The Stars Today: Neptune Problems

"saturn in sagittarius"From my Facebook:

Thinking about this sky.
The Virgo stellium, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, trine Pluto and opposing Neptune. Moon in Sagittarius today.
I feel like I should feel strong and certain but really I’m just confused.
Neptune washes away all that Virgo certainty.
I think Virgo Season will be like this forever until Neptune goes into Aries (!!!!!).
We think we know. We don’t know. We think we know. We don’t know. I thought I knew. I don’t know.
My advice : go with the Sag Moon energy today. Shake your thing.


Mars Conjunct Jupiter + What Is The Solution To The Crucifixion

"mars conjunct jupiter" From my Facebook

The Gods have to help us.
We cannot be expected to *do* this all – on our own —
so we pray, beseech, scream, cry.
And maybe they already are.
Maybe they already ARE doing everything — we just need to see.

I really should check transits.
Moon in Sagittarius.
Venus Neptune opposition.
Oh it’s a tsquare
AND Moon Saturn conjunction was this morning.
Tomorrow is the Mars Jupiter conjunction – energy. And piercing thoughts.
Mars Jupiter in super smart critical VIRGO.

I came home today, to my third floor walk-up with heavy bags of groceries including a gallon of water, cat litter of 7 lbs, bag of canned cat food, other stuff (people food, sort of), pretty much threw/dropped my heavy bags on the floor and promptly burst into tears
because of the wave of anger that I felt (my Mars is in Cancer – anger usually comes with water, tears) – anger and frustration and —

Feel a little more clear now, some clouds have cleared out –
but what remains is – not just the transit (Mars through my First House and Jupiter of course) but how to proceed – when by transit you’re caught in a Grand Cross.

I hadn’t really thought of it that way before — t tend to use wide orbs, stretch my degrees but — suddenly that part was clear – a cardinal Grand Cross stretching me tight across the skies (to paraphrase TS Eliot)

And being a Jew, I do not know the solution to the crucifixion. No wonder I was posting about the rosary this morning – and asking about Mysteries and the Adoration and other luminous words.
What IS the solution to the crucifixion? That’s what a Grand Cross is. You are pulled apart.

Because THAT is the answer, my answer.
And I do not know.

To die?
To get off the cross?

To just… gingerly (or not) step down as though it were possible all along, like the lady in the Eight of Swords can magically unbind her hands and remove her blindfold, leave the marshes behind and find herself transported to the Four of Wands, Ten of Pentacles, some beautiful land where the cooking is always good.

“Isn’t this your life? That ancient kiss still burning out your eyes.” (wrote Richard Hugo).

It’s a beautiful night to save lives (quoting Grey’s Anatomy this time). Tonight I think I’ll save mine.

(And that’s why I loved having sex with that guy so much (the boyfriend who left me or I left him I don’t’ even know anymore) because that was the physical correlative to THIS feeling. This feeling that drives the writing of a blog post LIKE THIS. I was able to take it outside my head. The danger though of course is the Three of Swords, Five of Cups, et al.)

A weekend card for us all: Four of Swords. Rest.


Life Of An Empath & Lessons In Magick (Part One of Many)

"mars trine jupiter" We scatter pieces of ourselves everywhere we go – we lose pieces of ourselves – when we care. Not always, but the risk is there. And I think the more Pluto, the more Neptune you have in your chart, the more risk you’re at for losing. Caring IS dangerous. Loving IS dangerous. No wonder some humans avoid it. Because we lose pieces of ourselves. (Okay maybe you don’t but I do.)

I recently did this and I recently reclaimed it. And I’m working on a ritual now for someone to help reclaim a stolen piece of her heart. 

Just posted this on my Facebook:

Magick works. Spells work.
But what matters most is your intention, singleness of purpose/intent/emotional force, WILL – that you then apply to your desire.
More than color of candle etc etc etc BUT colors DO carry vibration. It ALL matters. It all matters.
But you can be assured of success by marrying the two – the item/object/tool/ritual helps your focus, increases focus.
Like meditation, magick is something you DO. Not just think about. Just musing or thinking will give you a muted result. Unmindful thinking it or saying it isn’t doing it. Oh I’m a magician, I’m a witch, because of my book collection or my herb collection. You may very well be, but I encourage people to DO.
We don’t “think about” meditation. We DO meditation. We sit.
When I wanted to dispel my grief, I didn’t just talk about my broken heart (well I did that too which also was helpful!) but I created something to DO and then I activated my laser beam focus/emotional force/will.
So many of us have concentrated strength like this – but we tend to waste it (out of habit) on enlarging and activating our WORRIES.
Imagine if you turned that light on towards making a positive difference in your life…
I think my grief desperately wanted to be set free, like a bird trapped in my house because the ritual took the top part off and then my meditation class the next day did the rest.
Magick follows the path of least resistance. Give it a little nudge. You’ll see.
And yes folks I am dead serious about this. It’s not a game. It’s not marketing. It’s not old fashioned olden days. It’s not posing. It’s here and now and it’s real.

"jupiter trine pluto"Astrologically speaking, I like to alert you to good days or weeks for magickal workings. We are under a Scorpio Moon now so check that box yes and Mars trine Pluto (exact tomorrow) which is actually Mars on Jupiter trine Pluto. Another check. And the Venus Neptune opposition yes yes. Neptune and Pluto sextile.

But do be careful. Be careful what you wish for. Because it does work. The universe WILL respond to your well crafted laser beam intention.

AND then I had a revelation as I walked to the Mexican bakery for my coffee and a cookie:

More than HALF at least of that emotional intensity that I was feeling for the one whom I was sad over —
Those were HIS feelings. His feelings too. I remember it clear as day now. The last time I saw him. How it felt. Except he kept his INSIDE, bottled up tight, and I am an empath and I am an antenna and I am a cook and I picked it up, I picked it up, I picked up on all his feelings and took them as my OWN the way I take other PROBLEMS as my own (same mechanism), I mixed them in, stirring stirring, NO BOUNDARIES, everything all mixed in now. And there became no difference then between him and me – except that I carried him, carried his feelings all the way back to my house when I said goodbye to him at the train station.

"moon conjunct mars"The last time I saw him. That’s why it took such root in me and at such an “extreme” intense level — the way he was stuffing it (Moon in Libra square Venus Mars in Cancer)

So I did my ritual to dispel MY grief (believing it was all my grief) andI think this is partly why it left so quickly like a sparrow. IT mostly WASN’T MINE.

My body allows for the repressed emotions of others to take root in me (in love situations). That’s why it was so intense. And that’s why it was so easy for them to leave. (For the people AND the feelings to leave!) 

The Venus Neptune opposition can help bring this to consciousness for you — if you have a similar situation. And the Mars Jupiter Pluto trine can help you decide what to do about it – Virgo planets are smart, analytical, discerning (Virgo keyword alert!) and Pluto, well, Pluto knows all.

I’m not the problem! Well, we ALL have issues but I’m not the problem in the way I always perceived. This is an important distinction. The hazard tag is here. It’s all written down. It’s all clear. I can’t be with someone who consciously or unconsciously is so out of touch with their own feelings (of course unless they are willing to “work on it” – then maybe there is a chance) and thus seeks a ready spot (an invisible spot i.e. this mechanism like carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, tasteless until it’s too late)  — to have someone else DO all the feeling for them (which of course creates a pattern from my family of origin and is thus extremely triggering, creating an intense emotional state and I have no clue what is happening until I figure it out and by then it’s usually too late and I’m in tears wondering why the relationship didn’t work out). I’m a Cancer with a first house Moon Pluto conjunction. I’m going to FEEL. Being with someone whose goal is to NOT feel is never going to work for me, ever.

"venus opposition pluto"So the question then becomes: what are the red flags and warning signs….


PS Sometimes a spell will do double duty – or have unintended side effects. It’s just how it works. We are foolish to believe we can control it all. Or that whatever angels or watchers we’ve summoned (if we truly have) do not have an agenda. THEY DO have an agenda. So I did my grief dispelling spell (which I will not detail here) and one of my cats (who has not been well) seems quite a bit better. Situation not cured but more energy. She’s talking more this morning like she used to (she was always  a chatty cat). Was someone else’s grief possessing her as well? Perhaps? And my ritual caught it. And her appetite is coming back. (I am still in touch with the vet of course but the observables here are undeniable.)

Venus Opposition Neptune: Transits for the Suffering

"mars trine pluto" Truth is there is much to look forward to this week, despite… YES despite whatever your current pain level.

Mars trine Pluto 
Mars conjunct Jupiter 
Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune 

I am grateful for the Venus Neptune because it will soften everything and I don’t mean lies and deception. I mean spirit talk, magic talk, psychic healing talk. And love. We need this after the Venus Saturn square. I don’t know why I’m fixated on the “talk” part of this. Oh. Venus is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Communications soften and open up.

AND, for those suffering, Mars Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto will protect you, keep you smart and strong and not falling apart. Isn’t that a relief?

I’m sorry money’s tight and your boyfriend left you and the oven broke and the cat’s sick and “Isn’t this your life? That ancient kiss still burning out your eyes?” (quoting Richard Hugo).

Yeah. I don’t know what kind of transits you’re under, but compared to *my* transits this sky is heaven.


Blog News PLUS Full Moon in Pisces CRAY

photo-15So this is what I’m thinking — I will do one (or two?) blog posts per week that remain free to the public — but I plan to make the bulk of my writing for SUBSCRIBERS only now. Just letting you know.

I dismantled my subscription service earlier this year when I got the Beliefnet blog because it got to be toooo much but I am going to bring my SUBSCRIPTION service back and better than ever. MORE access to me and my writing. The Beliefnet blog though will still be free! Long as I still have the job. And that’s where I put most of my Tarot thoughts these days (and YES the class is on and YES you can join us still because it’s all of September. Just let me know and I’ll email you cost and details)

The good news for you is that there are plenty of astrology blogs on the web for you to peruse, as well as YouTubers of course. However, if you are addicted to me and my writing, you’ll have to join my harem ;)

Thinking I’ll have different levels of subscription as well… and I hope to get started this month. And if it’s a big disaster then I may go back to all-free, but we’ll see! The archives will remain open.

This week is a f**king bear. And I know you know that. We’re under a Full Moon conjunct Chiron and Mercury square Pluto today and I’ve already had one outburst this morning :) and someone blocked me last night on Facebook after assuming I was insulting them. Fun! And the Moon enters Aries tonight? PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

We REALLY don’t need Pluto and Uranus and Mercury in Libra jacked up any more than they already are. CARDINAL PEEPS TAKE NOTE HIGH ALERT FOR MOOD SWINGS OUTBURSTS AND GENERAL CRAY. This Aries Moon is my 8th House so I am going to start taking my own advice right now and take a chill pill, which for me these days is exercise. No xanax needed!

Wednesday is not only emotionally intense but confusing with Venus opposing Neptune. See, the Full Moon brought clarity (brings clarity) but the Neptune jazz fogs things up again. You know what I’d do if I were you? I’d IGNORE the Pisces House in your chart this week. Just IGNORE IT. Because you won’t find answers there anyway. Or the answers will be a maze. Neptune won’t mind.

Mercury sextile Jupiter in Leo: the ideas keep coming. Make a list for later VIRGO SEASON
Sun sextile Saturn in Scorpio: this is your week’s saving grace. I know you feel scrambled. I know you feel fucked up but Sun sextile Saturn keeps your eyeballs from falling out of your head :) Stitching. Stitching up all your stuffing. Nothing falls out. You can lean. And you don’t fall down. (And if you want another metaphor, you’ll have to wait for next time!)

ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST (and I will cover the weekend in a few days). And when I say all hope is not lost I do not promise you that your relationship will recover or that your house will get sold tomorrow or that your hemorrhoid will stop bleeding. I only promise you that ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST. (If you subscribe I promise not to talk about hemorrhoids. Unless you want me to.)

Love you guys xo

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Crazy Desire And The Venus Neptune Lover

A complaint I hear from clients (and I’m going to put this in my own words) and something I’ve experienced in my own life is when desire is merely received and not returned.

When you are given the High Priestess treatment rather than The Magician ;) The circuitry is not maintained.

And it’s something you know or something you feel and  people with Venus Neptune in their charts (especially the hard aspects or Venus in the 12th House) keep on offering that desire (at least that’s what they think they are doing) which then turns into sacrifice and pain and woe is me. Oy.

That the man (or woman) just takes it and either… does nothing (acknowledging or not acknowledging) or even, at worst, keeps you prisoner with it. Offering you a distant future in the clouds that looks something like the 7 of Cups. Maybe Baby. When I get my shit together. When I… do this, that, and the other FIRST. Sigh.

Poor Venus Neptune. She’s lived through this before. And before that. Probably lifetimes of it.

(And by the way, this is written from Venus Neptune point of view. I am not here to blame the object of Venus Neptune’s desire but attempting to explain a psychological process.)

Venus Neptune people recognize this problem instantly as pleasure challenge and it takes WORK and consciousness to change this mental heart habit and to begin to seek out YES rather than getting addicted to disappointment and emotional slavery.

There are many variations of this of course. I am feeling this acutely in my own life after having a phone call last night with a Scorpio (high school friend) who years ago (he’s one of those Sun Neptune Venus conjunct people) who talked a big talk (how we were soulmates, meant to be together, would see each other soon) and then went and married someone else. I didn’t even find out until years later.

And this leads me to another topic actually: be kind to your neighborhood Scorpios these days, especially the mid degrees, especially the Scorpio stelliums. Saturn is crushing them right now and this friend of mine also has Libra planets that Pluto in Capricorn is squaring and basically it’s a shitstorm. Worse than a shitstorm. If there was any support in that chart, I couldn’t find it. Except for Jupiter direct making trines to his Libra planets but again that’s a promise that may not deliver. I feel like Job he said. Decimated but still… protected somehow. I know the feeling, I said.

So I’m friends with my Scorpio friend (he’s got Moon in Aquarius, I’ve got an 11th House stellium) but can’t take what he says (concerning me) seriously because his words of love will enter my 12th House and build a garden there that will only die young.

What’s the solution? You, Venus Neptune person, have to become aware of what YOU are doing. Don’t blame the other person too long. Notice when you are waiting hoping longing sacrificing. Unlatch yourself from the boobie of fantasy :)

And the other part of it this is… if you are single and don’t want to be single, don’t waste your time anymore with dead flowers.

Try to get your needs met because lord knows they will continue to make you miserable if you don’t.

Funny. I am listening to a Pandora station and Bon Iver is singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Exactly. Venus Neptune keeps trying with her/his Venus Neptune tricks but has victim-mentality so they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Because it hurts so much, they feel they are RIGHT. Get what I’m saying? It’s my most important point here.

Maybe the first step for you is hanging out with your friends or going someplace new or internet dating. Do *something*–

By the way, I’m not saying that the love you are sacrificing yourself for NOW won’t ever work out but put your heart on a timer.  Pay attention to reality. LIVE in reality. Listen to what people say and watch what they do. Believe you can find someone who will echo amplify intensity return your crazy desire :)

There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing at all.


Big Grace: Venus Opposing Jupiter

Friday night and I’m making sprouted lentils. Always a party in MoonPlutoLand ;) and today, thanks to Twitter, I wound up watching a live  lecture by John Van Auken (Edgar Cayce scholar and head of the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach) on the Mayan Prophesy and then, of course, like a good kitten, I went in search of other awesome Van Auken talks.

Thus I found him explaining “grace,” a word I happen to love:

“… when you are practicing what we call ‘the fruits of the spirit’ then they actually give you a little space, a little time in which the law of action and reaction (i.e. karma) is suspended while you try, while you attempt to change, while you attempt to become a better person. You get a break… And that’s another form of grace that comes upon us.”

I got fascinated by the idea of the “break” and wondered about astrological analogies.

Do the retrograde periods of planets correspond to these breaks? When Saturn seems to go backwards in the sky, is that a “grace period?” We tend not to think of it that way. We get frustrated. Planets not behaving at full power, full speed. We humans just want to advance!

But apparently grace is available. And, it seems to me, needed.

I then wondered about certain transits in and of themselves being breaks from having to meet our karma. For example, any trines you may encounter :) Or Jupiter himself in whatever house he’s transiting. Like the lotus. A flower growing out of the slime and ooze.

And then there’s Neptune. Neptune (making my own correspondence here) is The Hanged Man. He smiles. Infused with holy purpose? Maybe. Trying to become a better person? Could be. We just don’t know yet. But he’s not meeting his karma upside down like that. He’s waiting.

I bring this idea of grace to you this evening just because I think it’s beautiful, and as I was writing this morning, I did experience an expansion of consciousness. Makes sense with Venus (who rules physical grace and beauty) applying in opposition to Jupiter. Big grace :)

What’s your definition of karma? Of grace? 



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The Week In Tarot!

"tarot reading in nyc"With all the sky-changes this week, I decided to head to the cards for some wisdom.

In my Creativity class,we decided to take the weekend off. Everybody’s feeling it. A little anxious, a little confused, a little tired. A little burying of self in work. A little hiding.

Maybe the Tarot can tell us the best way to ride the October wave.

But first, an overriding question: when in doubt, where do you put your faith? 

Jeez, Tarot, these cards are better than my mood!

These cards tell us be patient and have faith and it won’t be long now. And something will be on offer this month that may surprise you so check Uranus transits! Despite the stressful, ongoing Pluto Uranus square, your chart could be benefiting. I think you’ll end this month feeling better than how you feel right now.

Good enough?

I got the 8 of Wands, the Fool, the Queen of Cups and then pulled one more card: Two of Cups.

So you may be feeling emotional. You may be feeling VERY emotional. The wisdom here is not to deny it. Do what you need to do and please don’t repress. Build something out of those feelings. Our Taurus North Node people (in the class) are realizing they need to nap more :) Stuff like that. Take care of your emotional body.

And when I see the 8 of Wands, I feel “news travels fast” and when I see the Fool I feel “this low mood is temporary.” Also that life is going to get more interesting. Cycle of new cool stuff.

The cups cards. I keep returning to the cups cards. Be kind to yourself. You may feel all still and uncertain right now but the way to stay together is by feeling your way through it and taking your time. This hurry is an illusion. Others may call you selfish. They’re mistaken.

And now that Venus is in Virgo you may be tempted to be overly critical of yourself or others. But Neptune opposing Venus will soften that urge if you let it.

Where are you holding? What’s your card for today? 

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Missing

"saturn in scorpio"I never was a Pink Floyd fan but “Wish You Were Here,” a song I do love, came on my Pandora station just now and I started thinking about someone who I loved. Or is it LOVE. Present tense. I don’t know. Does it matter? 

Venus in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces right now. Love (Venus) goes missing (Neptune). Neptune dissolves what it touches. Or it places it on a pedestal, idealizes. Dreams. One martyr or two?

It’s a big week, kittens. Not just Venus into Virgo, but Mars into Sagittarius, Mercury in Scorpio. Also, yup, Jupiter goes retrograde and Saturn enters Scorpio.

Saturn. In Scorpio. New cycle. Put it to rest. Whatever it was, whoever you were the LAST time Saturn was in Libra? Game over. You’re grown now. And it wasn’t a game then EITHER, was it? Nope. And it was better this time around. Much better.

Take the week as it comes.

Yeah I loved him like a Neptune transit and Neptune is conjunct my 7th House cusp now (that’s your homework – to tell us the higher and lower vibrations of Neptune) and for a few years to come.

It is possible to love someone and never speak to them again. Just watch me. End of story? End of story. For now.  We learn in meditation practice just to observe. Clouds in the sky but… it’s official. The transits have spoken.

Ready for the week? What are you dissolving?



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Check Your Longing: A Cautionary Tale For Super-Neptunians

"venus in the 12th house"

I’ve written about this before but Pisces Season is bringing it up again.

What I want you to do is check your longing. And this post is addressed to Venus Neptune people. I am one of them. We are truly in Neptuneland now with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces.  (And Athena but I don’t talk much about the gals around here. I suppose I should!)

The next time you feel that feeling for that guy or girl who isn’t really in a relationship with you even though you swear you’re in a relationship with him or her, check your longing. That longing you feel may be ALL YOURS  i.e. it’s YOUR beautiful love nature as opposed to… anything that THEY ARE DOING.

Really. It could be so. Try it. Check your perspective. Jupiter co-rules Pisces. You could be in love with love. You could be in love with YOU.

But more likely I think it’s your, yes, beautiful love nature (oh the longing!) that you are feeling and you are simply applying it to this human who is inspiring longing and pining in you and the only reason they are inspiring longing and pining in you is because THEY ARE NOT THERE. It is their absence which is the requirement for this particular love.

Venus in the 12th house and Venus Neptune people even more than most I would argue need Saturn, need reality, contact, touch. Because they CAN live a long time in fantasy, in the dream but then they wake up from the dream and they’re alone.

The signal for me that something isn’t quite right is when I start to feel that feeling. Not necessarily idealization of the lover but that ache, the longing and the pining and the endless distance. It’s like a fish just caught, flip flopping in infinity on the dock. And then it dies.

Don’t be a dead fish, okay?


Did you set your New Moon intentions yet?

PS James Joyce (pictured above) had Venus square Neptune and wrote, among other works, the short story collection Dubliners. Read it.

Edited to Add: Venus Neptune people WILL long and pine. That’s their nature. That’s fine. Thing is.. just make sure there is MORE to your relationship than longing and pining and hoping and dreaming and wanting and waiting. Can your sweet Neptuney relationship withstand the Saturn reality test? An important point I forgot to make and Mitraya in the comments inspired me to add this!

Venus Neptune Loves Loves Loves Music

"venus opposition neptune"
Rickie Lee Jones, Scorpio Sun

What would be enough for you, if it was all you had?

I figured out the answer to this question. And I found my answer because I realized that I feel like IT is ALL I have. And it feels like the most meaningful, most authentic thing in my life. Do you think about that? Authenticity?

What got me on this train of thought? Rickie Lee Jones, a childhood favorite of mine, especially her Pirates album (my older sister had her first record) and this one song came on my Pandora station and took me back. You know how that is. Took me back to Saturn in Libra, a long time ago. Made me feel things.

Of course I had to look up her chart. Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Sun, Moon in Aries. Venus in Scorpio too. My little MoonPluto found a friend in her and that record? Real dramatic and sad and stark.

Venus and Neptune are in opposition now in the sky. I have the natal square. But no matter the aspect, Venus Neptune is known for being sensitive, very sensitive, to music. And, on a side note, if anyone tells you that your sensitivity is anything less than beautiful, don’t listen to them.

What is your One Thing? And can you find the reason why in your chart?

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