The Stars This Weekend: Because You Need A Ghost

Very interesting to me

so on Day One of Week One in the class (and yes you can still join us!) I am drawing cards for everyone.

Will draw for everyone each week one card – 

Only a couple Major cards. Majority of pip cards and not only pip cards but MIDDLE. Four, Five, Six. Seven was our highest number.

And this class is in part about saying goodbye to Jupiter in Virgo and immersing in spiritual routines and gentle ritual. Clearly we have projects to finish or establish before September, before Jupiter changes signs. 

We always have to consider the whole chart, your whole chart.

For many, Leo Season is fun (fire signs tend to be, they motivate us, are extroverted) but for me (and others of course) Leo is in a water house, my 12th.

I will most certainly have fun but it will be spirit fun, magic fun, solitude fun. Class starts today and I’m having fun but I’m in my 12th. At home and contemplating how best to keep my coven engaged as I take them through what I feel I need to take them through. Which road. Which winding road. Which pitstop. Which place to stop for coffee. What snacks do we need for the ride, this ride? How fast to go?

It’s a Pisces Moon weekend and then on Sunday we have a Venus Pluto inconjunct – Leo to Capricorn. Desire and power.

You know, it’s funny. Sun Sign generalizations vs actual people. There are Pisces extroverts and Pisces introverts. It really varies. Humans vary. But as an ENERGY, as pure energy, Pisces is blind.

Now this can work in your favor i.e. Pisces or Neptune energy can help you HAVE FAITH in what does not exist yet or in what you cannot see.

But it also can lead you to… not take action (escapism) when you badly need to. But maybe that wishing upon a star really WILL work. Have faith?

This weekend is a Pisces test, a Neptune test. Moon in Pisces now and all day Saturday and the aspects are many and varied — and you may as well wish, you may as well PRAY. 

Moon Neptune conjunction
Moon inconjunct Venus
Moon sextile Pluto
Moon inconjunct Mercury
Moon opposition Jupiter
Moon conjunct Chiron

I think you’ll feel it all. Every little last drop, you’ll feel. A metaphysical quilt you can wrap yourself up in or… fold and put in the corner and say “no thanks.”

Yes I think you do have a choice not to drown in mist but for some of you drowning in the Neptune may be just what you need because Earth School is just TOO stressful and you need a break. You need the ethereal. You need a ghost. 

Sunday things switch up to FIRE – Moon enters Aries and will make good aspects to planets in Leo and this is great. No matter how drippy you feel today? The clouds will break on Sunday and the Sun will come out. The Sun in LEO – proud, confident, sizzling, sexy, so full of LOVE Leo. Loyal Leo. Protective Leo. Take that thorn out of your paw. Be proud of who you are.

But about that Venus Pluto inconjuct:

Venus in Leo needs attention.
Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care what you NEED.
Pluto delivers to your life what must be. WHAT MUST BE.

Venus in Leo says: ME.
Pluto in Capricorn in an inconjunct to this energy wants a little less ego and a little more hard WORK. It’s an uncomfortable aspect for sure.

What to do first? What to do? Focus on me and what I need to feel good OR focus on maddening Pluto tearing apart my life limb from limb?

It’s clear what we’d prefer and yet we can’t prefer because it’s Pluto and because it’s an inconjunct and because it’s happening and if we just shut our eyes and go Neptune we’ll miss it. And if go full on Aries Moon we’ll also miss it as we drive away.

So of course I seek the answer in the Oracle: 

Ten of Pentacles. Focus on what you HAVE, my dears. Not what you need or think you need. Focus on what you have built. What still stands. What you have. Be in it. Be in your body, in your house, in your work, in your four walls. Feet on the ground. It’s the only way.


Oh Wow Tuesday You Ready For Sun Jupiter???? + Full Moon Thoughts

"sun conjunct jupiter"
(Painting by Tina Palmer)

I shrug my shoulders at today (no big deal, Moon in Capricorn doing this, doing that). It’s tomorrow when things begin their ch-ch-change but we feel it today for sure. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Here’s your miracle but you’ve had to have been standing on line for your miracle to receive it. And you can’t cut in front of others either. Virgo doesn’t do that. Moon is square Uranus tomorrow: you can’t plan for this. There have been Wheels of Fortunes all around you for days now, weeks maybe. A month or two? Mercury sextile Saturn too (tomorrow). Virgo/Scorpio is SMART.

By the time Moon enters Aquarius on Thursday you’ll know far more than you do today. Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend (or maybe it was the day before) and I got Jupiter vision. Jupiter vision = I saw the big picture. The last two years. Okay two years and about 4 months. Perspective. Wide angle lens.

You know what belief is? Faith? And I am using the two simultaneously here. When you have no proof. When there is no immediate answer but you move forward, you move the rock anyway because maybe there’s water in the well. Maybe a drop — which is enough.

Jupiter expands what it touches so one way this will play out: Jupiter will make the Virgos and Virgo inclined people more desperate for answers, that “irritable reaching after fact.” I NEED TO KNOW!!!

But there’s another way… 

"sun conjunct jupiter"Let’s talk Full Moon in Pisces. This is “another way.”

The Full Moon (which is conjunct psychic visionary Neptune) opposes Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, clarity and proof. Emotions could cloud your everything but that’s how it should be. That’s what is needed. To abandon irritable reaching after fact and putting everyone else first. What about you? Don’t you matter too? Think about that. Moon Neptune on one side. Sun Jupiter on the other. And then the Pluto piece. Moon Neptune sextiles Pluto. Yes ethics (Virgo) matter, but that’s never been a problem for you. It’s having faith that matters most this week. And the dream. The dream: what you don’t have now and what you want what you want what you want.

Pluto Sextile Chiron (Part Two) And A Few Words From My 12th House

Don’t be foolish. Our time here is limited.

A week like this — the Pluto Chiron sextile – shows us what’s still broken *and* that it’s repairing, sewing itself back up.

You really don’t need to do anything but let it. Wait. I take that back. You do need to pay attention. You do need to look at your chart. You do need to open up. But you can do that. Not too hard.

I dated a man once who kept me on the hook for a few years. Or was it me. Did I keep myself on the hook for a few years. In either case, I was on the hook. For years. It took pain and effort and energy to get free. If you are waiting for someone, if you want what I wanted, then give it a limit, how long you will wait. Venus in the 12th House types, Venus Neptune types can wait, can sacrifice the years for unusually long times. It feels good. Until it feels bad. I know it could be different for you. For you, waiting could bring you more happiness than Real Love ever could. But if you are anything like me, then think about what you’re doing and why. And don’t take my word for it. You choose. Just do it consciously.


I peeked and decided to look ahead to the weekend and I LOVE it.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces (intuitive, compassionate). Venus conjunct Mars in Aries (hot, passionate). Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio (deep, stabilizing).

I would like to be born this day. You listening, God? I want *this* chart for my next life :)

Love, MP


Got questions about Aries Season? 

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Moon In Aquarius: Void of Course

Look at the mist outside and know that you are going to be okay. Early morning. What’s outside your window?

Maybe you see yourself in the air, free-fall. I see mist and the winter tree branches low hanging. I hear the hiss of the heater and, still, in winter, birdsong. The houses across the alley staring back.

The Moon is void of course in Aquarius now which means the Moon makes no more major aspects to the heavenly bodies. She is, so to speak, resting. She doesn’t enter Pisces until Monday morning and then is no longer v/c.

If you need a time-out today, remember this void of course Moon and rest. 

If you are looking for something to help you rest, I suggest paying attention the breath. Your breath and the breath of Spirit, breathing with you.

Some people live in a state of perpetual tension but there’s no need for this, no matter what is going on outside – mist, branches, birdsong, sadness, fear, anger, confusion, hopelessness. You can breathe into all those words/thoughts/spaces in your body, and soften.

The Moon in Pisces on Monday sweetens the pot, making various aspects and softening us even more.

Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) is soft. Neptune has no boundaries. Neptune dissolves what it touches. Neptune can disappear your tension. Neptune = escape. Neptune = mist. Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon conjunct Chiron. Moon square Jupiter. Moon sextile Venus and Pluto. Moon trine Saturn. Even the Saturn aspect can help you now. Help you structure whatever you’re struggling with.

xo sending love xo

The Stars Today: Fierce Spirit

"full moon in aries"The Moon in Pisces is not the only water to drink from in the sky today, but still I’m thirsty. Maybe when the Moon trines Mars, I’ll fill up.

Elemental: Sun in Air, Mercury in Air, Mars in Water, Venus in Fire. Saturn is at 29 degrees Libra. Just wanted to mention that. To see if you’re paying attention ;)

I can’t even explain it but I want you to find the Pisces house in your chart because I feel Pisces is a portal. Today and every day but today especially. Focus there. It could save you.

And did you notice? Neptune has retrograded back to 0 degrees Pisces and the Moon is conjunct it. Chiron too. It may be painful. It may be confusing. But Pisces calls to you today, and Mars in Scorpio will sharpen your intuition.

What you’re thinking right now? About THAT issue or that person? You’re right. You’ve always been right. Pisces people can tend to get spooked, not only because they feel so much but because their intuition is fierce. Yeah. Pisces is fierce.

Find Pisces in your chart and trust that what you see and feel IS what is.

Any questions?



Thirsty Virgo In Search Of Truth Finds Water Instead

"moon pluto conjunction"

I’m obsessed with clarity. Needing to be understood. Wanting to understand.

That’s one way my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo manifests. Moon Pluto obsesses and Virgo idealizes (!) clarity.

And how with a little distance we can get some.

I was writing yesterday and lately that clarity is hard to find these days. Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and now Neptune are retrograde. (Clarity sounds like a girl’s name. A nice girl. A Virgo girl. She waits her turn.)

What’s happening in your life? Are you clear? Are you High Priestessing your days through the retrograde soup? Or are you fighting the energy, trying to fix.

Okay. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But when in doubt… wait.

That Louise Hay quote that I posted yesterday: “Give the Universe a chance to find the solution to your so-called problem.”


In other news, the Moon in Aquarius is done trining Saturn (support for your feelings) and and moves into super psychic Pisces this afternoon, Big City time. Yes, you will feel more sensitive. You will absorb like Bounty, the quicker-picker-upper.

Mercury in Cancer (the current collective mind) will trine the Moon in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Neptune and then Chiron (today/tomorrow).

You may have no choice but to High Priestess your way through the weekend. Dreams, intuitions, impressions, empathy, mystery, trust.

As Olivia Newton-John sang, “Feel your way”

Or go to a museum and look at soup cans ;)

Weekend plans? 

Love, MP

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The Stars Today: Moon Trine Saturn

"moon trine saturn"Moon trine Saturn means you will be supported and most likely  by a father figure, mother figure, parent figure. Moon is nurturing and Saturn is authority but, in this case, kindly. It’s a trine.

I have this aspect in my natal chart, but in earth signs, and general wisdom tells us we really don’t want Saturn touching all over our Moon BUT if it has to? The trine is the best on offer.

It’s like being scooped up, shored up, when things are at their most bleak, which can sometimes, often, be due to a Saturn transit.

Here’s a tip: review your natal Saturn aspects and this will give you a key, clue, to how to manage your Saturn transit. Also, how much Capricorn and/or Cancer you have in your chart.

In the sky right now, the Moon is in late Aquarius conjunct Neptune which is an aspect of kindness, psychic ability, vulnerability (and more or less so depending on the sign) and this Moon-Neptune is trine transiting Saturn now i.e. supported by transiting Saturn.

I’d also say that someone born under this aspect is damn strong and determined despite their poetic nature. Makes me think of the 9 of Wands. Scarred but smarter.

Do you have a Moon-Saturn or Moon-Neptune aspect in your chart?


(PS Sorry for the tiny Tarot pic – will have to replace it later for a better one when I return)

Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"moon pluto"
Beethoven had Moon in Sagittarius

Sunday Morning in the Big City. Wait. No. MONDAY morning in the Big City, Labor Day, and many Americans have the day off today.

The Moon in Sagittarius is a good place for the moon on a day-off. Sagittarius loves to wander, travel, traipse, pontificate! And he’s moving towards a sextile to Neptune. Moon Neptune is a dreamy aspect; intuition is strong! A little meditation session could be in order. Maybe you’ll get a message or two about… something! After all, Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy and Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is your EXPANSION.

How, where, what do you want to expand in your life? Where is the transiting Moon in your chart? Where is Neptune? Find these two heavenly bodies and you’ll have a key, a clue. The Moon moves fast so take advantage of this aspect. Meditate and then go for a walk!

In other news: Virgo Season continues with the Sun and Venus still in Virgo. Mercury is fast finishing up his time in Leo and will join his pals in Virgo (and then he’ll be out of his retrograde shadow as well). Mercury in Virgo is fine fine place to be. A bit skeptical at times but we need that at times. And Mercury is opposing Neptune once again and this aspect will only get tighter; it’s applying now. Watch for confusion in the coming days. Mercury Neptune can be outright lies or white lies or just not knowing what to do or what to think. On the up side, this aspect can also be a dreamy flowy psychic vibe, especially with Neptune retrograde. Pay attention to your dreams! (I’ll try to write more about this aspect later; it’s an interesting one.)

Otherwise, your Virgo House is STILL important. So is your Leo House. And to give you one more thing to do: find the Libra House in your wheel! I am always early, like a proper Virgo Moon and Libra is what’s coming up for all of us. I know I know I’m probably jumping the gun but it won’t hurt to look ahead :) What areas of life does Libra cover in your chart?

Mars is still holding on in Cancer. This is good for water and for Taurus and Virgo but probably annoying for everyone else. If you start to feel annoyed with Mars clinging to Cancer, then act like a Cancer: eat! nurture! cry! I promise you’ll feel better :) And if you don’t? Come back here and tell me in the comments :)

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