Thoughts On Yesterday’s Full Moon (Occupation Diary Part 7)

"Occupy Wall Street"

These notes are from yesterday…

On the Broadway side of Zuccotti Park there was a big white banner, big as the Full Moon. It said “Occupy Wall Street stands with Occupy Boston, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Des Moines.” And there was a group of protesters sitting in front of it, legs crossed, peaceful. Just sitting. See? See how it easy it is? Just sit down.

I only had a little bit of time but came to bring some food to the makeshift kitchen, food I was never going to eat, food that was also just sitting. I think to myself that I need a real camera. This Blackberry camera just won’t do.

I loved that the Farmer’s Market folks still showed up with their tents along one side of the park, their fresh fruits and vegetables and bread. Life goes on but life as we know it is changing.

All you have to do is sit. Or stand. To occupy. First, you witness. Then, you sit. And then? Act.

People have been emailing me and writing in the comments how the Full Moon in Aries felt to them. Extreme. Overwhelming. Fast! My advice, for the moment, is Time Management i.e. Saturn. Define, decide, what you need to do. Can’t do it all at once. Impossible. Step by step.

It’s supposed to rain today and I wonder how this will affect things. And I keep forgetting to bring my Tarot cards, if only to entertain weary protesters. See, these folks, the ones sleeping there, they will get burnt out, they will get tired, depressed, they need support of all kinds. I heard a woman speak the other day on this very topic: the role of those sleeping there and the role of those who come each day to work (in one of the many groups where people are needed). Again, this is the high side of Saturn, Capricorn: be the FOUNDATION. Be steady. Saturn in Libra supports being polite. I swear people are nicer and more polite in Downtown Manhattan right now than on any subway I’ve ever been on.

I was sitting on one of the low walls and listening to some Union guys chatting: “In the 60s, we did the same thing. And we got shot at. Now, YOU CAN DO THIS.” Iron workers, building workers… I’ve seen every age represented here. This is NO Hipster Revolution. As I wrote before here, the minds here are serious and clear and even though this is a leaderless “movement,” leaders do and will emerge.

Some astrology: I feel like the planets are moving fast, pulling away from each other, gaining speed and that’s partly why everyone feels so disoriented. I see Saturn at 20 Libra. The Moon is still loosely opposing but is heading to oppose Mercury now. Keep your wits and your temper about you. Could still be an emotional day. I think we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when the Moon enters Taurus and gets strength from Pluto and a good mood from Jupiter.

Otherwise, Venus in Scorpio is still on my mind, on its way to opposing Jupiter in Taurus. Scorpio is passion, FIXED passion. Hates to let go. Won’t let go until it never looks back. So I challenge you to find your passion, find that thing, find that LOVE (Venus) that inspires you to commit and go deep. There is so much underneath if you take the time to find it and don’t lose faith. Venus is pulling away from trining Neptune but your dreams (Neptune) matter. Folks with planets in early Cancer or Pisces feel this now, especially.

I’ve got a lot to take care of today, but I am still offering my new Mini-Reading, in honor of the Waning Moon! Or you can click here for information about my usual, longer readings. I definitely have time over the weekend.

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Occupation Diary (Occupy Wall Street, Part 6)

"Occupy Wall Street"
I need a real camera

Before going to work, I had time to kill, so I headed back to Zuccotti Park.

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to contribute and anyone who reads this blog knows that I haven’t been feeling so well lately. You know how that is. You’re sick. You rest. You get better. You overdo it. It comes back. I am hoping it isn’t coming back :)

But back to Wall Street, late morning, I did my usual: got my breakfast and my coffee and headed over and today was amazing.

I was able to witness the Occupy Wall Street decision-making process as a discussion began (and folks broke up into small groups) about how drugs and alchohol are indeed banned from the camp by consensus, but also how this issue can theoretically be opened up again and consensus will decide again.

I was amazed by the minds and the maturity and the clarity of these young people. The ones who I heard speak were no doubt under 3o. I came away INSPIRED and wondering what I was going to do to support OWS besides meditating at the altar. Consciousness raising, anyone?

The substance thing is just one example, but an important one. There is much to… take care of here. Much to organize, much to plan, much to MANAGE. Can you imagine? No leader but decisions must be made about EVERY DETAIL in this… camp, this occupation, this town, this little apple inside the Big Apple. It must FUNCTION. And that’s what is so incredible to me. That it IS functioning. There’s a library, a kitchen, first aid stand, clothing supply, art and culture group… all of this besides the REASON WHY this started.

I’m going to start by bringing some food (tomorrow? the day after?).  Some months ago I began a high protein diet and I’ve got all this Annie’s macaroni (some of it gluten free!) which I’ll never eat.

And honestly if you are in the tri-state area you have no excuse for not coming down here and seeing how THIS THING WORKS. Walk inside the park. Talk to people. See it in action. See what is BUILDING here.

And for those of you who aren’t following this as closely as I am, Mayor Bloomberg did indeed say that the protesters could stay indefinitely. Or maybe he’s counting on the winter freezing them out.

I apologize for the lack of astrology lately. The next thing I’m going to do though is offer another special for a mini-reading, post-Full Moon, in honor of the Waning Moon. Details to come about that.

In the meantime, your homework is this: find the Scorpio house in your natal chart because that’s where the action is moving. Venus is there already. Mercury will be next.  This house will be lit up for you. Those areas of life will be highlighted. Be prepared to dig deep, to be a detective of your own life. Probe yourself :) The intensity and commitment and control of Scorpio is perfect weather for Occupy Wall Street: the shift from cooperation (Libra) to intimacy (Scorpio)… because if  you don’t get close, if you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know the other, you can’t get anything done.

We need each other.

Does Scorpio play nice with your chart? 

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The Unexpected Occupier (Occupy Wall Street, Part 5)

"Occupy Wall Street"
Occupy Wall Street, October 9, 2011

This post is a continuation of the previous post! Click here!

12 pm: October 9, 2011, Sunday:

So after a long wait, and a bathroom break, thanks to Burger King who did not put up “restroom out of service” signs, I headed back to the park. The protest was coming alive, just like yesterday and what a difference an hour made.

I headed around, past the drumming, and found the altar, and, finally, I found my place. And my own Occupation began.

See, in this part of the park, there’s this tall tree and concrete slabs for sitting, surrounding it. A few folks were meditating or “just sitting” and one man nearly the entire time (I came back to this area more than once) seemed to be maintaining it, straightening it out, lovingly making sure it wasn’t becoming a mess because people leave things on the altar, scraps of paper, other keepsakes, souvenirs, little signs. I saw a woman leave a RING. Apples, candles, identification cards, messages to the world or to God or…

I also left something. I had been sitting awhile before I got the idea and found half a receipt in my bag and my pen and some words and I put it there.

There was room for me here and I became more than a witness. I wasn’t walking around the perimeter anymore or passing through. I sat down. I was inside. And honestly I had only meant to… look at the altar. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was becoming part of it just by sitting, by sharing whatever energy I had. We are spirit, aren’t we?

And it did feel like a sacred space. There were no doors, no walls, no windows, totally open and yet enclosed, I mean, something about this space felt private, like a room within a room within a whirling protest born of frustration and despair but also the JOY of these people who are happy to be here although sick from the reason why.

I had reached the heart of Occupy Wall Street.

Some astrology: Venus (symbolizing love and money) is now in Scorpio (the sign of sex and death and commitment). Bringing your very much alive body down to Occupy Wall Street is the best use of a body I can think of right now. The ongoing Uranus Pluto Square are the gasps, the uprisings, the endings, bloody dots on the map and you have to stand back to see the Big Picture, and I can’t see it at all. I just feel things are changing HERE TOO.

And all of this, really, is about daring to imagine something else. Breaking out of isolation. Say, a day ago (or a year ago) you were laid off and sitting with your head in your hands, wondering how you will pay your bills. How ashamed we are made to feel — of our debt, our unemployment, our underemployment, our inability to be the American Dream.

Well, you can come here, even for an hour, and power-up! You can take this energy and go home STRONG. Repair your life. Repair the world’s. Tikkun Olam.

A couple hours later, I had to leave. Truth is I didn’t want to.

To be continued…

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How To Be A Witness: Occupy Wall Street (part 4)

"Occupy Wall Street"
Occupy Wall Street October 9, 2011

10 am, Sunday, October 9, 2011

The protest seems naked Sunday Morning but it is early, Occupation Time. It still lives, but in smaller numbers. The Big Apple waking up. Tourists just beginning their stroll around Zuccotti Park on their way to breakfast. Unlike yesterday, I can see clear through to the center of the “camp.”

How to be a witness: sit down.

How to be a witness to history: sit down.

Make yourself at home the way I am now, sitting on a concrete slab, along the perimeter of the park in front of signs I did not make, simple signs made from cardboard and marker. People stop and take pictures.

How else to be a witness: tell them (who? anyone) what you saw, what you see, what you belief, how you feel. American freedom, yo. Speak it, write it, share it. Doesn’t matter if it’s at the dinner table or on the subway or on an astrology blog ;) Make friends. This is how it begins.

“Gives them a voice,” says a woman passing by. “Let’s everybody know.”

To be continued…(and I’ll try to include some astrology next time)

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Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg: Scorpio Season And Occupy Wall Street

"scorpio season"
"Get off Facebook, get the fuck down here"

You know why I support Occupy Wall Street? Because action is better than despair.

Why does it matter that it’s not all figured out? That it’s not all perfect and shiny. Don’t movements MOVE i.e. change? Allow for that and change becomes possible.

I was cynical, very cynical. Calling it the iPad Revolution but I started to change my mind even before I went over there, and what I felt, what I saw, was not just frustration, but… building. Creativity. All this frustration and anger channeled into this powerful beginning.  A little town in Zuccotti Park among the office buildings and shops and food carts. This is truly Libra in action: cooperation!

And Mayor Bloomberg, I mean no disrespect, but you are so wrong: Occupy Wall Street is GREAT for tourism.  How many foreign languages did I hear today? I lost track. And, yes, I know a tourist when I see one ;) Downtown is BOOMING. The restaurants are thriving! And I don’t just mean McDonalds; I mean the Mom and Pop shops too, like where I got my chicken teriyaki. I think the truth is that you are smiling on the inside even as you present Serious Mayor Face to the world. After all, you’re an Aquarius! You are THE sign of the revolution!

Give them time is what I’m thinking now. Give IT time. This is only the beginning and yet part of something much much larger, and inevitable. I felt proud of my country today (and Cancer Suns are known for their patriotism), as proud as I feel when I see soldiers in the city. I always want to thank them for their service, and no I’m not comparing the two, except for how it makes me feel. That I was, am, witnessing ordinary people making a difference FOR America.

Scorpio is about commitment. Do you know where you stand? 

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The 11th House Loves The Group (Occupy Wall Street)

full moon in aries 2011
sorry the picture's not better!

I decided to head back to Zuccotti Park today to absorb more energy and to try to make sense of it. Like a good Virgo Moon, I did everything on my list before heading out.

Would it feel different on a weekend? How would it feel? Would I see the same folks? The same signs? Would I feel the same? I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars, and my Mercury is in mutual reception to my Moon. I’m obsessed with how things feel.

And I was talking to someone today about my experience yesterday. He’s a rabble-rousing protester type. I’m more of an observer, behind the scenes type, and yet talking to him helped me articulate my 11th House Cancer stellium, how it felt in the group, at the protest. The 11th House belongs to Aquarius, the forward thinkers among us, the revolutionaries, and yet Cancer tends towards the traditional. Do you have interesting combination like this? I bet you do :)

And as expected, the Saturday energy was more dynamic. Or maybe just… more crowded and a more obvious police presence. I had a little feeling that… things could erupt, break out, at any moment and this made sense to me under the Waxing Moon.

I walked the perimeter of the park. Each side is different. On one side are protesters with signs, facing a major street, Broadway. Another side faces department stores. Some sign holders are there too, but also people sitting, talking, different tables with different kinds of information, shirt making. Tons of people taking pictures, and the police moving folks along so they don’t block the sidewalk.  Another side is where the drummers are and where I saw some kind of ritual with sage burning yesterday.

What I like to do is descend (or ascend, depending on where you are) the few step into the heart of this concrete park. That’s where you really feel it and understand: they are living here. Piles of clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, food served, more tables, more information, a press stand, a library, people just walking through, people trying to keep things clean, and more. Like… a labyrinth, a human garden. And yet it feels organized inside the chaos that isn’t really chaos.

My Virgo Moon should have taken notes. Maybe tomorrow.

How’s your 11th House? 

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