Do You Have Planets In The Third House? The Third Is A Bird

"pluto in the third house"
I want to get to the heart of it

I did a quick Google search for the gals in one of my chat rooms because Jupiter is now transiting my Third House and it’s on my mind. I want to go beyond the obvious although I have noticed that I am WAY more social than “normal.” Third House is CHATTY, ruled by Gemini. Gemini talks. Gemini writes.

In fact, as I mentioned to them, I spent all day with a friend/collaborator and  didn’t get tired! Usually I am desperate for solitude after an hour or two of other people!

So what is the Third? What is inside the Third beside the usual stuff? Siblings, neighbors, immediate environment, all kinds of communications, mind, perception, short trips, cars, business, busyness, whatever else we can find in Rex Bills, et al. 

And I started thinking about people I know with a busy Third House and they are smart and can’t stop thinking. They rely more on head, not heart. In fact, a complete divorce from the heart center and feelings can cause all kinds of problems. The feelings don’t truly get processed. Instead, they get thought about! Analyzed. TOO MANY WORDS. The Third House is not body.

So what is this blog post for? Advice for Too Much Third? The true nature of the Third? Problem planets in the Third? Let’s explore each one briefly.

(And yes now that Jupiter is moving through my Third I feel like blogging all the time which would definitely qualify as a Third House activity! Writing!)

Advice for too much Third House (and “too much” is not a judgement here. Just meaning it’s a crowded house for you!)
Gotta be IN YOUR BODY — but this is different than jittery must-stay-busy kind of energy. It’s PRESENT.
Be present. Is Gemini present? Gemini rules the Third House. Do you know how? How do you know if you are???

Now I’m not saying ALL real life Gemini are one way or another. I’m talking about the energy itself.

Gemini is MIND. An air sign. Mental. Intellectual. Fluttering and flitting. AIR IS NOT EARTH. Earth slows us down. Earth is a tree growing up from the dug in. It can’t go anywhere unless it gets pushed by man or weather. It stays put unless pushed by man or weather. AIR IS NOT THIS WAY. Air is always in transit. Trees are not always in transit.

Too much Third House is a lot of movement and too much Third is a call to S L O W D O W N. If your Third House is packed you probably know what I’m saying here.

Make sense? IF NOT, ASK ME!!!!

(Problem) Planets in the Third:
Sun here: fine be a writer.
Moon here: fine be a writer.
Mercury here: fine be a writer.
Venus here: fine be a…

But seriously.
Too many planets in the Third House = overthinking. You can get scattered, lose direction, be all up in your head.
Saturn here can lead to pervasive depressive mood or anxiety (or give great power of concentration).
Uranus here can be unstable (or a genius inventor).
Neptune here can have really poor reading comprehension (or be a poet).
Pluto here can’t stop thinking about death (or is a psychotherapist taking you to the taboo you wish you could forget).

As I wrote above, the Third House is movement.
It can’t sit still. Always moving and it can lack depth and scatter its vision. Fickle. It may not take the time to finish but instead will move on from conversations, from commitments, from people.

But notice the language skill, the precision, the right word. The flow of language and arms and legs, always on the go. One danger is going in circles and never truly expanding (Ninth House energy).

The Third House is a bird but what happens if you, Third House person reading this, decide to not move so much and so fast but to sit still in your energy like the tree does? Try it and tell me how it goes 🙂

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