Instructions For Crushing Your Dark Of The Night Soul + Full Moon In Gemini This Weekend

"ten of swords tarot"

You have to find something that forces you to focus. And you need a little bit of good advice. Just a little.

I prefer you *not* choose sex — as your focus —

unless you have someone you really like having sex with and there is a commitment there – healthy and loyal. But that’s my bias, I know.


I teach independence.


I mostly want you to choose something about YOU. For YOU. Something that isn’t dependent on anyone else’s body or emotions or choices but your own — for your dark night of the soul lantern.

This weekend surely is one. A Dark Night for many. I’ve been feeling it. FULL MOON in Gemini and a slew of other aspects, most of them involving NEPTUNE, but then there’s that Mars Uranus opposition so the sudden breaks and breakthroughs are, well, sudden. Jarring even.

Thus the instruction is to alternate deep REST with deep FOCUS. That’s your lantern and that’s how you light your way out of the Dark Night should you wish to Eight-of-Cups it out of there. Yes it’s a repeating card for me last 24 hours.

And then today I pulled the Strength card for advice (slow, patient, gentle) as I was on my way to the gym to work on my deadlift and squats!

"full moon in gemini"

About Friday (tomorrow):

Venus enters Sagittarius and the Mars Uranus opposition is exact. This is a lot of fire. YOU WILL BE ENTHUSED. This isn’t good or bad per se but it’s a lot of energy. THINKS TAROT SUIT OF WANDS. That fire.

For those of you who have been in a dark night of the soul slump, Friday could indeed be a blessing. IT WAKES YOU UP.

The problem here is control (or focus). You may feel angry. You may feel all over the place. Impatient! Aggravated. You may be trying to make peace but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Mars in Libra (cooperation!) tries to tame lone wolf/leave-me-alone Uranus in Aries. Mars in Libra says BE NICE to Uranus in Aries. Mars in Libra feels sorry for him/herself. Uranus DOES NOT CARE. And Mars in Libra does not like Uranus’ swashbuckling ways! So they fight! AND Venus wants to par-tay! She leaves secretive Scorpio for storytelling Sagittarius. MANY WILL HAVE A STORY TO TELL ABOUT TOMORROW.

Saturday: JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE one of THE MOST spiritual aspects I think this aspect may be God him/herself

Sunday: MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE IN SAGITTARIUS and the Sun is square Neptune AND we have that Full Moon in Gemini which is also square Neptune!

NEPTUNE NEPTUNE NEPTUNE NEPTUNE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL and Mars Uranus and Venus into Sagittarius is your hammer to crush it like a walnut IF that’s what you want. Maybe you’ve cried enough and moped enough and you just need a hammer or a barbell on your back.

It’s December 2017. We made it.

"jupiter trine neptune"

Your Lunar Compass: New Moon in Sagittarius & More

"saturn square neptune"Mercury enters Capricorn on Wednesday and you know what means: Mercury will (soon enough) conjoin Pluto and square Uranus and oppose all the Cancer Suns, Moons, and Risings among us.

On Thursday, Mars (angry) opposes Uranus (sudden) BUT Venus is trine Neptune (romantic). I can’t imagine two aspects more different!

Friday is the New Moon in Sagittarius at 19 degrees so a new start in your Sagittarius House. It’s occurred to me that it’s time to start apartment hunting again. I search, take breaks, search, take breaks and started thinking it’s time again which make sense because of the New Moon there for me in my 4th.

New Moons are like to-do lists, reminders. Your lunar compass. 

This New Moon is: 
conjunct the Sun in Sag
sextile Mars in Libra
square Chiron in Pisces
square Jupiter in Virgo (pretty tightly)

New Moon feels a little painful to me. Painful but hopeful. Bittersweet. Moving on Eight of Cups feeling but then you draw the Sun because after the Eight comes the Nine, which is happy.

Today I did a Celtic Cross for a gal worried about money and work. Her transits led me to two things for the most part which I shared with her and the Nine was the OUTCOME OUTCOME OUTCOME of her reading so I’m not worried but of course it’s not my life so easy for me to say and feel. I gave her the practical and I gave her the magical and I said to her I want to hear good things from you. I know I will.

The New Moon feels painful because at my age (or yours) it can become painful to continue to hope for more than what we have but Sagittarius and Jupiter always promise MORE so there’s that. A little more. More of what you want. That’s what I’m wishing for you.


The Stars This Week! Venus, Mars, Uranus Oh My!

"mars opposition uranus" First things first:

Venus entered nimble Gemini this morning. Fine with me. The broker who showed me a few apartments today was a sweet-smiling Gemini whose skirt kept shrinking up up up. Men like you Gemini ladies, I said. She smiled. And told me about her husband, also a Gemini! Told me about her fights with him about housework. From Brooklyn to the Bronx and back again, it’s the same all over.

Best part of my day was when the Moon in Taurus was done opposing bitchy Saturn in Scorpio and then sextiled Jupiter in Cancer. Are we void of course yet? Not yet on the East Coast so we shall keep working.

Tuesday the Gemini Moon shall conjoin Venus and square Neptune. Remember we are still in Mercury Retrograde. I would not sign a contract — this day in particular — not with those Neptune squares. (They say this for all of Mercury retrograde but even more so when there is a Neptune square!)

Wednesday is the exact Mars Uranus opposition and the Gemini Moon/mood has good and bad aspects. I think this would be a great day for apartment hunting actually. Or kung fu. Do anything but fight with your neighbor! Lots of energy available and I’ll be having Mars squaring my Sun (and Mercury and Mars) again. BRING IT. (Actually, no, please don’t bring it. We have enough.)

The rest of the week doesn’t bother me too too much although the Moon Mercury (rx) conjunction on Thursday… well, let me put it this way: you think you’re making sense. But everybody knows you’re speaking in tongues. So why not invent a new language anyway. Be creative with the soup. Or better yet (if you are safe in the kitchen) enjoy the last days of Jupiter in Cancer by making some soup, hot or cold. With Mars and Uranus still opposing (but separating), I see confusion and tension. Tension made worse by the confusion.

Got questions about the week? Ask them in the comments or on my Facebook. We’ll discuss the weekend as it gets closer. The broker was so cute — she even asked me: so what’s coming up for Gemini! I told her about Venus having entered her sign. Good for love and money or at the very least, a little more light, a little more love.

And the rest of us can just suck it.

Just kidding.

Love, MP

P.S. Reasons to love Venus in Gemini this season: Venus sextile Uranus on July 6th. Venus trine Mars on the 13th.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KEEP IN MIND, PEOPLE. JUPITER ENTERS LEO July 16th. Saturn goes direct on July 20th. It’s going to be a Very Interesting Summer…
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Kind Like Chiron: Getting Through The Holidays

So the Sun is in Capricorn now.

And on Tuesday Mercury enters Capricorn and the Moon will enter Libra on Christmas Morning and Mars will oppose Uranus and…

Heard enough? The Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries) are at war with each other. At war with you. At war with themselves. You will want to take action. Like the Wands suit in the Tarot. You will feel energized, mobilized, annoyed, agitated, even enraged. And then it’ll pass and then another transit will come to take its place and knock you off balance. Reminds me of a pinball machine.

A saving grace in all this cardinal hot mess: the Sun and Mercury in early degrees of Capricorn will sextile Neptune and Chiron. Yeah, that’s the sky we’re talking about. When a SEXTILE TO CHIRON is our lifeboat. Be kind like Chiron.

And the Moon entering Scorpio on Friday the 27th is a RELIEF (rather than a dark descent – which is how it usually feels to me).

Sun and Mercury square Uranus on the 29th…

Mars squares Pluto on the 30th..

I really don’t want to overwhelm you with the dirty details, but giving you a soft focus approach.

I think you need to… take a deep breath.

And then another.

And don’t do anything rash. And maybe hide the cutlery.

And can you get take-out for Christmas? I know I can  Being Jewish and all — it’s my tradition :)

And then on the 1st is a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. Yes you heard me right. THE NEW MOON (and thus the Sun as well) IS CONJUNCT PLUTO.

This is.. stillborn energy. Stillborn. It’s DEAD. And I’m sorry to be dramatic and gruesome but I’m also not. Because I want you to be aware that it’s NOT YOU.

That EVERYONE is under this same sky.

And when something is dead, the right thing to do is to give it a proper burial, with respect, dignity, a little ceremony, some food and drink (if that’s your tradition), say something heartfelt and/or solemn, and then sleep it off.

Remember, please do remember, that during the first week or so after a loved one dies, their soul is… extra close to you. I mean this literally. Extra close, they are around you. You can see them when you squint your eyes just a little. Or in your peripheral vision.

So whatever it is you’ve lost – even if you wanted to lose it – you’ve got these weeks now to make a little peace from the ravages of your own little war. And do give it some structure, for the sake of SATURN (Capricorn’s ruler). I’m picturing a proper Japanese tea ceremony. Or sit shiva-like for a day. Mourn your losses, peer into them, get as close as you can get, embarrassingly so.

What advice would you give? 

Love, MP

Mars In Libra: She’s Got A Knife

"mars in libra"

Mars in Libra is a bouquet of soldiers, an attack of grace.

Mars in Libra may not bring clarity to you this month. Too much smiling to be honest. Wait for penetrating Mars in Scorpio for that ;)

What will Mars in Libra offer?  Relationship. The marriage of fire and air. Desire and attraction. Hope and strength. All or nothing thinking. Reversals and surprises. The shock of a lifetime.

You may feel angry and unable to express it. Imagine a polite volcano. No such thing and yet polite you remain until you let loose and everybody runs.

What to do? You tell me ;) You’ve been thinking about astrology long enough, haven’t you?

Love, MP

The Stars Today! Grace And Ginger

"mars in libra"I was tweeting last night that the skies to me feel like a Mama Cat (Sun in Cancer) tsk-tsking her randy kittens. It’s frisky weather!

Mercury in Fire, Mars in Air, Venus in Air. There’s a party going on and Mama may or may not be invited.

Mercury and Venus are tightly sextile as I write this. It’s a charming aspect. Babies born today will be able to sell sunshine to Floridians. It’s a possible con-man aspect or just a good talker/writer/singer. Maybe some of both, depending on the rest of the chart.

Transits to watch in the coming days and the energy is building now but not peaking yet: Mars in Libra will 1. trine Jupiter and 2. trine Venus and 3. oppose Uranus and 4. square Pluto! 5. square the Sun!

Eek! Now that’s a lot of energy swirling around your chart, especially if you have planets in cardinal signs around 6//7/8 degrees. Gemini and Sagittarius feel particularly supported to me though.

Find early Libra in your chart and you will find where your energy is going or will be going. It will be anything but neutral. Mars is desire. Mars is passion. And Libra is, on the one hand, the mirror and  on the other hand, a commander! You will command that area of life where Mars is transiting.

Also, there’s an opportunity, to see deeply IN to that area of life where Mars is transiting your chart.

My advice for the time being is to enlist that charming con-man aspect that is happening now. Charm yourself. Charm the skies. Charm everyone within reach. What do I mean by this? Be sweet. Be nice. Be pleasant. Be fair. Be Libra. And keep your massive goals secret (Mars enters Scorpio next!).

It’s all very Ginger Rogers. Dancers work hard behind the scenes but their grace appears effortless.

Love, MP