The Stars Next Week: A Very Quick Heads Up

"uranus in taurus"
I was just letting my Patrons know about THIS WEEKEND (to become a Patron look here) when I realized EVERYTHING that is going on next week. 

This weekend though is the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus AND Mercury going direct and I told them it may be MESSAGES MESSAGES MESSAGES all weekend long – like all the Pages from the Tarot REVERSED!

You may feel frazzled. Confused. Busy. TOO MANY MESSAGES!!

But about next week. Listen to this y’all: 

Venus in Taurus opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto.
Sun conjunct Uranus (and remember Uranus enters Taurus in May)
Sun enters Taurus
Pluto goes retrograde

Is that enough for you? It’s enough for me. I think what I’m going to do is break it down EACH DAY on my YouTube channel. Visit me there. I’m uploading frequently including new astro/tarot videos each morning (although I didn’t today – I probably will in the afternoon).

Each day I’ll have something to say about each of these aspects…

Stay tuned my friends. Love you. And as always, if you want to reach out for a Reading, look here. I’m ready when you are. 

Dust Off Your Altar (Wee Preview Of Next Week)

"venus square saturn"Even though I just blogged about the weekend, I want to talk about next week, briefly, and next week is amazing. I’ll do my best to blog day by day but let me give you a little list:

VENUS ENTERS ARIES (love it by fire)
MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS (take your time)
SUN SQUARE PLUTO (your obsession is your gift to the world)
NEW MOON IN ARIES (dust off your altar, set intentions by fire, CREATE)
SUN CONJUNCT URANUS (emancipate!!!!)

The Sun will be doing the bulk of the magick. The Sun is you. A New Moon, two ingresses.

My darling, this is *your* weekend. This is what you’ve been waiting for since the Eclipses. THIS WEEK.

What was it you said you wanted? Let it be known once again.


News: the weekend special is ON. Message me. MoonPluto@gmail and for info about the April Group, do click here.

How April’s Cardinal Grand Cross Is Actually A Good Thing

So I pulled a card this morning from one of my Doreen Virtue decks (as I’m in the habit of doing lately) and I didn’t read what it said right away.
Didn’t have my glasses on.
Put it on my desk and decided what to blog about.
And I thought about my own life, changes in my own life.

Notable for April 2nd and 3rd:

Sun conjunct Uranus
Sun square Pluto
(Sun still in orb of squaring Jupiter)

Mercury inconjunct Mars
Mercury trine Saturn

And I started thinking about power (Pluto).
Thinking about how we can’t always predict (Uranus = unpredictable) when/how/why a person will take back power that has gone missing.

And I started thinking about (once again) how the Sun in Aries is about YOU.
Your vitality.
Where you are vitally alive now.
Where you are SEARCHING now.
Where you are living from now, life-force.
You cannot avert your eyes.
That house in your chart is ALIVE.

Now of course we are dealing with a “cross,” we are dealing with four corners, the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), but the faster moving planets are in Aries:
the Sun (and eventually) Mercury.
The third fastest is Mars in Libra (retrograde) currently out of orb of the *current* square.

So it’s THIS axis. Aries/Libra.
THOSE houses.
For right now.
The most pressing issues (although you will notice the four corners “work” together. It’s ONE story.)
This will shift in a matter of days, dig?
Because Mars will catch up.
And Pluto will go retrograde (Pluto moves slowly but still important to note this).

It reminds me of a dance. A wild jerky dance. You move here. And then I’ll go there. And then back over here. And a little to the right. And then the bombs start falling. But they aren’t really bombs.

The Mercury aspects don’t cause more problems, not even the inconjunct. True, you may not have time for everything. True, diplomacy may be needed. And true this is some serious shit you are entangled in TRUE you may have some regrets and TRUE you may have lost something along the way and TRUE you are finding your way back out of it and TRUE Sun conjunct Uranus square Pluto is…


I don’t read the other astrology blogs but I do watch some astro videos, here and there.

IS ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? ABOUT THESE ASPECTS BEING YOUR… POWER? To make decisions. What is your life but a bouquet of decisions. This and not that, this and not that. And some of them stank. And some of them sweeten your days.

I haven’t checked the weather report in the big city but it looks like rain to me, overcast, with more than  chance of Moon in Taurus. Maybe you feel so solid despite your lack of hope because of this Moon and you FEAR the feelings-avoidant switch to Moon in Gemini because you KNOW it will put you out of touch with what you NEED to know.

Lucky for all of us, it’s a Cancer Moon weekend :) Yes I said LUCKY. Lucky because we cannot avoid FINALLY THIS MONTH how our life makes us feel. And we cannot avoid the consequences of our actions. And this is GOOD. This is really really really really really good.

Love, MP

P.S. What it said on my Doreen Virtue card (from her Archangel Michael deck)

The Stars This Week: Sun Conjunct Uranus

I’ve been pretty sick which is why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I had a massage and according to everyone “it’s the toxins.”

Well, I guess I had/have a lot of toxins streaming out of me. Pretty bad flu symptoms. But here I am, sitting up :)

My goal is to stick with you this month, day by day, because I know it’s pretty intense.

The week, the Sun in Aries enters the Cardinal Cross. Life gets a little bit hotter.

The Sun will square Jupiter, conjoin Uranus, square Pluto. The Moon moves through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Venus enters dreamy Pisces over the weekend.

The Sun, in an individual horoscope, is YOU.  So what I see is you taking action.

Is it easy?

Well, it’s not easy but I wouldn’t say it’s back-breaking either. The back-breaking has ALREADY HAPPENED.

Still, it’s intense. It’s necessary. It’s FAST. Sun conjunct Uranus is a bullet train. And square Pluto is… everything you see from the train window, the abandoned buildings and isolated trees, train tracks, and a lone dog. Memories. Rushing by. But move forward you must into the unknown future.

Jupiter in this equation is the belief that you are doing the right thing. And I believe you are. You’ve waited long enough.

Love, MP

Sun Enters Aries: Headbangers

This is what I do:  I remind people.

I remind people to (re)visit the house where the SUN is transiting.  The Sun enters ARIES tomorrow. So this is new. This is a big deal. IT’S BEEN A YEAR. How has your life changed? I recommend printing out your chart. PAPER. Hold it in your hands.

This Aries house of yours is a double triple big deal because of the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs next month. And the Libra Eclipse. You won’t be able to AVOID your Aries house. Even if you want to.

I remember last year. At this time. Everything changed for me.

In the Tarot, the Emperor card is often associated with Aries. Ambition. Power. Leadership. Fathers. Fathering. Men. Lords, kings, bosses. INITIATION. Aries/Mars/the 1st House. BEGIN. The self. ME. Do these keywords fit with your Aries house?

A few random Aries keywords to keep in mind:
accidents, courage, inflammation, your energy, fevers, fire, force, invaders, iron, metals, operations, ovens, roofs, soldiers, tools, trances, vertigo, welders, wolves…

First week of April the Sun will square Jupiter, conjoin Uranus, and square Pluto. Interesting that Venus will enter Pisces in the midst of all this headbanging. That’s what these transits are: HEADBANGERS.

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. This is just a taste. I’ll try to blog more often to keep you up to date on transits but suffice to say, at the very least, keep your eyes on THOSE FOUR HOUSES, the cardinal ones in your chart. And it could be good. Really. It could be good.

Another reminder: where you have Aries in your chart is where you will be… bossy and ballsy and none too delicate and maybe just maybe… you have some trouble there? Because of your mega mega aggro ways? Or maybe you didn’t live up to or truly own your Aries vroom vroom vroom and when you try to make up for that, it comes out all extreme and awkward and kinda cray.

Where you have Aries in your chart is where you may need a little more Venus, a little less penis ;)

A quick video I made today, saying goodbye to Pisces Season. Transition!

Love, MP

Sun Conjunct Uranus: The Stars Today (Sort Of)

"sun conjunct uranus"

The Sun conjunct Uranus is the big news in the sky today.

I am thinking of the babies born this day: geniuses! Rebels! The Sun is who you are and Uranus is FREE and Aries is raw power. Big personalities born this day :)

And I was looking at the planet list:  Moon in Taurus will conjunct Jupiter then Venus in Taurus, will trine Mars in Virgo… and then I realized my heart wasn’t in it. My heart wasn’t in this weather forecast.

So instead let’s talk relationships again :)

My boyfriend, who has some knowledge of astrology, was telling me that I should write that Perversion Around The Zodiac blog post, but it’s really not my style.

And also… I haven’t been keeping track that long of my perverted or not so perverted ex-lovers.

But probably the most extreme was a Sagittarius Sun with a bunch of Scorpio personal planets. He liked wine, food, whips, chains, and hotel rooms by the hour.

Another one, a bit less extreme, and with a bit more heart, was an Aquarius Sun. Now that I  think about it, it figures. Friendship is always important to an Aquarius. He was really tall.

And then there’s my Cancer Sun ex with all the Aries personal planets and the box of toys. His Mars in Aries wanted it HIS way only.

And oh yes, the Scorpio Sun (never met him – was an internet thing) with the Gemini Moon who had fantasies of keeping women in cages. Glad I never met him?

I’ve lost track actually why I started making this list. Oh yes. Perversion around the Zodiac. Not much to go on, I know — just the Sun signs, no charts. And the fact that these dudes were in MY LIFE probably says as much about my chart as theirs. I’ll keep going on this topic though. I have a feeling there is much to discover.

How long have you been keeping track?