name and it will be a blog proper and not just a “column,” as part of their Agora section.

Although I do want to make that blog more my blog home, I started to realize today that maybe I wasn’t done yet – not done *here* yet.

Writers are never done. A writer is always writing. Even when they aren’t writing. Every moment is an opportunity for new ideas to come. This is how I’ve always lived and it’s what has always happened. Go for a walk and the poems come.

And now on the verge of having my first book published – not of poems but of astrology – I feel like I am a writer again. Even though I never stopped writing.

What are YOU? Have you ever stopped being you? 

When I saw all the planets in Pisces this weekend CONJUNCT I thought okay. I’m gonna flow with it. I’m gonna write and I’m gonna reach my Pisces North Node ONCE AND FOR ALL (ha).  Can’t fight the Pisces, y’all! It won’t work!

I made a video for my Patrons with some advice and drew cards about this weekend and no surprise to see the Seven of Cups right? Of course Seven of Cups.

Got weekend plans for the Piscean flow? What are you working on?

"saturn in capricorn"
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Mercury Conjunct Chiron: It’s Mild But It’s There

"mercury conjunct chiron" is how I feel about tomorrow’s Mercury Chiron conjunction. About the pain. In Pisces. Mild but it’s there. Your Pisces pain. What house is your Pisces house? It’s THERE. In there.

We’re far enough away from the first eclipse. We’re far enough away from the second. We’re right here. Right where we are! In the middle. We can breathe. Breathe. Water.

Now what complicates matters for me is tomorrow’s Moon in Cancer, adding water to the already water addled sky.

The kind of day when you ask about your love life and a card leaps out of the deck. The Lovers. That kind of day. The Moon will trine (good, easy, soft aspect) Chiron (your pain) and Mercury (your mind) and Sun (you) in Pisces but that conjunction O that Mercury Chiron conjunction. Trined by the Cancer Moon.

What to do with that? Is there anything to do?

Good question, my friends. Good question.

I drew the Nine of Cups. Drink up.


Sleep Closer To The Altar: The Stars This Week

I want time in my day so I can write poems again. And not have my little poem thoughts become blog posts :) 

And there is a book proposal that I want to craft and another book in my head because I want to work with Elizabeth from Lark Books and I sing the lament of the self employed but I am not complaining. Mama MoonPluto gonna figure it out! 

I think I may sleep in the living room tonight so I can be closer to my altar. 



The week starts off slow and steady with Moon in Taurus, my favorite moon sign.

Why is it my favorite? Because of my old friend Esther :) Sagittarius Sun with Taurus Moon. Open door policy to anyone in the neighborhood (which had its problems of course) and food and comfort for all. And those deep Taurus Moon eyes.

Tuesday brings us the Mercury Chiron conjunction in Pisces. This is what I wrote on my Facebook about this aspect:

Conjunctions are fusions. Fused energy. Dependent. Married.
Mercury is your mind. In Pisces, Mercury absorbs the mood of the room and gets overwhelmed.
Chiron is … well Chiron may be making you a little sad this week. Like, deer without a mother sad.
Advice is to pet the deer. Adopt the deer. Love the deer.
And remember that Neptune love is limitless


Wednesday: Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde).
Friday: Venus in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo.

You know what? The transits BETWEEN the Eclipses matter. A lot. 

Next week: Venus trine Pluto. Mercury into Aries. Mars into Taurus. Venus Chiron sextile. Mercury trine Saturn. Sun trine Jupiter. All this leads up to the April eclipse and it’s all good. I’d say the spookiest aspect is the Mercury Chiron but Mercury  has wings so not to worry my turtledoves!

Sleep closer to the altar this week, the better your prayers shall rise. I know the Libra Eciipse is stressful. Most of us have had ENOUGH wrecking ball through our Aries/Libra axis these years. I too am happy the Nodes are shifting to Virgo/Pisces this fall. I say that NOW ;)

Did I use the word shocking in the previous blog post? Maybe it won’t be shocking but I think it will be surprising. It’s like… something dead comes back to life IN YOUR LIBRA HOUSE AND IN YOUR PISCES HOUSE NOT KIDDING and, well, that’s not the way nature works usually ;) you don’t know what to do with this… THING! Is it alive? Is it dead? Can you trust it? Will it just die again? Did it really change? Or do you just UNDERSTAND LIFE much better now. 

I don’t know the ultimate answer for you (unless you get a reading of course!) but I think it will be VERY interesting. Pisces and Libra inconjunct on the (natural) wheel so it just doesn’t make sense and yet THERE IT IS!

THE NEW WEBSITE SHOULD be up soon! I’ll finally be presenting my magickal services and my compassionate coaching (Virgo Help for Pisces People!) and some other stuff :) There is still some content I need to add and other technical details but fingers crossed this week.


A Good Week To Think! Mercury Power!

From my Facebook page:

Was just telling folks in the chat rooms that this is a GREAT WEEK FOR THINKING.

Dreaming and discovering the solution. I have my notebook and pen ready! Seriously. I take notes on my phone but then I transfer to the WRITTEN WORD! MUST HOLD PEN!

Mercury is trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto (and will conjoin Chiron).

Mercury = what’s right in front of your face, facts, details, the way there that you can clearly see, many options, could get overwhelming true…

Jupiter = THE FUTURE, it’s visionary, prophetic, and BIG (gassy?) lol but without the big dream, what are you shooting for? Do you allow yourself to… dream outside the current parameter? What do you want? To double your income? Triple it? Increase health? Love? WHAT DO YOU WANT? New job? New apartment? WHAT DO YOU WANT? Enlightenment???? Ahhhh enlightenment yes…

And Pluto is busy uncovering secrets….

Attention 12th House people especially: your gift is that you can imagine it and manifest it. Participate in your life. Don’t just WAIT for transits to jolt you! 

Take the time this week to look for answers and you’ll get them, all kinds AND THEY ARE REALISTIC and they WILL NOT HURT YOU. These are gentle giraffes.

Love, MP


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Mercury Conjunct Chiron (Again): March 29th

This is Mercury talk.

Las Vegas inspired me EXTREMELY.

I came home and decided that not only was I going to become a poet again (do poets “become”? do poets ever stop being poets?) and write a book.

Not just one poem, two poem, three poem, but a book about love, landscape and Las Vegas. I want to write 30 poems FAST. But in order to keep writing, I must keep experiencing.

Also am in the midst of critiquing the poems of an old friend of mine, the one who is the editor of that new on-line journal I’m going to be in. I feel like the poem whisperer :)

When I first began looking at his poems, last month, I didn’t like most of them. I loved a few but otherwise it felt like… his poems were not alive. We fought over email. I thought he wasn’t taking my brilliant advice seriously. Feelings got hurt in the process.

But then he wrote me again wanting more :)


I am back at work, in case you are wondering. Scheduling readings and catching up with folks in progress. Also want to remind you that phone readings are a good option, especially when you’re anxious. When I first started doing this, I was mostly doing email. Email takes time and there’s usually a wait. I like both but honestly if you need a response from me sooner? Then phone is better. There is less prep time but we can still talk transits and still look at the cards and get a lot done :)


March 29th: Mercury is conjunct Chiron in Pisces, square Jupiter in Gemini, and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, all in one day!

Conjunctions are two planets of the same sign (or not!) close in degree. They are fused, acting as a unit. One body. With Mercury conjunct Chiron, words can heal, words can hurt. You know the drill. You choose.

In my chart, this conjunction is happening ON my descendent. I’ll be speaking with partners tomorrow, love or business. There will be all kinds of discussions, confrontations, some of them confusing (Neptune). How Pisces is aspected in your chart will determine what kind of conversation you’ll be having.

Mercury square Jupiter: you may feel you’ve said too much. You may say too much. Mercury sextile Pluto: your words are worth hearing but choose them WISELY. Be politic, be tactical. No blurting.

Remember, also, Mercury hasn’t been direct all that long. He’s traveled this way before, to this Chiron, this Jupiter, this Pluto.

What or who needs your attention once again? 

Love, MP


We will be doing another private drop-in Meditation Class. Hopefully the week of April 8th.

$25 by PayPal.

How it works: I bring you inspirational words, quotes from meditation masters and deep thinkers :) and I give guidance, instruction for a “basic” meditation technique that we always return to. Last time it was hard to coordinate my schedule so that we could sit as a group but I’d be willing to try again. We meditate. We discuss our experiences. We share what works and what doesn’t. Email me for more details/questions.

Got questions about Aries Season? 

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MoonPluto’s Gloomy Weekend Forecast

The goal this weekend is to stay alive under less than charming skies.

As I type this, Saturday’s exact aspects have passed and we are under what is on offer for Sunday.

And I don’t like it much.

So my advice is to wait until Monday to… have that talk or organize your taxes (yes I am doing mine next week).

If it can wait, let it wait. The energy we are under is both intensely emotional (possibly sad) and also Saturnianly unsympathetic. Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces is you reliving the love affairs that didn’t work out, which fits far too nicely into Venus square Saturn’s love ain’t happening EVER gloomy mindset.

Feels like OUCH getting poked in the eye. And the heart. Guard your heart instead. Surround yourself with light love puppies and kittens and cookies or whatever visual will help. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Mars square Jupiter is the least of my worries but I think it may make you irritable, looking for solutions when you should just… alternate between some busy-work and napping.

And then there’s the New Moon in Aquarius squaring the Nodes of Fate. In an earlier post, I was talking about the promise of this New Moon despite… everything else. And I still suggest this. Look to that house and those aspects in your natal because there (and in the opposing sign, Leo) is your elixir. And it may be more the idea of an elixir than the elixir itself at this time, but so be it! Drink up!

Must be all this Pisces as I’ve just advised smoking and drinking in one blog post ;)

Little Poem for Saturday later today. Stay tuned!


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