Where The Wild Things Are (And Aren’t): Uranus In Taurus! May 2018

And then THIS happened. My book is coming out June 2018. Didn’t even realize it was in the catalog already but it is. Look here, my friends. 

"uranus in taurus"

May 2018.

This is when Uranus will finally leave Aries and enter TAURUS! Uranus spends about seven years in a sign so this is a big deal! And for you it may signal not only a sign change but a HOUSE change as well (depending on your birth chart and the house system you use).

I have an early degree Rising Sign AND most of my house cusps are pretty early in degree (I’m back to using Placidus these days) so for me it is a house change, and what I want to tell you (about you) is this:

Uranus is not the planet of stability. Uranus is not the planet of staid sober disciplined action. Uranus is freedom. Uranus is creative. Chaos. Uranus is unpredictable. Uranus is nuts. Uranus is wild. URANUS REFUSES THE RULES, REFUSES RESTRICTION. URANUS REFUSES!

So whatever House Uranus is leaving in your chart, this house will soon lose this wild Uranian influence.

See the point I’m making? We don’t just have a new sign and possibly a new House for transiting Uranus for you — you also will have NEW or regained stability in the House that Uranus is LEAVING.

This is huge, especially if Uranus is leaving a money house or a health house, those areas of life that can really bring us to our knees. You will see things be less CRAZY.

I’m telling you this to reassure you. That there’s a part of your life that is about to get more stable than it’s been IN YEARS.

Yes, MoonPluto, I hear you say, but that also means that Taurus House, where Uranus is headed, is about to be rocked, right? 

Maybe. Depends. Depends on YOUR CHART (yes I am all caught up from the Hurricane so can schedule you relatively soon). We can talk about this. We can talk about how Taurus is aspected in your chart because that matters. If your chart is full of fixed planets (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo) your experience of Uranus in Taurus will be very different than someone with an emphasis on the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra).


Got questions? Let’s talk. But otherwise know this, as I wrote above: one area of life, next year, is gonna start to even out, smooth out, and stop giving you so much trouble, and another area of life is going to demand your flexibility, creativity, and general ability to say OKAY LIFE, I SURRENDER!

Need to know more? Message me at moonpluto@gmail.com and look here! 

"uranus in taurus"

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Silver Linings Through Centaurs

Ugh. My transits.


This isn’t just me talking :) it’s the echoes of my clients :) but we make-do. We work with what we have.

But what happens when you SEE the tidal wave and… what? You are going to do what? Shimmy up the palm tree? Maybe.

So my Sun is (and will be, for a few years) caught in crosshairs of the Uranus Pluto square and I’ve been staring at my chart looking for the silver lining. Knowing, thinking: okay, Uranus will square my Sun but IS IT DOING ANYTHING GOOD IN MY CHART? I mean, obvious good. Revealed good. Not this Tower-card type good.

And I dug through my ephemeris and it’s not until… 2017? (I have to check to remember) when I get a trine to my Venus and the other day on the train I was looking at an astro app I have on my phone and VOILA! I FOUND IT.

A teeny tiny teeny tiny TEENY TINY silver lining. 

Transiting Uranus in my 8th House (death, taxes) will sextile my natal Nessus in my 10th. That’s right, folks, my natal NESSUS.

Nessus is one of the centaurs and somewhat fashionable for those who are interested in stuff other than the usual planets, Sun, and Moon for their astrology.

Now the centaurs were a wild bunch for the most part (in mythology) and Nessus’ myth is particularly wicked (look it up!) — but I take note of an 8th House to 10th House SEXTILE. Sextile = good. It may not be the free ride of a trine but it’s definitely second place, blue ribbon and even some may argue that sextiles are BETTER than trines.

Moral of story: when you find yourself perusing your upcoming transits and are starting to feel alarmed, widen your scope because there could be a centaur or a goddess waiting for you. Because WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS and I rather focus on expanding my career and increasing resources (8th/10th) than fearing… my ultimate possibly painful liberation (Uranus square Sun). Because frankly I’m just not in the mood to be that free ;) not today!!

And another word of advice: you also want to check out the natal planet i.e. if it’s transiting Uranus that’s got me down, I revisit my natal Uranus and its aspects for more keys and clues.

Nessus is such a tricky myth — in terms of how best to use this energy. I shall save it for the next post.

What are you building? What are you breaking? Have you found your Nessus today? 

Love, MP


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Meditation, solitude, secret love affairs, psychics, oh my!

I will be bringing you ideas from my favorite astrologers (Sasportas, Arroyo, Marks) as well as analyzing your natal 12th and any 12th House transits you are having.

The class will feature Daily Tarot pulls (from me) for each participant.

Also will be establishing a meditation schedule for myself in there, which you are encouraged to follow We will review techniques from my faves (Pema Chodron and Edgar Cayce) as well as some exploration of mantras. You are welcome to bring wisdom from your own faves of course. 

Discussion/chart based as always. Got questions? Message me! 

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Did You Ever (CHOOSE TO) Have Sex When You Didn’t Want To?

We come to sex with so much history, pain and pleasure. How to sort through the muck and the past to figure out what we want, including how to please someone else. Rewrite the script. Even for long-time couples, this can be an issue.

I was hanging out in my chat room and started a thread, asking this question: Did you ever have sex when you didn’t want to? By choice. Not talking about rape here. Talking about… you did it when you didn’t wanna, for whatever reason.

I have. Not going into detail but that shit… stays with you, stays in your body. Makes an impression.

Sexual REPAIR is on my mind these days. Pluto once direct, goes direct in my 5th House and Uranus is transiting my 8th. There’s a square here! Tension plus BREAKTHROUGH. Contraction AND release. Contract for 10 seconds. Release for 20…. :)

Did you know that Pluto rules healing? Uranus rules LIBERATION. Getting free takes work (6th House) and commitment (7th House).

Do you have planets transiting your sex/love/relationships houses? What do you notice? Check your 5th, 7th, and 8th.

Love, MP


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Uranus Through The 8th House (Part One!)

Someone wrote to me with a question about her Uranus transit. Uranus through the 8th House. I’m having this too. The first thing I think is (here is an example of my astrological thinking):

-what does Uranus mean? And then I think: what does the 8th House mean? That’s the first equation.

My favorite Uranus keyword is LIBERATION. (And you know what? I try to be professional and all but I’m real tired as I type this so I may just do Part One right now and more about this tomorrow…)

Think of Uranus as SETTING YOU FREE. Think of the 8th House as… a different kind of prison than the 12th House but a prison nonetheless. Does this sound strange to you? To think of the 8th House this way? Not as all thrilly taboo and sexy? Well, I have my natal Chiron there. 8th House matters HURT: sex, death, debt.

Uranus transits in general are setting you free although it doesn’t always feel that way. It often feels like the Tower card in the Tarot: shocking, frightening, falling. Towers which have to fall. Truth coming out.

Uranus through the 8th is freedom from… what scares you MOST of all.

Where is transiting Uranus in your chart? 

Love, MP


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The Tower Card AGAIN!

"pluto in the 7th house"I KEEP seeing this damn card!

In my creativity class in MoonPlutoLand (my virtual classroom), I gave our fearless magicians a Tarot homework assignment. I’ll spare you the details except to say that we did little readings for each other and one of my cards was the Tower.

And then this morning there was another exercise and I drew one for myself: THE TOWER.

I get nervous when I see the Tower because I can think of two times when seeing this card did indeed precipitate bad shit.

But then I had a revelation. I had to reframe the Tower.

It’s not always CHANGE. It can be fear of change. Fear of rocking the boat. Fear of standing up for what I want. And that THAT has got to go.

Because, here on earth, if we don’t make decisions? They get made FOR us. Life has a way of keeping you prisoner or throwing you out the window. Until you take a side. (Hear that, Sun in Libra?)

My teacher used to say about certain transits: are you going to go kicking and screaming, or…

And on a related note:

it’s your job to take on the role of the transiting planet. This is from another discussion in MoonPlutoLand (and yes there will probably be a 3rd class). If you don’t embody the high side of the planet, it will come AT you, from the outside and yeah it might do that ANYWAY but at least you’ll have… maybe… a bit more solid ground under your feet. Even one friend. Half a friend. Is helpful during the hard rains.

An example: Pluto going through your 7th? Don’t get manipulated. Don’t get owned. And don’t you do that shit either. Master your Pluto power. Meditate on all the 1:1 interactions in your world and what YOU do.

Uranus through your 8th?  Don’t wait for unsettling news to disturb you. Cause a little disturbance yourself. Assert yourself in 8th House matters. Want to be a medium? Try it!

Same applies to The Tower. Succumbing to fear is you keeping you prisoner. When you see this card, you know what time it is. The time has come. To be the Tower :) :) :) :)

What keeps you from moving forward? 

Love, MP


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Uranus In Mars-Ruled Aries: What Kind Of Sex Will You Be Having For The Next 7 Years

"full moon in cancer 2012"
infamous Two Virgins album cover

When you have sex at this age — and I mean *my age* i.e. middle-age, you’re making love to someone’s life, someone’s life story, it’s on their skin, in their cells, their blood, it’s their history, everything they are, hair fibers, fingernails, favorite food, their past lovers, past pain, their losses, failures, what they dream of, and all the good stuff too. Yeah, the good stuff. Everything that’s inside them.

You take all of that inside you, or you enter it. Depending on your um position.

And the only one for me is the one who understands this.

Sex = depth for me. I have an emotional Mars in Cancer, pretty well-aspected, including a square to Jupiter, and I think I’m more Marsy than Venus-y although as  I get older I am *trying* to work on my Venus, my yinnny yin yin BUT–

With Uranus in Aries heading to my 8th House? Sex and death become one, my love — that old 8th house keyword: transformation. Change. The Death Card in the Tarot.

Sudden (Uranus) and surprising (Uranus) change (Uranus square Pluto) leading to more change.

Where is Uranus transiting in your chart? 


Uranus Power!

"uranus opposition uranus"

You know what? Sometimes… sometimes energy just shifts.

Think of Uranus as the Great Shifter. The Great Abrupt Shifter. Think of Uranus as your energy as Uranus is associated with the nervous system and electricity! IT MOVES YOU. (And moves through you.)

Uranus stays in a sign for 7 years and then makes the change and says “Yer coming with me!”

The energy shifts.

I felt a shift yesterday. It was Uranian i.e. out of the blue. Didn’t expect it. It was, well, like magic!

It was a conversation I had that… set this shift in motion I believe. I wasn’t planning it or trying for it. It happened. Uranian. Just like that… like.. catapulted.

Like I was in Timbuktu one moment and then in North Dakota the next. It was THAT FAR APART.

I’m still reeling. Because I try to go BACK THERE, I try to go BACK to the way it was.

But it shifted. There is no longer any BACK to return to!!!

Freak out!

The train changes tracks and your new life begins and you have no time to process it’s just All Different Now.

My progressed Moon in Aries is conjunct transiting Uranus now and both are opposing my natal Uranus ooooooooh mid-life transit!

So I think this will be my theme for a while. The thing you cannot prepare for. Chains unchained.

Are you having a Uranus transit? How’s that going for ya? 

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Can You Read Your Own Chart?

"moon pluto astrology"
is your life like a Chekhov play?

But what I mean specifically is whether you can predict for yourself.

Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Not bad odds, I guess. And sometimes I don’t even try. And sometimes I get a feeling and then look for it in the chart and I am getting a feeling that my life this year is going to be like a Chekhov play which is better than my life being like a Beckett play. Vanya not Godot.

With Tarot though… I’m a loss at reading for myself. I can see the basics, maybe, but I can’t interpret. Too much wishful thinking.

But with the chart? Yeah. Sometimes it’s clear to me. And when in doubt? Binge eat. You always get the answers then — especially if it involves popcorn or chocolate or peanut butter. Joking.

Tonight I decided to use the time-honored technique of distraction (from intense emotions) and decided to take a break from my Netflix watching and catch up with some popcorn in the kitchen and that was when I felt it: Uncle Vanya NOT Endgame and not knowing how exactly it will play out but that it will be an interesting year when Pluto enters my 5th House. And Uranus goes direct and heads to my 8th. And Neptune conjuncts my 7th House cusp. See, I have very little action in these houses in my natal but now? They are alive. And Jupiter? Will be in my 10th when it’s Gemini-time.

These are the Other People houses.

So that’s two questions for ya: where are your transits? And can you predict what they will mean? 

And thanks everyone for your beautiful comments.

Do You Pine Once It’s Over? Venus in the 12th square Neptune

"moon pluto"
film still One From The Heart

Joanna’s comment on my Detatch/Attach blog post got me thinking. And writing. Hello again :)

That when I look back on… men that I loved or thought I loved and how heartwrenchingheartaching it was at the time when the relationships were dying, that… now I can’t feel those feelings, and I think that’s amazing.

I mean: how did I so purely and cleanly love my ex-boyfriend? Now we are friends and I can speak to him or even see him without a pang? How is this possible? Is it NORMAL?

Sometimes I see him and when I see him I do wonder why or how or remember the pain but I don’t feel it, I don’t step inside it and yet it was once a part of my daily life. And I also look back on that time and think; I can get through anything. I got through that.

As I struggle now with a current relationship and some things about this one remind me of that one, trigger me, and I lose my balance, and want So Much To Believe (Neptune) that…. Well, I edited out the rest of this sentence :)

Uranus will begin his long transit through my 8th House soon enough. And Pluto through my 5th. And Neptune through my 7th. Disruption, transformation, illusion. Does that sound like a happy ending to you? (I am not that cynical, but I am funny ;)

The longing for stability. Elusive. Painful. My North Node on my 7th House Cusp. How to get over THERE? How to choose wisely.

I don’t pine when it’s over. I pine DURING. Venus in the 12th House pines. Venus square Neptune pines.

But I am wondering about your chart. Do you have transiting planets in your relationship houses? Think 5th, 7th, 8th: love, marriage, sex.

How’s your love life?

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