Pluto Love ?

"saturn square neptune"I’m thinking a lot about Pluto, love, and Pluto transits.

Pluto is opposing my Sun now. It is exact. From my 5th House.

And I put this up on Facebook:

I feel like the question isn’t whether someone will love us, in all our agony and glory but whether WE can love, in return. Truly love

Pluto isn’t love. Pluto isn’t about love. Pluto is POWER. And Pluto is transiting my 5th House, one of the love and relationship houses. You do the math.

Are you under a Pluto transit?


Jupiter In Virgo Square Saturn In Sagittarius: Not As Bad As You Think

"jupiter square saturn" And now for my next trick! I’m going to stop obsessing. Time to check my transits and AHA another Venus Return is coming — my third this summer. I don’t mind this obsession. It’s part of my healing process — but I do notice it. It’s serving a purpose. And it’s inspiring me. Okay right now it’s just taking up space in my mind, tape loop style but this level of… distraction and focus can be good for art, yes very good for art, for making art, Pluto transit through my 5th House. Everything in its place says Virgo Season.

But the reason I’m writing this blog post is to remind you that the week between two Eclipses matters. It matters. It is a song.

Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is masochism. Neptune in Pisces is masochism. It is longing that has NO END. It is the Nine Pentacles from the Connolly deck mixed with Moon and Seven of Cups! Jupiter in Virgo comes along and says HEY. WAKE UP STOP DREAMING. Jupiter in Virgo is level headed. Neptune in Pisces is LOST. Jupiter in Virgo will help Neptune in Pisces serve and help Neptune in Pisces heal and I like this marriage a lot for those of you who are drowning in seas of Pisces, in your Pisces house. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DROWNING until this aspect perfects. Then this aspect will snap you back. Reality check.

Then the following day, on the same day, Mercury goes retrograde and Saturn enters Sagittarius (again). Saturn enters Sag and squares Jupiter. It’s in orb. Why does this not bother me? This does not bother me because Saturn is an obsessive. Did you know this? Saturn is OBSESSED with Sagittarius (while in Sagittarius) and wants to BE Sagittarius and will model Sagittarius and imitate Sagittarius until the reasonable facsimile and okay it’s a fake hologram Sagittarius not a real one. It’s a clone. It’s stiff BUT this fake hologram Sagittarius/Jupiter is going square (stick a pin in) uptight Jupiter in Virgo, breaking rapport.

To be continued…

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Both ways are fine.
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These are not spaces where I will be doing readings or looking at individual charts. They aren’t classes either.
What are they?
Informal yet moderated spaces places to talk about all manner of metaphysical, spiritual, magical…

The Fulfillment Of Unfullfillment: Neptune In The 7th House

Got *really* inspired by a client this morning.

Inspired to talk about NEPTUNE.

Because what she was saying was SO CLEAR to me and Neptune is NOT clear.

She’s got a Pisces Moon and Neptune in her natal 7th and a VERY Venusian chart.

“But it’s not fulfilling,” she cried! (Referring to a love situation but the tentacles of Neptune extend outwards.)

NO. IT’S NOT, I said. Neptune is NEVER fulfilling. Neptune, by its nature is LONGING for what you do not have. Of course it’s NOT fulfilling. You know what fulfills us? (Has the chance to fulfill us – if we give it a chance.) SATURN. Saturn IS. 

And I could say the same thing in a bunch of different ways, but I think that there, above, is plenty. I hope she finds her way. I hope (NEPTUNE!) she takes the gift of inspiration (which she’s got in spades) and obsession (also got that in spades) and turns it toward what she can actually DO and wants to do: WRITE AND LIVE AND LIVE AND WRITE.

Good luck, Miss X! Take those 6th House transits and FIX YOUR LIFE. It’s right there, where it always was, waiting for you.

Love, MP


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Pluto Transit Through The 5th House

Are you an artist? Are you doing your art?


My new site is here! There are many ways to work with me! You can subscribe. You can join a chat room. You can do Independent Study/Apprenticeship. We can design a Reading package just for you or indulge in my FOUR FOR THREE. Let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out! 


Did You Ever (CHOOSE TO) Have Sex When You Didn’t Want To?

We come to sex with so much history, pain and pleasure. How to sort through the muck and the past to figure out what we want, including how to please someone else. Rewrite the script. Even for long-time couples, this can be an issue.

I was hanging out in my chat room and started a thread, asking this question: Did you ever have sex when you didn’t want to? By choice. Not talking about rape here. Talking about… you did it when you didn’t wanna, for whatever reason.

I have. Not going into detail but that shit… stays with you, stays in your body. Makes an impression.

Sexual REPAIR is on my mind these days. Pluto once direct, goes direct in my 5th House and Uranus is transiting my 8th. There’s a square here! Tension plus BREAKTHROUGH. Contraction AND release. Contract for 10 seconds. Release for 20…. :)

Did you know that Pluto rules healing? Uranus rules LIBERATION. Getting free takes work (6th House) and commitment (7th House).

Do you have planets transiting your sex/love/relationships houses? What do you notice? Check your 5th, 7th, and 8th.

Love, MP


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Life Gets Better June 13th 2013

What has been your greatest test so far?

Health? Finding love? Finding self-worth? Starting a family? Making a living? All of the above? None? Simply staying alive?

You tell me.

This question occurred to me as I was posting my previous post on Facebook.

I try to think of some descriptive tag line to go along with the post for the status update and for me (to answer my own question) it feels like… always a new test and very much outer-planet-transit related.

And that some problems DO get solved. Life gets better. I think it tends to get better in different, more satisfying ways the more aware you are of… how you get in your own way.

Self-awareness, meditation, therapy, spiritual practices, mindfulness vs… denial. But that’s me. Those are my strategies although I haven’t been in steady talk-therapy for a while. I tend to provide that support these days.

And you can define “life gets better” however you want.

Here’s my question for you:

which planetary energy has caused you the most… pain? grief? growth? learning? Talking about recent years. How about the last 5 years. Where have you made steady gains or… fallen back or… however you want to describe it.

An aside: I love Cancer Season and the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in my social 11th House but part of me is really looking forward to Leo Season and the spiritual stakes I’ll plant in the dirt when those same planets visit my 12th.

I was just telling someone the other day (who has Saturn transiting her 12th) now is the time to create structure for your spiritual practices. In fact, the more in the dark you feel, the more you feel the void, answer that darkness with order.

It’s like writing a good poem. Write away from chaos and towards form. Not to suffocate emotion but to give it an EDGE, a border.


Love, MP

P.S. I keep thinking about what class to do next (which I’ve been saying for a few months now). I’ve got a love/Venus class on my mind, how the more we know about our Venus, the better choices we’ll make love-wise. And then there is the Poetry Workshop that never happened. Your thoughts? Saturn goes direct July 8th and in my 3rd House. I’m ready to write/think/teach more :)


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The Stars Today: Underwater

So I’m back at the gym for Saturn.

That’s the structure I decided to put (back) into my day to give Saturn in Scorpio, now retrograde, a little help.

I often listen to music when I work, especially when I blog, and I just put on a Philip Glass song  and remembered last year on the treadmill how I loved to jog to it.

I’ll listen to Rihanna and the Rolling stones too but Phillip Glass really made me feel like I was getting somewhere. I get obsessed with songs and I think I just listened to that one for the last… 45 minutes? Enough.

Saturn = structure. Scorpio = obsession. That’s what a song is.


Desire without being able to express that desire is painful. This is not a new feeling for me but with Pluto now transiting my 5th House (love, creativity) and with my 7th House (committed partners) filled to bursting with the urge to merge (fast moving transiting planets in Pisces), I’m in heaven/hell. This is a sextile though. It’s easy. And yet it’s PLUTO. Not easy. Impatience, crisis, desire, change, chains. Fate.

So what does one do if the Beloved is out of reach? One can go to the gym. One can make art. But it must be physical. It must come out. Be expressed.  Blood, sweat, tears. Once upon a time, Phillip Glass had the desire to create that beautiful music on Glassworks. And so he penetrated. And so he gave birth.


What will you do for your desire? What structure will you put into your life now that Saturn is retrograde? Are you also feeling this need? Remember when we were talking about the Devil card from the Tarot? The Devil doesn’t yet know what structure is needed. Instead it/he/she/they just feel the heavy chain, the burden, limited. The burden gets lighter once we catch a little light and can see the way ahead. Less longing and more… reality. Knowing what we’re dealing with. Less mystery driving us, less compulsion.

I was explaining today to someone that I have so much earth in my chart, I need touch, experience. I’m not satisfied with air (thoughts) or  even water (expression of feelings). I need to see, touch, hear, taste, succumb.


Saturn in Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn. Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces. The skies are harmonious (sextiles and trines) and yet with Saturn retrograde and Mercury going retrograde… the kingdoms that we must establish are underwater. What a task this is. It’s crazy. How do you settle down, make a home, plan ahead, build in water? By trust. Trusting. See, water signs always know. They always doubt but they always know. Even if what they know is that they don’t know.

Don’t fight the Pisces, my friends :)

Happy Weekend from the Big City 

The High Art Of Pluto Living

"moon pluto conjunction"
Pluto thru the 5th house

Sometimes the only thing you can do is wait. Replace Pluto’s intensity with patience. I was telling someone this in the comments, it’s a thought I read elsewhere, and it really epitomized it for me… the crux of the Pluto Emotional Intensity Problem.

Patience, patience. Easy, easy. I was telling someone (actually maybe two people!) in a reading that my mother used to say that to me: Easy, easy…. even when I blew my nose too hard.

Pluto People want everything yesterday, perfectly (especially if Virgo is involved) but moving towards patience is truly the high art of Pluto living and where Pluto is in your chart is where you will OBSESS which calls for easy easy

And I like the idea of making Pluto your art and that there is an art to living with Pluto.  See?  You can detatch a wee bit, step back, observe what you’re doing, the mess you’re making and know that nothing is ever dead and gone –  just transformed (Pluto).

1. Show up

2. Find your truth

3. Don’t get attached to results

My therapist from 20 years ago told me this and I never forgot it.

Pluto is heading to my 5th House (Creativity! Leo’s natural house! Love! Also Pluto is Pregnancy and the 5th is kids, literal or metaphorical) so this whole idea of the art of Pluto and Pluto art is… stewing in me!

What’s in your stew? 

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Can You Read Your Own Chart?

"moon pluto astrology"
is your life like a Chekhov play?

But what I mean specifically is whether you can predict for yourself.

Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Not bad odds, I guess. And sometimes I don’t even try. And sometimes I get a feeling and then look for it in the chart and I am getting a feeling that my life this year is going to be like a Chekhov play which is better than my life being like a Beckett play. Vanya not Godot.

With Tarot though… I’m a loss at reading for myself. I can see the basics, maybe, but I can’t interpret. Too much wishful thinking.

But with the chart? Yeah. Sometimes it’s clear to me. And when in doubt? Binge eat. You always get the answers then — especially if it involves popcorn or chocolate or peanut butter. Joking.

Tonight I decided to use the time-honored technique of distraction (from intense emotions) and decided to take a break from my Netflix watching and catch up with some popcorn in the kitchen and that was when I felt it: Uncle Vanya NOT Endgame and not knowing how exactly it will play out but that it will be an interesting year when Pluto enters my 5th House. And Uranus goes direct and heads to my 8th. And Neptune conjuncts my 7th House cusp. See, I have very little action in these houses in my natal but now? They are alive. And Jupiter? Will be in my 10th when it’s Gemini-time.

These are the Other People houses.

So that’s two questions for ya: where are your transits? And can you predict what they will mean? 

And thanks everyone for your beautiful comments.

Getting The Poison Out: Pluto Goes Direct: September 16th

"pluto direct"
Pluto goes direct...

Find transiting Pluto in your chart and you will see, at least, one area of your life that’s felt… held-up and shaken-up. Intensely so. And maybe Pluto went retrograde at the worst moment. Like, you’re on your way to  your own wedding and your car crashes and  you’re rushed to the hospital and you’re fine except that you can’t move for 6 months.

Well, Pluto is going direct in a couple weeks. Will you see movement? Will you feel… better? You tell me! Look in your chart. Really. Take It Out Of The Drawer and look at it. Because the more visual you can get with the chart, the more the chart will talk to you, the more other charts will talk to you. For example, just rest your eyes on that Pluto glyph. If he’s not speaking now, I promise you that he will.

The movement may be slow, hard to detect, but it will be there, under the surface. Pluto IS under the surface, repressed, unconscious… so expect the house he’s transiting to get a Pluto kind of jolt.

Just now when I though of Pluto I thought of vomit, vomiting. Expurgating the ugh, expurgating the urgh. A violent bodily release. And don’t you always feel better after you vomit? Even though you didn’t want to? Even though it felt bad at the time? It needed release, it needed to come up and out of you and then your body was able to rest again.

When you give birth to something, and I don’t have any kids so I’m talking about a work of art here, a creative project… when you give birth to something, you must love it, fall in love with it. If you don’t love it, care for it, it will die. And you don’t love it because it will be famous or make you a bunch of money. You love it because it’s part of you, part of your reason for being alive. You had to create it. Pluto rules pregnancy.

With Pluto direct, move forward with your deep self, your dark mind, no matter what shadows, no matter what ghosts, no matter what sickness. If you need to vomit, then vomit. Pluto purifies, Pluto cleanses. Pluto allows the future. How? By burning down what came before.

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