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Thoughts On Yesterday’s Full Moon (Occupation Diary Part 7) 4

These notes are from yesterday… On the Broadway side of Zuccotti Park there was a big white banner, big as the Full Moon. It said “Occupy Wall Street stands with Occupy Boston, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Des Moines.” And there was a group of protesters sitting in front of it, legs crossed, peaceful. Just sitting. See? […]

Occupation Diary (Occupy Wall Street, Part 6) 7

Before going to work, I had time to kill, so I headed back to Zuccotti Park. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to contribute and anyone who reads this blog knows that I haven’t been feeling so well lately. You know how that is. You’re sick. You rest. You get better. You […]

The Unexpected Occupier (Occupy Wall Street, Part 5) 1

This post is a continuation of the previous post! Click here! 12 pm: October 9, 2011, Sunday: So after a long wait, and a bathroom break, thanks to Burger King who did not put up “restroom out of service” signs, I headed back to the park. The protest was coming alive, just like yesterday and […]

How To Be A Witness: Occupy Wall Street (part 4) 2

10 am, Sunday, October 9, 2011 The protest seems naked Sunday Morning but it is early, Occupation Time. It still lives, but in smaller numbers. The Big Apple waking up. Tourists just beginning their stroll around Zuccotti Park on their way to breakfast. Unlike yesterday, I can see clear through to the center of the […]

Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg: Scorpio Season And Occupy Wall Street 3

You know why I support Occupy Wall Street? Because action is better than despair. Why does it matter that it’s not all figured out? That it’s not all perfect and shiny. Don’t movements MOVE i.e. change? Allow for that and change becomes possible. I was cynical, very cynical. Calling it the iPad Revolution but I […]