The Sagittarius Search For Truth!!!!!!!

Stupid people are getting on my nerves. If that offends you I’m not sorry. But this is an ASTROLOGY blog so let’s get to it!

"sagittarius season"

Let’s talk SAGITTARIUS SEASON. I have a story for you. But first let me remind you that THE SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON TUESDAY. This Tuesday. The day after tomorrow.

And today I went to church. Sometimes I do that. Go to church. You know it was funny I was talking to an acquaintance today who said:

I didn’t know you were “involved” in church. At first I silently balked at the word INVOLVED and then I said to him: you don’t know me. We don’t know each other. How could you possibly be surprised or not surprised. YES I GO TO CHURCH MOTHERFUCKER. Didn’t say that part.

ANYWAY so I was at church this morning because there is this class that I love besides which I like some of the people there AND I love the goddamn motherfucking Holy Spirit why is that so hard to understand who I sometimes feel the presence of AT CHURCH and my favorite priest (yes I have a favorite priest) was presiding over my favorite class and he was telling a story.

And he’s a Sagittarius. You know where this is going, right?

And I started to take notes while he was talking :) Sometimes I do that!

The Sagittarius search for truth. They cannot NOT tell the truth. And he was telling a story of how he almost got fired, years ago, from this particular parish because of his belief (Sagittarius rules BELIEF) that Christians are NOT better than any other religion.  His inclusive attitude, his inclusive LOVING beliefs got him in trouble to the degree that after one of his sermons he got called to the rector’s office and given a harsh talking to — NEVER to do that again.

Why am I telling you this story? Because you can’t tell a Sag what to do and Sag Season is around the corner.

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"

So my favorite priest didn’t get fired but he did get reprimanded for his “open-mindedness” and is a priest all these years later, telling us this story. He’s got a lot of stories. Famous for his stories I think.

If only the rector had known who he had hired, he probably wouldn’t have hired him (my priest said). BUT you can’t stop a Sag from telling their truth and this is wisdom for us all during Sagittarius Season. TELL IT!!!!!

Tell your truth but decide WHEN. Tell it after you have the job :)

"jupiter in scorpio"
Our Lady

Saturn is LEAVING Sagittarius. Saturn will be entering Capricorn NEXT MONTH. December.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been like the wild west. Rules? What rules? Order? What order? Structure? What structure? Not so Saturn in Capricorn. The rules, the order, the structure will be BINDING.

Saturn in Capricorn says: Do you have a plan? What’s the plan? Does your life have order? What’s your rule of life?

I love this story of my priest because I love the idea of a radical yet typical Sagittarius, priest, in this conventional path. With Saturn in Sagittarius the path was… the path. A winding road. It was the plan of no plan. Saturn in Sagittarius destroyed our plans with its refusal to plan so do not be surprised if all of a sudden in December, or already, you are thinking about your life in a more serious and responsible way, the Capricorn way, not this freewheeling maybe I’ll get fired way.

This question of plans and planning and GOALS will get more insistent. You will be called upon to create a SOLID LASTING ORGANIZATION TO YOUR LIFE.

FUCK! WHAT NOW? I’m feelin it. Already.

"moon conjunct pluto"

I will end this blog post with his words:
“We encounter the Divine, the Holy, in our own way.  As we grow and deepen our spiritual roots, our view of God, will change.” 

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Your Truth: Mercury Enters Sagittarius This Weekend

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday and this matters extra because Mercury will go retrograde in this sign, at the very end of the sign, AND we will have THREE count ‘em THREE Mercury Saturn conjunctions. THREE.

Serious stuff. Serious mind. Serious Sagittarius house.

YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE. You can’t just speed through. You can’t ignore the details. You shouldn’t. Mercury in Sagittarius, fire sign, may want to speed through but not this time because of Saturn, because of the retrograde. You must slow down. You must look. You must be the best of Sagittarius. What is the best of Sagittarius? They see in you what no one else could. They see the best of you. They see the truth.

Saturn in Sagittarius slows down Sagittarius. Mercury and Saturn together slows down Mercury. And a retrograde is a review. Honey bear, this is no ordinary Mercury retrograde and this is no ordinary Mercury in Sag.

The least you need to know FOR NOW (and I’ll blog more about the details of this transit):

Your Sagittarius house (or houses) need your attention at this time.

I don’t want to call it a problem to be solved. Call it a puzzle. There’s a puzzle piece inside this house of your chart and it links up, connects to, your natal Jupiter, transiting Jupiter, and the houses they are in.

Think of your natal Jupiter as holding the key to this transit for you. And that key opens the lock of your Sagittarius house.

In plain English? JUPITER IS THE KEY TO YOUR PERSONAL MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS TRANSIT. Explore Jupiter in your birth chart and you’ll see what you need to see, understand what you need to understand, feel what you need to feel, know what you need to know!

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So I Drew The Knight Of Swords For Your Week

"knight of swords" "knight of swords"

My blogging seems to have gone sporadic again. If you miss my updates you can always Friend or Follow me on Facebook. I’m there a lot.

I was telling my folks on Facebook that this week is full of changes. Mars enters Aquarius. Venus enters Capricorn. Mercury enters Sagittarius. Not bad for ONE week. Sun still in Scorpio, until the 21st.

What I want you to do is think about where you are–

because all of this is NEW, new energy in three consecutive signs. Mercury, Venus, Mars. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius.

So you’ll be in talks about your Sag House. You’ll be the Goddess of Love in your Cap House. And trying something new, forcefully, in your Aqua House.

Do you know what this is about for you? Can you predict?


Thoughts As We Approacheth Sagittarius Season

"saturn square neptune" Take heart that the light is coming. If you’ve been in the dark that the light is coming, the light of Sagittarius Season. Forget, for a moment, the upcoming Saturn Neptune square. Forget the Full Moon in Gemini which will oppose and expose your icky Sun Saturn in Sagittarius situation, the holes therein, the lack of stability. Forget all that and, instead, keep your eyes on the light, the eyes of the heart.

How old are you now? This is a Saturn topic. Are you your age? Do your act your age? Are you the age of wisdom? I’m talking about FEAR. Saturn is age and wisdom and maturity but also fear. If you feel afraid chances you are you NOT feeling your age, your skill, how far you’ve come, everything you’ve accomplished, that you are a grown up, not a child. 

We are entering Sagittarius Season where Saturn currently lives. The Saturn Lessons are coming BUT they are the lessons of LIGHT. It may feel hard to you to find the light, to see the light, because Saturn is hard, but trust me. It is there.

So take a deep breath. Don’t be scared.

Wait a minute. It’s okay to be scared. But take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. And then another.


The Stars Today: Moon In Gemini At The Very Least!

"full moon in cancer 2012"
moon in gemini!

The sky feels serious to me: Capricorn energy, Virgo energy, even Venus in Aquarius isn’t all fuzzy warm warm.

But the Moon in Gemini? Adds a light touch. Restless, chatty, bouncing hither and yon, similar to her Sagittarius opposite, where Mercury is still hanging out post-retrograde.

So we’re walking and wandering and yet we’re working. We’re social and yet we’re focused on what needs to be done. Right? Or are you like that song… “Torn between two lovers…” and yet there are no lovers – it’s just you.

Remember, Gemini is the twins so you may be of more than one mind (Mercury) and of more than one emotion (Moon in a Mercury-ruled sign) and just, well, MORE THAN ONE! Torn between two lovers… 

So what will it be? The party or the deadline? 


The Stars Today: Grand Trine In Earth

"moon in virgo"
Always loved this pic: Keith Richards (Sag Sun/Virgo Moon) with g/f Patti Hansen - 1981

What happens when our people die, or when our companion animals die, is that they come with us, they become part of us in a new way — in some ways it’s better.

That sounds odd to say because I rather have my mother here than not here but I am wondering these weeks after my grandfather’s death if… I am receiving something now that I couldn’t, didn’t, receive before.

Right now it’s just… traces… but I expect a clearer revelation or shape eventually. No answer to all the riddles but… a new layer of spirit in me. Makes me think of those pictures in geology textbooks: layers of strata. Or, for my Mars in Cancer, layers of cake.


The Moon is in Virgo now, squaring Mercury in Sagittarius. Thoughtless words may come out and then be regretted.

This Moon will conjunct Mars and more thoughtless words may come out as Moon squares the Sun in Sagittarius later on so… go slow.

Moon trines Pluto though, exact now, and pulls in retrograde Jupiter in Taurus so we’re in Grand Trine Land, my favorite place, way more than Epcot. (Does Epcot still exist? What the hell is an Epcot anyway? I remember loving the Imagination ride.)

What do you want to do with this practical, intense Grand Earth energy? It’s Big-Energy energy, but also skillful.

Moon (feelings), Pluto (Free-flowingness, to use a Hickey word) and Jupiter (INFLATING!). Thinking of those balloons before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Venus in Capricorn at higher degrees adds in even more earth. Are you feeling more steady and stable? Or has the fire got you flickering still? Or maybe a bit of both, like me, kind of anxious but still… doing what I need to do.

The New Moon in Capricorn is coming. Jupiter direct is coming. 2012 is coming, whoa!

Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn: early Taurus i.e. late Aries vs. late Libra: expanding and contracting which is reminding me of something pumping, like a heart of course.

I am thinking about duality a lot lately, thus the first paragraph of this post: the living and the dead, action and thought, active and passive… and the transformation that takes place when we don’t merely blend two sides but… create something new and how that new thing gets created. For me, it takes work. I can get inspired in an instant but the manifestation takes work, concentration, effort… which is perfect for   the earth energy today.  Manifestation, ahoy!

What will the New Year bring you? What do you want? 

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My Lunar Return Oy

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
the Moon was not full today but I felt like it!

The day did not turn out as planned. I went out with my cousin but didn’t last at the thing she had planned for us. It was too crowded. It was TOOO much.  We were at one of those huge convention centers. I guess the phrase “convention center” denotes HUGE no matter what but… I had pictured something different. I dunno. Less wild? Just… less.

She didn’t mind that I left. I mean, she felt bad that I came all the way uptown but it was good to see her. We walked the long blocks to the huge convention center together. That made it worth it. And although we’re close, we rarely see each other. It’s a New York thing. Everyone’s so busy.  She’s been a bit of a mother figure to me. Has a Cancer Moon too.

And I’m not surprised at all that the day turned out the way it did: the Moon in Virgo conjuncted my Moon and Pluto today, opposing my empty 7th House (ain’t that the truth!) and I never feel at my best with that much Moon energy, even though I’m a Cancer. It’s just, as I was saying above, TOOO much. Moon overload! Moon PLUTO overload!

Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius (freedom and honesty in love) were squaring the Moon in Virgo too. Was there no possible way to survive the afternoon without drama, dramarama (yes, I am referring to something else now). Will it take a lifetime to learn to navigate tricky transits. Repeat after me: tricky transits tricky transits tricky transits.

Venus was squaring my Pluto, folks. Venus was squaring my Moon-Moon-Pluto. Oy.

And you? What happens to you during your Lunar Return? Do you wait and watch… or do you go wild? I recommend the former. 

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Your Future: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2011

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011

Take your chart outside and think about your future. But don’t think about it hard. Don’t hurt yourself. Use your peripheral vision. Take a breath.

I often tell y’all to sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut but do something different this time. Take it outside. Stand under a tree. Go to the backyard. To the patio. To the mountain. Someplace quiet. Solitude. Undisturbed. Look at the sky. Look at your chart. Look at the sky. Your future.

Early degrees of Sagittarius is where the change will be happening. Six months to a year. And think about it all with a feeling of wonder or awe, if you dare, as you stand there, in the backyard, under the tree. You can do this. You can step outside your life… so that you may return to it.

I just did it. I went outside and I took my chart and I looked up at the tree under the sky and I saw my future. Not soooo clear but glimpses of it, through the branches.

Sagittarius is a wonderful sign for a NEW moon because Sagittarius is leading us out of Scorpio, taking us by the hand, yanking us by the arm! Soon enough! I know Mercury and Venus are already there and Mercury will go Retrograde but the Sun the Sun the Sun! The light! Shining! You!

Your future is precious and Sagittarius is the antidote to the winter blues to the small mind and tight mind and depression because Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, expands what it touches so you are going to grow.

Go outside. Find your tree. Find your patch of sky and look up.

What do you see? 

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Estimated Time Of Arrival, Estimated Time Of Departure: Sagittarius Season

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"

Leaving can be good or bad or neutral. It depends on the context.

Here’s one example: when you stop dreaming of him (or her) then you know it’s Really Over. When he (or she) stops coming to you in your dreams. When you spend hours *not* thinking of him (or her). When you no longer imagine your arms around him before sleep, and after sleep, and during sleep. It’s over then. The energy has shifted. Free at last.

Is this where you are? 

I am telling this story because Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius and the Sun will enter Sagittarius next week and Sagittarius is really good at, well, leaving.

But there comes a time in the life of the archer, there comes a time when the wanderer, there comes a time when the most free of free men and women, when the not so lonely horseman or horsewoman wants to make a home.

Is this you?

Welcome Sun in Sagittarius! I’m a wee bit early, I know, but my Virgo Moon wouldn’t have it any other way

So get ready to pack up your Scorpio, get ready to pack up your dark clothes and your dark mood and your disguises and your private talk and your subterfuge and your covert and your manipulation and your jealousy and your power play and your knives and your ghosts and your dead friends and your passion and your profundity.

Well, actually you can keep all that stuff.  Just smile, too, like a good Sagittarius.


Are you coming or going? 

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Fire and Water, Water and Fire: Huh?

"full moon in taurus 2011"
Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius!

Scorpio. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Which is it?? I’m going to be writing about this more in my Planetary Round-Up for next week, but I can tell you this: it’s BOTH!

While the Sun holds steady in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus entered Sagittarius today and Sagittarians the world over are no doubt leaping for joy, as they tend to do ;)

For me this transit is the tail-end of my 3rd, and 4th House transits are never my favorite. I like ‘em fast and clean and get ‘em out of there!

And where is your Sagittarius house? 

Best thing about the Sagittarius energy today though is the hot trine from Uranus in Aries. Fire trines inspire!

Did you feel creative today? Any flashes of insight? 

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Monday Morning Astrology

"mars in virgo 2011
I grew up in the land of plantains

Home is on my mind today and not just because home is always on my mind (as a Cancer Sun) but because Mercury and Venus are heading to Sagittarius, my 4th House.

When you know where the transiting planets are in your chart, you know where you need to look, where you cannot avoid looking.  This is Spirit talking to you. 

Do you have morning routines? Things that you do, things that you eat, an order to your morning and if you don’t do it, you’ll be lost?  I don’t have a t.v. these days, but I guess for some folks there would be things that they must watch. I did have a talk-radio routine once but the hosts kept changing and my favorites were gone.

I have a loose morning routine. I need my coffee and I like to blog in the morning if I have the time. I don’t mind waking up early except if it’s for work.

The faster moving planets marching through my 4th is always a bit tense and I find myself hoping to avoid one of the universe’s curveballs. See, my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in the 1st so I’m gonna get squared, right where it hurts: me, my home.  Although I’ve moved around a lot (Jupiter ruling my 4th), as I get older, I move around less. Only when I’m forced to. And that has happened twice in the last 10 years. When will stability come?

Pluto is leaving my 4th, heading to my 5th.  Funny thing about Pluto: he can raze the field and yet… what grows then is better than before.  Well, in some instances ;)

So here we are. Winter began with a bang in the Big City. One of the cats is sitting at the feet of the heater. How magical! Is it a God?

My coffee is ready – I’m brewing the coffee my mother used to drink, Cuban coffee, along with a grain “coffee” I bought yesterday – made from chicory, cocoa, figs, dates, barley, peppermint. I drink it with half and half. Another sneak preview of Mars in Virgo: details details details.

I hear birds outside and music from upstairs, piano, and am wondering how the parents feel about their kid banging on that thing this early in the morning. Oh. It stopped. Guess they didn’t like it.

And my big plan this month is to revise a monologue from my play which will have a reading in early December. The Sun is still in my 3rd House of writing… and this project started to come together when Mercury and Venus had just entered Scorpio — it was/is a project back from the dead.

So welcome to the week, my fellow StarGazers. A special thanks to those who bought my first Planetary Round-Up. I hope it was interesting. I hope it soothed you. And the one for this week IS still available! It covers Sunday to Saturday so you are only a day late ;)

My goal is to write one each week (for purchase) and plan to make it more in depth and better and better. As I wrote before, it will probably be a bit more North Node in Pisces than what you see here.  I will talk about the planetary aspects and how to work with the energy, but also suggest rituals for the week and ideas for nurturing. Very yin.

Are you ready for November? Happy Halloween :)

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