Writers Are Never Done: A Very Pisces Weekend

"sun conjunct chiron"
Sometimes I’d think:

I’m done with Moon Pluto. Done with Moon Pluto Astrology.

Not done with writing or helping people or being an astrologer but done with *this* blog.

My Tree City Witch blog on Patheos Pagan is going to get a new name and it will be a blog proper and not just a “column,” as part of their Agora section.

Although I do want to make that blog more my blog home, I started to realize today that maybe I wasn’t done yet – not done *here* yet.

Writers are never done. A writer is always writing. Even when they aren’t writing. Every moment is an opportunity for new ideas to come. This is how I’ve always lived and it’s what has always happened. Go for a walk and the poems come.

And now on the verge of having my first book published – not of poems but of astrology – I feel like I am a writer again. Even though I never stopped writing.

What are YOU? Have you ever stopped being you? 

When I saw all the planets in Pisces this weekend CONJUNCT I thought okay. I’m gonna flow with it. I’m gonna write and I’m gonna reach my Pisces North Node ONCE AND FOR ALL (ha).  Can’t fight the Pisces, y’all! It won’t work!

I made a video for my Patrons with some advice and drew cards about this weekend and no surprise to see the Seven of Cups right? Of course Seven of Cups.

Got weekend plans for the Piscean flow? What are you working on?

"saturn in capricorn"
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Mars In Scorpio Through The Third House (Notes From A Shamanic Journey)

"saturn square neptune"I haven’t journeyed in a long time. In fact, in 2015 this is something I did for others more often than I did for myself.

I am not “trained” in shamanism. It’s not really how I ever learn anything. I remember. And then I do.

In my meditation class, for years, I journeyed but didn’t call it that. And it may not have been that in the “strict” sense of the word. Or maybe it was. Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

Point is: I journeyed this morning to my old apartment, my old neighborhood. I had in mind a soul retrieval for myself and for Kitty (who passed on December 14th).

But perhaps even soul retrieval isn’t quite precise. My North Node is in Pisces. The right words (Virgo) are less important.

The success of the journey shall depend on, I believe, how much more inner peace I experience in the coming days and just now thinking to myself that Mars in Scorpio (especially retrograde) is an IDEAL transit for meditation and for journeying.

From my notes:

I saw myself weeping pomegranate seeds and tarot cards outside my old building. I wanted to make peace with it. I asked for a helper. Got a bluebird who lifted me up by the shirt shoulders and transported me. But not before I retrieved a tiny bit of my sleeping self. That’s what I saw, me asleep on my old futon in my old bedroom, sleeping, but looking like a corpse. Put myself in my pocket. I also retrieved Kitty who was still there. She was dancing and so happy to see me. And then when Bluebird came, we stood there looking at the building with the seeds pouring from my heart.

Then it was though I were making a bed, that motion of the billowing sheet in the air. Kitty loved to run under the sheet whenever I made the bed (lol not that often) and I tented the whole building the whole block like a Christo, in pink blanketing light, rose quartz light to neutralize my grief and send the entire year and a half back back back into time, recede, that the pain should become dim and bathed in gauzy pink.

Any stuff left behind (from earlier in the journey) became a tree in the park I used to like visiting, a tree whose roots grew into the dirt and the sky.
The Moon is in my 12th House today, also good for any kind of meditation or inner travel. I do firmly believe that what I call the journey can help you release pain and move on.

How was your Full Moon?


North Node Strategy! Do You Have One? Need One?

"north node in pisces" Think of the North Node as something you do – activity, action. Thoughts too. Mindset. Perspective. But very much this question: what can I do to bring my natal North Node to me?

Don’t wait for life to give you the opportunity or the challenge. Start where you are.

My South Node is in Virgo and I have a lot of other Virgo in my chart. I feel uncomfortable with time off, uncomfortable with breaks, with escapism. I never take drugs. I’m not even a drinker. I quit smoking. But astrology tells me I have to stop working all the time. I have to breathe. I have to create room, make space, embody Neptune. I have to do nothing. Regenerate.

One way I am beginning to do this is by listening to spiritual radio stations. It’s that simple sometimes. I had a hard week and then started the blood portion of my moon cycle and must rest so I took yesterday and today off and right now I’m listening to… well… it’s “out there.” WAY out there. I may be an astrologer and tarot reader for a living BUT Virgo South node is practical (which slides easily into pessimism). I have lists though. I know exactly what I’ll be up to when I go back to work tomorrow.

Hmm North Node in Pisces: making an effort to drift and meditate but without letting these practices turn into depression. It’s a slippery slope for me.

And then I stop myself. Really? Might a depression that arises when I STOP all work-like activity have some value? Could that be why us South Node in Virgo humans prefer to keep busy? Some truth to that.

Making things even more interesting then is the fact that us North Node in Pisces people will be having a reverse Nodal Return! The North Node by transit is in Virgo now thus even more us Pisces North Node folk must plan our escape. Make it a routine. Prioritize it. Realize that we won’t miss anything by stopping.


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Sweet Plum North Node

"north node in pisces" I started thinking about my North Node today because I realize to get anything done with maximum peace and true efficiency (efficiency: a Virgo South Node word) I need to go there, go Pisces or, at least, not go Virgo. Not a new thought but on my mind.

With my Virgo Moon Pluto, Vesta, Ascendent, and South Node, it’s pretty clear where I err despite the value and sweet plum-like love that I have for my Moon Pluto conjunction.

But really it’s the North Node that is the sweet plum, sought after fruit of our betterment. “Where you will make steady increments,” my teacher used to say.

How do you get there?
And do you stay there?

What do you do, what have you ever done, to live the way of your North Node? Do share in the comments!

I will share my strategies in future blog posts… 


News and commercials:
I am doing 1:1 teaching again after a hiatus and focus on groups/classes.
$340 gets you 6 hours of time with me – learning Tarot or a Tarot/Astrology combination.
Skype or Phone.

Example, I am working with a gal tomorrow who wasn’t able to take my most recent Tarot class and I let her know that this was available! Over the weeks, we’ll be talking about the numbers, the elements, layouts, intuition, and more.

I’ve also started my January special EARLY. I am planning on moving late winter, early spring and thus this is my own personal fundraiser. All hour long readings are $65.

Crisis Leading To Your North Node??

"north node in pisces"

This Sunday is the NEW MOON IN TAURUS. This weekend I am scheduling 30 minute New Moon in Taurus “mini moon readings” – $50 instead of my usual $65, by Facebook Messenger or Phone. Send me an email! Moonpluto@gmail and do write me right away because these will fill up fast.


What’s on my mind today:

that your North Node (in your natal) will save you, every time. But you have to keep at it.

And that the North Node by transit has a similar function. Is it easy? No. Are these “lessons” you require? YES. I’ll ask again. Is it easy? NOOOOOOO.

My North Node is in Pisces and I am being supremely challenged now to be LESS VIRGO. Less tight. More go-with-flow. More trust. More visions. More intuition. Less analysis. And knowing the difference between magick and escapism.

I am independent, self-employed. I actually do have some freedom to flow (more than many others) but I still have to strong-arm myself. For example: scheduling naps! Making myself rest! How does a Virgo type person UNregulate and UNschedule and Unwind? Exactly. These are the questions that must be answered — and not cause more stress in the process but truly enter the pool.

And now we have a Mercury Retrograde in clever speedy mind Gemini!! Can you imagine? Gemini going backwards? Well you won’t need to imagine it. It is here! It is coming!!

How does it feel when your Mercury function dysfunctions????? Mercury is mind. Gemini is mind. Mercury in Gemini retrograde is for mind-reading indeed.

Tell me — are you actively engaged with your natal North Node? Is life making it impossible for you to ignore these life lessons?


Virgo Help For Pisces People! New Class Forming

"jupiter in virgo" EDITED TO ADD:

Cost of class: $90

Length and Structure of class:

Lately my classes have been month-long and I prefer this slower pace than how I used to do it – which was a power packed two-week timeframe — but as I explain a bit below, you show up when you can. Participate as much or as little as you want. Folks live in different time zones and have busy lives. The month-long format also gives me some wiggle room.

Class begins the week of April 19th


Virgo Help for Pisces People is something that I do 1:1 for clients and realized now would be the perfect time for (another) class on this.


Because we are on the verge of a VIRGO EXPLOSION. 

Jupiter enters Virgo this summer!
The Nodes shift from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces!

The class will thus focus on:

*Virgo/Pisces themes
*6th House/12th House themes
*Jupiter in Virgo
*North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces

This class is ESPECIALLY for people with what I call “Pisces Problems” — the delayers, the scattered, the daydreamers, the procrastinators :)

This class is also for Virgo folk who worry too much, fret too much, VIRGO TOO MUCH.

The individual chart-work for each will focus on how to gently strengthen your Virgo without losing your “Pisces parts,” those poetic, imaginative, visionary goggles you tend to wear no matter the weather ;)

We also will address how to live your Piscean dreams with less confusion and without over-editing (like a Virgo)!

The individual chart-work for each will also focus on what YOU think the problem areas are. Wherever you are on the Virgo/Pisces spectrum is what we shall explore together.

"jupiter in virgo" Got questions? Please email me at moonpluto@gmail 

My classes take place in “secret” groups on Facebook. If we have a lot of people then I usually create two groups, one for general discussion and one for the charts. You do not have to be there at a specific time. Show up, learn, participate when you can. That’s the great thing about Facebook. It never closes :)


To solve your PISCES PROBLEMS one-on-one with me, look here

Dear MoonPluto: Girl Has Lucky Star Grand Trine In Water Today

The Business: 

So I have these two blogs.

The one you are looking at now and moonpluto.com.

Long story how it happened but I’m going to be streamlining soon and soon we’ll be under one roof again.

There will be:
more consultation packages, more types of readings, up to date information about classes and chat rooms and… MORE!

I’m also tweaking my Apprenticeship/Mentorship program.


This post is for Miss X :)

You know her :) she’s a subscriber and receives two blog posts a month written just for her (among other goodies).

And, yes, I call ALL my subscribers Miss X in homage to poet Raphael Alberti who was introduced to me (in book form) by my poetry teacher of long ago college days, Donald Justice.

(Damn. Memory lane. I still have the letter of recommendation he wrote for me when I applied to Iowa.)

Dear Miss X:

I was contemplating your blog post this morning and noticed that VENUS IS TRINE JUPITER today in water signs, Pisces and Cancer.

This energy is building now. It’s not exact until tonight.

And I think if you stop and take a moment to reflect, you will find GRACE there.

I know you are an Air/Fire/Earth girl.

And I know you have your North Node in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer.
See, this transit was MADE FOR YOU because
Water is NOT easy for you.
Aquarians make love to logic and the light of the mind — not to all those squishy squeezey messy feeeeeeelings (unless the chart indicates otherwise).

I pulled up your chart:
Venus is transiting your 6th (using Equal Houses here) and Jupiter is in your 10th and what I want to tell you is this:

all those Tarot cards I’ve been pulling for you about work and career…
all those plans and visions you’ve been mulling over…
all that anxiety like white noise can keep the TRUTH out! And you do not want to keep the truth out.

The truth is this:

Venus trine Jupiter is a blessing, is grace, and is sweetly aspecting your work/career houses AND trining your 2nd House natal Pluto. You’ve got a Grand Trine, Miss X!

Do you see what I see?

Listen to the wind, Miss X :)
These particular Winds of Change are sweet. It’s the smell of oranges and surf, sweet flowers, good luck good fortune, prosperity opportunity.

I see water in your future…

And I pulled a card: THE LOVERS.
The choice is yours


Love, MP


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Visit my Astro/Tarot Readings page for details/rates and specials. 

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Aquarius Girl Has North Node In Pisces

A blog post for one of my Subscribers. 


She’s a young woman, pre-Saturn Return. Young but not un-wise.

And one of the most interesting things about her chart to me: NO WATER!

But North Node in Pisces :) And, oh yes, how could I forget? Chiron in Cancer.

So that’s one question here:

how does the Air and Fire AND Earth girl learn to swim?



And I’m not saying she doesn’t feel – but there’s a big difference between Aquarius/Aries feel and PISCES feel.

One way I understand Pisces North Node: trusting instincts. Less second-guessing and worst-case scenarios. More understanding and knowledge based on “just because” — and less desire for evidence or “logic.”

You get to the point where you KNOW and everyone else — with their schemes and rationales — just feels ridiculous to you. Because you KNOW. You just know. You can’t even pick it apart. And you don’t have to. You just know.

Chiron trines her North Node. So she’s got to get in touch with some pretty deep stuff FIRST.

It’s painful at times, but immerse she must. Dunk she must. Baptism.

She’s got to follow that Chiron, which is conjunct her MidHeaven (career point). Maybe there’s a family business. Maybe she will find herself entangled. Maybe she will break free. Maybe they will disapprove. Maybe. Aquarius got to do what Aquarius got to do! But Libra Rising? Libra Rising is one step ahead, wondering what you/they will think about it all.

Ways to get to water when you are land-locked:  by foot. By car. By plane. By imagination. How will she get there? I believe she will. I picture her at a crossroads but this crossroads isn’t here yet. The (first) crossroads will truly be when Saturn hits Capricorn and her Capricorn stellium in her 4th House (Cancer’s natural House) and she can no longer deny her… heart’s desire.

Uranus is in her 7th House now. Pluto in her 4th. Mars in her 1st. And Jupiter waving the flag way up high in her 10th: what is she going to DO? What does she have to show the world?

Well, (and I think I wrote this before, in my first post to her) I don’t think she needs to decide NOW despite the pressure, but the time is coming :) It’s a process — says Virgo South Node — and Virgo South Node always worries about getting it right.

For right now though, there is no “right.” My suggestion right now is… to practice. Practice feeling it all.

And to swim. Or, at the very least, I would seek out lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, boats, anything nautical. Sea creatures :) I’d eat fish. I’d immerse myself in sand and sea, coasts, freshwater saltwater anything. Even hanging up pictures of blue, green, blue-green. Collect shells. Water spirit, fish-tailed mermaid, go to the beach, smile at the sun, make the waves your home.

Aquarius is the water-bearer, yes, the one BEARS it all. Carries it. Get it? Saturn co-rules Aquarius. Saturn is structure. Saturn carries. Saturn bears. But you, my dear, must BECOME the water (North Node in Pisces). And not just to flow (common Pisces keyword) but to pour! Sweep! Gush! Cascade!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Aqua Girl! 

Love, MP


About my new class, starting February 17th:

You do *not* have to talk, no obligation to talk. Shy people, introverts, AND extroverts are welcome! I’ve had people in my classes not say a word. That is fine! But of course participation, discussion is awesome  But no pressure ever.

I’ll be your cruise director, leading you through the seas of the 12th House  including your individual 12th Houses.

Daily Tarot draws for all. Meditation schedule and techniques given (for those who want).  I’ll also be bringing 12th House wisdom from my favorite authors as well as my own synthesis and interpretation. 

It is a drop-in class, on-line. You show up when you can. Participate when you can. I start discussion threads daily. You participate at your own pace. Some days I’ll be posting new material in the morning. Some days in the afternoon/evening. My goal is for a 2-week class with weekends off but if I have to miss a day, I will add on, so we don’t feel rushed. 

PayPal: $100 

Virgo Constipation And The Full Moon In Cancer

I am roiling inside. Could it be the FULL MOON IN CANCER conjunct my Mars? Square my Jupiter as well. Squares are FRUSTRATION.

Could be :)

And, what’s more – I’m bored.

I posted on Facebook that I am NEVER EVER BORED. EVER.

Part of the reason I am bored today is because I can’t work, can’t use my brain.

I’m 43, peri-menopausal (can I be honest here? Yes I can and will) and this month my cycle has been out of whack and FINALLY I’m in the moon lodge after two weeks of false alarms and my brain is JELLY. I wasn’t even going to blog today. I had to cancel work. HAD TO. Because I Could Not Think. But then here I am, at least, forcing myself to write about my experiences.

Despite — because of — my massively Virgo influenced chart, I must get closer to my North Node in Pisces (she says with valiant intention). FLOW LET IT FLOW LET THE BLOOD FLOW and not just the blood but I think the blood not flowing as it needed to last month was merely a symptom of–

VIRGO CONSTIPATION of the spiritual kind, the life kind. SOMETHING IS NOT MOVING. The turds are small. The turds are hard. THE TURDS ARE NOT MOVING AND THEY NEED TO MOVE :)

“I’m on the move!” I told my husband today — as I sat on the chair in the kitchen, not moving. I’m on the MOVE! The only place I moved to was the bedroom, after finishing my cereal. Grumble grumble grumble Full Moon on my Mars grumble grumble grumble. And then I remember my Chariklo in Pisces being well aspected by this Full Moon, shall we discuss CHARIKLO? (I just like typing that. Chariklo).

What do YOU do when you are ROILING INSIDE and your body and mind are not able to participate or alleviate the roil? Not seeking advice! Just curious :)

You can make a greedy list of everything you’ll do when you feel better! Fantasize! That is one way to unite the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

And you can wait until the FEELING passes and pretend it never happened but NO that would mean something has been LOST something has DIED and hasn’t ENOUGH died in your arms and your dreams lately? Oh yes it has.

MY ADVICE: do not get comforted and snookumed by BOREDOM. TURN IT into FRUSTRATION – turn that trine into a square ;) so that when you (and me) feel good again we can fucking RISE and get on the move :)

That’s but one way to save a life and enjoy this Full Moon in Cancer evening in the Big City. Enough anesthesia junk food internet television bullshit WAKE THE FUCK UP AND RISE. And shine. And live. Health is wealth, my friends. Mental health. Physical health. Start there.

Love, MP


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Stories For The Gemini Moon (Part Three)

I know some of my peeps are liking the memoir-ish posts so here’s Part Three.

Part One is here.

Part Two is here.


When we last left our heroine she was leaving her religion, dating East Indian men with dominant tendencies, and generally dazed and confused.

Want to know what turned it all around?


Work turned it, my life, all around.

See, Cancer people (like me) need Saturn (Capricorn), need work, need structure. Cancer and Capricorn oppose each other on the zodiac wheel. They need each other. And yes some charts have both these energies strongly, but not mine although my Saturn is pretty well aspected…

I had spent my entire adult life, after graduate school, THE top graduate school for what I had studied, going from dead-end job to dead-end job. What kind of fuckery was that? I really had no clue. You mean there were no jobs for poets? Really? Understand, I grew INTO all those work-obsessed Virgo placements in my natal chart.

The only jobs I could tolerate were weird or had weird hours. Like teaching! Like working in a group home for elderly developmentally disabled. We could work three hour shifts. No 9 to 5 here. But always in service. It was a great job for depressed people because you could take it easy, take your meds, give their meds, smoke on the porch, make dinner, go to Wal-Mart. I drove the big blue van.

Uranus (the weird) rules my 6th House! Uranus (the genius) natally is in my 2nd. I need freedom. I need to make my money in “different” ways, in ways that please me. I need to make my own rules. I need I need I need I need.

I have my North Node in Pisces my 6th House of daily routine, work, maintenance, self-improvement, health, pets. Service once again. Until I figured out the work piece… I couldn’t move forward emotionally, karmically, any which way.

Long story short: I started a small business and I started it one step at a time (which means you can do it too, if you have similar struggles). Uranus in the 2nd is an insecure living. You never know. It’s erratic. It strengthens your faith muscle. Your faith muscle won’t strengthen until you hit rock bottom.

Uranus in the 2nd (or 1st) will do what it wants anyway (as my mother would always say about me).

Flashback a couple years: I had mice in my apartment. The exterminator came and said the ONLY thing that would work would be to get a cat. The smell of the cat. I didn’t want to get a cat. I knew I would become attached to this cat and wouldn’t want to leave the house. Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars: I get attached! North Node in the 6th House: small animals, pets! I had to do it, right?


Serve or suffer serve or suffer serve or suffer. Virgo/Pisces type charts HAVE to help. If you see a Virgo/Pisces person NOT helping someone else? It’s like a Capricorn who can’t hold a job.

So I put the word out in my ‘hood and found Kitty — she had been rescued from the streets in the dead of winter, found under a car. She had gone from kind soul to kind soul until she wound up with my friend but my friend couldn’t keep her. She had two cats already. Kitty chose me. Jumped on my lap. I took her home. No more mice.

If it weren’t for Kitty, I never would have started pet sitting, which I did for years, visiting cats and dogs all over the city, going into and out of empty apartments, visiting the lonely, the sick, the cozy, the content little critters. Every day on the train, neighborhood to neighborhood, even in the bad weather, which seemed to keep getting worse in the later years that I did this — blizzards, hurricanes, subway strikes.

During the subway strike I walked to Bed Stuy (not knowing really how to get to where I needed to go) to make my visit. The cats and dogs were my responsibility. For the first time… I took pride in MY work. See, it had to be MY work. My choice.

This is a North Node story really. AND a Uranus story. Got to get this shit figured out. Make sense?


(My posts are designed to make you think about your own chart.)

My North Node although in my 6th is conjunct my 7th House cusp. So I got some of the work stuff squared away. Next part of the story is 7th House. The committed relationship!

To be continued…

Love, MP


P.S. My poem is going to be in this journal (and a short blog post too) but the content isn’t up yet! Support them, join their community, like their Facebook page, submit writing, etc.

Do You Pray?

Connection to the Divine is so crucially important to my daily life and survival, and yet I often find myself without a disciplined routine for that connection. I realize how necessary it is. Post-its to the rescue! I need to write everything down.

The post-it right in front of me says: “Whatever is happening is the path to enlightenment.” – Pema Chodron

Yesterday I had a coffee date with an old friend, Pisces Sun, Pisces Rising, devout Catholic, spiritual person, and I committed to a new morning prayer practice.

I don’t know what shape it will take. 30 seconds? 5 minutes?  Traditional Jewish prayers? A line or two from the Edgar Cayce readings? A moment of silence? A plea. A question. A thank you. All of this and more. Or none of it. Just a moment to remember, acknowledge. What? That I am connected… no matter what I believe because I am as doubtful, and as longing for God as they come.

My North Node is in Pisces in the 6th House: the every day spiritual. South Node cloistered in the 12th. Get it out of there.

It’s not enough to just stare out the window. That’s 12th House living. The point, for me, is to engage the Divine.

“Help,” my Pisces friend said. “Help.”

Are you disciplined in your spiritual life? 

Love, MP


Are you interested in the Meditation class? Please email asap if you want to join us. I know I’m behind in posting my informational post but fingers crossed, later today. 

Information about Astrology & Tarot Readings is here

The Stars Today: Moon In Libra Sweet Surprise

The smell of coffee first thing in the morning. I stick my nose in the bag.

I know coffee snobs grind their own but I’m not a coffee snob. Although I do know what’s good so I went to the best place, got a ceramic filter (and paper filters), and a recommended coffee, after telling them what I wanted.

Although I have my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, I cannot cook. For me, coffee is “cooking.”

I have my North Node in the 6th House of daily routines but in Pisces. Paying attention to the details is necessary but a Neptune attitude (don’t sweat the small stuff) is also advised.


Some lovely discussions on the blog lately and the question of what happens when the South Node is conjunct the Sun or some other marker of WHO. YOU. ARE. It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

You have to become less you (the Sun) to become more you, better you (North Node). I admit I see this fairly frequently in client charts.

And there is no one-size fits all answer. But I remember recently dealing with a 7th House/ARIES/South Node and trying to explain to this sweet soldier soul that he could and needed to be more himself (1st House) but through Libra (relationship/partnership/other people).

I use those phrases “lower vibration” and “higher vibration” all the time. My teacher spoke that way. And I believe it. I am always searching for the best way to express, live, the energy.

For example, Pisces needs to escape. It’s not an option NOT to. But there are higher and lower forms of it.

Last night I was not in the best mood. I even left my meditation class (Pisces!) early. I got home. Didn’t turn on the lights. Had some conversation with a friend by email but mostly tuned-out the world. Didn’t blog. Didn’t Facebook. No music. Mostly me in the dark with the light of a friend. I don’t even think I watched a movie. This was my Pisces escape. And a 6th House Pisces North Node means I need to schedule this in. Schedule in the disappearance. 


Today’s Tarot:

Thank you Tarot for a more cheerful card :) 6 of Cups.

I always get a sweet feeling when I see this card. Friendship. Possible romance Could be someone from the past showing up (hello Mercury retrograde!).

You may also be feeling nostalgic. A perfect card for Pisces Season, especially Venus in Pisces who is always long for the past, present, or future! My wish for you though is that this sweetness is real.

Think about the Tarot sixes. They are all “good” cards (of varying complexity). I even love the Six of Swords. It’s one of my favorites. The six pointed star is the Star of David, a shield of heavenly protection. The sixes know this.

And not only is the little guy in this card offering up a huge cup to the little girl, almost the length of his body, but notice all the other cups and the white flowers, cheerful village behind them. This is THE card of zero sorrow. These are cups of hope but it’s not a far away dream like The Star or smeared with bodily fluid like the Devil ;)

This card, although possibly referring to the past is squarely in the present. Those flowers are alive and that little guy is making an effort, he’s bending down to see her, to meet her, to meet her eyes, to give of himself. Oy. I almost made myself cry there, creating such a sweet scene, but I feel it. A card of sharing, a card of blessing, a card of love. It may also signify having a baby.


Today’s Stars:

The Moon is in Libra now. Seek peace inside yourself and with others.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Let it be healing and not hurting. Make amends.

Tomorrow Venus will conjunct Neptune (by degree) but we are under the influence now and… spooky isn’t it? How perfect the 6 of Cups is for this day? Love.

Enjoy this sweetness because Friday afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio and we go underground again, we writhe and roil in intense emotion. For the moment though, we’re above the waves.

Other noteworthy aspects this week: Sun sextile Pluto and Sun trine Saturn. Who you are, who you want, what you want is that much more defined and deep. I especially like Sun trine Saturn here because we need something to push against. Sun trine Saturn is a dam. It keeps us safe.

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Love, MP


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How To Be Your Own Astrologer

Know your chart as well as you can but without… fixing what you think everything means. Be mutable about it :)

And then watch the transits. The transits in general and the transits to your chart. And then when stuff happens in your chart, pay attention. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Pay attention. 

FOR EXAMPLE: Jupiter went direct on my Mid-Heaven and I thought hmm this could be career related. Likely, right? This could also be home related. The 4th House opposes the 10th House.

And Jupiter will transit my 10th House for the rest of Gemini so it’s not a story that begins and ends in a day but my point is… I was walking home with my cart of laundry (I don’t even want to tell you how many pounds of it) and I remembered.

The only exact aspect in my chart. Jupiter sextile Venus. Jupiter sextile love. See, whatever transiting Jupiter is doing? It is speaking to your natal Jupiter. And you don’t only look to see what the aspect is but… how can I explain this…

It’s a stew. I’m no cook so forgive the sloppy cooking metaphor but it’s a stew. You gather all your ingredients and you throw it in the pot and then… it turns into FOOD. That you can eat! With astrology that food is… you.

Okay, that metaphor sucked. But this is simply how my brain works. You get the details, the information, and then you… let go. And stir. That’s what I mean by don’t get fixed about it. You have what you need to know, totally. And then you let go. Stir again. And then… pow yang! You have an insight or a prediction or… evidence or… you have a Venus Jupiter moment. Or a Moon Venus moment. Or a Saturn Pluto moment! Or a Sun Mars moment :) There are many many moments for you to have in astrology :)

(The time between the info gathering and the pow yang will vary. I often get ideas about my chart in the midst of everything else, daily life.)

Another thought that I was thinking as I was heading out to pick up my laundry: Life is messy. And I noticed myself trying to put it in a box. So clearly. I was trying to… make it all neat and perfect. How will this work? And that part? How will it come together? How can it happen? All these loose ends? Can we tie them please? My South Node in Virgo, ALL my Virgo, was talking. But then I realized. Another Pisces North Node revelation. Neptune isn’t just the life of the spirit and the life of the artist but about being loose… in response to life.

I have an opportunity in front of me right now. The opportunity of a lifetime. Meaning, my lifetime. And I’ve told one person about it :) And I am so happy that… I stopped myself from… trying to figure it all out.

Otherwise: the Moon is in Sagittarius and we are in orb of groovy Wednesday aspects: Venus (love/money) sextile Uranus (good witch magic) and Venus trine Jupiter (mucho mucho abundance!!!). I say start your party now :)


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Sunday Stray Thoughts And The Aquarius Moon

"saturn trine north node"At first I was embarrassed. And now it’s making me laugh. That I wrote (and posted) Horoscopes for only half the signs.

And then I remember these were/are Eclipse ‘scopes and I do have time. IF I decide to finish it. Always a challenge for someone with as much Virgo as I have: to let it be. Virgo South Node: be perfect. Pisces North Node: that thing you are so attached to, like finishing that blog post which sinks into nothingness anyway? It doesn’t matter. And that’s not a depressing thought. It’s a wonderful thought. Many things do matter. I’ve got plenty on my mind. But one blog post? Nope. Even if I’m forever known as the astrologer/blogger who writes ‘scopes for half the zodiac.

And this morning on Twitter someone was responding favorably to some impromptu love advice I was giving which reminded me that Saturn in Scorpio is heading to trine my descendent. You are in cahoots with Saturn in Scorpio she said. Saturn won’t square my Venus until next year so take my advice until then ;) On second though, that square may squeeze potent insights out of me. If I can still write at that time ;) I want to hear YOUR insights too.

What are you learning so far? What are you dealing with? What’s on your mind? The Moon in Aquarius today is becoming one of my favorite moons because this moon takes a step back. It’s not associated with the Three of Wands (as far as I know) but that’s the image I’m getting.

Do share your stray thoughts in the comments :)



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In Praise Of The South Node

"south node in virgo"This is another subway story.

I was on the train, heading to an errand and was reading a book called (and about) Meditation and Kabbalah by a traditional (i.e.. Orthodox) Jewish rabbi who has since passed on and oh how I love his books. Wonderful translations. Clear vision.

Lately I’ve been trying to deepen my understanding of the Sefirot and the Tree of Life and I start and I stop and I start and I stop and I decide which real live person teacher that I want to learn from and then I don’t follow up. I’m going slow. Saturn through my 3rd house perhaps.

I opened up the book to a chapter on colors in relation to the Sefirot, (am reading another book on a similar topic – auras/colors/vibration) and the author was bringing together many ideas from many different Jewish mystics and I was receiving the idea that the Sefirot (God’s emanations) are ways to talk about God — since we cannot really talk about God i.e. words fail. Words cannot describe the ineffable. It becomes false. And the Rabbis get all up in arms about doing it wrong.

And let me preface this next statement by saying I’m a big fan :) of the Cayce readings and Edgar Cayce in general and have been doing the suggested Cayce meditation and tangentially been part of a Cayce community for many years now. And I thought to myself: that’s what Christ is. The Christ is one of God’s emanations. One of the Sefirot.

And THIS thought led me to the South Node. How we are not being asked to abandon the ways and means of the South but first to master it. And that mastery is necessary before advancing to the next level, to the North.

In my chart, I’ve got one of those funny reversals. South Node is Virgo in the 12th House. North Node is Pisces in the 6th House. It’s spiritual service any way you look at it, but I belong free, in daily life, mundane matters. Not cloistered.

I can go to a church, a church I love, near Wall Street, and look up at the stained glass and I feel this feeling that I can’t put into words. Devotion? Desire? Love? Protection? Shelter me. That’s what I said to God when I was there last. I was having one of those days. And I love to feel that feeling. Not the in-need-of-shelter feeling but a feeling that made me, a Jewish girl, consider being a nun when I was young. I still don’t know how to describe it but it’s intense. And overflowing. A bit like the Ace of Cups card. Religious longing, passion, I guess. My Venus is conjunct my South Node.

But, apparently, us 12th House Node people need to learn to live in *this* world.

So that’s been my Friday :) How are you? 



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North Node Story And The Gods Of Low Carb

"north node in pisces"I went for a walk in the old neighborhood and I got a slice of pizza and I heard the words “Forgive me” in my head.

And in that moment I finally understood that famous William Carlos Williams poem, “This Is Just To Say.”

See, I try to curtail my carbohydrate intake but I was so hungry and walking, and I got my slice, and I said to myself, as though to the Gods of Low Carb, “Forgive me…”

And immediately I thought of that Williams’ poem about the plums where he says, “Forgive me/they were delicious/so sweet/and so cold.”

I am not a Christian so my knowledge about these things is limited but isn’t that what Christians say? “Forgive me, Father…”

Suddenly I understood this literary Modernist giant Williams and his short poems, which weren’t really about daily life. They were above the quotidian. Devotional.

Wait. They WERE about daily life, but that poem is a prayer, like any prayer, like the best prayer. “This is just to say/I have eaten/the plumbs/that were in/the icebox…”

I consider this an example of my North Node in Pisces in the 6th House. The North Node is where we make steady increments in this lifetime. Pisces knows that the world is more than this world, more than physical. And yet the 6th House is very practical, physical, is daily life.

You are probably living your North Node in a similar way. Pay attention. It could be showing up in little ways, more ways than you realize. You can put it together. What sign is it in? What house? What does it mean to you?

Love, MP

Happy Birthday Providence!

"providence, rhode island"It’s not my birthday yet. In a couple days. I get introspective on my birthday. Reflective. I may even — gasp — brood! I’ll try not to this year. The up-side is that I may blog more :)

And I approach this day with a stark feeling. I’m still here, still alive. Those of us in this condition of alive-ness (it’s like the common cold!) have a precious job to do. To get well. And then some.

I’m a big fan of the Nodes. I’m obsessed with mine and I love to talk about yours in readings and on the blog.

The North Node shows, as my teacher would say, where we make steady increments. But it’s more than that. It’s our destiny. Karma. Providence! We must never stop trying to get there once we figure out the THERE.

I consider the North Node to be like a Saturn-point. Not easy to learn the lessons.

We look at the sign, the house, the ruling planet, the aspects, all the symbolism and keywords and associations we can discover. We mix it all up. We sleep on it. What emerges is a Picasso. Looks jumbled at first although we notice the beauty.

Eventually we know it’s a work of art. Your life is. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

So Happy Birthday to me :) and Happy Birthday to all the summer babies, especially the Cancerians this week :)

Where’s your North Node? What does it mean to you?

Love, MP

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter By Transit

"pluto conjunct jupiter"

Last night I was working on an email reading for someone and noticed that he’s currently having a transit that I will never have. I won’t live that long.

But then, no, I realized I already DID have it. I was a kid. And I started to wonder about this, being an Astrologer with the desire to help and here’s an aspect that I can only discuss “in theory” because I haven’t lived it lately ;)

Now this is common of course. I am ONLY one Sun sign. When I talk about other Sun signs it’s based on theory, what I’ve learned, or based on what I’ve experienced with others. But that’s different from MY experience. My Moon is in Virgo: I NEED the 1st hand knowledge to truly TRULY believe. But with a North Node in Pisces? Gotta learn to trust the instinct. Leave proof behind.

The transiting-Pluto-conjunct-Jupiter-person will rebuild himself from the ground-floor up and it will hurt because it’s happening to his values, his beliefs, what he holds most dear, what holds him together. Pluto comes along and razes the frame of your joy.

I’m pretty sure this person was on the floor and covered in shit when this transit was exact. On the floor and wasn’t sure if he was ever going to get up OFF the floor to clean up. Pluto rules excrement and elimination.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter = your optimism, your belief that following the rules leads to the best outcome (Jupiter in Capricorn) dies (Pluto) BUT, returning to an idea from my previous blog post, coming back to life is guaranteed. Won’t be the same body though, or the same soul.

Values, beliefs, honor, joy STRIPPED.

And then what? Pluto finally leaves that spot and you are left with a baby Jupiter, bald and crying at the break of dawn.

Do you have Jupiter in Capricorn? 

Love, MP

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Sun In Cancer And The Ideal Momma

"Sun in Cancer"

We get anxious when we can’t see the future, when we don’t know what everything means, what our lives mean.

Am I speaking for myself? Or do you agree?

So we get readings. I do too.

My Pisces North Node in the 6th House is a holy servant in service to the holy, and that means you guys. That’s how I approach all this. Your problems matter.

And as the Sun leaves Gemini and heads towards Cancer? We approach the season of unconditional love, the Ideal Mother’s love.

Now if you know your Astrology then you know a Moon Pluto person like me has some mother stories that would break your heart but I still have space (Neptune!) for the ideal.

The Ideal Mother ALWAYS has a comforting word, is ALWAYS endlessly patient, ALWAYS kisses away tears and ALWAYS encourages you.

Do I know real-life Cancer Suns or Moons like this? Well, I can think of one Cancer friend who comes pretty damn close.

Think of it as an experiment :) just while the Sun is in Cancer, strive to be that Momma… to your kids or your lover or your animals or your home or your country or your clients or your rock collection or the trees in Central Park…

Care more, give more.

I can’t imagine anyone else but me telling you to do this. Do it for a day :)

And then when Leo Season comes??? Well, that’s a VERY different energy.


How do you feel when the Sun is in Cancer? 

Saturday Night Astrology: South Node/North Node

There are times when you just… throw up your hands.

"north node in the 6th house"

This figure of speech meaning: I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. I don’t know the meaning. I don’t know why. Who the hell am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why am I alone? Why am I with him/her/them? How did I get so lucky? How did I get so unlucky?

And so on ;)

Your South Node tells you where you came from, what you already know.

Your North Node is the open door but… hard to walk through. You try to… walk around it. You try to get through the window. You try to knock on a different door of a different house. Somebody else’s North Node maybe.

And I thought to myself:

Self! you don’t need to understand it all RIGHT NOW and maybe just maybe the constant search for meaning and order is wrong, is South Node for you. That North Node is unfolding trust, North Node is motion, North Node is getting on the right bus and driving all night to the next town, no matter what.

My North Node is in the 6th House of daily routines. I need to live it every day. Get on that bus every day, even when the a/c doesn’t work. Even when the bus is late. Even when it smells like tacos. Even when the driver is cranky and the riders are farty and the babies are crying baby cries.

Once upon a time I was a poet and one of my poetry teachers had this great phrase and I forget whose phrase it is, maybe Keats: the irritable reaching after fact.

THAT, my friends, is the South Node. When you keep trying to concretize — or conquer your life. And you forget that your life is wind or ocean or fire or soil, changeable matter.

There is someplace you’re supposed to get to. Call it a road to nowhere. Call it Petaluma. I don’t think it matters.

Here’s your homework assignment :) Revisit your North Node: sign and house and especially the aspects because the aspects show the ease and also the challenge of being there.

And tell us what you find :)

Love, MP

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A Story For Venus In Gemini

"venus in gemini"

Sometimes I forget that I can trust the Tarot and my interpretations.

My North Node in Pisces forgets this.

North Node in Pisces means South Node in Virgo which means TooMuchVirgo which means skeptical that it can be done!

And no reader can be 100 percent ON all the time. We’re human. And yet today I got some lovely confirmation and I love it when that happens.

Was emailing with a client about some complicated family stuff. The tone of her email was dark and I decided to pull some cards around the issue. I didn’t think about it, didn’t OVERTHINK about it. Just did it.

And I was surprised. I saw it working out in her favor. And I told her what I saw..

And I was right. She emailed me right after to tell me that Yes what I had just said was happening.


Trust. How do you trust something that flickers? You trust that it will come back. Maybe this is a Venus in Gemini story.

In Gemini, Venus runs her lovely fingers over all her options and then she goes home, eventually, to Cancer.

Home is where the heart is.


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Venus In The 12th House: Holy Desire

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

I have an extreme longing for God. Or whatever you want to call IT.

I’m Jewish but when I was a kid I bemoaned the fact that Jews didn’t have convents (there’s a joke in there somewhere).

I didn’t consider converting but began to collect rosaries. Oy. What did my mother think. (I think she ignored it actually). At least I didn’t disobey her and get a nose ring (this was the ’80s. Facial jewelry = not so common then).

Some chart stats: I have Venus in the 12th House. Venus square Neptune. North Node in Pisces in my 6th House of daily routines but conjunct my 7th House cusp. All these placements have Neptune in common.

Longing. Devotion. Holy desire. 

Holy desire for something I cannot touch. Long distance relationships slay me. You can imagine.

And I have a hard time putting the feeling into just the right words but I know it when I feel it and I felt it this morning on the treadmill! One of the songs I was listening to (Venus Neptune people are sensitive to music by the way) brought it out in me.

And then there’s old trusty Saturn in my 9th House, limiting what I feel is possible. The plot thickens. Saturn squares my Venus.

Belief vs. faith. Practical vs. mystical. Earth vs. sky.

In a partner, I need someone to inspire me. Their story must inspire me. Saturn wants it solid but Neptune wants to get lost.

What to do what to do what to do…


Review where transiting Venus is in your chart. Is Gemini friendly to your junk? Venus in Gemini gives me a sextile to my natal Venus, squares my Virgo (eek!) but trines my Libra Jupiter (ahhhh..) In other words, party favors!

In the sky, Venus is trine Saturn so PLEASE check your chart! Aquarians are getting a Grand Trine but all Air and Fire peeps can tap into this steady lurv energy.

What do you long for???


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Tuesday Morning Astrology: Rise Up!

"saturn in libra"

Is your work who you are?

Funny, this morning I had another topic in mind to write about.

I was going to write about how I got up this morning and meditated, first thing.

Right after I made the bed. How I listened to the birds. So many birds and so quiet in my room I could hear them all.

How my bed is actually one of those futons that folds up and I sleep on it folded up like a couch and there’s a spiritual divide in my room i.e. I don’t have an office. Half my room is rest. The other half is work. Bed. Desk.

So I sat crosslegged on my futon/couch, blankets folded, one cat beside me (she’s usually there) and another one came to sit and for just a few minutes, less than 10 minutes I listened to the birds and watched my mind and noticed that Game of Thrones is very much on my mind! Among other things :)

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Full Moon In Scorpio: Ta-Da!

"mercury opposition saturn"

So I had another revelation today about a situation I want to leave behind.

Yes, Full Moon in Scorpio is still on my mind and yes I’m obsessed.

And these words came to me which I put on a Post-It on the wall behind my desk. A light blue Post-It, by the way:

The solution you require now is NEPTUNE not SATURN. Transcend.”

I have these two guys in opposition in my chart. They fight with each other. The container (Saturn) and the contained (Neptune).

But easier said than done, okay? Easier fucking said than DONE. Transcend THIS, Saturn!


Neptune rules my North Node and the South Node, let me tell you, the South Node is a pull on you like a box of baby kittens mewing.

You’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna nurture and be sweet and love on those kittens. You can’t help it. It’s what you have to do and what must be done. It’s your instinct. But if you don’t find homes, good homes, the best homes, for those kittens, you’ll have… a lot of kittens.

I have three kittens who became cats and I’m not complaining but the South Node is a point that is hard to do well and yet we must do our South Node well while leaving it to join forces with the North!

My North Node? Pisces. And what’s more is that my Virgo South Node is conjunct my Ascendent and my Moon is in Virgo conjunct Pluto. I have trouble thought-stopping.

So there I was, am, feeling trapped by my mind, working it over and over and over, all the details, the story, the scenario of this situation that I want to leave behind SO BADLY and I’m not obsessing over how to do it or being practical (which would be the high side of Virgo) instead I’ve got the monkey mind and it won’t stop. Monkey monkey monkey.

And then I decided to have a beer. Hello Pisces North Node. I rarely drink. It makes me sleepy. Or depressed the next day. But right now this Corona is ME.


Does the Full Moon in Scorpio aspect your Nodes? It doesn’t aspect mine by degree but an interesting thing that I discovered yesterday in my own chart is that my Progressed MC is conjunct my Sun in Cancer. The Full Moon trines them both. Take a look at your chart. Find 16 degrees Scorpio.

And do find your Progressed angles. They matter.


This morning I put a note at the end of my blog post that I was going on Partial Vacation next week which means I am not going to do any Email Astrology Readings however I am happy to schedule for the week after.

(I will be doing Tarot Email all week though. That will continue as normal. And some Astrology Phone Readings, case-by-case basis though. Happy to discuss current Transits (by phone) if you feel snowed under).

But decided to set this boundary for the week to give some parts of my 3rd eye/brain a rest. But then I came up with this caveat, if you REALLY want an Email Astrology Reading next week, the week of May 7th, I’ll do it, but for double. ;)


An interesting aspect in today’s sky that perfects on Saturday: Mercury in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra. Mercury is talk. Saturn is “talk later.” Mercury is light. Saturn is heavy. Mercury is fast. Saturn slows us down. Mercury gesticulates. Saturn plods. Aries is ME. Libra is We.

And these two in opposition are showing up somewhere in your chart and oppositions have a tug-of-war energy to them, a balancing that is needed. You could get a slap for speaking out of turn under such an aspect. Or you yourself could be too harsh when a cleaner quicker approach is needed.

It’s like… the cute boy sitting behind you in class vs. the mustached old timey teacher lecturing at the front of the class. You need to pay attention to both ;) They both have something to tell you. Mercury is the Messenger and Saturn is the rules and the wisdom.

So there’s this harshy energy that culminates just a couple hours before the Full Moon. A one-two punch. I have a feeling that this Mercury Saturn opposition will tell you exactly what needs to be jettisoned.



I am going on a partial-vacation next week!

I will not be scheduling any Email Astrology Readings (Week of May 7th).

You can still contact me though for the Week of the 14th and beyond for my usual Email Readings.

I WILL continue to do Email Tarot though and possibly some Astro-Phone Readings. 

And don’t worry, I’ll keep putting up my little blog posts :)

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