Virgo Help for Pisces People

THIS BLOG is under construction except the info about READINGS is current.
I’ll be back probably in 2018 to add to this page. In the meantime visit HERE.



2 thoughts on “Virgo Help for Pisces People

  1. Thales (Tedde)

    Sounds like just what I need! Right NOW… If not this, then the class. How much for the individualized sessions and what sort of payment plan might you consider?
    (Pisces w/north node Leo trying not to sound desperate!)

    • Aliza

      Hi Thales –

      If finances are an issue at this time, these are less expensive:

      the class is $90

      Individual sessions (i.e. my regular rate for 60 minutes) are $115 – and I could wear my Virgo hat, so to speak.

      But for the actual Virgo Help for Pisces People coaching program, do message me at so I can get a sense of what your needs are and I can give you a quote and possible options.

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