Today’s Tarot – December 18th – Nine of Cups + The Holiness of Distraction

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The Fulfillment Of Unfullfillment: Neptune In The 7th House

Got *really* inspired by a client this morning.

Inspired to talk about NEPTUNE.

Because what she was saying was SO CLEAR to me and Neptune is NOT clear.

She’s got a Pisces Moon and Neptune in her natal 7th and a VERY Venusian chart.

“But it’s not fulfilling,” she cried! (Referring to a love situation but the tentacles of Neptune extend outwards.)

NO. IT’S NOT, I said. Neptune is NEVER fulfilling. Neptune, by its nature is LONGING for what you do not have. Of course it’s NOT fulfilling. You know what fulfills us? (Has the chance to fulfill us – if we give it a chance.) SATURN. Saturn IS. 

And I could say the same thing in a bunch of different ways, but I think that there, above, is plenty. I hope she finds her way. I hope (NEPTUNE!) she takes the gift of inspiration (which she’s got in spades) and obsession (also got that in spades) and turns it toward what she can actually DO and wants to do: WRITE AND LIVE AND LIVE AND WRITE.

Good luck, Miss X! Take those 6th House transits and FIX YOUR LIFE. It’s right there, where it always was, waiting for you.

Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Grace

Who are your spiritual teachers? Who brings you the truth?


Friday, January 3rd –

Moon in original-thinking Aquarius. Ideas, insights, connecting the dots. Making plans.

Mercury and Jupiter are opposed and these are happy words. It’s a happy day. Are you feeling this?

I know we’ll get a Moon Saturn square today but don’t let that downsize you.

In the Big City, this aspect perfects after dark so enjoy the sun and snow  It’s a Winter Wonderland right outside my door.

What’s outside yours?


Mystical Weekend alert!

Moon in Pisces all weekend. Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon conjunct Chiron. Various sextiles and trines. As I wrote the other day, this is a breeze, this is JOY, compared to the last few weeks.

Also a Sun Jupiter opposition and — I think you are torn between needing to work and needing to rest/play/nurture self and they must be balanced or you will feel… lazy and hazy:) or… oppressed.

Yes YOU CAN do it all this weekend. Err on the side of what’s been missing the most.


Another card for the weekend (I drew one yesterday as well..)

Three of Cups! Saw this card yesterday too —

Is your cup full? What is it full of? How many cups do you have? Three? What do they symbolize to you?

Perfect card for such a Jupiterian weekend. Abundancy! Bounty! Founcy dresses!

Crowley, in his infinite pessimistic wisdom says about this card: the good things in life, although enjoyed, should be distrusted.

But I’m okay with trusting this card :) and enjoying my weekend. Nothing wrong with a little Neptune — and the Moon will be in Pisces after all. Friendship, support, celebration, girls! Sharing experiences, good company, toasting, grace.

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces!

I posted this on Facebook earlier today. Moon is still in Pisces. Advice below for how to behave  tomorrow, and a few words about Uranus going direct.

No exact aspects today other than what the Moon makes and she’s in spookily psychic Pisces.

Pisces may be THE most naturally psychic sign but perhaps the sign made most uncomfortable by this talent.

Pay attention to the House in your natal where you have Pisces. That’s the area to focus on as the Moon makes her constitutional. I’m guessing you are already noticing this…

Looking ahead to tomorrow, for energies and entities that are already in play or will be shortly:

The Sun in Sagittarius is inconjunct Jupiter in Cancer. This is not a meeting of the motivations. This is a misunderstanding of them. This is a HUH? That’s how I feel about the inconjunct these days. HUH? You may even feel this about your own NEEDS. You may surprise yourself as you try to fit it all in to some preconceived template that has no business sticking around. You’ve come too far for that.

Mercury in preacher Sagittarius will also be busy, trining Uranus and squaring Chiron. DO NOT PUSH YOUR LUCK. Sure that idea could make you millions but write it down. Don’t tell EVERYBODY about it.

And in terms of the minor leagues:

The Sun will be semi-sextile Saturn and Pallas semi-sextile Vesta which tells me your concentration on a scale from one to ten is…. I’d say about a six. No reason at all to put off projects but I am feeling some emotional and mental wonky. Let Spirit take the wheel.


Retrograde cycles of outer planets DO matter and do affect us and Uranus goes direct on the 17th this month.

You probably already know where it is in your chart, but time to review —

And I was thinking to myself: what in my 8th House needs to move forward and as I typed those words I got a Uranian flash of insight and I had my answer!

Mars opposes Uranus on Xmas day. Mars Uranus is a speed freak and Mars is the faster moving body here, the agitator.

Your Uranus in Aries story has been ongoing and while retrograde perhaps in a bit of a stalemate, a cold and uncomfortable yet stable Two of Swords or even a prickly painful Three of Swords groove.

HOWEVER Mars is coming to SHAKE IT UP (across that axis of your chart, the Libra/Aries axis) with a ferocity and a magnitude that will feel, I think, REFRESHING.


Love, MP

Note to self: Hmm I need to come up with a Holiday/Year-End special hmm…. 

The Stars Tomorrow: Indestructible, Naked

Tomorrow? A good day. A very good day.

Venus enters warm and loving Leo and the Moon in Pisces joins the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in GrandTrineLand. The Moon is also sextile Pluto so the energy available to you is PROFOUND in fact it is… indestructible.

Which reminds me of Cancer in general, the vulnerability of Cancerians in general and how this will get bigger and bigger and bigger with Jupiter in Cancer meaning that you WILL feel more open you WILL feel more afraid it WILL behoove you to push yourself to… empty out your shell. FINALLY. Crawl out and away from it. Don’t need it any more? Maybe a new one you build eventually but not before a few precious naked moments.


Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Ride The Tiger

Refusing to believe in yourself is a choice. There is something you’re too scared to imagine.


Friday:  Neptune alert! Moon enters Pisces mid-afternoon in the Big City. Good aspects abound. Sextiles. Pleasant. No complaints. Catch up on feeling better. Moon sextile Mercury and Mercury sextile Neptune. Sensitive aspects. Delicate. Subtle. Could be good for writing.

This day? THUMBS UP. Be gentle in your approach. Your vision may be hazy dazy, but you won’t mind. You need a break anyway. Daydream, you visionary you. To paraphrase Robert Frost, the only guide you need is the one who has at heart your getting lost. THAT kind of day.

Saturday: more of the same but richer, more amber, more rust, but not sad at all, nope. Texture to this day. Moon trine Saturn, sextile Mars and Pluto, conjunct Chiron, sextile the Sun, and then square Jupiter. Boom boom boom.

If you want to focus on the ouchy Chiron conjunction go ahead but there’s more harvest than woe in this sky. Moon in Pisces loves and needs this back-up, Mars the bass and Pluto the drums. This is STRUCTURE so that you can be as Neptune as you want this weekend. Indulge it. A good day for glitter.

Sunday the spell is broken. Or is it? Will you even notice? Mercury opposes Saturn. Yeah, you’ll notice but if you followed your gut then you dreamt, you danced, you sang, you beat your rainbow drum, you got high, higher, higher. Mercury opposes Saturn and you’re back on earth with a thud but at least you’re home.

Wait. More good news. The Moon kisses sweet Venus in Taurus before going void of course, and then (a few hours later) Mars makes a trine to Pluto to end the weekend on a rather substantial note. Ah Mars and Pluto together. These two in combination can be murderous rage or… the power to heal the living. Or bring back the dead. And that’s no Neptune.

I know you want a card ;)

From the OSHO Zen Tarot deck: SUCCESS. The 6 of Fire. Enjoy yourself but don’t get too attached. Good mood, bad mood, so-so mood, good day, bad day, so-so day. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your success, no matter how small, medium, or big, enjoy enjoy enjoy. Ride the tiger.

Got weekend plans? 

Love, MP


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Moon Conjunct Mercury In Pisces: The Dreaming

I’m a little behind with my forecasting. I’ve got a lot on my mind but the days have been busy and then this evening on the message board I had this R.W.I. (really weird idea).

A few months ago, one of the gals on the message board (the “room”) talked about being interested in meeting, hanging out, a MoonPlutoLand retreat :)  and I didn’t think I’d be up for that, wanting to keep some kind of formality and distance even though I can be quite personal on the message board as well — but my trip out West changed me. I want to travel. But anything I do must have a purpose holding it up.

And I had this thought — the idea of something that gets handed off, from person to person i.e. the people in this group. That I would travel to see so and so. And then so and so would travel to see so and so. And so on. Until this precious thing finally went across the water to our one English rose :) (the rest of us are here in the U.S.).

And I wondered what the thing would be. A deck of Tarot cards? I’m not really a crystal person but that would be cool because crystals hold and give energy. Being a spiritual courier. And right now I’m thinking hmm… maybe it’s something that I create and I seal and no one knows what it is. Could we handle that? That level of mystery? Could we handle making that much effort, TRAVEL, for mystery? Or would I be the one making all these trips? Hmm. I suppose we’ll have to discuss this. Who has the funds and the ability and the desire to make even short trips.

Or will this stay in the mind only?

And then, of course, to write about it. We (writers) LIVE in order to write about it. I think some version of my idea HAS to happen.

The other day I was on the phone with a friend telling him that I felt I had no spiritual community these days, not in person anyway. Even my local meditation group no longer exists. And he reminded me that I run one. I’m doing the meditation group again and I keep that message board/room going. These are spiritual places. All the time.

Let me introduce the April/May eclipses to you. Briefly. The first one will be in Scorpio at 5 degrees (almost 6 degrees, I think. I don’t have my book in front of me).

The second one will be in Taurus at 19 degrees. I’m assuming some of my travel fever is because this is my 3rd House/9th House axis.

The first one: Full Moon Lunar.

Second one: New Moon Solar.

The first one: shine a light on what’s been hidden.

Second one: this feels like THE big one. That the Full Moon is a quiet, not so shocking end or revelation and the Solar Eclipse is your new life, what’s going to keep happening. It’s where you’re going. Where you want to go :)

Have you charted the eclipses already? 

Love, MP


I’m thinking about starting a new private message board. The topic? LOVE, sex, relationships, intimacy, synastry, compatibility, all of this as it relates to astrology and tarot.

This board would not be a “class,” but an open discussion group. Anyone can start a thread. 

If this interests you, send me an email. These are paid spaces since it takes time and energy to maintain and also I participate. If enough people are interested, we’ll do it!

I’d want at least 10 to begin. This group would go month to month (at first) and last for as long as people are into it.

Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much :)


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The Stars Today: Venus Conjunct Mars

I’m a little under the weather today, but got out of my sick bed to write to you :)

Just a cold but my head was fuzzy. I took some Tylenol and cancelled my scheduled peeps. Tomorrow for sure I’ll be up and running. Virgo Rising :)

This morning though I got up early and was happy with my new headphones and my journal with me, all in black, as always, working on one of my new poems on the train (on my way to the necessary errands) and I was reminded, once again, how being in transit (walking, subway, plane!) makes me write, makes it come out. Even editing goes better while in transit. I don’t know what it is, what it does to my brain, the movement, but… now my poem is farther along, inspired. And I had a wonderful breakfast in the theatre district.

I was wondering about you though – what do YOU need to get going. What creative projects are you working on and do you remember what you need to do when you get stuck. What works for you?


“Insatiable” is what I think of when I think of Venus conjunct Mars. In Aries? How much passion can you stand? Or does it fade as fast as it flames? What do you think? Aries comes on strong and then… is done? Or does it again? ;)

Another view is that this conjunction (in general) doesn’t need anyone. That the yin and yang together create a kind of self-sufficiency.

Moon in Pisces all day today and the folks on my message board are feeling extra sensitive, talking about crying spells :) The Moon is conjunct Neptune and trine Saturn so you *can* do something (structure!) with all that creativity and emotion, just like I did.

Tomorrow the Moon continues through Pisces, aspecting Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury, before going void of course.

Hmm. I think it’s a good day for just about anything visionary, imaginative, beautiful. Write a poem. Save a life.

Love, MP


I’m thinking about starting a new private message board. The topic? LOVE, sex, relationships, intimacy, synastry, compatibility, all of this as it relates to astrology and tarot.

This board would not be a “class,” but an open discussion group. Anyone can start a thread. 

If this interests you, send me an email. These are paid spaces since it takes time and energy to maintain and also I participate. If enough people are interested, we’ll do it!

I’d want at least 10 to begin. This group would go month to month (at first) and last for as long as people are into it.

Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much :)


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Daily Tarot!

FISH! Pisces Deluge February 11th

Dear Friends, I have to write about tomorrow because it’s so sweet and I was just warning people again on my Facebook page not to have “that talk” today because we’re under Venus Saturn which often brings a delay, an obstacle, a rejection, a fear. And more! ;) Venus Saturn is not touchy-feely. But tomorrow is!

In the Big City, Venus square Saturn is exact at 1:42 am and then begins to separate and then comes the PISCES DELUGE.

Well, actually the Pisces deluge is already here but listen to this, listen to this sweetness:

Neptune, Moon, Mars, Chiron (I know I know ugh Chiron) and Mercury in Pisces, linked, conjunct AND the Moon trines Saturn (stability!) AND the Moon sextiles Pluto (desire). This is tomorrow morning. What you got planned?

I plan to be working tomorrow morning but I will go to sleep tonight with Pisces intentions of a sweet sleep and sweet dreams and merging with the Beloved. Neptune rules my 7th House :)

Enjoy tomorrow. I feel like this is our reward after a weekend of unpleasant.

And if Pisces doesn’t make pretty aspects in your chart? You can ignore it! Neptune rules escape :)


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Moon In Aquarius: Void of Course

Look at the mist outside and know that you are going to be okay. Early morning. What’s outside your window?

Maybe you see yourself in the air, free-fall. I see mist and the winter tree branches low hanging. I hear the hiss of the heater and, still, in winter, birdsong. The houses across the alley staring back.

The Moon is void of course in Aquarius now which means the Moon makes no more major aspects to the heavenly bodies. She is, so to speak, resting. She doesn’t enter Pisces until Monday morning and then is no longer v/c.

If you need a time-out today, remember this void of course Moon and rest. 

If you are looking for something to help you rest, I suggest paying attention the breath. Your breath and the breath of Spirit, breathing with you.

Some people live in a state of perpetual tension but there’s no need for this, no matter what is going on outside – mist, branches, birdsong, sadness, fear, anger, confusion, hopelessness. You can breathe into all those words/thoughts/spaces in your body, and soften.

The Moon in Pisces on Monday sweetens the pot, making various aspects and softening us even more.

Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) is soft. Neptune has no boundaries. Neptune dissolves what it touches. Neptune can disappear your tension. Neptune = escape. Neptune = mist. Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon conjunct Chiron. Moon square Jupiter. Moon sextile Venus and Pluto. Moon trine Saturn. Even the Saturn aspect can help you now. Help you structure whatever you’re struggling with.

xo sending love xo

Scorpio: A Love Story

"full moon in taurus"Is my heart asleep? I can imagine loving. I do love. But I can’t imagine being IN love again, falling in love. Having *that* feeling. My heart is asleep.

That’s what I wrote last night. 

And then I spoke to my old Scorpio friend last night. He and I have the same “ideas” about love. That you commit and you learn and you grow. I had used the word commit but he talked about growing. Yup. And I began to hope again. It is possible. This old Cancerian lady got a whiff of hope and I tossed and turned in my sleep under the Scorpio sky.

The Moon’s in Pisces now. Listen to this: Sun Saturn in Scorpio trine Moon Neptune Chiron in Pisces trine Ceres in Cancer. Ceres is the Mother. She’s possessiveness and loss but the higher vibration is a love that will not die. On the other hand, that may Not be the higher vibration all the time ;)

Have a beautiful day, my friends. Enjoy this heavenly weather. Mars is still applying in opposition to Jupiter. Watch your day. Watch your life. Think before you speak and act. Jupiter is good luck but it’s good luck from the past with Jupiter retrograde. And I think of Mars as happy in Sagittarius as long as he has room to roam but it’s a lot of energy across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart.

How do feel with the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Scorpio? (And the transiting Node too). 



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The Stars Today: Fierce Spirit

"full moon in aries"The Moon in Pisces is not the only water to drink from in the sky today, but still I’m thirsty. Maybe when the Moon trines Mars, I’ll fill up.

Elemental: Sun in Air, Mercury in Air, Mars in Water, Venus in Fire. Saturn is at 29 degrees Libra. Just wanted to mention that. To see if you’re paying attention ;)

I can’t even explain it but I want you to find the Pisces house in your chart because I feel Pisces is a portal. Today and every day but today especially. Focus there. It could save you.

And did you notice? Neptune has retrograded back to 0 degrees Pisces and the Moon is conjunct it. Chiron too. It may be painful. It may be confusing. But Pisces calls to you today, and Mars in Scorpio will sharpen your intuition.

What you’re thinking right now? About THAT issue or that person? You’re right. You’ve always been right. Pisces people can tend to get spooked, not only because they feel so much but because their intuition is fierce. Yeah. Pisces is fierce.

Find Pisces in your chart and trust that what you see and feel IS what is.

Any questions?



Weekend Love Forecast!

"moon in pisces"There are some things you cannot understand yet because you are too young. But you’ll learn. And I say this to you as I say it to myself :) Be patient.

Saturday: the Moon is in Pisces. She will conjunct Neptune, square Jupiter, sextile Pluto, and then square Venus. Busy Moon! But a good one for love. Romantic with a dollop of M. Butterfly ;)

Sunday: the Moon trines the Sun in Cancer in the morning and then is Void of Course all day until Monday morning!

Have your heart to heart on Saturday, not on Sunday. Void of Course Moons are not the times for making plans, emotional or otherwise!

And Monday is my birthday :)

But here come The Cards!

Dear Tarot: give us the 411 for Love this weekend:

You at this time: you want it all. Will you have it?

Now I drew three more cards but I want to write about them holistically and tell you this: as ready as you are? They (he or she) aren’t as ready as you are. Now this doesn’t mean failure. It means scarred but smarter. It’s been a war. You’re still standing. I get the feeling this reading doesn’t have to be about love. It’s about any goal, any project you are working on. Don’t quit. Drive that Chariot home :)

Love, MP

Dude! Moon Is Void Of Course In Pisces!

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

The Moon is about to go Void of Course (actually she just did, during the writing of this blog post) which means she won’t make any more major aspects to the transiting planets and it’s a long-ish Void of Course Moon. She doesn’t enter Aries until almost 6pm today (Big City time!)

Void of Course energy is *not* good for starting new projects or making plans or talking about what you gonna do! Better to rest and relax. Yeah right. How many of us can sit around resting and relaxing whenever a VoC happens? Nevertheless, try to take it easy today. Take the pressure off. Know you may feel… waaaaay more in tune with the ether than usual! More in tune with spiritual awareness and psychic feelings and the random crazies hanging out around your apartment building ;)

Go inward. Do inward. Venus also stations retrograde this morning so, hey, the day’s a write-off ;).

Take these hours to catch-up with your ghosts and angels, to cat-nap, and to return to an idea from yesterday’s blog post, take this day to remember your dream. What was it? Do you want to call it back to your life? Or is it gone for good? Review your dreams no matter where Venus retrograde AND the Gemini Eclipse are happening in your chart.

This is your one and only holy life. BE IN IT.

And now? Breakfast :)

Love, MP

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The Stars Today: Moon In Pisces Shhhhh

"mars retrograde in virgo"

It’s days like this I wish I were a machine. Can’t seem to shake this cold or whatever it is, this run-down feeling since… Tuesday, which was a gym-day and a gym-day that I probably should have skipped. Regret. Too late now.

The moody Big City winter weather does it to me every year and with the Moon and Venus in Pisces? I want to rest. I need to rest. Pisces rules sleep :)

The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Venus RIGHT NOW and the Moon will oppose Mars in Virgo later today – Mars Retrograde that is — which, to my mind, is a double dose of Pisces.

No wonder I’m slowing down. AND YET I can’t accept it yet. I still want to do-do-do.

The solution for right now (as I was saying to someone last night) is the High Priestess more than the Magician i.e. the spirit of receiving rather than trying to create and make change. It’s yin time, baby. Yin. And Mars transiting my 1st House, even retrograde, finds that a little unsettling. And yet unsettle it must.

Otherwise: Moon Mars oppositions bring out the cranky in you and others — so hold your peace! Hold it tight! Guard it! Don’t let them annoy you!

Sun in early Aquarius: revolution is on our minds. What needs to happen, what needs to change, and what needs to wait until Mars goes direct, months from now. Don’t stop coming up with ideas… just know there may be delays (hello Saturn Retrograde coming up!)

Mercury in late Capricorn: we’re still in serious business mind. A little down too probably. Mercury in Aquarius will be funnier.

Jupiter moved another degree in Taurus which is totally awesome — just because! We like it when Jupiter moves forward, sprinkling his dopeness all around (to quote a Twitter pal of mine) and closer to a sextile with Chiron. Eh, all we want from Chiron are sextiles and trines. Jupiter and Chiron together is a big healer rolling up her sleeves and getting to work which reminds me again of the High Priestess. Roll up the sleeves of your robe but prepare to… once again… discover the essence of Mars retrograde in Virgo for you — and essence IS an appropriate word here!

Don’t get swept away by the Pisces tide. Even retrograde, Mars in Virgo wants you to pay attention as best you can. Make yourself a list and sleep with it under your pillow.


How does the sky feel to you?

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The Stars Today! Moon In Pisces!

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"

This Moon in Pisces is sensitizing my shit and I do not like it.

Now usually I like a water sky, I prefer a water sky, but not today, no thanks, not the Moon in Pisces conjunct my North Node, on my 7th House cusp. 

Otherwise, the Sun in Sagittarius keeps it light and all our planets in earth (Mars, Venus, Jupiter…) keep us down to earth. And that Venus Pluto conjunction, exact now, makes love a killer.

(Stop me before I sing a Bon Jovi song. Please. Because I never have and I really shouldn’t start now.)

Mercury Retrograde of course brings us the re-do and the review and honestly I don’t mind it. Watch all your Sagittarius friends backtrack in the coming months. That will be especially entertaining. Especially because they won’t remember but you will :)

But tell me this: what do you want to hold on to? And what do you want to set free? Earth energy wants you to grab and fire energy wants you to move. You can do both. The trick is that the Moon in Pisces may give you a bellyache later on.

I say….. wait.

What choo gonna do?  

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Sagittarius, Schnitzel, And Why The Inconjunct Is Not A Failure

"full moon in taurus"

I was complaining on Twitter the other day that there wasn’t enough water in the sky. Well, today we’ve got the Moon in Pisces which is trining the Sun in Scorpio as I type this.  I don’t have a Grand Trine in my chart, but I’ll get one, by transit as my Cancer Sun gets pulled in.

How about you? Do you benefit from extra water? 

And it’s a two-trine night as Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries.

Whatever else is going on in your chart, see if you can latch on to this stuff, if you can feel it, if it makes a difference.

Do you feel a wee bit calmer with this smoooooooth energy in the sky? Of course a fire trine is not exactly sleep-inducing smooth but it is harmonious, friendly energy! So go out tonight and make a friend!

And could it be the Sagittarius energy that made me social tonight? Had to be some planetary magic, right? Lord knows I would not have done it on my own, un-pushed!

There I was, home after the long day, sitting on my futon, trying to finish the newsletter, then chatting with my roommate, then unburdening myself to my roommate, and then my roommate was heading out to dinner at a friend’s house, and then there I was, joining her.

AND wouldn’t you know it, but our hostess was a Sagittarius and we got to talking about Occupy Wall Street and I shared my experiences and she’d been too busy to head over (she works full time, is in school, and has a big family) but is anxious to go “see what it’s all about” and “talk to people.”

I swear, to the Cancer creature, the Sagittarius creature is an odd one indeed. Her fire nearly overwhelmed me. Her mind wouldn’t stop, her enthusiasm, her stories, her chaotic friendly household.  Or maybe it was that little bit of wine that I had. And she’s married to a Virgo.

I said to her. You don’t see the details. He does. She looked around the messy kitchen. Her husband was skeptical of course, which is very Virgo, so I cut out the astrology talk. I’m sensitive and didn’t feel like defending this stuff. Can’t help but talk about it though. It’s what I do.

So we talked, we ate. It was a food marathon, I said. And I’ve just reached the finish line.  And I don’t know if all Sagittarius women make amazing schnitzel, but this one does.

It’s never easy for Cancer stellium girl to leave the house, but it always feels so good to come home.


In what sign are YOU a tourist? 

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And More Stray Thoughts: Cancer, Capricorn, And Security

"uranus pluto square"

At the most basic level, Pluto in Capricorn is about security. Personal security. Why personal? Because Capricorn opposes Cancer, the Mother, the one who was responsible for our safety, our security.

She succeeded or failed or fell somewhere in the middle. Our lives are a response to this care or lack of it. Too Freudian for ya? I can’t help it! Or maybe I’m just a Cancer Sun (and Mercury and Mars): it all comes down to Mom but not just Mom herself… it all comes down to… becoming a grown-up and making our OWN security. Leaving fear behind.

I was texting a friend tonight, telling him that I wanted to be free. He asked what I meant. Fear, I said. Feeling limited by my own fear.

Do you live like this? Without fear? 

Pluto is direct now. Uranus is retrograde. But these two will meet again and again and square. Uranus is fast change. Pluto is slow change. What happens when you combine the two in hard aspect? It’s like… bursting forth to… collapse. You know that feeling? You’re in crisis, you go into crisis mode, crisis response, you get it done but it’s not done yet, there’s more, and you fall down as if your entire being is the seed for what comes next but you’re too exhausted to lift your head.  Oy.

This Pluto Uranus square will bring change — to the world you live in, to the world inside you.

…I hope you had a good weekend. I hope you have hot clean water for bathing. I hope your honey is from the best bees in the hive. I hope you too have discovered the ultimate joy of a free Spotify account. I hope Venus in Scorpio is kind to your chart. I hope you are not fighting with the one who loves you most of all.

All these hopeful wishes of mine are brought to you in honor of the sweet Moon in Pisces. Be kind to yourself, fellow stargazers. And if you Occupy nothing else this week, at least Occupy Your Spirit, okay?

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"moon pluto"
here we go...

I swear, Virgo Season ends and I’m back to my bad habits. Libra matters are in focus. Virgo matters are in the past. Not that all new starts disappear, just that… something else is on the slide under the ‘scope. And you know what else? Venus is at 29 Libra! That’s right, folks. Venus will be the first to dip her toe in SCORPIO SEASON.

Water and earth peeps rejoice, although they hide their smiles behind their hands :) We’ve needed a bit more water in the sky, in my humble opinion, but then again I’ve got a Cancer Stellium. Scorpio suits me fine (even when it squares my Leo Venus).

But let’s take a closer look…

The Sun is in mid-Libra now. You should know what you’re dealing with, what Libra Season is about for you. And if not? Stay tuned. The Full Moon in Aries will reveal it.  (As will Saturn, little by little.)

The Moon is in early Pisces, past conjunction to Neptune and Chiron. She’s sextiling Jupiter. And Mercury in Libra is speeding away from conjunction to Saturn. Are you feeling a bit less burdened, a bit more upbeat? This could be why.

Mars hangs on in Leo at 11. I feel him watching the Libra crowd moving away and he’s a little bit lonely. Encourage your Leo house now, the areas of life it covers. That will make Mars happy :)

The biggest news of course is Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aries opposing Sun and Saturn: freedom vs responsibility.

Saturn conjunct the Sun makes the Sun serious. Whatever happens in your life next week and the weeks to come… matters. The choices you make now? Let me put it this way… can you feel it in your own life? Stagnation vs movement? Maybe you feel like The Fool in the Tarot, that you’re gonna leap and soon (Aries) but that the foundation (Saturn) is there. AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BUILT IT.

While the Moon is still in Pisces, dream up. Dream up what you want. Anything. Spend as much time as you can going inside, going quiet, in meditation. You don’t need words. You only need the dream. At first.

By the time Aries hits? You’ll be ready. You’ll know what you need to do.

You know this is the beginning, don’t you? 

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Full Moon In Pisces, Part 2: Escape

"moon pluto"
the luminescent Debbie Harry, Moon in Pisces

I was tired during meditation class last night. Sleep is good but sleep is not meditation. Not that I fell asleep, but I drifted. And then I landed on an image. I was thinking about the Pisces Full Moon and about putting down my burdens and I began to imagine the 10 of Wands and putting down those wands, one by one. I started putting other stuff down too, anything I didn’t need, anything that was weighing me down.

At the end of my visualization, I knew that I needed to swim, to enter water.

What do you see when you close your eyes?

For the Full Moon in Pisces? Plan (Virgo) your escape (Pisces).

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Working Out With Saturn

"saturn in taurus"

It’s still raining in the Big City and I keep thinking about whether to run another errand in the Pisces Moon rain. Pisces Moon trine Mars in Cancer rain.

Besides “taking it on faith,” I was also recently told to focus more on “self-care,” which of course my Virgo Moon began to research. What is self-care. What does it mean for me? And yes I agreed with the person who told me this and it’s why I’m not pushing myself today.

Now, you may be one of those bubble bath people. Or one of those eat ’til you puke people. Or one of those jog-a-holics or make-up lovers and the way you pamper yourself is with Just. One. More. Lip. Gloss. Could be. No judgement here. We all have our things. We all have ways, or need to develop ways, to self-nurture. Otherwise? Otherwise what do you have? A room in the Hotel Ten O’ Wands ;)

I think many folks would start with the Moon: what does your Moon want, what does your Moon need. Or look at Venus, another lovely lady: what does she love, what does she value? I think we also need to look at Saturn because even though Saturn is fear… Saturn shows us… something that needs our effort. And the pay-off? Could be good.

I have Saturn in Taurus so Taurus stuff can be hard for me. I’ll avoid it. It’s not comfortable. And yet if I work that Taurus… hmm. Luxe!

Maybe you have Saturn in Scorpio. Maybe you fear deep deep intimacy. Maybe you have Saturn in Virgo. Maybe you fear routine or the body. Maybe you have Saturn in Cancer. Maybe you fear your mother. Maybe you have Saturn in Capricorn and you just don’t want to work. Saturn in Pisces? No one’s gonna make you merge! Not until you’re good and ready. And maybe you never will be.

And spend time, especially, on the element: is your Saturn in earth, water, fire, or air?

Remember that Saturn co-rules Aquarius and ain’t no one gonna make the Water-Bearer do nothing s/he don’t wanna do.

So here’s today’s exercise: find your natal Saturn and consider the sign your Saturn is in. Think about what that sign means.Do you see a connection between your Saturn and how you need to best take care of yourself?

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Moon Alert! Moon in Pisces!

"Kim Kardashian"
Kim Kardashian has Moon in Pisces

There’s somewhere I have to be but I’m staying put for the moment because the rain is so heavy. Perfect for the Moon in Pisces but not perfect for leaving the house.

How do you feel about Pisces, Sun or Moon? Do you have Pisces people in your life? How are they different from our other Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Do you have a favorite?

My experience with Pisces is that they have an edge, which is due to their proximity to Aquarius and Aries, and often, although not always, having personal planets in those signs. I have also seen kind Pisces, so giving, Pisces who will give the homeless guy dollars and dinner. And then Pisces/Leo people who need applause for the sacrifice ;)

Nothing against Pisces. Just a complex sign. Deep, hard to fathom, mysterious and surrounded by Yang. How does sweet Pisces survive all that Yang? Pisces does or doesn’t, so it seems, and the succumbing is a danger for sure.

Pisces is Neptune is the 12th House so there’s a sense of… being swept away, tidal-waved, by whatever your poison, be it service or… other stuff ;)

I knew a Pisces once with a Capricorn Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Scorpio. Was just a friend but we had great synastry, sympathy. She cheerleaded, pep-talked me. She was the one, actually, who predicted that I’d be reading charts, when I was just a student and was sure that I couldn’t, wouldn’t. I don’t think I ever saw her deepest self. That Capricorn Moon kept me out to some degree but I know she opened up to me more than anyone. Who else in her circle would listen to her childhood traumas, stuff she hadn’t completely gotten over, residue from the past, so many stories. Our Sun trine made her feel at home. Interesting too because she was, is… 20 years older than me, Jamaican. Totally different backgrounds and life experience and yet such compatibility. A deeply spiritual person. I loved giving to her, listening to her. Her Capricorn Moon never asked for it, but her Pisces Sun inspired it in me.

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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today And The New Moon In Leo

"Kim Kardashian naked"
Moon in Pisces!

The Moon, the Moon, ah the Moon! The Moon is in the psychic and suffering sign of Pisces :) We love our Pisces, don’t we? Neptune-ruled, sensitive dreamers, they. The Moon in Pisces is already past her conjunction to Chiron and Neptune and is now sextile Jupiter in Taurus. Moon Jupiter is a lovely aspect in the sky or here on earth: the feelings are like balloons, rising above limitation. Did you feel a lift?

Our fair Pisces will then trine Venus and Sun in Cancer. That much water usually makes the water/earth people happy and the fire/air people edgy. Rest assured though, Mars is still in Gemini, Saturn (ha!) is still in Libra, and the Sun will move to Leo Leo Leo soon enough. Rawr!

What? What’s that you say? The Moon in Pisces will inconjunct Saturn in Libra? My advice: don’t fight with your Momma until the Moon is a few degrees off Saturn. Moon Saturn in hard aspect can make you feel low down. Take heart in the fact that the Moon moves fast.

The Eclipses have come and gone. The Full Moon has come and gone, and that was a potent Full Moon, wasn’t it? These Moons have felt like waves to me lately and I don’t know what will be washed away until it is or it isn’t.

The future: the New Moon in shiny shiny Leo is what we have to look forward to now. Fixed fire. Masculine energy.

Look in your chart for your Leo House and the early-ish degrees. What area of life is ready for seeding? New Moons are the intention-times, beginnings. Think about it. Do you have a plan? Is it a Leo plan? Do you need some attention? Some glamour? Some self-expression? Some FUN? Some LOVE? Love love love love love love love love!

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