Pluto Transit Through The 5th House

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Freedom vs. Obsession And The Pluto Uranus Square!

So I’m on a bit of a blogging break. Vlogging instead!

As I was saying in the video, I was reading Stephen Arroyo on the train and what he said about the nature of the square vs. the softer aspects was really interesting to me — and then I started thinking about the Pluto Uranus square and wondering how that square… is coming to life in your life!

Is it easy to tease out the meaning? Have you seen any forward movement or resolution in those areas of your life (the houses where you find transiting Pluto and Uranus in your chart)?

Things are taking shape in my world but I know it’s not done yet. I know there is more to come. Surprise (Uranus) and metamorphosis (Pluto).

You know what? I think we’re lucky. I think we’re a damn lucky generation, all of us alive now who are experiencing this square.

What would happen if you did not resist the confusion, the change, the tumult and the turmoil but instead did ride the wave? I know I know we are talking fire and earth here but Jupiter is in CANCER (water). It’s a freakin’ STEW.

Maybe there’s a way to reframe all of this. And make it more fun (Jupiter!). Really. Maybe there’s a way you can make your trouble into adventure. Is this not the Temperance card? Is this not alchemy? Mixing and stirring and creating and transforming and why not believe? Why not try believing that you WILL?


Bring it on home to Jupiter. That’s my advice. For the moment!

Love, MP

Pluto Going Direct In September Is A Really Big Deal

Astrologers disagree about the importance of retrograde cycles for Pluto i.e. does it really matter for YOU PERSONALLY.

I think it does matter.

What you need to do: track the house placement, track the transits in your natal.

You’ll see the story LOUD AND CLEAR.

You got interrupted. LIFE INTERRUPTED. And you had to go through the UNDERWORLD but now oh yes now (in September) you emerge. And oh my God you are tired, you have been through hell, but FINALLY right where you should be. It had to happen.

Love, MP


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Do You Know Where Your Juno Is?

So we are in the middle of the Asteroid Goddess class and I posted this morning on Facebook:

We “reclaim” Juno or the Juno myth by NOT betraying her. Unlike Jupiter/Zeus. By living… SELF-WORTH rather than self destruction in the area of our life/chart where we find her. Juno wants revenge because she’s been betrayed so DO NOT BETRAY HER i.e. DO NOT BETRAY YOURSELF.

And if you are reading this, take responsibility. Make choices. Your choices make your life.

Where we have Juno is where we may feel BETRAYED and want to seek REVENGE or take REVENGE. Juno was the faithful wife.

HOW CAN WE RECLAIM OUR LOYALTY AND FIDELITY. To what or whom are you loyal?

On a related note, I am feeling very Pluto lately. What I mean is that I am talking about uncomfortable stuff these days, in my classes, in charts, in my personal life. It’s not easy, not fun. It’s smelly. It’s ripe with… truth. At least that’s how I would describe it. Saturn in Scorpio truth. And transiting Venus is conjunct my Pluto this week. Double triple ripe truth! But without it, what do we have?

And I was connecting my Pluto life these days with Juno (Juno being associated with Scorpio). And where we find Pluto we find crisis, coercion and I am going to use rape as a metaphor now and I’m sorry if it is offensive. Rape is such a horrible thing (I consider it torture) that I don’t believe it has a PLACE in language as a metaphor and yet… that’s how Pluto I feel today. My childhood was traumatic. I feel I have a right to these metaphors.

Life is about making choices. Being free and able to make choices. Not being coerced, consciously (when we go along with it, for whatever reason) or by default. Is it time for you to CHOOSE rather than just swim with the tide? When I just swim with the tide, my body falls apart. It REBELS. I start to suffer even if I can’t identify why. I just get symptoms.

If we don’t choose, then we are being raped. Don’t rape yourself, ladies and gentlemen. Make choices. Really examine your life. “Do I want such and such”?

I am living and breathing Pluto right now :)

Another connection: a gal in the Asteroid Class has her Juno in Sagittarius and I am telling her how she must NOT betray herself and she does this by honoring her FREEDOM.

Love, MP

PS I may not publish comments on this post. It depends. Just an FYI. I will be selective.

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Too Much Pluto??

I never thought of myself as having a Big Mouth before. And I still don’t but an incident the other day got me thinking. Thinking about PLUTO and about shame and what is “okay” to talk about.

I was seeing a “healer” for a health situation I’m dealing with and I felt comfortable with her and all of a sudden whoo hoo I was TALKING. Wasn’t asking her to take the “role of a mental health professional” but… you know what I mean, right? I was “Just Talking.”

Her reaction later on though made me feel NOT safe. Did I have a therapist? Did I know she wasn’t qualified to give me advice? I wasn’t seeking advice really. I was kind of rambling. And this rambling of mine was evidence of, actually, a DEEP feeling of safety. It was actually a compliment to her skills.

I am a sensitive Cancer and took her comments in reaction to heart – and my shame came out. BIG. I felt tired and sad the rest of the afternoon. I realized I had reached HER boundary. Breached it.

If you, too, are a Pluto person, then you’ve probably experienced this before — with a friend, a lover, a doctor… when you realize you’ve said too much and they recoil. Too much Pluto. Taboo.


Moon void of course in Aquarius now. It’s a good day for catching up and pulling back. Less emotional, fewer storms. Energy building towards the Grand Sextile,which includes oppositions so… under the surface there be all kind of animals in the forest but today you can cruise control it.

Love, MP


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I Live In Pluto Country

I am a jealous woman but I have known others far more jealous than me, men and women.

How do I know this? They have told me, provided examples.

Their jealousy makes ME, mine, seem like a firefly rather than a strike of lightening or a house on fire.

Thinking of one friend: Scorpio on her descendent and she has avoided relationships for YEARS partly because her jealousy is so intense (but not pathological she says) — it causes her pain. Better to avoid the whole thing than run the risk of killing someone, so to speak.

And then there are those who DO kill. Crimes of passion (a term I hate but bear with me).

Am I in their league? No. Not going to do kill. But I have my um moments. My 1st House Moon Pluto conjunction (despite being very well aspected) is a marker for emotionally intensity and has the potential to disrupt (or even destroy) what is precious. Ugh.

Also, speaking personally and maybe you can relate: the more I fear that I have something to lose, the more vulnerable I feel, at risk, the louder my jealousy sings. Cue slamming door. Prideful bellowing Venus in Leo doesn’t help matters either.

What are your experiences? What does your chart say? 


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Transiting Mars Square Pluto

Mars is square my Pluto today, probably square a lot of your Plutos (hello Pluto in Virgo generation) and I’m sitting at a cafe waiting on a friend. Actually he’s gone to an appointment and I’m waiting for him to be done. Got my drink, got my food, Moon’s in Cancer.

I’m also on my iPad here and not sure how to save this as a draft, rather than publish it right away (using the WordPress app) so this will go up without a picture and perhaps not so edited.

Mars square Pluto is an aspect of violence but it starts on the inside and I (or you) can either workout like a mofo or start fights with my lover. I did both today.

And then I realized, and then I remembered: Mars is square my Pluto and technically still squaring my Moon. Emotional violence. Chaos. Angst. Stabby ragey.

Once I realized what I needed to do, which included not expecting him to do anything about my mood (despite his offering), I got out my kickboxing DVD and I kicked and I boxed and grunted. I screamed too. I never scream. I’ve written about The Scream before. Got one in me. Have a sore throat now. Midway through the workout, I poke my head out the door to make sure I haven’t alarmed the cats. Or him.

So that’s one way, one good way, to deal with this transit: it is energy. It is energy in your body. And it’s not neutral. It is hot, it is passionate, it is blood energy, and without expression i.e. if you stay cooped up in your warm apartment doing nothing to appease this angry god, you will suffer and cause those around you to suffer. Mars Pluto is a demanding bitch.

There’s a gal in my chat room with Mars in her natal 8th House and she’s a runner. 90 minutes a day? More? With an aspect like that, you HAVE to. I’d say any Mars Pluto combination (even the “good aspects”) will create energy in reserve that needs expulsion and you know what? There will be more. It will keep regenerating and the more you sit on it, the more you feel in danger of exploding.

Do you have a Mars Pluto aspect?

Love, MP

What Transit Is On *Your* Mind?

The year my mother died, Pluto had just entered my 4th House.

And Pluto is now at the beginning of my 5th House. The retrograde will bring it back to the 4th House cusp. This is how astrology works. This is how *I* work i.e. reminding myself it is, truly, the end of a cycle, a 15 year cycle.

I was asking the folks on the message board if they feel done because sometimes I would feel done, which really meant that I felt too tired to dream and/or strive again. And I think of the last 15 years and what I wish I had been doing instead of surviving and struggling and it takes EFFORT to remind myself that, yes, everything IS different now.

Also, there is more than one cycle. We are in cycles with all the outer planets. And I’m not even thinking of the sign change, but the house change.

So everything is different now and I’m thinking of a client that I was working with this morning. She’s under a Pluto transit and good things are happening in her life but she can’t feel it yet, can’t sink into it. Pluto on her Sun. Saturn on her Pluto. She’s changing from the inside out. She’s pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and… her Saturn Return is not even for a few years. But she *is* together.

Understand, I did this research on purpose, looked for that chart to see if my mother’s death did coincide with the beginning of that transit. It is done now, Little Moon. It is DONE.

Pluto can retrograde all he wants back back back back to the edge of my 4th and maybe I’ll move (again), but it’s still done.

I’m writing a lot about Pluto through my 5th House these days because I’ve started writing poems again, starting reading poems again, starting allowing poems back in my life again. And that was my dream. After graduate school. The straight line I craved. Publish poems. Publish a book. Teach. Secure a life.

Ha, said life.

I remember once time my astrology teacher (in a reading) suggested that… perhaps I had to wait. Live more, write more, before the good — no — the better poems would come. And, believe me, I was praised, beloved. And without guidance. And thoroughly confused at age 25, MFA in hand, no skills, no emotional skills. Which is why I’m continually impressed by my young clients. Many of them are so centered.

So again I want to engage you on this level – what cycle are you entering. What cycle are you leaving? Can you track it? Was there a death? Yours? Someone else’s? Is it possible, is it truly possible, that cycles end and we do live and begin again, we pick up where we left off 15 years later, the same but very very different, after EVERYTHING, and happy, happier, finally.

Are you done? Do you have more to do? 

Love, MP


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Weekend Tarot Forecast For Lovers: Hope Anyway

What does your life depend on? 


Weekend Tarot Forecast for confused lovers, for lonely lovers, for in-love lovers, for grieving lovers, for all of the above, for some of the above, for lovers in blue skirts, for lovers in big cities, for lovers wearing rings, and more, this forecast is for you.

Moon void of course right now in the Big City. Enters Gemini in about an hour. Moon in Gemini all weekend.

Moon square Neptune today: confused lovers!

Mercury enters Aries today: hot lovers, got something to say lovers. Watch your tongue.

Tomorrow, a Yod: Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t make your lover jealous. Moon in Gemini flirts but please don’t make the Saturn Pluto sextile jealous. It’s not worth it for a glass of lemonade with the cute boy (girl).

Also, Moon square Chiron: see? I warned you! ;)

By the end of the day (Sunday) all is well as the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and you feel good and he (she) feels good and the hope and faith (Jupiter!) you feel feels as real as the chair you’re sitting in and the computer you’re typing on and the body you’re living in, including everything that’s wrong and everything that’s right. Without hope, we die. I know I know sometimes we have to give hope a break because it hurts too much to hope. Inside hope is a kernel of loss, heartbreak, that it won’t come true, that the Beloved will leave, that failure, that it’s been for nothing. Hope anyway.


My life depends upon where Pluto is transiting now but just went retrograde, at the very beginning of my 5th House. Creation. Creative transformation. (Thinking out loud: I taught a mini-course on the 5th House, Pluto, and Creativity once. I wonder if it’s time again to do another one like that.)


Tarot Love Advice for the collective: okay my friends this is new, this is brand new. Even if you’ve been with this person for 20 years, 30 years, or 5 years, this is NEW. You can do it differently. And if this is a new person, oh yes there is hope. And the feeling is mutual. And if you want to think of this as… your relationship with yourself or your relationship with the Divine? Go ahead! God has a hard-on for you too :) And I mean that… in the best way :) Ace of Wands. Page of Pentacles. Page of Cups. There is so much potential here (and yes potential is not reality) I’m tempted to say (as RuPaul says): don’t fuck it up. These lovers are sweet, well-meaning, trying hard, diligent, excited…

So the advice is about your attitude, your approach. You have everything you need right here so keep going.

One more word of advice from two more cards: the transition you are in now: from the Queen of Swords (mourning) to the Fool and his break of day. Ready?

Got weekend plans? What’s on your mind? 

Love, MP


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Another One For Pluto Retrograde

We must live with the times.

Pluto goes retrograde somewhere in your chart (in your life) and you must pay attention. Who was I watching? Who was I reading? Someone… someone saying that Pluto retrograde is an INNER transformation. Maybe one of my astro pals can remind me who that was…


Springtime and I’m social again even though in the Big City it’s a different jacket everyday now. Days ago it was in the high 70s and today it was chilly again.

But this post isn’t about the weather. This post is about getting your dreams back and that has everything to do with Pluto going retrograde in your chart. Because where Pluto is… is where you are changing, is where you must change but this change includes the PAST. Something, someone, forgotten. Left behind. God knows. But from April to September (the retrograde period), you *can* get it back (or visit with it or heal from it or know more, finally) although it’s not the same. It’s a new form. Do you recognize it?


Tonight I went to a poetry reading with a friend (Pluto is beginning a long transit through my 5th House – creativity) and it was like it was 1994 again. No one was checking their cell phones. Everyone was listening to these two scholars read the words (in translation) of the poet. I didn’t feel like I was back in graduate school but it was a familiar feeling. Not everyone was dressed in black although I was :) And, yeah, in case you are wondering, my hair looked good :)

This used to be my world, I said to my companion. It still is, he said to me.


What I tend to do is track my transits and ask myself: what is this about? What is this going to mean? And I take my guesses. Some transits interest me more than others. Some scare me. I don’t spend half as much time pondering Uranus through my 8th ;)


So tonight revived me again. Brought me back to life. Re-birthed (Pluto) me. The first revival was after my trip out west. Came back inspired. I decided I would write a book of poems, a poem cycle, seek publication for the first time in years. Got two rough drafts now, two new poems and seeking… the daily discipline, the structure to work on them, to finish them. To keep coming back to life. Will this be my Pluto transit? Maybe.

And then (synchronicity!) I get a text from my Sagittarius friend as I was leaving the hall. You should write a book he says. And he talked about Tarot writing, which I love to blog about, but no — not for a book-book. I’m going back-back for that. Back to the old dream that got buried, along with my mother, during Pluto through my 4th House.


So you have a job to do, just like I do, and I know I’m a broken record, I know I’m always saying this, but you must find transiting Pluto in your chart, whether or not you even match it up to the transits it’ll make soon enough (squaring Uranus again, opposing Jupiter in Cancer…) but to focus on exactly where he is, whether he’s changing houses or in the same house for another many year or what. Go inside there. Mark it.

But enough about me. What are your plans? 

Love, MP


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Pluto Goes Retrograde April 12th

And they actually do matter, common though they are, retrograde periods of the outer planets.

Life doesn’t stop but I will be surprised if you are not visited by ghosts of Pluto past… or Plutos of ghosts past or Scorpios falling from the skies, particularly pensive skydivers, Healthcliff types.

Basically you need to find transiting Pluto in your chart and the story is there. It is RIGHT THERE. Open your eyes. Pay attention. First, find the house. Then, note the aspects, one by one. Pluto moves slowly. Easy to track.

Also, find your natal Pluto because that is where, even more, you will feel it, position of your deepest, most penetrative changes. You? Gone. You? New.

My chart? 5th House. Love. Creativity. Children? But my natal Pluto is in the 1st House, with my Moon. No matter who I love (5th House) no matter who I f**k (5th House), what’s changing here is me (1st House).

Important also to note is that Pluto retrograde brings it closer to Uranus, squeezing on that square once again, turning straw and fire into gold (pardon my mixing metaphors).

Here’s a question: which one are you feeling more in your life? Transiting Pluto or transiting Uranus? How are they influencing each other? What’s the tension about? 

Love, MP


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Little Poem For Wednesday

I used to keep track of everything. Journals, diaries, my inner world.

Pluto has just entered (well, is on the cusp) of my 5th House and Pluto’s transit through my 4th saw me moving a lot and throwing a lot away.

So last night when I was looking through the old poems I was surprised… I was actually surprised how many of those poems were sex/love poems. How did I forget? And I began to wonder if I had changed at all. Had my longings changed. Was I still the same 27 year old girl seeking redemption through the almighty………. Never mind :)

(And no doubt this project of mine of 30 poems in 30 days is Pluto (obsession/sex) beginning to tour my 5th House of The Fuck and if you thought the 8th House was the House of The Fuck well it’s both.)

I’ll tell you this: I was certainly devoted to my subject matter and we all have Pluto SOMEWHERE in our charts, natally and by transit and thus we are obsessed THERE.

The Stars

Thursday (Moon in Libra!) the 31st feels like preparation for Friday’s love and sex events: Mars entering Pisces and Venus in Aquarius!

Does this match your chart? Your lover’s chart?

I was writing yesterday that folks underestimate Mars in Pisces (thinking it’s not Mars enough) and then hmm it’ s not that Venus in Aquarius isn’t Venus enough… she’s actually quite alluring and magnetic in the sign (Uranus is exciting) just… don’t get too close, okay? You will find folks with Venus or Mars in Aquarius or in the 11th House who can do the Internet relationship thing long past the point of… health. But your mileage may vary. I have a water/earth chart. Those feelings need… a body, a home.



You tell me you’re not afraid of death

as we walk around the reservoir,

holding hands. You could be anyone to me.

Lights left on in the Manhattan skyscrapers

seem to run towards us

and your family in Bombay can’t believe the photos:

a park in the heart of the city!

“But Central Park is the lungs,” you say.


Last night, your headache wouldn’t stop.

Distractions of the home theatre

and two digital cameras were not enough to make you well,

three aspirin failing us once again.

A pushy throb at the forehead first,

the pain arched its way back like my fingers did

through your thinning hair.


Finally we decide to make love.

You push my breasts together, my legs apart.

It’s the first time. And when I taste you,

I taste mud and rock and water,

and I imagine I taste the gift a friend brought you from back home,

six varieties of mango.


If I could, I would find a spot right here and dig,

find fossils of the body in love,

not these trotting joggers,

couples panting around the park’s breathy circumference.

I would search for a woman opening her better half,

her lover taking that sweet nut between his teeth.


“That was good,” you had said,

your headache slowing, finally, to a crawl.


Meeting the old poems, I feel how constricted they are and I wonder about the writing to come. Jupiter has gone direct *somewhere* in your life. And Saturn going retrograde in February… I get the feeling of a tightly coiled spring finally uncoiling :) at least for a little while that you feel free.

Possession: Pluto Through The 5th House

This story is about a friend of mine who also has Virgo Rising but a higher degree and thus she’s had Pluto transiting her 5th House for a little more than a year now.

She was single up until… 6 months ago or so. And then she met Pluto. She met a man but she also met Pluto.

And I couldn’t even call this a cautionary tale because I don’t know where these two will end up. Call it a love story. In progress.

Yesterday we were chatting on-line and she was telling me details without telling me the whole story (typical) and recounting a conversation with the man, and with her Pluto.

That the man had asked her a question and her answer was “Because you’re mine.”

She was shocked by her words. Too late.

She told me I’ve never said anything like that in my life. Never felt it. Never knew it. Never said it. 

Pluto takes possession. Wherever he is transiting, so will you.

I listened closely for her wisdom because I am beginning this transit myself.

You will encounter Pluto where he transits. You will encounter Pluto people. You will project your Pluto. There may be obsession. There may be crisis. Impulses you cannot explain. Emotional intensity, profundity. Avoid power struggles is the wisdom. Yeah, good luck with that ;) You will desire and desire and desire.

When your answer to a question is “Because you’re mine” what can follow? I think it’s either/or. The person surrenders to you because he/she knows it’s true. Or they fight it. And whether or not they tell you they fight it is another matter.

You know what? I am looking forward to this transit. All of us Pluto in Virgo generation will benefit from Pluto in Capricorn (a trine) but there’s more–

And it’s not that I’m born again (Pluto rules rebirth) but that I become more myself under this transit. And it feels good. 5th House. That my 1st House Pluto is at home again (instead of being squared, pushed, punched by Pluto in Sagittarius) and could potentially say things like:

You are mine. This is mine. I am mine.

Not to take from anyone, but to desire, indivisibly, and that all shall proceed from that point, single-mindedly and bloom the dark blooms so beautiful to Pluto people :)

Do you know Pluto? 

Healing Hurts: Yod Alert!

"new moon in sagittarius"In the private room, someone posed a question about the transiting Yod we’re under, involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. It’s not exact but the energy is there, available, for sensitive types like many of you reading this.

And this is what I had to say, off the cuff (with a touch of editing…)

It causes stress. Information overload stress with Jupiter retrograde in Gemini: too many words, not enough meaning behind them, mix-ups, snafus, as though Mercury retrograde were lasting months and not weeks.

Worst case scenario is that this Yod causes you to panic.”What do I do? What am I going to do?”

The stability of a Yod is found in its sextile (Saturn and Pluto in this case) but it’s subtle, underground, despite the power of a mutual reception, and in my opinion not so pleasant. Scorpio is not a pleasant sign. It is not a fun sign. It’s intense. It interrogates. Remember, we’re talking Saturn and Pluto here. Not Venus and Barbie ;)

I do believe there are opportunities for real healing (Pluto in Capricorn) and learning from our mistakes or from what we’ve pushed under the rug (Saturn in Scorpio) but it just doesn’t feel so good in the moment.

Are you on Yod-watch too? 



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Thanksgiving, Pluto, And The Stuff Of The Dead

"pluto in the 1st house"A very rambly post. This is from Thanksgiving 2011

I had a good Thanksgiving. Had a great meal at a restaurant with friends, a very New York thing to do.

And then I came home to start an astrology reading. And then I began a cleaning frenzy. Well, maybe not so frenzied. My picking up the broom ALONE is cause for alarm ;)

There are messy Virgos and there are clean Virgos. I’m a Virgo Moon, not Sun and I like things clean and orderly… especially if I can get someone else to do it. My Taurus roommate is worse than me. She doesn’t even notice the grime, mold, dust, ick, etc. I notice. I notice EVERYTHING.

But I did good: the bathroom, some of the living room, gathered the clothes for tomorrow’s laundry which included some organization of the closet, swept the kitchen, need to wash the dishes… okay okay it was a frenzy, but I went slow, and now I have big pile of garbage to take out tomorrow morning. I LOVE THROWING THINGS AWAY which I used to attribute to prominent (1st House) Pluto. And I’ve lost so much in my life, lost things, that I get nervous about acquiring anything. I don’t want to collect and Saturn in Virgo saw me lose just about everything.

It’s taken THIS LONG… to buy books again, clothes, stuff. I bought a mug today. I love mugs but every time I buy a thing, any THING, I think… loss. And as I write these words I realize that it’s less and less that I think of loss but it’s still in there. Although less and less.

It’s like when my mother died, well, when anyone dies: the stuff. Their stuff. What do you do with THE STUFF. Especially if they had a lot of stuff. Especially if you live out of town and you want all their stuff but can’t possibly take it all. And their smell. Is on the stuff. You know about that? I know about that.

This post is really rambling but appropriate perhaps for Thanksgiving. It’s an American day off. Well, not for all – I know that – but for many. I hope you got a chance to rest today and eat and… have one good moment of peace, one bite of pleasure, and one, or two, kisses.

I didn’t finish my glass of eggnog by the way. I kept joking that Jews don’t know from eggnog. It’s just not… well… it’s just NOT. That shrimp scampi is more Jewish than eggnog. You know it’s true ;)

Do you keep? Or do you throw? Where’s your Pluto? 


Saturn In Scorpio And Creativity

"new moon in libra"Invention. Manifestation. Creativity. Pluto rules death and rebirth.

The death part is the painful part :) We have to let things go. Or we are doing the leaving. Growing pains. The rebirth isn’t easy either but there’s hope. New Life.

Loss doesn’t always have a face. We attach a face to it, but remember it could be the loss before that or the loss before that. Many faces. And Pluto is building again on the spot where the house burned down.

So wherever he is transiting in your chart these days (and squaring Uranus) — do focus there. What you want to put there. Don’t get carried away by a transit. Participate, be part of it.

Mars is passion but Pluto is intensity and yes in the Creativity class I wanted them to focus on Pluto as the heart of their creative powers. To look for transiting Pluto to see the raw reinvention and power that needs direction.

Saturn in Scorpio is a Saturn Pluto intersection, penetration, marriage. These two bodies in combination is, well, have you *ever* met a wimpy Saturn Pluto person? I think not. Even if they are nice on the surface, they have otherworldly willpower. For evil or for good.

So with Saturn as your discipline and Pluto as personal power,  imagine for a moment what you can give birth to.


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Out of Hell: Your Pluto, Your Power

"uranus square pluto"You know, I never used to pay attention much to retrograde Pluto in the birth chart.  

Wasn’t thinking that it had a special meaning beyond anything the astro books could tell me.

But now, after tracking planets so intensely, since I started this blog, and for clients, and after a bit of discussion in the virtual classroom, I’ve changed my mind. It IS important.  Even though these retrograde motions are normal, are common… it matters. Because context matters. Context is the story.

This week Pluto goes direct so this means that for all of us the retrograde motion has been a stall, physically and spiritually. REALLY. It’s real. And even when the astro books talk about what the retrograde outer planets “mean” in a chart… it’s never very rich to me. Okay, the planet doesn’t act the same way. Or it’s more internal.

I view the birth chart and the transit chart as being in motion, despite your natal being your natal, forever and always. The sky was in motion as you slid out of your mother’s womb. And then it continued. Your arrival was a triumph.

You are having a Uranus Pluto story now. A Uranus square Pluto story and part of that story is Uranus retrograde NOW and Pluto retrograde NOW and Pluto going direct SOON. It matters. It’s real. The energy is real. The energy is… a person born close to a Pluto station, well, it’s not precisely the same as forward motion Pluto.

So that’s one piece of homework that you can do.  Dig out your ephemeris and find out what was happening close to your birth,  how close Pluto was to going direct or forward. Where he was in his process.

Pluto is power. Pluto is your will. Pluto, lower vibration, is manipulation, abuse of power, disturbance, taking without giving, taking and then giving what no one wants, like a stomach flu. Pluto rules the bowels.

Y’all know I love Isabel Hickey. Here is a list of “negative” expressions of Pluto: desecration, annihilation, tribulation, destruction, intensity, struggle, obsession, darkness, hell, willfullness, karma, disintegration.

You know it’s true. If you know Pluto people, you know it’s true. Tons of Scorpio or prominent Pluto and especially a challenged Pluto. Pluto touching personal planets. Packed 8th Houses too. They KNOW hell. And they will either spread their hell to others like a disease or broil in it themselves. Or both.

And here is part of her list of the positive expression and if you say this list out loud you’ll notice how different it feels: 

consecration, rebirth, transformation, construction, free-flowing, submission, wisdom, illumination, light, heaven, willingness, grace, integration. What a beautiful list. Grace.

Take the Pluto challenge this week. Find transiting Pluto in your chart. 6 Capricorn. And commit to light and heaven and grace and transformation THERE. And FOR REAL. Not lip service. Not manipulation. Not trying to get what you want. Not control tactics. FOR REAL Real surrender. Turn the volume down on your emotional intensity. Master it. Channel it. Make ART.

Allow for others to live and breathe as they see fit. Out of the stranglehold. Out of hell. Because you strangle YOUR life as you attempt to strangle others and there is so much more.

Writing is magic. When I write here, it is magic. I mean that I am creating something or altering something — that wasn’t there before. Creation. Pluto rules death but also rebirth. So where Pluto is transiting for you now is… where you have more power than you realize. And where you will change. Will you go willingly?


How Do You Soothe Your Moon?

"moon pluto conjunction"I was talking to a friend today about the Moon, his Moon, my Moon.

And this conversation started because I had a weird, emotionally uncomfortable day and wrote him an email about it and then at the end of the email I mentioned pie. That maybe pie could solve the problem. If I had some.

He wrote back that since his Moon is in Cancer, pie most definitely would solve it.  And then of course I had to ask for his opinion about what would make my Moon Pluto conjunction feel better.

Surgery he said, learn about it, and I was doubtful. I’m squeamish. I can’t give blood. I can’t even imagine skin being broken but metaphorically? That I love. And mentioned my long fanship of Grey’s Anatomy which is about surgery residents and their psychology, the psychology of the surgeon. Fascinating.

And then I came up with another angle: healing because Pluto rules healing and healers. Psychic surgery. Isn’t that what Readings are?

I mean, there had to be something ELSE for Moon in Virgo besides sweep the floor although putting something in order does help at times.

Finally I got to a place that I hadn’t expected. He did mention (and I agree) that Mars rules surgery in general and Mars rules my 8th House (sex) and I had my aha moment.

It’s sex, I said.  I need to be having emotionally (Moon) transformative (Pluto) sex with my 7th House partner.

The 1st House, where my Moon is, is always talking to the  7th House. That’s how oppositions work even if there aren’t any planets on the other side.

So now it’s your turn to think about this and you can ask me and I’ll try to answer.

How can you, how do you, honor your Moon or soothe your Moon? What does it take? 

I didn’t know if I succeeded in soothing my Moon this evening but then I realized, another AHA moment, that just TALKING ABOUT all this and processing (very Virgo!) and then writing about it is VERY Moon Pluto in Virgo, ruled by Mercury i.e. writing, communication.

And one more thing, in general, if you feel down and out or weirded out from the Full Moon, do something that makes you feel masterful and this is more Pluto advice than Moon advice but listen–

Wherever you have Pluto in your chart shows… something, some area of life that you must master, feel masterful about, rather than… becoming or feeling like a victim. Think about it!

How do you soothe your Moon? How do you live your Pluto? Are they connected in your chart? 

Love, MP

Love Advice For The Full Moon In Aquarius

"full moon in aquarius"Last night I was blogging about a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Couldn’t remember the last time. It was about sex but not really.

And how when that feeling isn’t there, between me and my romantic potential, it feels like something is missing. It’s like… a car with no gas. A mundane example but accurate I think ;)

Here’s your first astrological tie-in: Mercury rules transportation, including cars, and Mercury retrograde is an introspective time.

We may not find all the answers, we may not move forward yet, we may have lost the map, we may have lost the road, but we’re considering getting in the car.

The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius opposes not only the Sun, but Mercury retrograde in Leo. Big emotions.

Big emotions that you may feel kind of… distant from or rational about and these Full Moon emotions are having a spat with your thinking which isn’t so clear.

And the thinking is about YOU. What YOU want to do. Where to go. How to proceed. Is this the right time? When will the right time be? Will heaven bless you? Who is the angel at your table?

All this to say: I wouldn’t make many big decisions around Full Moon time. There will be a sextile to Uranus but Uranus is also retrograde. Insight will come, whether you seek it or not. Keep your eyes open. But make no promises despite the sweet aspects.

And if you are running down your mental or written list of what you need to get involved again. If it’s been a while. If you are wondering if you are too old. If you are wondering if you’re too damaged. If you are wondering whether you could ever love again or ever love anyone else after so and so. If you are wondering whether you can ever feel the way you want to feel. If you seek inspiration and it’s hard to find.

Well, I do believe it is possible.

I feel my age. I truly feel my age. Even though I have older-than-me Facebook friends who tell me I’m in my prime (whatever the fuck THAT means), I feel my age, I feel the years, I feel my health needs more care, I see the physical changes.

No love that I would ever seek would be based on the physical even though physical expression of it is necessary. The only way around feeling insecure is by… knowing what matters and by getting in touch with… how to put it… well, that feeling that I felt last night is one example. I know that that passion is necessary. That I need to feel inspired.

I’m going to draw three cards: one card for the situation YOU are in now. And one card for what is blocking you. And then a third card for how you can move forward :)

Whoa. Situation you are in now: Death. You are changing and this change process cannot be stopped. It’s a slow moving horse, yes. Gentle at times. Brutal at times. You may break hearts in the process but keep going. You have no choice actually. Keep going. And don’t forget to feed your horse as you go. Love the change you see in you. Sun is in Leo. Mercury is in Leo. Build an altar to your passion.

What is blocking you: Judgement. Yes, you do have heavenly help. You will have heavenly help. But there’s something, well, hysterical ;) in the way you try to pull it down. And you may be missing something that’s right before your eyes. Just because you are changing it doesn’t mean that everything and everyone must go. Open your eyes and look around because there is some REALITY that you are avoiding. Could be about you. Could be about them. The path you are on is lighted and fated. Open your eyes, Miss Neptune!

Advice: The High Priestess. Accept. Receive. Notice. Love is ALREADY all over you like stripes on a tiger. Force nothing. Force no one. Get quiet. Time is not your enemy here. All will unfold as needed. Prepare inwardly if you want but put your hands down. Stop trying to rearrange the furniture of your life please. There are times to sit and be. This is one of them.

What do you need to love again? 

Love, MP

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A Prayer For The New Moon In Cancer

"new moon in cancer"I was on the train today, reading about Pluto and I had this thought:

Pluto doesn’t get tired.

Pluto, in your natal chart, or by transit, shows where you are tireless. Pluto strives.

Wait. Let me be a little more precise.

It is the CHANGE itself (the changing), the energy, the Pluto passion ITSELF that is relentless —  it’s not that YOU desire relentless change.

I keep listening to this one song over and over today tirelessly :) by this band The Boxer Rebellion. No clue who they are. Found them on a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. (I’m a long-time Grey’s fan.) I mention it because I was a music obsessed kid and then spent some years unobsessed and now have returned to my obsession now that Spotify exists and I can hear almost anything and everything.

Pluto rules obsession and Pluto is leaving my 4th House, entering my 5th and I am ready.

Find transiting Pluto in your chart. Your life is relentless there. Do you feel it? Can you recognize it?

When I started studying astrology, Pluto was in my 4th and I recognized what he’d done: the death of both my parents (and no, my transit doesn’t mean it will happen to you too), the constant moving, the loss of legacy (Pluto). I am my conjunction.

What are you? asks the New Moon in Cancer. The 4th House is associated with the sign of Cancer: your symbolic foundations, where you come from, the point in the chart where your soul enters.

A prayer:

May all your New Moon intentions be filled with love, your ideal mother’s love. Whether you had it or not, it lives inside you.

Love, MP

50 Shades Of Crabby: A Masochist Grows Up

"uranus square pluto"I have’t read 50 Shades of Grey and I don’t know if I’m going to, but I do know a thing or too about dominant and submissive relationships. I understand the mindset very well.

Thought it was “me” for a short time. Had a few relationships along those lines. Unsatisfying ones. Because I was looking FOR relationship. Not a sexual style which is mostly what I found back then.

And the older I get, the more I want total autonomy over my sexual/romantic relationship. That may sound obvious or a given to you, but to me, and my chart, well, I had to have it pointed it out to me a number of times how I responded instinctively to others’ needs, not paying any attention to my own. (The Redemption of Venus in Leo from the 12th House!)

I want to be free to choose when and how I have sex, even within the confines of a relationship. I think I always did. And again this may sound strange to you, but there was a time in my 30s where I wanted to (yes, consensually) give up that control to the other.

This reminds me of a possibly related topic. How as a school-age child, I was bullied. Even in my late 30s I have been subject to bully-attack by grown women. Shake-downs, intimidation. It is rare but when it happens, it is disturbing. And I always share the emails. My friends find it disturbing too.

Power struggle, power (energy) transference, is it any wonder that the ones who bully me have had strong Pluto flavors to their charts? I also do, but well aspected :) My Moon and Pluto conjunction is sextiled all around the chart. I’m Pluto-Pleasant :)

Funny to me, too, that 50 Shades is so popular now. I guess 9 1/2 Weeks was too fringe when it came out? I know the movie was popular but I really liked that novel back in the day. And there was Secretary and other offerings.

Now, I don’t judge anyone for their choices at all. I’m just talking about what’s right for me and how important it is to know thyself. If you want to live that life? Great! If you don’t? Then know that too.

And, also, Cancer is a sign (my sign) who will always want to parent and be parented. Taken care of. And for Cancer to reach a comfortable state of independence, well, it can be even more alluring than having Daddy pull you out of the problem in a pinch.



Love, MP

PS And if you are searching for a BDSM or D/s relationship, hard Pluto aspects between your charts can be very helpful! Venus square Pluto for example. Saturn aspecting personal planets can also be good but it depends on what you’re seeking. Pluto will bring more heat and Saturn will bring more chilly authority.

This is also very much a Moon Pluto topic. Will have to discuss this more in Part 2…

Forecast! Uranus Square Pluto: Sudden Healing

"uranus square pluto"

I was doing a little morning reading just now, reading about Pluto.

It’s important to remember that Pluto isn’t just associated with death, but also rebirth.

That Pluto isn’t just associated with criminals and danger but also healers and getting well. Getting *very* well.

When you revisit your natal Pluto, remember this. That you HEAL from that place in your chart. That you heal yourself, definitely, but possibly others as well with your Pluto Power.

Now I know I know I know the square is an aspect of tension, believe me I know! I’ve got squares-a-plenty in my natal chart AND YET (there’s always an “and yet” with me) Pluto always holds the truth. It can get twisted sure, very twisted, manipulated, but the little seed-truth is in there. Like a gold tooth in the mouth of God.

This Uranus square Pluto transit may drop you at a crossroads and quite literally the crossroads of the houses involved (in your chart), but real healing, real stitching up from massive wounds can take place for you now and in the coming weeks.

Do you believe it?

Now I do believe this weekend and early next week will seal the deal for you in one area of your life in at least one very important way. EVEN BEFORE Saturn and Venus go direct.

Uranus = invention. Pluto = transformation. YOU ARE COMING UP NEW. And if you want to know WHERE, then find transiting Uranus and find transiting Pluto in your chart. And also find your natal placements of these guys.

Trust me. You are changing. And that’s a good thing. Be open to the miraculous cure that your life can become.

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t Jupiter-follow-the-yellow-brick-road feeling. It’s more jarring. It’s more definite. It’s more defining. You HAVE to choose ONE. You CAN’T have it ALL. It’s scary at times, and gross, like adolescence. Pluto in Capricorn is about growing up.

Are you feeling this square? 

Love, MP

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Here Comes Your Grief

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Or your sorrow. Or your confusion. Or your joy. What do you do?


I named this blog Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense because I feel like an expert in emotional intensity. It’s been a lifelong path to regulate my inner life.

My Moon in Virgo is conjunct Pluto in my 1st House. (And it does get better as you get older by the way.)

First reading I ever had with my astrology teacher, he took one look at that conjunction and said : intense emotions!

I understood myself, my life, in that moment. Why I was the way I was. Why I had certain problems, sensitivities…

Pluto intensifies what it touches.


Your emotions are not alien beings… and yet they are, or they can feel that way sometimes.

I was telling someone this morning who is going through the grief process for the first time: it’s like having a guest. It’s temporary but cannot be rushed out.

The Sun is in Taurus now. Comfort is key. If you too are going through a mourning or grief process, give your feelings a place at the table, a pillow to lean against, food and drink. Consider your emotions an honored guest, here to stay for a while and the better you take of your emotions, the sooner they will… tire of you ;) and be on their way. I don’t mean emotions in general but when you are having a tough time.

The grief process does not… remedy itself in a day or a week. It’s PHYSICAL. Psychological shock manifests physically. You must be patient. You must give the body time. Give the mind time.


I am not a psychologist. My MFA is in Creative Writing :) but I know trauma, I know grief, I fucking know PROCESS with my Virgo South Node, Virgo Moon and Pluto, Virgo RISING lol

I teach and preach Pisces, which is the other side of Virgo, because I am talking to myself as I talk to you. 12th House, Pisces, Neptune. Spiritual, mystical, faith. Rather than no boundaries (12th House) to your worry, let it be no boundaries, no edges, no ending to Spirit helping you, guiding you.

Bitachon is a Chassidic term which is higher than faith or belief. Call it trust. Trust without any doubt. Can you imagine this?

I feel like a doula sometimes.  A death doula.  A Pluto doula. Hold the person as the feelings pass through, out of their body. Holding someone, even when they are far far away.

This returns to what I’ve been writing about in my recent blog posts. Where’s your North Node? Are you living it? Your purpose is holy. What is it?


PS And speaking of process, most of my readings are by email these days and I can usually start within 24 to 48 hours (unless the week gets crazy busy and sometimes it does!) but not always finish within 24 hours. Usually have more than one person in process, in progress. I’m about to post a testimonial which talks about this process and I think she describes it accurately. 

Also if you want a reading for the Eclipse, I suggest you book time early. I like to have downtime in between readings and am getting better at scheduling it for myself :)

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