2018: What Will Be? Have You Checked Your Chart + This Week’s Tarot Holiday Special!

The Little Book of Saturn

The earth feels slow and quiet to me these days. Came on all of a sudden.

Mercury goes retrograde early December at the end of Sagittarius.
Neptune goes Direct on Wednesday.
Sagittarius Season, which starts tonight, begins on my IC, the bottom of my chart.

Where I live it’s the dark time of year, even in sunny Florida.

How are you feeling?

"moon conjunct pluto"

I don’t want to use THOSE words and yet I want to use those words. Feeling a bit (here it comes) UNMOTIVATED or directionless or adrift???? although I’ve been busy with clients and enjoying it. DEEP TALK.

Still, I’m looking forward to a couple days off for Thanksgiving. I promise to draw cards only for myself!


2018. What will be?
What will it bring you?
What was 2017 about vs 2016?

What do you know about 2018 from your upcoming transits or Solar (or other) Returns?

Yesterday I did a Mars Return for someone and it was super fun! I’d never paid them much attention but yes I think they matter! All the charts matter. All the charts are keys and clues. That said, the Mars Return really is “just the transits” of the moment (transits matter!) but with a new Ascendent (and other angles and the Houses). That Ascendent matters!

"venus in scorpio"

Gonna ask it again!! What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

Here is a link to the latest newsletter (sent it out yesterday) and the newsletter has some holiday reflections AND the TWO TAROT HOLIDAY SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK.

I will be running different specials each week until January 1st, 2018! I have room this Friday actually if you want to book (I am reserving this day for Holiday Tarot folks!)

And here are three ways, yes three, to pre-order my book! Comes out in June! 

News From Neptune: Neptune goes Direct November 18th

"venus square saturn"The big news this week is Neptune going direct (at 7 Pisces). 

It was mid-June that Neptune went retrograde, and I do believe that stories or events from that time period that got lost in the slush shall resume this week.

So think back, think back to mid-June. Think back to the summer. Think back to the long Venus in Leo transit. Leo and Pisces inconjunct so we had to adjust.

And then Venus entered Virgo and opposed Neptune. Now Venus is in Libra and did inconjunct Neptune yesterday! Why am I so focused on Venus? Because the long Venus transit was the big story of the summer. I cannot separate the two. There is a connection.

You may want to visit not only your Pisces House, where Neptune is currently transiting, but also your 12th House, associated with Neptune and Pisces. This is how my mind works, y’all.

Expect Neptune News on Thursday during the Moon Neptune conjunction. 

And for those of you weary of Scorpio Season (heavy much?) this week we go larger than life.
Mercury and Sun will enter Sagittarius but I’ll write to you about that later…


The Stars Today: Work of Love (Venus Sextile Saturn)

"venus sextile saturn" I felt like a cripple walking home-

I know this metaphor is extreme but there are many ways to feel crippled. One of my knees is a little sore – plyometrics will do that – and the wind. It is so fucking windy out, the crazy wind that makes it hard to walk –

And I was walking home from the store with my blue cart of stuff but the cart is at a funny height and the sidewalk is bumpy with grooves and the cart stops, gets stuck (and banged my other knee).

Realized I had to change my course. I stopped. Stood there. Thought.
Decided to go back to pulling the cart up the hill, harder to do when the groceries are heavy.
Push versus pull but necessary.

Of course this is a metaphor for whatever you are going through. Sometimes you have to push and not pull. Pull and not push. The cart is full and heavy and the wind makes it hard to move forward but you do it anyway because you have to get home. The cats are hungry and the cream will rot if you just STAND THERE so don’t just stand there.


Everything is different now. You feeling this? The changing of the guard i.e. the NODES into Virgo Pisces. Venus and Mars in Libra matter too — we’ll get sextiles to Saturn in Sagittarius (Venus sextile Saturn today and squares to Pluto in Capricorn. And of course Libra opposes Uranus in Aries but Venus and Mars in Libra are pretty much here today gone tomorrow. The Nodes however. The Nodes however. The Nodes frame your life. Know that the South Node will try to drown and disrupt you and that the North will set you free.

Was talking to a client this morning down on her luck. She didn’t get the job. I thought she would. The guy she likes is busy. She’s busy. Things aren’t coming together so much as… not falling apart but. Feels Hanged Man to me. Waiting. And it feels like forever and that feels like too long. Spring and summer 2016 looked better and I’ve never seen Jupiter do absolutely NOTHING. The money WILL improve with Jupiter through her 2nd House.

Otherwise in the landscape Neptune goes direct next week and the Saturn Neptune square is getting closer closer closer. To me this feels like flickering lights. You think you see hope and faith on the horizon but then big bad Saturn puts you in your place. Please? asks Neptune. Nope says Saturn. Try again.

I only want to see Venus and Saturn happy together so I’m glad for today’s sextile. When the aspect is hard, the heart grows hard, wants to give up. Today we don’t have to.


Neptune goes DIRECT (November 18th)

"saturn square neptune"A couple weeks away but on my mind this morning.

From my Facebook. I repost stuff from there because I know I have folks who read the blog but aren’t on FB: 

Redemption Alert!
Neptune goes DIRECT on the 18th.
All is *not* lost!! 

In fact, all those messages in all those bottles that you threw into the sea — they come bobbing up!
Fish them out! Read them! Read them out loud!
They tell your story, since the last retrograde…

Thus prepare your fins, your flippers, your snorkel, your breathing exercises……….


Stars & Cards: Nov 10th – Nov 16th (Kinda Dark Forecast But Read ‘Til The End)

"mars conjunct pluto" For information about my Private Blog please look here. It’s where I’m posting most of my writing these days.

An overview of aspects:

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Monday (plus Moon in Cancer and Uranus is in Aries and the Nodes are in Libra/Aries thus a  Grand Cross in Cardinal signs.) This is painful. It may be painful today and tomorrow too, before the aspect is exact.

Mars Pluto is violence. Please don’t dismiss this. It may be emotional or psychological violence. It may not be physical. You may push this energy onto others or at yourself. And yes I believe the Pluto in Scorpio generation can handle this energy better than most but still, be cautious. Don’t play with matches. Mars is a warrior. Pluto is an atomic bomb. Ignore my warning at your own peril.

Tuesday: Mercury is trine Neptune. Moon still in Cancer. Weird, right? From the intensity of the weekend and Monday into dreamy floaty water trine, and remember, of course, that the Mercury Neptune trine is already in effect a couple days before! Mercury is also out of its shadow once its past 2 degrees Scorpio so we have this newly shadow-free Mercury trine a stationing (to go direct) Neptune under the Mars Pluto sky. You want clarity? You want to feel good? How about rage (or depression) with a side of even more emotional thanks to the Cancer Moon.

Wednesday: Moon enters loving Leo mid-day (on the East coast) which could bring some relief theoretically, depending on your chart but… it makes mostly tense aspects. Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Mars square Uranus. Mars sextile Chiron. Yeah, Moon in Leo under this sky doesn’t do us any favors. It will trine Uranus and conjoin Jupiter, but also squares Sun and Venus and Saturn in Scorpio (on Friday).

Thursday: Sun in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo. You may feel like someone has stuck a pin in your pet lion. Or that someone wants to. That someone is no friend of yours. Low vibration Scorpio energy in our midst.

ace of wands 2Friday: Moon conjunct Jupiter. Moon square Sun. Moon square Saturn. Moon square Venus. WE ARE RELIEVED WHEN THE MOON ENTERS VIRGO so the Water/Earth sky can get some emotional support.

Saturday: NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT and the Moon’s in Virgo: perfect timing eh? Moon opposes Neptune. Moon sextile Mercury. Moon trine Pluto. THUMBS UP, especially considering the previous days.

Sunday: VENUS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS and Mercury is sextile Pluto.

I feel a rumbling. Under the surface and distant hooves, but not just under the surface, it’s the top layer as well. Irritation, frustration. It’s heavy from the start. It’s heavy already.

This is not a week for getting what you want i.e. NO GUARANTEES OF COOKIES AND ICE CREAM. No finessing this monster.

This doesn’t mean you WON’T achieve but… please don’t kick yourself if it doesn’t happen. That’s Thing One.

Thing Two: it’s a wicked combination of energies I feel here — because we have difficult squares (Mars Uranus) but also potentially good ones (Sun square Jupiter) and some Mercury Neptune dreamtime (i.e. what do I want to be and do?) and Neptune moves forward at 4 degrees… plus we dip our toe into Sag Season (which means Venus will trine both Uranus and Jupiter so we’ll get another Fire Trine. Remember that Mars did this not long ago. Venus is even better here.)

I would call it a piñata feeling but it’s not light and filled with candy joy. What it’s filled with is… kinda gross and old, putrified, rotten. But you have a job to do. Smash it. Smash it. SMASH IT. MARS PLUTO SAYS SMASH IT.

So that it can’t come back from the dead. Reminder: we are in Scorpio Season, witchy time, come back form the dead time. The thing you keep trying to kill keeps coming back. Do not let it (what you must destroy) become a zombie and fuck with you again. The only thing to do is SMASH IT.

And then Neptune turns and we’re supposed to believe clarity is coming because of forward motion but it’s NEPTUNE. Neptune by design is not clear. So they say. 

IN DEFENSE OF NEPTUNE: Neptune is inspired. Neptune is magic. Neptune isn’t just the clouds, it’s the Sun or Moon underneath those clouds. There is clarity but we refuse!!! 

Dare I say it? YES.

You will start to feel inspired again in your Pisces House AND OMG I KNOW YOU NEED THAT. Inspired and a solution shows up when you follow Neptune’s lead, when you meditate and visualize something akin to how the Four of Wands feels.

This thing you so desperately need is coming. An end to this one particular pain so close your eyes and make a wish. SET YOUR INTENTION weeks before the New Moon in Sagittarius. Hear that? The horses?

Ace of Wands is your card. Don’t count yourself out. Not yet.



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Do You Live In Reverse? Mercury Goes Direct This Week!

"mercury retrograde in libra"Testimonial from a blog-subscriber (after I’d emailed her to let her know about the Mercury Rx troubles).

OMG Aliza. I was wondering why I was suddenly transported back in time when I went to the blog. I figured it was that trickster. I am starving for your special flavor of astro-wisdom. So excited for more posts!!!

This Mercury Rx bullshit was a blessing in disguise because it helped me figure out what the Private Blog needs to be.

I decided to move to a Tumblr and I like it and so far the feedback is good and it is more intimate. It’s quicker too.

I don’t just write longer blog posts, but updates too, postcards, thoughts, pictures, cozy. It tastes sweeter. Tarot cards for the evening. So I blew a bunch of cash and brain cells (was stressful due to tech difficulties) on making THIS blog password protected if need be and now… we are Tumblring.

I got REVERSALS on my mind. 

Planets that retrograde.
Tarot cards in reverse.
Spells that need reversing.

And this is really Part One of MORE.

What do you make of the upside-down world? Are you able to let it be? When yours turns? And then turns. And turns… 

Seriously. I was Zen when my blog went down. I didn’t even cry. Yes, triple Cancer and I did not cry. Because I can cry when I’m tired. Cry when I’m stressed. Cry when happy, sad, hungry, etc.

I was needing a break anyway and figured “Oh it’ll be back up soon enough.” In the back of my mind though I was worried about the subscribers and I was feeling very disconnected from my writing.

I write therefore I am.
(And you?)

"mercury retrograde in libra"But back to the REVERSALS and retrogrades: 

Mercury goes direct on Saturday. 

Uranus and Neptune are retrograde the rest of October. 

In November Neptune goes direct. Less confusion for you? Maaaaaaybe.

And in December? Jupiter goes retrograde! Your luck doesn’t end but… it’s quieter. Imagine a Sagittarius with his/her mouth taped shut. YOU CANNOT HEAR THE PROPHESY as clearly.

Uranus goes direct! 
Saturn enters Sagittarius… 

We cannot stop this. It’s out of our hands. These cycles. JUST LIKE THE MAJOR ARCANA. Fate. 

Do you work with Tarot reversals? Sometimes I do. Mostly I don’t these days. But I’m still experimenting. Many will argue that the cards are complex enough. But I LOVE reading meanings for reversed cards — they deepen the cards for me, every time.

And then there are the spells :) Maybe you need to reverse something you’ve done. Or suspect someone else has done, hmm… Or want to reverse the energy in your home. Turn it back around, your upside-down world. (I am not advocating spells. Just sharing. And beginning some reading on hoodoo and some deeper wiccan studies so plan to share interesting tidbits.)

Tangent! A gal in one of the chat rooms noted that the final Uranus Pluto square in March 2015 goes KABOOM. Both Uranus and Pluto are DIRECT then. I suggest you NOT review that chart before bed!

So, Mr. and Mrs. Upside-down World reading this blog post, where you at? With your backwards and your forwards and your planning and your direction and your…

Here’s the question: what makes you feel brave again? When you can’t sleep. When you fear and fear and fear.


This topic to be continued…

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Meditation For Mercury Retrograde – November 6, 2012

"mercury retrograde november 2012"That we hope things will change. That we will not live forever in despair, or in a half-life, some eternal return not of our own making.

Mercury Retrograde asks us, “Are you sure?” 

Last night I was visiting a friend and she got out her  birth certificate from a small suitcase. She laughed. She has Sun Jupiter conjunct in Sagittarius in the 1st House. A Sagittarius always has a suitcase, she said.

But it was something else she said which struck me: the beautiful thing about life is that there is no failure. Only getting to the next level.

Yesterday I tossed and turned in regret, hours before I visited this friend, and I had a spiritual reading myself, so that I could get clear.

My advice for you is to use this Mercury Retrograde for exactly what they teach us NOT to — for clarity.

Go back into your past. Regret ON PURPOSE. And then set it free. Shake out your various karma(s) like snowflakes, one by one, each of them unique.

Although Mercury goes retrograde this evening (Eastern time), Neptune goes direct November 11th. That thing you’ve been longing for? Neptune rules dreams. You’re gonna get it. So get real clear *with* Mercury in retrograde on what it is, who it is, why it is, where and how. Know that you are loved.

These words from Wallace Stevens, ” After the final no there comes a yes/And on that yes the future world depends.”



Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the upcoming Eclipses as well as my usual longer Readings (and a Wallace Stevens poem chosen just for you :))