Tarot Time In The Classroom + Busy Busy Mind! (The Stars This Weekend)

"mercury trine uranus"
So we are in Week Three of the Saturn in Capricorn class
and I had promised folks there would be a Tarot piece to the class – in particular Tarot structure, talking about layouts and spreads and design: where cards should go and then also what each card means, which questions are being asked.

Have you ever created a Tarot spread? 

I love this stuff, but I don’t think about it when I am actually doing Tarot readings. I am more free-form then. Got a question? I seek to answer it without too many structural bells and whistles. I do take time however to find the best wording for your question and sometimes we go specific and sometimes we go more broad.

Now THIS WEEKEND I think is an excellent time for Tarot and an excellent time for Tarot spread creation! 

Why do I say this?

Mercury is square Uranus AND sextile Chiron.

In plain English: your creativity is off the charts this weekend (Mercury square Uranus guarantees this) but it’s in service of something *higher* — like your HEALING.

Chiron is always about our “sickness” and our wellness and our healing and our wound and Mercury is your mind and perception and square Uranus is faster than the speed of light BRILLIANCE.

You could come up with something amazing so I hope you have a creative project to explore or a Tarot spread to create or… who knows!

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Don’t Over Think Your Tarot : Ten Pentacles

"venus square saturn" I am a teacher of Tarot.

I do readings for myself and for others, professionally.
I do this daily.

Today’s advice:

don’t over think your Tarot. Figure out a system for yourself. Are the good cards good cards? Are the bad cards bad cards? What are the bad cards’ silver linings? What are the good cards’ shadows?

Example: I did a Celtic Cross for myself this morning. Yes, I decided to go for it. On a sensitive topic, meaning I care about the outcome.

The outcome was a GOOD CARD.

Or was it? WAS IT? Was I over thinking? And what did my gut say? And what did the clarifying card say?

Beware of Tarot second guessing. Go with your gut. You want to have some rules. You want to at least establish, to yourself, okay such and such is GOOD or such is such is good but with shadow.

I’m not going to tell you the card in question :)

But here is an example — for the sake of elucidation:

Say you are hoping for a positive outcome card and you get the Ten of Pentacles. THE TEN OF PENTACLES. Wealth. Security. Family.

The Ten is NOT the Five. The Ten is NOT the Four. The Ten is not… ANY of the others. The Ten is not even the Nine. The Ten is the TOP of the Minor cards. It is real and stable and wealthy. How can we complain?

Well, perhaps you have encountered a reader who saw something “wrong” with this card — not as happy as the Ten of Cups or… any number of shadows but my point is this:

establish the good and the good with shadow from the bad or bad with silver lining or neutral etc etc be VIRGO about it and then of course be Pisces during the actual reading i.e. let your intuition in.

Example: let’s say my final Celtic Cross outcome for a LOVE READING is the Ten of Pentacles, am I going to sit there and muck around in the possible shadow interpretations OR am I willing to take a good card at face value.

I think this is an issue of readers i.e. some readers don’t want others to be happy. Some readers don’t want to be happy themselves. Some readers want to turn all the good cards into the Five of Pentacles. And some readers don’t genuinely see the Ten of Pentacles as good but as problematic. They may read it more like a Six than a Ten. That’s okay!

And of course, as always, context matters! But at least have an idea of what this card means for you, before you sit down to read for yourself or someone else.

If you want to study Tarot with me you can – or we can do a Tarot/Astrology combination, MoonPluto style :) Message me