What To Do For Scorpio Season: TIPS & TRICKS

"jupiter in scorpio"
I want to tell you what to do for Scorpio Season
without giving you an insipid list of tips and tricks

or tell you that the veil is thinning even though the veil is indeed thinning.

It’s more like a wall for most people. A WALL.

And now even necromancy is getting trendy. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to ground and shield, y’all.

When I tried to reach my beloved Cleo earlier this year, and I did try, it was part veil, part wall, part indestructible determination on my part. Got as close as I could (pretty damn close). 

Scorpio Season or Samhain Season puts us in the mind of dealing with the dead so that’s why. That’s why the “veil thins.” Because everybody’s doing it! Makes the veil weaker. Makes the veil gossamer. 

This week we have a New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus and what is Moon Uranus my friends? Crazy. This week we have Mercury entering Scorpio and meeting up with Jupiter. What is Mercury Jupiter? Crazy.

But seriously: 

Mercury Jupiter is joyful, but in Scorpio? That shit is dark. Daaaaaark.

And by dark I mean not all this death and rebirth transformation romantic sexy phoenix jizz but the lower levels, the lower floors. THE BASEMENT. Basements smell. Basement Scorpio manipulates and the Sun enters Scorpio too this week and…

Let me remind you that I love Scorpio. My mother had her Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Scorpio and I loved my mother, good Cancer that I am.

Any words here are not ANTI SCORPIO but please don’t think for a moment that there isn’t always something else going on with Scorpio. Always.

And NO it’s not the same for all signs and all times. Some signs, like Scorpio, like Libra, are always thinking three four five six steps ahead. Personally I find it exahusting, sensitive teddy bear Cancer that I am.


So here’s your tip, here’s your trick for getting the most out of Scorpio Season and really any time of year when Scorpios are afoot: 

LEARN from the Scorpios who appear to have what they want and need in this life and learn from the ones who are writhing in agony. You get lessons from both. Learn, listen, watch. 

And this: intensity is not the same thing as maturity or wisdom or kindness.

Happy New New Moon. 
Happy Jupiter in Scorpio 
Happy END OF TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN (it’s been years, in combination with other brutal transits). 

But how are you, my darling?

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Why I Love This Full Moon In Scorpio (May 4th)

"full moon in scorpio" So I grabbed my Rex Bills off the shelf and I had these notes scrawled in the margin of the Eighth House chapter:

debt, need, the need for resurrection, release the dead.

Are the dead our people, ancestors? Or a metaphor? Are you trapped? Are they? Do you talk? Do you want to?

A Full Moon is the Most Moon, the Big Moon, fat juicy emotional, tides and waves, clairvoyance, seas of spirit summoning! It is EXTRA that sign. So we get a Scorpio boost. Do you WANT a Scorpio boost? ;)

I’m not talking about the actual Scorpios in your lives (although they may resurface and demand your attention). I’m talking about ENERGY that is bigger than any one person.

My advice for the MoonPluto people and other similarly magically inclined:

Be a good witch! Dust off your altar. Prepare your ritual. What do you want? The purpose of magick is manifestation. But you have to know how. Do you know how? Perhaps instinctively you do.


topic on my mind: necromancy. It’s not weird to me. Maybe because I lost my parents so young, but trying to make contact with the dead just isn’t… strange to me at all. In fact, it feels natural to have these communications so I wind up being surprised when such topics are discussed in hushed or forbidden tones. Do you have an opinion on this? That’s the word. Natural. It’s natural to me to do this, even without ceremony or ritual. My father showed up yesterday during my acupuncture appointment. We don’t talk all that much. That was interesting.

One may even say that a Full Moon in Scorpio would be THE perfect time for such summoning, eh? Think about it. Is this something you’d like to do? Something you’re afraid to do? Scorpio, the Eighth, Pluto, all are associated with death and rebirth.

Full Moon in Scorpio at 13 degrees opposing Sun in Taurus this Sunday, May 3rd. 

Mercury will be in early Gemini. It does not aspect the FM, although interesting to note that Mercury goes retrograde at the FM degree, 13. Hmm!
AND 13 is the Death card in the Tarot. Hmm again!

*Full Moon trine Neptune and Vesta in Pisces. What is this good for? Prayer, meditation, visualization, scrying, potion-making, candle magick, Tarot lovers, concentrated doses of it all. You do realize that visualization is magical technique, don’t you? Put a little effort in for best results. THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU. (You know who I’m talking about. They are stirring.)

*Full Moon sextile Pluto (retrograde). This is what gives the Full Moon its STRENGTH and intensity so it’s not just dripping wet Moon Neptune dolphins. Pluto in Capricorn: backbone spine holding you up, the body’s cage to hold your organs in. You can see into the past (i.e. PAST LIVES) as well as the future. How many of the Akashic Records do you actually want to read?

*Full Moon square Juno in Leo i.e. Juno the faithful wife — SHE IS TEMPTED, SCORPIO RULES TEMPTATION, cheaters and almost-cheaters you have been warned, you will be tempted, I do not judge, I’m just the messenger. By warning I mean… be aware! This Full Moon is LUSTY.

*Full Moon square JUPITER! Jupiter expands what it touches. Scorpio party! Solitary witches may want to reach out to others. That square from cheerful Leo Jupiter will push aside your reticence. For the moment!

Not a bad moon at all in my humble opinion but POWERFUL OH YES making aspects to the heavenly shamans and priestesses and FUN.

Yes I said FUN. Jupiter square Full Moon OH YES this is YOUR Full Moon, more than all the others, my little witches! So enjoy! Make a big magick, make a big fire, make a BIG.

Who are you flirting with? With the dead? The Devil? The milkman? ;) The Moon rules milkmen. A very rich even mischievous Full Moon. Potent! That’s the energy I hear here. Scry to your hearts’ content :)