Sun Square Pluto People: Be Yourself

"sun square pluto" Someone wrote to me this morning asking if I do “simple” Tarot readings.
And I’m paraphrasing here.
Readings that are less spiritual and more practical.
And yes the answer is yes.
My general perspective IS spiritual (you can take the Jew out of the shul but can’t take the shul out of the…)

I can and do readings free from chakra talk and past lives and dead people and meaning of life, etc. I am a practical person with Virgo South Node, Virgo Rising, Virgo Vesta, Virgo Moon Pluto. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway…. :)

I love you all.

Moon in Cancer weekend + the end of Sukkot (for those who observe). Do not fear the Divine presence leaves you. It/he/she never does. Good weekend aspects include Moon sextile Mars and Jupiter. Happy!

Moon trine Neptune too (which you may not consider good). And I’m sure Moon opposing Pluto delights someone out there, some daring freaky soul.

"sun square pluto" Tuesday is a doozy but my friends these aspects are in orb NOW. They are us NOW.
Sun square Pluto. Mars opposition Neptune. And also a Mercury (rx) Saturn sextile.

When talking about Sun square Pluto I try to divorce myself from bias – I know quite a few people with this in their natal. Pluto is a plunger. When your toilet (or your life) is clogged it is helpful to plunge, penetrate the depths – of the bowl/soul.

I know this metaphor is getting ridiculous but bear with me. So Pluto is a plunger (or jackhammer, depending) seeking to tear apart the clog/shit. With Sun square Pluto the clog is a Sun crisis. A crisis of self-expression.

I got pretty good with the plunger in my previous apartment. That toilet was awful. And I grew proud, proud of my skill. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction. It felt good to master it.

Pluto intensifies what it touches. So what happens when Pluto is in square to your Sun, your YOU? Square is a zigzag, not straightforward. Square is not going to take the easy way out. Square is going to make it hard.

Like, if you let your Sun be seen OMG then everyone will SEE, really SEE. How disgusting you are.

I’m being rhetorical here. You aren’t disgusting at all. But Pluto. Pluto is the plunger and Pluto rules shit and elimination. And your pristine Self and Pluto are TOUCHING. EW.

I know this is a gross image but the image I’m getting is of a Sun square Pluto person who fears expressing him/herself (SUN) for fear that shit is what will be expressed, falling out of the mouth. Or that the plunger is what will be expressed, dark power. The plunger is dark power.

AND THEN comes the crucifixion. Because. If you bear Pluto news, it rarely goes over well. And if shit falls out of your mouth instead of words, nobody will love you. They will shun you. They will flush you!!!!

Fear of being destroyed by your OWN power. That they will use it against you!

This aspect is exact October 6th.

How to redeem this difficult aspect? Do not avoid your Pluto nature. You cannot avoid your Pluto nature. Pluto gets lonely pissed when you ignore her and drive her underground. Do not pretend she’s not there. Pluto is POWER. Do not pretend to be sweetness and light and cakes when what you have is the Damned inside you. You are going to have to take the damned into consideration EVERY time you… look in the mirror, every time you walk, talk, breathe, your very existence must take Pluto into consideration. Self-loathing doesn’t have to stay self-loathing – you have to engage Pluto, be Pluto, add Pluto to your presence and know that some people WILL run. And that some people won’t. And this is especially key for Pluto in Libra people. You won’t ever please everyone so there’s no point in pretending. The Great Pretender is one low vibration of Sun square Pluto. You aren’t all bad. You aren’t all good. One great vibration? The healer, magician, shaman, savior. But first you must carry yourself, support your own weight in Pluto.

Do you have a Sun Pluto aspect in your chart? 

Full Moon In Taurus, November 17th

So you’re thinking about the Full Moon, hmm? Recovering from Eclipse Season. Feeling the veil lift with Neptune direct. I know I am! Feeling all of that and more.

Neptune is the most shocking to me though. I wrote this on Facebook last night when I couldn’t sleep:

Neptune going direct is your wake-up transit. Fewer stars in eyes. Just like that. Could feel more shocking than a Uranus transit. Could be some disillusionment. Painful. If you feel freaked, know you’re not alone. Let the reality seep and steep. Take a breath, regroup. You’ll figure out your next move by the Taurus full moon.


The Moon (your feelings) opposes the Sun (who you think you are) on Sunday.

I think this Full Moon is about what you have and what you want.

Do you KNOW what you want? Do you HAVE what you want? How much does it waver? Taurus/Scorpio are supposedly two of the LESS flexible signs, hard to change.

25 degrees Taurus. The Moon will also sextile larger-than-life Jupiter. Honestly I expect a LESS emotional Full Moon this time around, more peaceful and yet… I feel this barbed, painful energy remaining in the wake of the Eclipses and the Neptune shift: “did I do the right thing for me? What is the right thing for me? What is my life about? Vacation’s over.” Not that you EVER were on vacation. It just seemed that way sometimes. Neptune.

The Full Moon also opposes Saturn and you may be asked to pull it together. To STOP being so emotional. Folks this weekend have less… sympathy for your moods, despite the Moon Jupiter sextile.

In terms of what this Full Moon means for you and what may be coming to an end or end point or decision: dig around your chart, find points and placements from around… 18 to 28 degrees. Wide, I know but this is TAURUS we are talking about and Taurus is MOTHER EARTH. She’s a big girl ;)

Which reminds me, we’ve been talking (in the chat rooms – and yes there is still room for you, contact me for details) about the transiting Node heading for Libra and Libra is my 2nd House and one thing I always forget about the 2nd House is its connection to NATURE and the EARTH.

So consider this your EARTH ANGEL Moon. Be Here Now.

Whatever you lost over the last few months is not a permanent loss, and yet you must grieve.

Love, MP


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Quick Look At The Week Ahead (Sept 1st) Don’t Delay!

Stay strong. Keep going. Prepare. Continue. You don’t have to fall into the Sun/Moon/Chiron hole. There will be an opposition between Virgo energy (facts) and Pisces energy (flow). Balance the two. Don’t push anything to a painful point. The planets support whistling while you work, setting intentions, and diving into details. Get things done this week. What’s on your list? It’s going to be a big week for me. Big in terms of… stuff that I’ve put off until THIS WEEK. New Moon and Sun sextile Jupiter: make it fun and good-feeling. Try.

NO PROCRASTINATION. And I am saying this because this week is EASY FOR YOU. So take advantage of a fairly mellow sky.

Love, MP

Another Story For Gemini Season

The only reason I trek all the way to the Upper West Side is to go to Fairway and to get their giant hamentashen. Even though it’s not the season, Purim Season, they have them year long. Such a trek is a purposeful “cheat” trek i.e. I am mostly gluten free but for days I’ve dreaming of Fairway hamentashen with poppyseed filling. Problem today was this: they were not labeled. Once, I could not tell the difference between PRUNE and POPPY and I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

The guy at the bread counter was very busy. Better I not interrupt. There was a man with a stroller standing behind me, Ken-doll type man, young father. I asked him. I was bold. Can you tell the difference between prune and poppy? He said no. And, honestly, he seemed a little frightened. He was after the croissant on the shelf below. Maybe the hamentashen was beneath him, Jews not really known for their scrumptious desserts.

Finally a woman, my age or a bit older, zaftig, comes closer. AHA! She’s the one. She won’t be afraid. Hmm she said. This one has texture. I think this is poppy.

That’s exactly what I was thinking I said to her.

It’s a very important decision, I said.

I know, she said. I know.

What’s the astrology? Could be the friendly Moon Jupiter sextile we’ve been under today, two signs not known for their shyness. And see? I had to work for it. That’s the sextile. You have to push a little but then you get what you want. A poppyseed hamantashen from Fairway on a Friday afternoon. Heaven.

What was your heaven today? 

Love, MP


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The Stars Today: Moon in Leo!

"saturn in scorpio"I love Rex Bills‘ Rulership Book. Did you know that Leo rules almonds and almond trees, stoves and wrists? Diamonds, crowns, parties, greatness. Glitz and glamor and it’s big glamor. Libra is glamor to, in my opinion, but properly. Leo cares less about that and just wants to show. Leo rules the theatre.

The Moon in Leo today, all day, is fun for you and the Moon is supported. We had a trine to Uranus in Aries this morning and a square to Saturn in about 45 minutes (less supportive!) but then the Moon sextiles Jupiter (good busy mood) in Gemini and trines the Sun in Sagittarius in the evening.

Now Leo does not rule jealousy but I have experienced my fare share of jealous cats. They are competitive and crave admiration no matter how much they deny it ;) Try not to one-up them unless you want a roar in your ear, no matter how meek. The lion is still the king of the jungle. Leos in love need to be the only one.


Sound familiar?



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The Stars This Weekend! Venus Enters Libra

"saturn in scorpio"The Moon is Void of Course in dreamy Pisces as I type this and will enter hot forceful fiery Aries in a couple hours.

Do you usually feel this shift? I know that many of us feel the moon’s movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius pretty intensely. But what about from Pisces to Aries?

Saturday’s best Moon in Aries moments are the trine to Mars in Sagittarius and the sextile to Jupiter in Gemini in the PM. Those of us on the East Coast likely will be sleeping through the earlier middle-of-the-night aspects, Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto (fun!).

Consider Saturday a good day for good moods and getting things done, especially around the house. Watch your back though if you are lifting any heavy objects. You may feel like Superman (or woman) and regret it later. Mars is opposing Jupiter as well, exact at 8:56 Sunday morning. Venus enters Libra just a few minutes later.

The Full Moon at 6 degrees Taurus is on Monday and Mercury enters Sagittarius.


Now besides the Full Moon and meditating on what is leaving your life in the Taurus part of your chart, Venus changing signs is a sweet shift from medicinal Virgo to lipstick Libra ;) You’ll want to look good and looking good will feel good and the good lord knows you want your wig on straight ;) for the Venus t-square: the aspects aren’t exact until early November but I know I will feel this energy EARLY.  Venus will oppose Uranus and square Pluto and you early-ish Cardinal peeps will eat this transit for breakfast. And lunch. Maybe dinner too. And drinks later. And then a snack.


Venus in Virgo was health-minded and duty-minded, work, service, not so fun maybe ;) She may have healed you or healed others with her witchy ways but Libra makes room for a gathering, a pretty dress maybe, a less lonely-loner feeling. An excellent time for teeth-whitening perhaps :) Just wait until she exits stage left the t-square, leaving both Pluto and Uranus behind, their drinks in their hands.

Got weekend plans? 



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Love Letters For The New Moon In Leo

"new moon in leo 2012"Yes, I’m looking ahead already :) New Moon on August 17th at a little before noon, Big City time.

Now I don’t have my trifocals on but it looks like it says 25 degrees Leo :)

Got anything at 25 degrees Leo in your chart? 

What you want to do is look for that degree, a little above or a little less. You PLACE the New Moon in your chart. See what aspects it makes, if any, to your angles and to your natal planets.

When I was studying astrology with my teacher years ago, we did this every week. We would plot important transits or Moons in the wheel. He would tell us the degree and then with the dry erase board, we’d have a map of that transit. He would use our charts as examples and do little mini readings on the spot.

The New Moon is a new start for you BUT I have a feeling this Moon is connected to your past and partly because of Mercury retrograde in Leo. This story is older, much older. An old story with a fresh vital start.

The other day I was threatening to blog about a love letter I had written. Venus rules love but Leo rules the heart. Regarding setting intentions for this New Moon: why not write a love letter. Doesn’t have to be to a person. It can be to yourself, to your dreams, to the child you were, to your mother or father, to the animals who have loved you unconditionally, a love letter to God or spirit. A love letter to your enemies, to the job you hate, to the noisy neighbors, to your body, to your health, to your sound mind. Fill yourself with love in honor of this New Moon. Then no one can harm you. No one. There are a lot of foolish people in the world. Get out of their way :)

As is my habit lately, let’s draw a couple cards for the New Moon in Leo and remember that the Leo New Moon can be where you will shine during these last weeks of the summer and not just that… I believe that if the New Moon makes some potent aspects in your chart, then we can see what’s coming up or, at the very least, have a little frame for you, what’s happening in your world, what’s at stake.

And I am drawing these cards with the intention of tuning in to the collective, rather than tuning in to my own personal energies and future.

Tell us Tarot what this New Moon in Leo about for us: 

Wow. Stability. Greater stability overall. Emotional wealth, emotional rebirth, orgasm, independence of spirit, money coming in so if things have been slow or you are waiting for a shift, it is coming early fall probably. I see potentials and manifestation here. I also see a directive for you to call on your guides and this could be, yes, spirit guides, whatever you believe is UP THERE or around you, but this can also be mentors, teachers, authority figures. Saturn in Libra is winding down. What are the lessons?  I see balance and harmony. It’s… you being strong and free and confident but also that you don’t want to be alone. If you are happily hooked up, then it’s a matter of getting close again. Relationships always have those on and off phases. I don’t mean break-ups but… times of greater or lesser closeness. These cards tell me that you are fine on your own. A whole entity unto yourself BUT you are heading towards making a commitment. Now we can also interpret this not as relationship but as business or other projects. You’re ready. See, you really are FINE but life continues to MOVE. There is some greater commitment or fulfillment coming based around this New Moon. It’s like this New Moon is an energy catalyst. It’s the push into the new cycle for you. So do find the house where this New Moon is happening. And remember that you are a partner in all this. Do your part to assist the energy.

I will pull one more card and I don’t even have a question. I just feel the need:

Oof. Options. That’s what this stability is all about, that you need to become more stable (and you will!) so that you can… feel comfortable with what’s coming.

The New Moon will sextile Mars and Saturn in Libra (a very push pull kind of energy as Mars is passion and Saturn is the tempering of passions). And the New Moon will widely sextile Jupiter (luck, good fortune). Like?

Go find Lion of a New Moon in your chart right now and tell us what you find :)

Love, MP