Dust Off Your Altar (Wee Preview Of Next Week)

"venus square saturn"Even though I just blogged about the weekend, I want to talk about next week, briefly, and next week is amazing. I’ll do my best to blog day by day but let me give you a little list:

VENUS ENTERS ARIES (love it by fire)
MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS (take your time)
SUN SQUARE PLUTO (your obsession is your gift to the world)
NEW MOON IN ARIES (dust off your altar, set intentions by fire, CREATE)
SUN CONJUNCT URANUS (emancipate!!!!)

The Sun will be doing the bulk of the magick. The Sun is you. A New Moon, two ingresses.

My darling, this is *your* weekend. This is what you’ve been waiting for since the Eclipses. THIS WEEK.

What was it you said you wanted? Let it be known once again.


News: the weekend special is ON. Message me. MoonPluto@gmail and for info about the April Group, do click here.

Sleep Closer To The Altar: The Stars This Week

I want time in my day so I can write poems again. And not have my little poem thoughts become blog posts :) 

And there is a book proposal that I want to craft and another book in my head because I want to work with Elizabeth from Lark Books and I sing the lament of the self employed but I am not complaining. Mama MoonPluto gonna figure it out! 

I think I may sleep in the living room tonight so I can be closer to my altar. 



The week starts off slow and steady with Moon in Taurus, my favorite moon sign.

Why is it my favorite? Because of my old friend Esther :) Sagittarius Sun with Taurus Moon. Open door policy to anyone in the neighborhood (which had its problems of course) and food and comfort for all. And those deep Taurus Moon eyes.

Tuesday brings us the Mercury Chiron conjunction in Pisces. This is what I wrote on my Facebook about this aspect:

Conjunctions are fusions. Fused energy. Dependent. Married.
Mercury is your mind. In Pisces, Mercury absorbs the mood of the room and gets overwhelmed.
Chiron is … well Chiron may be making you a little sad this week. Like, deer without a mother sad.
Advice is to pet the deer. Adopt the deer. Love the deer.
And remember that Neptune love is limitless


Wednesday: Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde).
Friday: Venus in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo.

You know what? The transits BETWEEN the Eclipses matter. A lot. 

Next week: Venus trine Pluto. Mercury into Aries. Mars into Taurus. Venus Chiron sextile. Mercury trine Saturn. Sun trine Jupiter. All this leads up to the April eclipse and it’s all good. I’d say the spookiest aspect is the Mercury Chiron but Mercury  has wings so not to worry my turtledoves!

Sleep closer to the altar this week, the better your prayers shall rise. I know the Libra Eciipse is stressful. Most of us have had ENOUGH wrecking ball through our Aries/Libra axis these years. I too am happy the Nodes are shifting to Virgo/Pisces this fall. I say that NOW ;)

Did I use the word shocking in the previous blog post? Maybe it won’t be shocking but I think it will be surprising. It’s like… something dead comes back to life IN YOUR LIBRA HOUSE AND IN YOUR PISCES HOUSE NOT KIDDING and, well, that’s not the way nature works usually ;) you don’t know what to do with this… THING! Is it alive? Is it dead? Can you trust it? Will it just die again? Did it really change? Or do you just UNDERSTAND LIFE much better now. 

I don’t know the ultimate answer for you (unless you get a reading of course!) but I think it will be VERY interesting. Pisces and Libra inconjunct on the (natural) wheel so it just doesn’t make sense and yet THERE IT IS!

THE NEW WEBSITE SHOULD be up soon! I’ll finally be presenting my magickal services and my compassionate coaching (Virgo Help for Pisces People!) and some other stuff :) There is still some content I need to add and other technical details but fingers crossed this week.


The Stars This Week: Cancer Sun Capers!

"full moon in capricorn july 12th" My Full Moon in Capricorn blog post can be found on Beliefnet! Please click here :) 

In other news:

An interesting week for the Cancers, ya?

Tuesday: Sun in Cancer square Uranus. Sun trine Saturn too.
Wednesday: Sun trine Chiron (healing your soul)
Saturday is the Full Moon in Capricorn (July 12th)

How to do this Saturn Uranus thing? Both at 16 degrees. An inconjunct. I wrote about it here. Coming together, falling apart. Incredible opportunity for stability for you Cancers at this time + the desire to tear the walls down. HARD TO MAKE CHOICES! Hard to know what to do. Hard to know if your powers of reason are sound.

Cancers crave security so this Uranian (eccentric, rebellious) influence is going to produce a very interesting group of Cancer babies! Cancers under siege! Shells on the run! Extra oddball silly crabs!

Cancers are now required to become cozy and comfortable with freedom. Freedom from roots, from everything familiar, safe! Freedom from home. URANUS SQUARE CANCER = LEAVING HOME.

My advice for you is the advice I give myself (with more to come)…

-try not to resist or be afraid of the new. There will be new. There will be surprise new. Star spangled and fangled new.
-beware of those irritating feelings of restlessness/agitation which compel you to jump ship totally. Go creative, not crazy.
-shore up your faith. Add fire to your faith: greater vitality, passion, BLAZE!!! 

Faith is not the usual Uranus keyword but Uranus is not the usual *anything* and Jupiter enters Leo this month which means we will get a Uranus Jupiter trine (starting in August). Increase the vibration of your faith. Set it to a higher frequency. I think it will happen automatically but do what you can to strengthen the flame. Do you know what I mean when I tell you to increase the vibration? I want you to begin thinking about new spiritual practices for yourself. Because Jupiter Uranus is… magic. 

And actually I want to think about this more, write about this more — so let’s do a part two and go more into detail. This week is mega-packing week for the move but hopefully I can continue in a couple days.

Love, MP

(ETA: there ARE calm moments in-between the fluctuations and uncertainties. So you must meditate MORE. You must ground yourself more while under a Uranus (or Uranus Pluto!) transit. You need to feel time expand/slow down/stretch. Slower music when needed. And how you do this is by maximizing small increments of time. Uranus wants to speed you up. So one thing you do in response to that is adjust yourself — sometimes you go along with Uranus at that faster frantic pace. You have to. But other times you need to breathe. Slow the breath. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and Mercury rules the breath. Get what I’m saying here? So mindfulness, meditation, breathing practice, calming the body because Uranus is such a high vibration it makes you jumpy, from head to toe, all of this is for your Uranus transit. To slow down time, to adjust time. So you can find peace in the middle of the blaze.

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The Stars This Week: Magic Socks!

Saturn retrograde.

Does this automatically mean a DELAY with all your plans?

Mars is retrograde too. Does this mean you won’t have any energy?

I’m thinking NO.  No on both counts although of course your chart is your chart and your 2014 is not my 2014.

Hard to say exactly without examining the details and of course you must take into account where you are in the process.

But I believe in living with the times. Not to force it.

Is it different? Different than DIRECT energy? Yes! 

I took a shower a few minutes ago and went back to bed for about 5 minutes, the length of a Pema Chodron video on You Tube. Just listening. And breathing. Listening. And breathing. (My progressed moon is in Taurus. My mission is more rest.)

And remembering we can’t DO these months the same. We just can’t.

But I want you to… realize this doesn’t spell disaster. Or 8 of Swords. It’s an invitation to do your life a little differently. An invitation.

And breathe.

What I like about this week:

Sun in Pisces will trine Saturn in Scorpio. I LIKE Neptune Saturn interchanges. I have these two in opposition in my natal chart.

Supposedly I do one side, and then the other. The goal is to create something new by meeting in the middle, a new creation.

What would that look like?

I think it looks like the trine :) so this week I’ll get a taste of the world-to-come. Work becomes effortless. Dreams get remembered. Easy revelation. The idea comes ready-made with instruction booklet and you know exactly how to put it together. It comes from some place very deep, very far away and long ago. It rises up out of the dreamscape dreamland and… you say Hello. I know you. Welcome back. Thank you. I love you. 

Neptune rules dreams. Scorpio rules the underworld. Whatever it is this week that you dig up from the deep… I pray it will effortlessly arrange itself to your liking, like socks in a dresser drawer. Magic socks :)

Do you have Saturn and Neptune in aspect in your chart?

Love, MP

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Sun Enters Pisces! Clairvoyance!

Yup, the SUN ENTERS PISCES today.


Feels like Aquarius Season flew by.

Remember the astrological “new year” starts with ARIES so this is the end of the year (again)  and yes you can set intentions or make resolutions.

What needs to be wrapped up or let go? Let it go…

Everything’s different now. Or will be SOON. Remember the Grand Cross and Eclipses are coming in April.

Let’s enter the next pattern/cycle/phase together, linked up. We may each have a different mission BUT… we’re all HERE together, one soul, same stream.

How’s that for a Piscean message! Pisces gal in my 12th House class says she can feel the energies peeling away and then she sees the TRUTH.

I think we’ll see/understand more cosmic truth this Pisces Season — because of Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio creating a Grand Trine. CLAIRVOYANCE! There will be a structure (Saturn) for the message (Jupiter). AND IT’S COMING THROUGH!

Also…. this is an especially good time of year for Pisces NORTH NODE people, of which I am one :) So pay attention! Is there some small way you can put less pressure on yourself? Lay your burden down?

Love, MP


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A Beautiful Day For Prophesy: Scorpio Trine… Everything

First the news from MoonPlutoLand:

Schedule update! If you are waiting for me, if you have an email-reading in progress, I will be back on that horse today after my morning errands so stay tuned :) Hope to publish it later.

In other news, I got a beautiful testimonial this morning. It was a personal email but I asked her if I could use it :)

And in other OTHER news, this weekend I will put some hours towards One-Card-Mini-Tarot.

These will be $10 and I prefer using Instant Message (by Gmail or Facebook) for these so it’s immediate.

I will announce when these are happening on Twitter and Facebook so if you aren’t already connected to me that way, please do.

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By the way, the FB I have listed in this blog post is different than the one the button links to. One is a personal account and the other is a Page that you can Like. Sometimes I cross post and sometimes I don’t.

Keep in mind  how one-card readings work: I don’t mind yes/no questions at all in fact I like one-card yes/no ALTHOUGH the cards don’t always tell us what we want to hear so you have to be prepared. As well I may receive an “inconclusive”!

Or you can ask a “what I need to know now” type of question in regards to a particular topic. Or what the block is or what the hidden opportunity is.

In terms of timing, these are at least 5 minutes or so of back and forth conversation.

If you like you can FEED THE MOON for one of these One-Card draws for this weekend and I will do the draw and IM you my initial findings later today. I do reserve the right to reframe questions OR as in the case of last night a person asked about WHEN and her WHEN question was attached to a complex topic. And I  kept hearing in my head “what’s the block” to what she wants? So I asked the Tarot that. We got an answer.



Yes it is a beautiful day for prophesy and clear seeing. Think of the energies, the aspects, as cascading rather than… Scorpio Moon trines Neptune and it’s done. Think of it as on-going, as a big beautiful sea, a looking-glass, and answers can be found.

The Moon is void of course as I type this, in Libra but enters SCORPIO at 12:33 pm (NYC time). The Sun in Pisces will trine Saturn in Scorpio, which gives structure to the prophesy, and confidence and faith.

And then we have Moon trine Neptune and Moon trine Venus. The Moon will also trine Chiron and the Sun and Mercury and Mars this weekend, but like I was writing above, consider this weekend (or, actually, today and Saturday and some of Sunday) to be under the influence of this visionary energy.



Five of Wands. There is work to be done and not unhappily. Cooperate with others to get your needs met. I also see you emerging, finally. Possible this past week you were holding back, for whatever reason, and now the decks have been cleared and you are ready to show your face again but you’re not on your own here. This could be co-workers, family members, various partnerships, spirit guides. I’m being told that you aren’t ever alone so stop fighting this truth.

And you know what? I used to see this as a card of arguments, struggles, adversity, and sometimes it is but my mind was opened about this card recently and now fairly often I see those five folks in their colorful tunics working together, changing the situation and even having fun in the process. This card is a a crowd of limbs and wands. How will it ever shape up? they wonder. So they keep at it.

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The Stars Today: Moon In Libra Sweet Surprise

The smell of coffee first thing in the morning. I stick my nose in the bag.

I know coffee snobs grind their own but I’m not a coffee snob. Although I do know what’s good so I went to the best place, got a ceramic filter (and paper filters), and a recommended coffee, after telling them what I wanted.

Although I have my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, I cannot cook. For me, coffee is “cooking.”

I have my North Node in the 6th House of daily routines but in Pisces. Paying attention to the details is necessary but a Neptune attitude (don’t sweat the small stuff) is also advised.


Some lovely discussions on the blog lately and the question of what happens when the South Node is conjunct the Sun or some other marker of WHO. YOU. ARE. It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

You have to become less you (the Sun) to become more you, better you (North Node). I admit I see this fairly frequently in client charts.

And there is no one-size fits all answer. But I remember recently dealing with a 7th House/ARIES/South Node and trying to explain to this sweet soldier soul that he could and needed to be more himself (1st House) but through Libra (relationship/partnership/other people).

I use those phrases “lower vibration” and “higher vibration” all the time. My teacher spoke that way. And I believe it. I am always searching for the best way to express, live, the energy.

For example, Pisces needs to escape. It’s not an option NOT to. But there are higher and lower forms of it.

Last night I was not in the best mood. I even left my meditation class (Pisces!) early. I got home. Didn’t turn on the lights. Had some conversation with a friend by email but mostly tuned-out the world. Didn’t blog. Didn’t Facebook. No music. Mostly me in the dark with the light of a friend. I don’t even think I watched a movie. This was my Pisces escape. And a 6th House Pisces North Node means I need to schedule this in. Schedule in the disappearance. 


Today’s Tarot:

Thank you Tarot for a more cheerful card :) 6 of Cups.

I always get a sweet feeling when I see this card. Friendship. Possible romance Could be someone from the past showing up (hello Mercury retrograde!).

You may also be feeling nostalgic. A perfect card for Pisces Season, especially Venus in Pisces who is always long for the past, present, or future! My wish for you though is that this sweetness is real.

Think about the Tarot sixes. They are all “good” cards (of varying complexity). I even love the Six of Swords. It’s one of my favorites. The six pointed star is the Star of David, a shield of heavenly protection. The sixes know this.

And not only is the little guy in this card offering up a huge cup to the little girl, almost the length of his body, but notice all the other cups and the white flowers, cheerful village behind them. This is THE card of zero sorrow. These are cups of hope but it’s not a far away dream like The Star or smeared with bodily fluid like the Devil ;)

This card, although possibly referring to the past is squarely in the present. Those flowers are alive and that little guy is making an effort, he’s bending down to see her, to meet her, to meet her eyes, to give of himself. Oy. I almost made myself cry there, creating such a sweet scene, but I feel it. A card of sharing, a card of blessing, a card of love. It may also signify having a baby.


Today’s Stars:

The Moon is in Libra now. Seek peace inside yourself and with others.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Let it be healing and not hurting. Make amends.

Tomorrow Venus will conjunct Neptune (by degree) but we are under the influence now and… spooky isn’t it? How perfect the 6 of Cups is for this day? Love.

Enjoy this sweetness because Friday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio and we go underground again, we writhe and roil in intense emotion. For the moment though, we’re above the waves.

Other noteworthy aspects this week: Sun sextile Pluto and Sun trine Saturn. Who you are, who you want, what you want is that much more defined and deep. I especially like Sun trine Saturn here because we need something to push against. Sun trine Saturn is a dam. It keeps us safe.

For this morning’s jukebox, click here

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Working For The Weekend?

"mercury in pisces"

Do you (or did you) feel worky today? Not wonky. Worky!

The Moon is in Capricorn (late degrees now) and the Sun is trine Saturn so… I’m wondering what you got done. Trines, they say, can make us lazy but a Sun Saturn trine to me feels like whistling while you work.  The job must get done but you’ll do it and do it well and the Moon in Capricorn fits right in.

Jupiter is at 5 degrees Taurus now. He’s moving! He’s heading towards a trine with Pluto so this is something really interesting to look for in your chart.

Pluto goes retrograde in April but don’t think about that now. Think about Jupiter (opportunity) and Pluto (intensity) in trine and find those houses in your chart and if you have any natal planets (or angles) at 7, 8 or 9 degrees.

By early March, Jupiter has already climbed to 7 degrees Taurus. My ascendent is 9 degrees Virgo so I’m watching this one. How about you? Any earth at those degrees? Or anything else for that matter? 

In other news, Mercury is in Pisces so if you feel you’re picking up *stuff* more than usual from the ether, from the air, it’s not your imagination. Mercury is but one degree past a sextile to Pluto so, yeah, you were tuned in today.

Are you watching the sky? Goodbye Aquarius!


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). Guess I’m in a Tarot mood lately :)

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

The Astrology Of Valentine’s Day

"venus square pluto"

The Venus Pluto square gets tight tight tighter for Valentine’s Day and Mercury and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces. The Sun is in late Aquarius and the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

If all seems lost at first, take heart, but take it gently. Don’t eat it or drive a stake through it despite the Venus Pluto square.


Sun trine Saturn isn’t exactly a romantic aspect BUT Saturn is in Libra, and retrograde SO… what relationship-work do you still need to do? Makes sense to me that many of us feel unsettled at this time. Does she love me or love me not? What will make it right again? Is there hope? 

With Mercury conjunct Neptune there is hope. With Venus square Pluto there is passion and, well, leather ;)

But seriously, folks – it’s an intense sky. Make use of it. How? Let’s break it apart a little more: Venus is in Aries: don’t be afraid to express your love. The square to Pluto says: you don’t have to express it at full volume. Turn it down a bit.

The Mercury Neptune aspect says: if you don’t have a love, dream of the love you want. Sun trine Saturn says: you may not get what you want right now but don’t do nothing. Don’t just dream it. Mind is the builder, said Edgar Cayce.

Overall I’m getting: don’t give up, and with the Moon moving from dark (Scorpio) to light (Sagittarius), chances are that you too can do the same.