Horoscopes for the Week of March 5th – March 11th (Sagittarius – Pisces)

"horoscope for pisces"

Recently I was at a restaurant with a friend of mine, my favorite restaurant, and she’s a novice Tarot Reader, and a good one too, good instincts. I feel proud that I brought this to her life. Back in town almost a year and my good friend is speaking astrology and tarot now, although she would probably say otherwise, rare moment of modesty for this Leo Queen. Well, the other day the Magician card came up in conversation and how she (or he) has got it all — all the tools on the table: Wand, Cup, Pentacle, Sword. You have everything you need, Sagittarius, but I know you still lack confidence. Why? Something to ponder this week, dear archer, ruler of rainbows and prophecy. Why are you not quite sure who you are? This is you. Magic.

Oh I am so sorry Capricorn. Grief-work week. Now, I know anytime the word WORK is in a sentence that applies to you, you get happy, but I’m not crazy about the Five of Cups type energy that I see for you here, except in this way, and it’s very VERY specific. There is a tree, Capricorn. There is a specific tree with a warm huggable trunk, and you’ve connected to your mission because of this tree, and you have danced with her in the yellow light of the sun, but this tree belongs to someone else now. She’s for someone else to climb. You, my dear, are in metamorphosis. You are a lantern, a firefly, a spinning pinwheel petal. You are all of this and more, bursting soon with delightful good news.

I, MoonPluto, predict a beautiful week for you, Aquarius. I predict unicorns and candy corn and nakedness and good hair, and it’s just good, real good, what I feel for you as I write to you. Do you feel it too? That life is a perfect meadow and the barn houses the most magical of animals? The one stipulation is this: it’s a challenge. This week is a challenge for you to keep up vibrationally with what’s happening all around you and through you. Dwell with the Light. Now, those of you who know me know that I am not all airy fairy so clearly I am channeling this my dears and it’s a wonderful channel. Close the gap.

Perfect. Throw the dart. Shoot the arrow. Write the letter. Send the email. Have the talk. DO IT. Now is the time, Pisces. This week. Talk, talk, talk. The other night with a different friend at a different bar, and the next day I was hungover. Listen, I drink a glass of wine when I drink and that’s about it, but this night? Much more, fellow traveler. And I am hungover so rarely that I had to ask for advice the next morning: what do I do? What is best for this affliction? A good friend over the Internet told me: grease. Eat greasy starchy food, fries and a hamburger, so I did. You’ve been hungover for years, Pisces, YEARS, and refused to ask. Ask.