The Stars This Week: Sun Square Pluto Is Your Exorcism

"uranus in taurus"
So I already wrote about Sun square Pluto here

Could be dark at times BUT Sun Pluto has power AND there are good aspects too. Let’s explore a bit.

What is Sun square Pluto good for? WORKING WITH THE DEAD.

But this isn’t the Rated G version. More like a messy exorcism (aren’t they all?) than a love and light “energy clearing” but it’s ALL energy clearing as I wrote on my Twitter today.

All these magical and spiritual techniques exist to adjust OUR energy. That money spell you did is drawing money to you because you wipe away the schmutz from your own spirit. Easier said than done? Probably. Yes.

But Sun Pluto can help you with this. Because it’s compulsive. You’ll want to look for the monster in the closet. Talk to the monster. Love the monster. Just bring a bib or a broom or something for the clean up crew.

Last night after having a certain spiritual conversation with someone (I’m being vague on purpose) I had to lay down. I got a physical reaction. I was fine but affected. We are being detectives and we have a job to do. But first we are figuring out the way and then we will do it. And then she said to me: first for us and then for others.


Venus trine Mars and both sextile Neptune. Consider this a light touch, a comforting touch. Venus is in croissant-loving Taurus and making good aspects to both Mars and Neptune. This is a good news for our collective mood and appetites. We can take breaks without feeling guilty. We look good, we feel good.

And then on Sunday Mercury goes direct and we have a New Moon at 26 Aries. I’ll address these in a separate blog post.

Until then I wish you good stars and good cards xoxo

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Candy For Your Journey La La La

Enjoy and look forward to this, my beginning-of-Aries-Season-end-of-March friends :)

Mercury conjunct Neptune, exact on the 22nd (tomorrow)
Mercury trine Jupiter, exact on the 26th
Mercury sextile Pluto! exact on the 27th
Venus trine Mars, exact on the 29th (Venus also squares Saturn this day but shhh)

I’m giving you some candy here, some sweet and light :)

Mercury and Neptune together will let you sail away. Just close your eyes. Daydream and distraction is a bonafide technique!

Mercury trine Jupiter is an affirmation that is already TRUE & Mercury sextile Pluto is darker mind yes because it’s PLUTO but provides the bottom rung you need for the mental and emotional salvation of Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer.

Venus trine Mars is you looking good, feeling satisfied, feeling worthy, feeling attractive, and the soul searching about why you’re here and who you’re with on this journey is a bit less stank. You don’t fight with your therapist this day ;)

Telling you this stuff because the Sun now in Aries revs us up and those of us with Libra planets are already feeling the vroom vroom vroom and really since the Full Moon in Virgo if not a week or so before.

Some feel April will be a game changer, deal breaker, deal maker, game of Twister, End Times, and so on. I say don’t believe the hype and evaluate your own soul sitch. What are you feeling?

Love, MP

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Venus In Capricorn

"moon pluto astrology"
capricorn the goat

I woke up and started puttering. Daily life. The necessary rituals before continuing with an Astrology Reading: coffee, breakfast, the innocent faces of the cats, big eyes…

And I was thinking about Venus in Capricorn now in my 5th House and thinking about the aspects she’ll make right away in the heavens.

Squaring Uranus: fast love, unexpected love, love that leaves as soon as it comes, excitement.

Trine Mars: solid attraction. People want you. People help you.

Conjunct Pluto: manipulation. The death of love.

The death of love

No matter how dark Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is, I’m still happy to have Venus visit my 5th House of love, creativity, fun, self-expression, the Leo House, and my natal Venus is in Leo. See, I need a boost because I woke up thinking: there are times when you have to live with your grief. It becomes your companion. Angel on your shoulder. Or devil. Does no good to try to shake it. It’s just there for a while. 

When I wake up philosophizing about grief, I KNOW I need a boost. I feel far from my dream.

Venus in Capricorn is on edge when she squares Uranus and she’s gasping for air when she’s conjunct Pluto and even though she’s looking good when she’s trining Mars, it’s a lot for sweet Venus to absorb. But in Capricorn she’s steady, solid, serious, hard-working, ambitious, reserved, duty-bound. She wants to do the right thing. She wants to take care of ailing Aunt Mildred because it’s the Right Thing To Do.

Remember that Saturn rules Capricorn: discipline, time, delay, wisdom, rushing is not allowed!

So if you are grieving (Pluto) love (Venus) these days, Venus in Capricorn may not bring you a bottle of rain or a basket of roses but… I think you’ll feel more on solid footing than when Venus was in hungry thrilling Sagittarius. Back to basics now. Back to the work (Saturn) of serious (Saturn) love (Venus). Commitment.

And you’ll calm down soon. You’ll slowly move on to the next thing.

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