Virgo Help for Pisces People

You do not need to be a Pisces to receive Virgo Help.

And I don’t mean to pick on Pisces!

ANYONE can have these issues, even Virgos.

A couple years ago I did a class calledVirgo Help for Pisces People and the name stuck.

What is it?

Three weeks of compassionate coaching (or 10-day, or 5-day for the Mini versions), individually tailored, to help you get a grip on your:

-lack of order and organization

VIRGO HELP is also for folks who feel passionless or confused about WHAT NEXT.

Those who may benefit include:

-folks who need to get a project done and are delaying
-folks who work from home, the self-employed, writers who aren’t writing
-busy people getting little done, artists who have time but aren’t making art
-folks who aren’t working (for whatever reason)
-when you feel your energy is scattered, stuck, and crave steady compassionate structure and guidance from a Jewish Witch (and Virgo Moon Pluto) for a set period of time

The objective:
to restructure your time, your mind, possibly your work/living space and thus your spirit.

What strategies/remedies will you suggest?
We have to talk first.

recommendations may include:
meditations and visualizations, breath work, exercises to get your energy moving in new ways, creative writing, journal keeping, recommended viewing, listening, or reading material, magick, mudras, tweaking of your day so you get more DONE and/or create more SPACE (this is just a partial list).

And we may just TALK but I find homework helps to solidify the lesson.

How does VIRGO HELP differ from your 4 for 3 Readings Package?

I anchor you (for more than just 30 or 60 minutes).
Intensity of focus.

Folks usually purchase
that package with certain topics in mind and then change it midway (which is fine).

Contact Schedule for Three-Week Program

Our first talk is for me to get an idea of what you are facing — 60-90 minutes.

Then I design the program and email your instructions for WEEK ONE.

That weekend we speak again (40-60 minutes) and discuss progress and pitfalls.

I may tweak for WEEK TWO. I send you NEW instructions then.

That weekend we speak again (40-60 minutes) and discuss progress and pitfalls.

I may tweak for WEEK THREE and I send instructions.

Third week you do your thing and we speak that weekend.

Finally, we speak a week later to discuss Next Steps as you move forward and we say farewell.

During the three weeks, we also stay in touch by email. I suggest 3/4 short emails from you per week, to brief me on how you are doing and I do a scan of your energy and evaluate.

Email me for details about the shorter programs.



2 thoughts on “Virgo Help for Pisces People

  1. Thales (Tedde)

    Sounds like just what I need! Right NOW… If not this, then the class. How much for the individualized sessions and what sort of payment plan might you consider?
    (Pisces w/north node Leo trying not to sound desperate!)

    • Aliza

      Hi Thales –

      If finances are an issue at this time, these are less expensive:

      the class is $90

      Individual sessions (i.e. my regular rate for 60 minutes) are $115 – and I could wear my Virgo hat, so to speak.

      But for the actual Virgo Help for Pisces People coaching program, do message me at so I can get a sense of what your needs are and I can give you a quote and possible options.

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