Neptune Goes Direct! November 13th

It’s this remarkable feeling. When you turn your attention to yourself again, your needs.

Neptune people tend to self-sacrifice and self-sabotage. Put themselves in Neptoooony chains. The STRENGTH card is the opposite of the 7 of Cups, you know?

I know I know that SEVEN can be imagination but… to me it looks like tulle. Icing. FIZZ. Dreaming and scheming. So when you duck out of Neptune, when you CHECK OUT of Neptune… what do you find?


Helps to have a self, then, to come home to. To rely on. SOMETHING.

I was working with a client the other day — and telling her that if she could come up with JUST ONE THING that was authentically her. Even as simple as liking chocolate. This is an example from a Natalie Goldberg essay. When we don’t know who we are, and we don’t know what we want, but then we find some small simple thing that is truly US.

Neptune is squaring my MidHeaven. I don’t always know why I’m here. I’m working in the dark but I keep working. Neptune is on my North Node too, exact. Going somewhere but…. HEY FOLKS NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT November 13th. 

Now, Neptune is not Uranus. I’m not predicting wack-a-doo reversals here but I’ll go out on a limb and say Neptune Direct = greater coherence, clarity, TRANSPARENCY, less OBSCURITY and hells bells we NEED THAT wherever Neptune is transiting (in our charts).

Are you having a Neptune transit? Do you know WTF? 

Love, MP


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Do You Have Regrets?

All my choices are the right ones.

Every decision I make is the right one.

There. I think that was the original quote. Gal in one of the chat rooms told us this. An affirmation. I thought it was brilliant and moving.

So I wound up canceling my Mars in Libra – Grand Cross 2014 class. I got overwhelmed. It was just too much for this newlywed to handle at the time. Needed to adjust to my new status and just breathe.

And I’m not sure now if it’s cancelled or postponed. In either case I let it go like a balloon. That class or possibly a different one will resurface soon enough but I’m not sure if Thanksgiving and Christmas become too all encompassing. Or maybe folks NEED the break from family madness.

Instead I may do a ONE WEEK intensive like I did with the Goddess class. And then extend a few days if need be. Short, sweet, and bright. I love doing the classes but only when I have the energy it takes. The classes are different than my chat rooms which are more relaxed. I don’t consider myself the “teacher” in there but with the classes I do have an agenda :) I think I charge the same no matter the length of time which is kind of funny. One week? 100! Two weeks? 100!

So I returned money and on Day One I thought: I definitely did the right thing. And then Day Two some additional folks told me they were going to take it, and I questioned my decision (as more students equals bigger community and better financials). Day Three I wondered if there could have been a way for me to do it… differently. Postpone a few days even. I can’t even blame PMS. All I know is that I felt exhausted and I just had to… STOP. At the time I was relieved. And I know in the future I can do another. But it’s almost like.. a baby that never was. But every decision I make is the right one.

Do you have regrets?

When I think of regrets I think of Neptune. Soft and slippery and helpless. Very 12th House. You feel like a prisoner, but you’re not. You’re not.

Love, MP


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Neptune Through The 6th House: Goop

You know what? I’m doing this totally at random. Whatever occurs to mind. Last night I was writing a little about Uranus through the 8th and I think I’ve said what I need to say for the moment so let’s turn to a different transit, Neptune through the 6th.

Neptune moves even slower than Uranus. Neptune can spend 14-15 years in a sign. (Actually this isn’t a random post. I asked the gals – and our one guy – in the chat room if they had any transits on their mind they wanted me to blog about.)

Of course, overall I’m thinking HEALTH. Physical health, mental health (because it’s the 6th/12th axis and we must think of the chart this way, as made up of oppositions). Health and work. I know I know it’s obvious but it’s… SERIOUS. What could be more important than these two? Health and work are YOUR LIFE. I know there is also love and family and creativity, connection, etc etc etc but without health and work, your hands and your mind are empty.

So Neptune through this house can be… uncertainty, confusion, “wishing it were so” rather than making an effort. I’m having Neptune square my MC (at the end of my 6th) at the moment and I feel rudderless. I’m doing my blogging and Readings but I don’t feel so solid about my DIRECTION (10th House being the bigger career picture). Neptune, associated with Pisces, is shape-shifting energy. Now you see it, now you don’t. Neptune “dissolves” they say.

Now on the up side, during my Neptune 6th House transit, I started working with animals. And then I started doing astrology and tarot work. Helping professions. Service. Serve or suffer is another Pisces/Neptune key so… the bigger picture seems to be that the more you help others SELFLESSLY, and without calculation, the more you will benefit even if you cannot count that benefit. Money: is it energy? Is it real? Both.

And then I also think of daily routines, how it could be hard to stick to a strict one during these long years. You need to be able to float. Also another 6th key: self-improvement. Getting better. Funny I am making a list here. This is Virgo’s “natural” house. Virgo mind loves lists :)

I think I’m going to ponder this more and maybe we’ll have a Part Two to this post and the Uranus one as well. See, this transit is coming to an end for me and hell yes my work life fell apart and dissolved over and over and over but then Saturn in Libra transited my 2nd House and hey that’s another blog post right there :) Neptune is also the ideal. I fell in love with my work (6th House) during this transit.

As I attempt to end this post even more Neptune through the 6th manifestations are coming to mind, how it was for me. When your 6th House is smudged with Neptune? Everything is up for grabs because it IS your daily life.

If you are having this transit (6th OR 12th) what you may need most of all is spiritual direction, spiritual practice, but in an organized way which reminds me the Prayers for Healing schedule is as follows (and click on this link for the original post): Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the month of June. I’ve got the names on my list and will focus on them after sitting in meditation. Thinking of 15-20 minute sessions.

If you want to be on the list itself, you can email or FB-message me. I’m not going to commit to particular times of day because I know I can’t stick to it but I can definitely commit to certain days of the week. And if you want to sit with me, at any time, please do, with intention, and let me know (I mean, I’d love to know) that you are joining my little group here and know that you actually can make a difference, that the healing energy you send is real. Believe it. Very Neptune through the Virgo house, wouldn’t you say?

Love, MP


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How To Handle Your Neptune Lover (From Earth Girl)

Hello and Good Morning, my darlings :)

Writing to you from the Big City, Monday Morning Moon in Cancer. How are you?

Coffee’s brewing and I’m in a pretty good mood after the Mother’s Day emotional whirlwind. A highly charged day to say the least. We are expected to feel *one* way but I don’t think we ever feel *one* way about anything.

Oh and pass the cream please, I like my coffee light.

Which brings us back to the Moon in Cancer.

The Moon, they say, is at home in Cancer. The Moon “rules” Cancer. If you know anyone with this placement then you are likely familiar with their kindness, sympathy, mothering (not always smothering), hard protective shell, mood fluctuations, and bloat :)

Cancer people probably say “awwwww” more than anyone else.

Lucky for us, psychic, trusting Moon in Cancer is making sweet contacts with the heavenly bodies, a Grand Trine which means that… I think you’ll feel better today than yesterday, better than the day before. Emotions are flowing freely, smooth movements, even if they are tears. Intuition, too, is on target. Trust yours. Moon trine Neptune. Moon trine Saturn. Fantasy and reality get married and live happily ever after.

Bittersweet Moon in Cancer factoid: they carry their home on their back (like the crab) but many feel homeless, at a loss, in this world, always seeking safety. That’s the best gift you could give a Cancer… assuring them that they are at home with you, safe. That however they feel is just fine. Cancer is the most “personal” sign. They will not relate to you from the point of view of the populace but how life feels to them.

Cancer is “moody” yes. My moods can change throughout the hour but underneath that surface wave is a solid core and belief. I know I love you even if you scare me. I know I love you even if I’m afraid. I know I love you even if I love you :) I know I love you  even if I don’t say it so much. And so on.

The one skydive we have on the menu today is Venus squaring Neptune, an aspect I have in my own chart!

As I’m fond of saying, Neptune is illusion, delusion, confusion (and I’m not the only one who says this!) and in hard aspect to Venus… money isn’t quite clear. Love isn’t clear either. There are no rules of the game, only waffling and mist.

You have to work that much harder to grasp the motivations of others, to get a good seat on the reality train. The windows are always foggy.

Venus in the sign of Gemini means you have more than one option, decision, but… I think that may ALSO be an illusion. Still, questions arise: Do you love her or him? Will you make your money this way or that? Your head keeps turning. Keep your head. Remember why you made that decision in the first place!

Neptune in Pisces has good intentions and really wants to heal you, really wants to save you although the details disappear.

One of the biggest problems with Venus square Neptune though is that it feels like bliss. But there is a truth hangover like no other. You wake up and it’s cruel Saturn in your bed not tinkerbell Neppy.

“Murder your darlings” is what one of my poetry teachers said to me 20 years ago. Those lines you are sooo attached to in your poem, do they really serve a purpose. Are they making the poem better? Is it just ego?

Sometimes the dream MUST die. Sometimes it is good for the dream to die. Because then, only then, can we get real about our love and our resources, what we value (Venus).

I value clarity and sanity more than any dream. I’ll take a side of fairy dust but not for the main course. Makes me feel crazy. Can you see though that I am creating a binary opposition? I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my birth chart. They are not integrated yet. Oppositions tend to favor one side and then the other side. Strive for balance!

There are others though (not endangered species at all) who need the dream as much, if not more, than what is real. They consider the dream to be REAL which is happy talk to an Earth Girl like me.

I’m picturing this pit bull (that I used to walk) with a toy in her mouth. Don’t even try to get it from her HOWEVER all I had to say was “drop it” and she would and I’d throw the ball again and a new dream (and dream catcher) would be born.

That, my friends, is how you handle your Neptune lover.


Happy Monday

Love, MP


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Love, Neptune, And The Urge To Merge

Been thinking a lot about love and vibrational matching.

That until you are a vibrational match with your love, there’s a gap. (And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are different kinds of love and it may be different at different times.)

I was writing about the gap yesterday, but in a different context. That gap was about how… when I stop and notice during the day (mindfulness practice) that sometimes I feel a terrifying space expanse and I feel the need to fill it — with hope, with God, with SOMETHING. With toast. (And suddenly I feel the need to watch Raging Bull. Why is this? But I digress… Something about the archetypal small-mouthed blond and the hulking desperate man.)

We may, however, need this gap. We may *need* to feel lonely or separate until we… earn it? Is that too Saturnian to say? You survived Saturn (death) in Libra (relationship) for a reason, right?


My chart is full of Venus Neptune urge-to-merge signatures. Venus in the 12th House. Venus square Neptune. Neptune ruling my descendent. By transit, Neptune is late in my 6th House. The fraud (Neptune) vs. the ideal (Neptune). The fooled-by-love vs. forever-and-ever. It’s extreme. Y’all think Pluto is playing for keeps? Don’t fuck with Neptune. Neptune is the 8 of Swords blindfold. Self-sabotage! With Neptune, you get lost in a maze, haze, and there’s no Saturn flat on your face (so you KNOW something is wrong) or Pluto placenta (so you KNOW you’ve been born, you’re out of the womb and breathing on your own). You keep escaping. An endless loop.

Neptune love is like no other though – it has no limit, no boundary, it IS the gap, the expanse (that IS love) so Neptune must focus its love beam on more than an individual person. Love the collective, all people, all animals, this group, that group, widen it. So you don’t drown your personal love. That’s the risk with Neptune love. Drowning. Pluto love may be homicide and Saturn love is cruelty. But Neptune love makes you drink the poison. Yes, this can apply to Venus in Pisces and other Venus Neptune variations.

Can you tell it’s overcast today in the Big City?


I’m not sure how to define the term “vibrational match” (in a clear and interesting way this morning) but I know it when I feel it. I know it when I don’t feel it. And it’s nothing you can force. It’s something that happens (and not necessarily forever. It could last a couple minutes. Penetration is more a Pluto word than a Neptune word but I think that’s how vibrational matching works — the penetration can last a lifetime, a forever marriage, or the cock, metaphorically speaking, may be impotent.)

Vibrational matching has to do with surrender. Submission and surrender and then click-click, the other person feels it and asks you what you just did. What you did was… drop out of your resistance and you’re ready. Your soul has caught up.

How do you feel about Neptune? 

Love, MP


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Better Living Through Neptune (Part Two)

This is Day 3 of no caffeine for me and actually it’s no big deal.

I feel calmer, not headachy. I don’t miss the buzz or the desire to “get high” — yes coffee most definitely made me speedy. Even one cup a day.

I’m not having transits to my 6th House (a health house) BUT all the planets in Pisces are/were opposing my 1st House (also a health/body house).

It is a larger health situation which convinced me to give it up and I’m not totally sure yet what the result will be but thought I’d share this process with you. Maybe you’ve done something similar.

6th House people, Virgo-type people are often tinkering, tweaking their health habits, for better or worse. All body, all the time. Continual improvement. How to get the machine working better. (Or worse — for those self-destructive 6th Housers!)

Which reminds me… my previous post was about remembering those “less fortunate” and y’all know I love Frida Kahlo, particularly love photographs of her and today I was remembering the horrible accident she was in and the pain she was in and… how beautiful she looks in her pictures and the paintings she painted and clearly no matter what physical challenges she faced, she did not stop… making art or loving (from what I understand).

Everything that happens… we may not like it all, but we have to… one way to survive it is to… make up a story, make it part of our story, make it not so bad, put a pretty dress on it. Which is also a Neptune technique.

I’m not sure if my point is clear. Let me try again. Here’s another side. Sometimes my roommate will ask if such and such is flattering on her and my belief has always been… if you want to wear it, then wear it. Make it your own. Make it you. And that’s good enough because that confidence will shine. Then hope for the best. Neptune!

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Sun And Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"I’ve got so many thoughts in my head, bickering for dominance this morning: the insidiousness of Neptune. The difference between where you are now and where you want to be. Chiron. What to do about Chiron. And then the feeling that I need to write about the current sky, tomorrow’s New Moon in Libra.

You know what? That entire list points back to Neptune and Pisces and relationships. Reality vs. fantasy. Transiting Chiron is conjunct my descendent and I wanted to call this blog post “What Do We Do About Chiron” but instead I’ll focus on THIS moment. Or try to :)

The Sun is in Libra. Are your partnerships on your mind? Who you have? Who you’ve lost? Uh-oh, I’ve gone serious again ;)

Looking back, and it wasn’t that long ago, since Saturn is only at 0 degrees Scorpio, but looking back at Saturn in Libra is… it was a mirror (Libra). It was about *their needs*. And for me, it wasn’t REAL. It was illusion, artifice (Venus). Saturn in Scorpio will be real. And it will be darker. I say this now. Let’s see how we feel in three years ;)

Saturn limits and tests. Was Saturn in Libra testing our relationships? Or was it about creating the tallest biggest fattest illusion we could find? And then nailing it to the wall.

So with the coming New Moon in Libra, why not think about what you want from the other people in your life. Start there. What you want. Even if you feel foolish making a wish list or setting intentions. Do it anyway. What I want are solid people. Does this mean I need to be more solid to get more solid. Honestly, I feel pretty solid. Solid but a bit sad. Saturn entering my 3rd House has been a shift so remarkable, even though it’s not doing anything “bad” in my chart, I feel it. And sad isn’t bad but it is a heavy stone and I will sculpt it.

Set an intention for what you want (insert idea here) to look like. And then imagine it. I dare you. When I stop to try to do this exercise for a few seconds, I realize how hard it is. If you can’t in fine detail imagine what you want most, that may mean that deep inside you don’t think it’s possible or you have so much loss around the possibility or reality of it that…  It’s like not knowing what a mountain is. Someone needs to explain it to you. And then you need to see it for yourself. In YOUR life.

But you know what? Miracles happen. Out of the blue good stuff happens. It’s the moments in between, most of the moments, that need our love.

The Sun and the Moon are in Libra. Sun is body. Moon is soul.  Now what?

What are your relationships made of? 



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Past Present Future Cards For Lovers With Neptune Problems

venus in the 12th houseSometimes I break my own heart.

I was just randomly searching old Venus posts on the blog and I found one that made me… question my sanity.

Okay not my sanity but how easily my Venus (love) in the 12th House square Neptune (illusion) will… fall me. It will fall me. I will fall. And I can spot this shit in a chart from a million miles away.

I turned 42 a couple weeks ago. Can’t blame anyone for this anymore. It’s up to me to know where the Reality is. Is it easy? Nope. The longing is addictive. I want the dream to become real. But I have no choice. I am learning this lesson as transiting Saturn heads to sextile my Venus once again while in Libra. Lesson learned, Saturn.


But you know what? I don’t want to end this post on a 12th Housey melancholy note. I want to pull a few cards, as is my habit lately, for some wisdom here :) Because onwards and upwards and forwards we go. The best is yet to come.

Past Present Future cards for Lovers with Neptune Problems

You have every reason to be hopeful :) You really are leaving the old ways behind. It hurts but you’re doing it. Hooray! I know this sounds corny, but these are the cards. Not just for me. For you too :) In the past you would RUN towards what seemed impossible. You didn’t realize how impossible it was. The more far-fetched, the better! But you are getting stubborn in your old age. Ambitious even. Ambitious about what? About nailing this problem once and for all. You are the authority. You have grown wise. Very Saturn :) And yes. You are leaving. And yes, no matter what the Buddhists suggest, you still do have hope. There will be parades. There will be celebrations :)

With such good news, what should you actually DO. How to proceed?

Know that the goodbye process will sting but PLEASE do not hold onto it. Hold hands with this fire and air sky. Move on okay? Just MOVE ON. It’s taken LONG ENOUGH. 

I’m kind of quirky. I don’t like to reveal my cards :) but here are a few of them from this “holistic” reading. I’m sure you can put it together :)

King of Wands, The Emperor, 8 of Cups, The Star.

Which aspect do you find the hardest to master? 

Love, MP

Song for Venus Neptune The Quiet Kind – In Front of You

Here In NeptuneLand: What’s Your Ideal?

"neptune in pisces"Is your life ideal? In any way? I mean for you, your standard, what YOU want. Not what anybody else wants. That’s today’s MoonPluto question :)

So I asked my director to send me a copy of my play! I had done a few revisions, all of them on my old clunky slow slow slow computer, and I was happy to realize that she does indeed have the most recent version.

And I didn’t read it over yet but was shocked to realize I had written it in 2008. Feels like a million years, million miles ago. I’ve changed. And I was thinking to myself that I was gonna hate it. Not hate working on it because I love the collaborative process of theatre, but hate the words themselves, the structure… but as I took the pages out of the printer, I didn’t hate it at all.

I don’t want people to misunderstand. There’s no fame or fortune here. This is about a life. It’s about being a working artist and the glory is in the doing and having this thing in my life once again pushes me towards my ideal.

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces and as I write these words I realize I’m not being timely :) That I should be writing about the upcoming Mercury retrograde and Uranus retrograde, but don’t worry, I will :)

In the meantime though: what’s your ideal and do you have it? Even a snowflake of that ideal?

And please be as detailed or as obscure as you want ;)

Love, MP

Are You Living Your Ideal? Neptune Retrograde In Pisces

"neptune in pisces retrograde"

Neptune went retrograde on Monday, which was Eclipse Day.

And if Neptune, on a bad day represents our confusion, then what does Neptune Rx represent? More confusion? The dream inside the dream is another way to look at it.

Edgar Cayce talked about Ideals, having an Ideal, a spiritual ideal. Something to shoot for :)

I’m a little out of practice with my Cayce quotes but it’s like this: if you don’t have an Ideal, then you have no structure, no aim, nothing to measure your life by. And it’s not supposed to make you feel hopeless or like a failure if you don’t get there. You try but you keep that Ideal close.

So… are you living your ideal… life? Do you want to fix it? Mars is direct in Virgo. This is energy for fixing.

Neptune is retrograde. Venus is retrograde. Saturn is retrograde. Pluto too.

Imagine what you most want. Can your see it in your mind? What sounds are there? How does it feel? In some ways my life is becoming more my Ideal. In other ways, I still have fixing to do and perfection isn’t the point but getting closer to my version of heaven.


Here’s your homework. Find transiting Neptune in your natal chart. What house is he in. What is he aspecting. I know you’ve done this countless times but do it again. Please.

Because it is THERE that you are  being called to create or imagine or BELIEVE IN or discover that your Ideal is possible. Maybe not all at once. Maybe just a piece. Maybe just a feeling. But something.

And THEN find your natal Neptune. Because your natal Neptune shows the HOW.

My natal Neptune is in my 3rd House. I will write my way to my Ideal. Transiting Neptune is on my North Node, conjunct my descendent. And I’m not even going to comment on that at the moment.


Love Love Love, MP

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Neptune Retrograde TODAY! (And tomorrow and…)

"neptune retrograde"

Something to think about: what difference do you think Neptune going retrograde will make in your life.

How confused are you in general? Very? Medium? Seldom? Not at all?

If Neptune, on a bad day, is confusion, illusion, and delusion, and compassion, the mystical, and poetry on a good day… what does the retrograde of Neptune mean for you and your chart? Is transiting Neptune hanging out in an interesting place for you? Near an interesting planet or cusp?

Neptune is at 3 tender degrees of Pisces. A baby. Barely alive in the sign of no boundaries. Neptune rules romance.

Chart check! Got anything at that degree? Anything that squares or opposes it?

He’s on my North Node which is a few degrees away from my descendent, getting closer getting closer getting closer but noooooooo here comes the retrogrdade!

Do the outer planet retrogrades compel us to revise and revision and review like Mercury retrogrades do? I think it operates differently but still matters and we can always use a little extra symbolism :) to guide our days and nights.

Try not to think of it as more useless clouds. Try to think of Neptune Retrograde as the dream within the dream. Something you forgot. A second look.

Neptune rules forgery and imitation, swamps and surf. Is this ominous or comforting to you?

Dive in to your confusion, keeping your head above the water. Or go mermaid about it all – half fish, half lady on land and sea, on land and sea.

Neptune thoughts? 

Love, MP

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Do You Feel Guided?

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius"

If you don’t, you probably will if you ingest a steady diet of New Age gurus ;)

But seriously, I have huge admiration for both Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay. Been listening to them both lately and getting inspired. And feeling guided.

Feeling guided is a fairly safe way to feel your Neptune.

How easy it is to say to someone “have faith!” Or to say to yourself “have faith!”

The question becomes FAITH IN WHAT?

Faith that you are guided. You’re not alone out here. There is purpose and meaning to your life — even if (especially when) you can’t see it, feel it, find it.

Find a guide who at heart only has the purpose of your getting lost (paraphrasing Robert Frost)


So if you are feeling rudderless, I am offering you this paradoxical advice: jump in the waters of Neptune and swim. And youtube is this most amazing resource, so many recordings and videos of our great spiritual teachers, past and present. It’s also a cure for insomnia, if you struggle with that ;)

Love, MP

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Neptune Rules Angels: Find Transiting Mercury In Your Chart!

"mercury retrograde"

Once again I’ve fallen behind in the comments, only responding here and there.  Apologies if I’ve neglected to say a warm hello to new readers.

Hello New Readers!

I always think it’s cute the way on Twitter some folks will say hello to their new followers :)

Let us look skyward though..

The Moon is in Libra now, approaching the mid-degrees, done with an opposition to Mercury. Were you the peacemaker today? Or the aggravator? Maybe you switched roles!

The Moon is also past her square to Pluto. We’re all familiar with this energy by now, aren’t we? Pluto moves slowly so we are familiar with this square in these signs. Same for Moon in Aries because Aries squares Capricorn.

And when the Moon is in Cancer, we get the opposition. We’re all getting schooled in Moon Pluto these days :) Moon in Capricorn of course gives us the conjunction.

Venus in Taurus is approaching Jupiter. The Grand Trine in earth is building, and Mercury, already in its shadow, stations retrograde on Monday in the middle of the night EST.

And Mercury will conjunct Aries again when he retrogrades.

Three steps forward, one step back? Grand Trine in earth + Mercury Retrograde?

I don’t think you lose ground with Mercury Rx, you don’t lose what’s yours to have. But it shows a backtrack is needed, some tweaking.

I was going to say give a HUG to the area of life that Mercury will transit, early Aries and late Pisces….

Mercury rules the hands and hugging a Pisces is like hugging the holy ghost.

Find transiting Mercury in your chart now. Where will he journey to?  He’s returning somewhere, somehow. There’s a do-over to attend to. There’s a map. There’s a road. There’s an invisible map. An invisible road. Mercury is more than the journey. It’s the message you need to hear or the message you need to give. Or both. What did you forget the first time? And you may have forgotten or overlooked MORE than one thing — we are talking Pisces, after all. The sign of the dreamer.

This Mercury retrograde goes from Yang to Yin, from Aries to Pisces. Put your gun down and pick up your cloud. Angels will rule. Maybe you’ll find one or be one during this transit.

And don’t forget… the Sun is still in Pisces. Don’t let all the other stuff overshadow this important transit! The Sun! Where is it! Where’s your Pisces? Your life is… ALIVE and kicking in your Pisces house these days and you’ll get a funny little something or other in that house during Mercury retrograde.

What’s your experience of Mercury retrograde? 


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The Magic In The Mundane: Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Do you feel connected to the invisible? To spirit? To angels (yes, angels). To past lives? To your own intuition?

Neptune is now in Pisces and I’m focused on these things in a new way. Thinking hmmm maybe I should finish that Reiki certification and thinking hmmm what class can I teach? Meditation? Hmm

I am also pondering the magic (Neptune) in the mundane (not so Neptune)

Every task, every duty, every detail, every eyeball, every hurt feeling, every wait for the bus, every dirty diaper, every debt being filled with grace and light. Neptune in Pisces light.

Neptune is, by transit, conjunct my North Node in the 6th House: the magic of the mundane.

And I must write about it for you: natal Neptune in my 3rd House (writing) trine Mercury (writing) in the 11th House (YOU!) being trined by transiting Venus in Pisces. Am I high? Yep! But the drug is Neptune.

Please consider this high side of Neptune: the compassion of a Mother Theresa (a Virgo), the poetic leaps of an Einstein (a Pisces) and what to do if you don’t feel connected to anything larger than debt and dirty diapers?

What if you can’t find or feel the grace, which is your legacy as the fine fine human being that you are?

Here’s what you do. Sit still. Get quiet. Being stuck on the subway helps because you have nowhere to go ;) notice the energies around you, observe them but don’t absorb them. It’s not daydreaming and it’s not zoning out and it’s not getting lost in  your own thoughts. It’s above your mind. Above and beyond i.e. NEPTUNE. Above and beyond AND YET paying attention, paying soft attention to the hum, to the light you see and feel around people’s faces and bodies and the softness of the light coming to meet you as you step away from the train and the platform, and up the steps, and out into the night.


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Grounding And Shielding Your 7th House Neptune

"neptune in pisces"

Where you put your energy affects your energy.

Reciprocal relationships feed you instead of drain you.

And it can be that simple — remove something, or someone, from your life and your life can flip into balance like flipping a Tarot card from reversed to upright.

I’ve been thinking a lot about visualizations and grounding and shielding lately. And I’m remembering to shield myself before I get on the subway these days.

Often I would imagine glass going up around me, like the windows of a car, dark windows, but then this morning I had an image of cellophane! Cellophane wrapping me up like a present and at the top a huge bow to seal it! I especially like that part. For grounding seeing my feet tied to the earth or for shielding, the tie at the top.

The thing to remember is that… how you do this is personal, individual. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong. It if works, it works. If not, seek wisdom.

How are these topics related? They are all about boundaries and transiting Neptune, now in Pisces, is slowly slowly slowly heading towards my 7th House cusp.

Where you have Neptune, by natal or transit, shows where you let in and where you leak out. The door is revolving and if you want to adjust who comes in… it takes just a little effort.

Do you think about boundaries?


Dust Off The Altar! Neptune’s In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Where you *will be* is what you cannot imagine now even though it isn’t that far away. That’s how I was feeling earlier today.

And then I remembered that Neptune is in Pisces now = have faith.

Have you had this experience? Of not being able to imagine your future? Before I had my first short play produced, I could not picture it. And then it happened.

Neptune and Pisces ask you, dare you, to imagine, to have faith that your confusion is only an illusion.

If you have an altar at home, dust it off this weekend. Give it a kiss and a hug. Neptune may rule uncertainty but Neptune also rules the spiritual and space and poetry. Consider making your dreams solid. How? Intention, ritual, magic, ground.

Where is transiting Neptune for you? THAT is where you will find the poetry of your life *right now*


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Venus In Pisces Sees Your Potential

"venus in the 12th house"
drowning in love??

When in a relationship, do you see the reality of the person/situation? The day-to-day? Or do you get lost in fantasy/daydream. POTENTIAL.

Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th House, Venus Neptune… they can see what’s Not There Yet but what Could Be There. If only! They see inside you. They see what you don’t see, what you don’t know. And they love you for it and inwardly take the challenge: I shall bring it out! This person’s potential will be born through ME!

There’s some pride there, don’t you think? Pisces Pride? Pride in the ability to sacrifice, to pine, to wait.

It reminds me of this quote from Kierkegaard (really, it does!) from his book Works of Love and it was soooo long ago that I don’t rememeber the quote but I remember a poem I wrote that incorporated the idea from the passage that I am remembering: Time comforts the waiting girl by coming and going. 

See? That’s all she has. Time.

When Neptune is bound up with your love nature (Venus) no matter how slippery the tie, you are that girl (or boy) on the high seas. She (or he) may be separated from his (or her) love, but the wait is, can be, thrilling in and of itself. TOO satisfying in and of itself.

It’s as though the other person doesn’t exist. And they cease to need another person! Their fantasies are where it’s safe.

Now I do believe that Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th, Venus Neptune… they do see the truth about their lover but who the fuck cares when the person is 1000 miles away and fucking someone else? Their potential doesn’t really matter much then. Their potential = your ACTUAL misery.

Your thoughts? 


All Hands On Deck: Neptune Moved A Degree!

"neptune in pisces"
seek and ye shall find really cool shit!

You know what love is?

(And feel free to share your own definition in the comments.)

Love is someone who is genuinely happy for you — when you do well.

That’s today’s definition :) as I ponder the coming Full Moon in Cancer as well as Neptune entering Pisces not yet not yet not yet but in early February and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus: from personal individual love to Universal Love! 

What will you love in a big way when Neptune enters Pisces? Where is your transiting Neptune? 


?Your Thoughts On Transiting Neptune?

"moon conjunct pluto"
neptune in pisces

I unwittingly scared a client the other day by talking about the confusion of a Neptune transit. She’s a Pisces under Neptune square Neptune.

But it’s not dementia-type confusion, I told her (and believe). It’s not like forgetting your keys everyday although I suppose that could happen with Neptune aspecting Vesta or Mercury or the God of Small Things :)

It can definitely be an overall fog though, lack of clarity, a WTF am I supposed to do feeling (in regards to the house he’s transiting and aspects he’s making).

For example, I think I am figuring out WTF I am supposed to DO as Neptune gets out of my 6th House of WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY. Sure it made me very compassionate and sacrificing ‘n shit whatever I was doing but there was this overriding sense of… I’M LOST PLEASE COME FIND ME. A feeling of, well, drowning. And pulling on the 12th House like that, I felt pretty down for a pretty long time. Neptune is the seas.

Isabel Hickey says that wherever Neptune is transiting, “stick to what you know.” Makes sense to me. And I did. My life felt static… even though it wasn’t.

Jupiter grows us. Uranus surprises us. Mars energizes us. The Moon feels us. The Sun shines us. Mercury makes us go faster. Saturn works us… Who am I forgetting? 

Venus. Venus loves us. Pluto consumes us. And Neptune? Neptune is the rain.

So how do you get anything done under Neptune? You buy a raincoat! And an umbrella! And galoshes! And you learn to swim.


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Neptune Stations Direct!

"neil young"
neil young is a scorpio, not a pisces but...

Okay, Star Gazers! Find late Aquarius in your chart because Neptune is turning around and heading once again for Pisces.

So if you’ve been feeling… confused? Murky? Not quite sure? WTF? Clueless? Disappearing!

You know what they say? They say Neptune dissolves. Neptune obscures. Neptune blurs. Neptune HIDES. So Neptune direct feels like some relief to me. Now he will go retrograde again but, for now, let’s enjoy the forward motion. Ride the Neptune wave.

I was writing in The Round-Up that wherever retrograde Neptune was in your chart was a source of… damn… probably even a source of disappointment because you likely couldn’t make sense of whatever was going on. Or you got gaslighted, sidetracked, blindfolded. Fog. Soup. Gunk.

Neptune direct will clear some of this up. Some.


So grab your chart and your muffin and your hot chocolate and find 28 Aquarius in your chart. Got planets there or nearby? What house is Neptune in?

Now he “only” gets to 3 degrees Pisces, in June, before going back again but he doesn’t go back into Aquarius… so early Pisces is important here too! Attention all you early Pisces Suns! How many of you will join an ashram?

So that’s your homework. Late Aquarius/Early Pisces: find it! And see where Neptune has been working his backwards magic and where he’s gone direct.

You may not feel any difference today. You may not feel any difference tomorrow. But I promise you, over these months? You’ll feel it and see it and you’ll dissolve and disappear just…. a little bit less!

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Moon in Capricorn, Saturn’s Moon

"mars in virgo 2011"
Fanny And Alexander

Your life is right now:  whatever it is, whatever is there.  It’s not something that is going to happen but now. Present moment.

This kind of talk feels like Saturn to me: work, reality, time… as opposed to Neptune who is our fantasy, ideal, like the girl you’re too scared to touch.

Real Time = Saturn

But how do we please Saturn, how do we dance for Saturn, sing for Saturn, cook for Saturn… because doing it for Neptune seems obvious enough:  you do NOTHING. You let it disappear (and this is one side of Neptune, I know).

Saturn: the shoes on your feet, stray hair on the shower wall, the rumpled bed, the pots and pans (my Virgo Moon details), the cat box, dirty or clean, the tink tink tink of the heater hissing and purring…

And can you, do you, find whatever is there, in your life, pleasing? Like God does on each day of the creation story.

Thing is:  you don’t have to.

Observation, too, is a road, path, way.  And is holy.  The holy in the everyday is my perspective: Pisces North Node in the 6th House.

Your perspective may be different. You may have a Taurus North Node in the 4th House. Look around you. What do you have? What do you own? What is home and who waits for you there?

You may have Gemini North Node in the 12th:  you are the mystic. With company!

But until you stop running away, Neptune style (and Saturn in Pisces is a difficult placement for this reason), your life is something over there.

Listen. You don’t have to love your life, or forgive it, or find it good or pleasing or beautiful.  Just notice it, touch it. Saturn. Reality. Moon in Capricorn. How does it feel? Your shoes, the shower wall, your bed, your hair. Your hair.

Maybe you have no lover to smooth your hair.  Nevertheless, pull up a chair at the table in the dirty kitchen of your life and consider it, if nothing else, YOURS.

How do you feel today? 

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What Are The Lessons Of Saturn?

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
big girl shoes

This topic is on my mind this morning because I slept well but woke up anxious: bad dreams.  I am being forced these days to deal with things that I don’t want to deal with and my Saturn transit is asking me (pushing me) to deal.

Now I am a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars, I rather stick my head in the sand and wish for someone else to take over. Saturn transits, however, compel us to face reality.

Do I have a choice? Yes I have a choice, free-will, blah blah blah. I can face reality or hide and watch the situation spiral and get worse.

But as long as I step into my Big Girl Shoes? I have a chance of solving the problem. Mastery. Wish it felt better though.

Another side of the solution is to step into these shoes one foot at a time and trust (Neptune) that all will be well. We need both: Saturn and Neptune: reality and faith.

Facing a situation is the first stepladder out of hell, rung #1: “accepting reality is not the same as judging it good.”

And one other thing: if you are under a tough Saturn transit, look in your chart to see if you are having a soft/helpful Saturn transit at the same time (as well as reminding yourself of the condition of your natal Saturn). Although Saturn is squaring my center (Sun), my mind (Mercury) and my drive (Mars), he is also sextiling my Venus. I am determined (Saturn) to look good (sextile Venus) for the duration (Saturn!).

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Saturn Trine Neptune (In The Sky!)

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
to sleep perchance to dream

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night and I remembered them when I woke up but then went to sleep again and now they’re forgotten. Well, they were. Until a moment ago. I dreamed about doing readings. Really. So maybe I shouldn’t check my Blackberry in the middle of the night…

What is your dream life like? Do you remember your dreams? Do you want to? I had a period, years ago, when I had nightmares. Used to keep a dream journal to write them all down and now I wonder why. I mean, was I really gonna reread that shit?

Dreams are on my mind this morning because I am thinking of Saturn in Libra coming to trine Neptune (retrograde) in Aquarius. Retrograde motion is interesting to me, especially regarding Neptune who is slippery-foggy anyway!

Saturn is the rules and Neptune floats by the rules. Watch it go! Neptune dissolves and merges. So what happens when these two meet in happy flowing aspect? We’ll all find out! Find your Libra house and find your (late) Aquarius house for more information about how this will manifest in your life.

And think of it not as dissolving to disappear but dissolving to merge. Think of YOU stepping (swimming) into YOUR life. Becoming ONE with it. That’s what Neptune helps you do: lose your ego, your individuality. But this will be YOU merging with YOU and the structures you’ve created.

Saturn and Neptune together, in trine, feels like… having the best boss in the world.  She encourages your creativity by giving you limits. The rules lead to freedom you never thought possible. It’s like a marriage. Your bond to the other person, your exclusion of all others, is an opportunity, not a restriction. An opportunity for the most profound knowing. Marriage (true intimacy) leads you to God. You know this, don’t you? And this is another point brought to you by Scorpio Season :)

PS I’ll have more thoughts on Saturn trine Neptune. I’m just getting warmed up.

Now it’s your turn. What are you thoughts on Saturn trine Neptune? 

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Are You Saturn? Or Are You Neptune?

"saturn and neptune"
The Ranban

In Jewish culture, Jewish Orthodox culture, to give someone mussar is… kinda like a slap on the hand. Say, you did something wrong and an elder, an authority figure, corrects you. And yes this often refers to spiritual matters but colloquially speaking one can say “She gave him mussar” when he forgot to call. Sound Saturnian to you?

Mysticism, on the other hand, is like Jupiter or Neptune: mind-expanding and ideal, the way things should be. The way it is Up There but reflected down here. As above, so below.

My point is that I felt like talking about how we need these two forces in our lives. That we need discipline, structure, correction. We need to know The Way. And we also need spirit, creativity, the world of dreams.

On which side do you usually find yourself? Do you restrict or do you expand? Do you limit or do you soar? And which do you value? Which do you prefer?

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