The Stars This Weekend: Venus Saturn Uranus + Full Moon In Taurus ADVICE

"uranus in taurus"
I realized the other day that I’ve been blogging since 2011
. Talking to clients since 2011. That’s a long time. Almost ten years. Probably very little that I haven’t heard. Questions of love, sex, money, the spirit, grief, love, sex, money, the spirit, grief. Health. Everybody loves and everybody grieves. I don’t mean this to sound like the words on a headstone. I’m not quitting, just reflecting. It’s been a while. I have experience in what I do. And yes there are some folks I’ve been working with since then!!

Saturn is square Chiron today.

Two worldly wise teachers. Two teachers in pain and of pain. It’s the square aspect that makes the lessons edgy or hard to swallow. Swords lessons. But this is THREE OF THREE, my dears! We’ve been down this road before, wherever this happens in your chart. Final pass. Last chapter. This difficulty will soon become a memory as a new teaching takes its place. Saturn from the 4th has been squaring my 7th. And YOU?

Tomorrow is better. Venus is sextile Saturn. A sextile is better. A sextile helps. The lessons are less harsh. The lessons are hopeful. You’re committed and you don’t feel so damn ugly.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. It’s a busy weekend. If you feel things are slow now, just you wait.

Sun trine Neptune, Full Moon in Taurus, Venus opposing Uranus too. It’s a lot. What does it all mean? How do we make sense of the hopeless harsh Saturn Chiron square followed by Venus (love and money) and Saturn (work and structure) followed by Venus and Uranus (completely unpredictable) AND under a well-aspected Full Moon in Taurus. What? Huh? Venus, Saturn, Uranus WORKING TOGETHER. Sort of. Uranus doesn’t really “work together” with anyone.


"mercury in sagittarius"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

What I think and feel about all this SKY:

Something or someone out of the blue shows up.
That’s the URANUS influence. 

Could be a long lost love. A windfall.
New love. Luck alert! FOR ALL SIGNS.
Uranus is SUDDEN. 

Secrets exposed (and this could be you admitting something to yourself) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Full Moon, Taurus/Scorpio influence here.
Long kept secrets REVEALED.

Commitment to a goal (old or new) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Saturn part.

And maybe ALL THREE for you!

And yet this Venus Saturn Uranus thing…
There’s more I want to say BUT it may be particular for YOUR chart.

Do you have planets around 24/25/25 degrees? That’s the hot spot here.

And then Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday AND Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius so we have a new story forming.

My advice for you. I’ll draw ONE card FOR ALL SIGNS :)

It’s the King of Wands y’all. 
Advice: SIT STILL. Wait.

You don’t need to prove to ANYONE what you know or how you know or how skilled you are, that you are THE KING. You are the King. That’s it. Sit. Wait. Let them come to you.

And oh good lord my picture showed up sideways and I’m on a new computer and not sure how to rotate it on this DAMN THING nor how to remove it (unless I just cut and paste the text into a new post) so imagine that I’m laying next to you whispering sweet Tarot nothings or somethings in your ear with my deck and a magical cup of coffee that doesn’t spill on its side :) Hey, Witches can do this shit :)

I LOVE YOU. Talk to you soon xo
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Saturn Square Chiron + The Full Moon In Taurus (Nov 2/3/4)

So this is happening. I’m in the catalog. Click on this link to see!


"saturn square chiron"

Thoughts on the Saturn Chiron square NEXT WEEK:

Hard aspects as GRIDLOCK is on my mind as I look at next week’s sky, especially the Saturn Chiron square, gridlock in that part of your chart, the Sagittarius and Pisces houses.

CANNOT MOVE. Straightjacket energy YOU ARE STUCK (although I do predict a breakthrough under the Taurus Full Moon the following day).

Saturn is THE TEACHER, always with a lesson, always pushing us, making us grow BUT CHIRON DOES THIS TOO!

How do we learn when it’s a square. How do we not just… go to bed and stay in bed and hide? Squares are frustrating. Squares are painful. And a square between two powerhouse teachers like Saturn and Chiron…

how do we feel anything but defeated?

THIS IS THE JOB ASPECT. Job as in the Book of Job.

What is the SOLUTION to such a square??


define the lesson. What is happening in your Sagittarius House. What is happening in your Pisces House? They are LINKED. The issues you are going through are LINKED BY THIS SQUARE, by this tension and frustration. THEY ARE LINKED even though it doesn’t feel like it!!!


take action. Even if the action is sitting still and waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Define the lesson. Define the teaching. Wait. Listen. Act.


Don’t give up. Saturn Chiron can crush you. Don’t be crushed. Saturn Chiron can beat you. Don’t be beat. I say this with confidence because I KNOW. I know bad transits end. I know Jupiter enters a happy place in your chart and you get kissed once more.

Now of course if you are mentally SICK (no bootstraps at all), if you are physically SICK, there is a limit to how much my transit talk can help you, if you are homeless, broke, abused, THERE IS A LIMIT, but if you are just an ordinary Joe or Jane in the middle of your perfect lonely life then this applies to you. And honestly it applies to those of us suffering deeply as well (just harder to access OUR PERSONAL POWER).

That Saturn Chiron has a gift for you even when it seems like all you have has burned to the ground.

Wait for it. Wait for the Full Moon news about your life in response to the Saturn Chiron square.

I get clients who ask me why life is so hard. Why don’t they have what they want (whatever it is). But it’s the WRONG QUESTION. Not a stupid question but the wrong question.

Don’t ask WHY. Instead, GET TO WORK (says Saturn).
And yes this means you must discover YOUR TRUE WORK (says Saturn).

I wish you much HEALING, my friends 

Mercury Goes Direct :) May 3rd!!

"moon trine saturn"
I want to talk to you about next week, but before I do that, I want to give you the important links!

Here is a link to my latest blog post on Patheos Pagan. I’m there with my own column every week.

Here is a link to the Facebook Invite about the SAW Tarot Workshop. Who is saw? Sequential Artists Workshop! Please check them out!

I will be doing a LOCAl Workshop this month but then also adapting the in-person workshops into on-line courses. I love working with artists and writers!

And in terms of readings and stuff :) it’s business as usual in MoonPlutoLand with these TWO exceptions:

my reading and teaching bundles are $25 off until midnight tonight AND tomorrow is Mini-Moon Monday – $35 for 15 min Tarot by Facebook Messenger – one or two questions…


I feel intensely that your focus will be better and basically it’s back to work.

Mercury goes direct and even though there is a “shadow period” for Mercury to move out of, in my humble opinion you will FEEL like you are back on track and you know what?


even though Mercury will conjoin Uranus again! Mercury will be direct. Venus is direct. It’s this delayed Aries Season that I think has been, well, difficult for a lot of us. Next week also we have a Virgo Moon. You’re ready to move on from the April energies. Do you feel this? I do — even though I can’t believe May is around the corner (tomorrow, as I write this).

Something else is on my mind – before I tell you more about next week – and it’s about… discovering who YOU are as an astrologer. There are lots of astrologers with lots of ideas and they don’t need to accept you or to agree with you. In fact, they may be downright dismissive of what you do and how you do it. But I want to encourage you to keep doing and finding YOUR thing, astrologically, whether you read charts for others or just for yourself, for fun. 

IN part this is why I have avoided “astrology world” — too much hairsplitting and competition and honestly what I do includes astrology of course but THERE IS MORE.

There will always be haters, even among the topic you love so much! Believe in yourself, in your vision. Community is a double-edged sword. YES I have three personal planets in the 11th house, Sun, Mercury, and Mars — in Cancer — but I also have a first house MoonPluto. I need community yes but my needs run far deeper than buddies or people of “like interest.” Moon Pluto has to go deep, deeper. Always.

Please don’t marry the cookbook. Please don’t fail to develop your system. Please don’t believe everything your teachers taught you, including me. Please don’t make your magick an aesthetic instead of YOUR LIFE.

Yes I am biased but it’s my blog. Of course I’m biased. My spiritual life is not marketing and some things aren’t for sale.

Sermon over :)

It’s an easy going week. Honestly.

Sun sextile Neptune on Wednesday (harmonious aspect) which is good for most spiritual and creative endeavors as long as you do the high side of determined Taurus and become a blockade for the right reason and purpose–

and Sun inconjuct Jupiter on Friday (less harmonious) but the inconjunct is a battle of the VENUS. Taurus and Libra :)

Keyword for the inconjunct is “adjustment” – you may want to check up on the Houses of your chart for more detail about this one but off the top of my  head I’m thinking about the pleasure and comfort of Taurus having to accommodate others! Jupiter in LIBRA (the others). MY FOOD versus OUR LOVE :)

Next week is far more dynamic but “not bad” at all. Saturn is square Chiron today as well (it’s exact, with Saturn retrograde) and that feels kinda sloppy, edgy. Saturn can’t figure out what Chiron needs today (or is too bossy about it) and maybe today you can just “let it go.”

Sometimes we have to tell Saturn: LET IT GO.

I have a Moon Saturn trine in my natal chart and Saturn is the topmost planet in my chart in my 9th and I’m a teacher BUT I am not Saturn. At least I HOPE I do not patronize or silence others (which is low vibration Saturn and all too common).

Okay folks :) please check out the links above. Stay in touch. Let me know if you want a mini reading for Mini-Moon Monday and I’ll see you soon.