The Triggering Town And The Scorpio Moon Sink

"moon in scorpio"

Truth is I feel kinda wooden under the Scorpio Moon. My 3rd House. Below the horizon. My brain. Squares my Venus in Leo. The energy always feels heavy to me.

When the Moon enters Sagittarius, I feel relief, even though the Moon will then square my Moon and Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

But no. Wait.  Something else was, is, triggering me. The Moon, yes, in so far as the Moon is FEELINGS but sometimes, sometimes, it’s not the transit. 


The Triggering Town is the name of a book of prose by Richard Hugo. Can’t remember if I read it as an undergrad or in graduate school but I loved it. Richard Hugo was a poet and this book wasn’t a how-to write poetry but it made you want to write poetry although of course if this book was in your hands then you already were. Writing poetry.

He talked about the Triggering Town being that first impulse that brought the poem into being. But I want to use his phrase differently–

All the stuff that triggers you throughout the day… think of each of those triggers as a town. With a sheriff. And a post office. And a general store. And people who live there. Children and dogs. People passing through. People passing through this town of yours.

And then think: does the town have walls? Are they high? Are they formidable? Are there cracks in the walls so that the sun, the truth, can get through? So that others can get through? And deliver messages? And medicine?


Being triggered, being a person who gets triggered, means you always have to trace yourself back to some other time, the origin of the town, when the town was established. This takes work, time, attention and oh man did I sink BEFORE I realized that it wasn’t the Scorpio Moon at all.

Or was it? The Moon is trine Chiron now. Moon-Medicine.

And you know what? If it’s a person who has triggered you? A real live person and not a ghost? They have towns too and their towns have walls and you sometimes get to a point when you realize there IS NO POINT. Anymore. The walls. They shall not be breached. Or reached. They shall remain. Intact. Until the next attempt.

Do I sound morbid? Go ahead and blame that on the Scorpio Moon ;)

Love, MP

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The Stars Today: The Scorpio Moon And A Subway Story

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
the scorpio moon meets the capricorn sun

How do you feel under a Scorpio Moon? 

Astrologers always told me I should follow the Moon cycle because I am a Cancer Sun and it wasn’t until I started studying astrology and doing astrology that I really paid attention.

The Scorpio Moon works nicely in my chart, receives trines and sextiles from my natal. Also a square from my Venus – but that’s not so bad, considering how bad bad can be.

What people often report with the Scorpio Moon is how different, lighter they feel when the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius! Dark to light. And I feel it too.

Scorpio Moon brings us that bubbling under the surface feeling. Feelings we are nervous to face. A monster in the closet. Who turns out to be a mouse. Now in New York City, you don’t want monsters or mice in your closet, but you get my point.

I wrote the following last night while on the subway: Virgo Moon Meets Scorpio Moon:

I’m on the subway. Rainy day in the Big City. Heading to return my cell phone to the store and watching a woman file her nails and wondering what makes people desire to groom themselves in public.

I want to say to the lady: please don’t touch your body here. This is the train. This is the public. Your body is private. Leave it alone, please.

I’ve even seen people clip their toenails on public transportation, floss their teeth. A man peeing between subway cars. I think I’ve probably seen everything but tampon insertion.

And how do those women so expertly apply their mascara and eyelash curling tools without poking their eyes out? 

Virgo Moons can be fussy. Scorpio Moons can be vengeful. Will I say anything to this woman? Of course not. It’s not my place and Virgo Moon, the servant, knows her place. And it IS a public place so as long as it’s not against the law, you can floss and file and clip and brush all day long.

When the Moon is in Scorpio though, we gravitate towards the secret, the private, don’t you think? Scorpio is not a spill-the-beans kind of Moon and yet the subway is a spilled beans kind of place.

There is no privacy in the Big City says Virgo Moon under the Scorpio Moon

Other news: the Moon is sextile the Sun: a pleasant feeling, if nothing else. Some harmony for the day, which we shouldn’t underestimate.

And the Moon is sextile Mars: a good working energy. You may not hate your job today as much as later on when the Moon in Sagittarius squares Virgo and you rather be outside playing.

What’s your favorite Moon?


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The Moon Is Void Of Course In Spooky Scorpio Now

"Jenna Jameson"
Moon in Scorpio: Jenna Jameson

Update: This post is late! Moon just went into Sagittarius. Read on anyway :)

I had a very Mars in Cancer day:  energy at home! I made good food. I didn’t leave the house. I ate. I drank my tea. I wrote :) Venus is sextile my Sun as Saturn is squaring my Sun. Suddenly my heart drops as I imagine all the fast-movers taking up residence in my 2nd House, Libra. On the OTHER HAND though, speaking of Libra, other tenants, besides dear old Saturn, could be, yes, a good thing. Even though I’ll be taking more hits to my Cancer stellium, Sun and Venus hits ain’t so bad.

What about you? Are you enjoying all the Virgo energy? Will you prefer Libra Season?

The Moon is Void of Course in Scorpio now and next up is, you guessed it! Sagittarius, happy bouncy, loving, enthooooooosiastic Sagittarius. Ya know, if you need a cheerleader, if you need someone to say YAY! about whatever the hell you’ve done, then find yourself a Sadge. They want you to succeed!

Until then enjoy the Void of Course Moon, supposedly a favorable time for spiritual and/or routine matters.  I think a VOC Scorpio Moon is like double Scorpio, which sounds like an ice cream flavor, don’t you think? Yes, may I have a Double Scorpio. In a cone please. With sprinkles. And whipped cream. And nuts, too, yes. Thank you. You too. Have a good day.

The Moon in Scorpio may not be aspecting anything in the sky right now but she sure is sitting on my natal Neptune! And you? Is the Moon in Scorpio at 29 degrees aspecting YOU?


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Mmmm Moon in Scorpio And The Stars Today!

"moon in scorpio"
Bruce Lee: Moon in Scorpio

Good Morning Stargazers! (Or good evening, good afternoon…). Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? I know it’s not official yet, but once August is done? Then I’m done with summer!

Living in the Big City, waiting on those subway platforms in 90+ temperatures sometimes, I have often wondered how I can still sweat — I should have run out of salt long ago and yet it keeps coming. And yesterday was a little warm but I think we are done with the Really Warm until next year and who knows? Maybe I’ll have moved to Alaska ;)

But enough complaining about the weather; let’s talk about the Stars!

It’s a sweet day: listen, I’d be surprised if you felt the former Mars Saturn square at all. Whatever he meant to you is just a memory now ;) Shut the door, slam it, if you haven’t already. Now if you have this aspect in your natal chart, I hope you gained some insight into how to better deal with this aspect day to day. Usually when the sky repeats what we have natally, we REALLY feel it, and if we pay attention, we can learn something! (Oh dear I sound awfully optimistic this morning. Excuse me while I check on my Virgo Moon;)

The Moon in serious Scorpio is sextile (tongue twister!) Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as I write this and heading to trine Cancer Mars. It’s like a little river flowing by between the trees. Or a really intense river flowing by between the trees, a river obsessed with flowing. Scorpio Moon can be that way, you know? Scorpio anything. Deep focus.

Moon and Mars together blend feeling, mood, action. Whatever you do today? You’ll likely feel good about. I see in my head… it’s like a game, flipping over tiles or… flipping over cards. I flip them over and it’s harmony harmony harmony! Flow. I love that sound of cards being flipped over.What this tells me is that today the energy isn’t just flowing but FUN, which leads us to…

Mercury still in Leo, 21 degrees, moving towards an opposition with Neptune Rx (again). Remember this one? We went through this before, this aspect intrinsic to this retrograde period. Enjoy it while it lasts. If nothing else, imagine, dream, fantasize. Soon enough Mercury will step into Virgo and the dream will get the Virgo treatment heh heh heh.

Mercury will be in my 1st House so I’m hoping my writing here will pick up :) And I really don’t think I need to ask you to take out your chart and find your Virgo house, dear Stargazers because if you haven’t already, there shall be punishment!

Oh my! Sorry! That was the Moon in Scorpio talking, not me. The Moon in Scorpio can be vindictive on a bad day, punishing, sadistic even. Try not to make enemies with a Scorpio Moon, just sayin’. The memory of whatever they did to you, or didn’t do, will stay with you… all your days. If… you… still… have… days.

But seriously there’s a depth to Moon in Scorpio people that I love. Spending time with them is like jumping in a well of profundity and passion and splashing around. Except that the well is filled with blood. (Ba-dum-bum!)

Okay okay okay no more bad jokes. My pal Lupa has a Scorpio Moon trine Venus Cancer and if that ain’t sweet then my name ain’t MoonPluto ;)

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Moon Alert! The Moon Is In Scorpio!

"moon in scorpio"
Warren Beatty (Scorpio Moon) and Faye Dunaway. (Leo Moon)

It’s that time again, folks. Scorpio Moon time. Do you feel it? I’ve had some encounters with Scorpio Moons lately. The lower side of the Scorpio Moon, shall we say. Although I also know some stunners with this placement so… no trash talking here. Let’s just say that Scorpio Moons can go to extremes and you’ll find extreme peeps with this placement: the good, the bad, the fugly.

I knew a gal once with Scorpio Moon square Pluto. She was a protective lioness to her brood and a sadistic nemesis to her enemies. She was capable of both. The highest levels of loyalty and devotion and sacrifice and the lowest levels of cruelty. I shudder when I remember her.

Oh the high side though is someone like Lupa, my Tarot reader. She is one of those still-waters-run-deep gals. Her Gemini Sun can’t disguise what she’s got inside, a 12th House Moon trine Venus Cancer.

And you? What’s your experience of Scorpio Moon

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Your Chart, You, And The Scorpio Moon

"Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio"
famous Cancerian, Frida Kahlo

Do we ever do enough? I wonder. My roommate gave me a lovely birthday present today, which included a synchronicity. She gave me a book, a book that my mother also owned, a book that I took from her apartment after she died.

My roommate had no way to know this, that it had sentimental (Cancerian) value and no clue where my copy is. I opened up the wrapping paper, took a look at the cover, and got chills. The ineffable strikes again!

I began to think about my friendship with my roommate who I’ve known nearly 10 years, and also knowing my Cancerian shell is thick and hard. I’m not always up for daily communication. I feed off energy more than talk. She, a double Taurus, needs the talk, which can make me feel drained.

I began to then feel regret for every cranky mood, every display of Cancerian Household Tyranny from this past winter. I know I was hard to live with and I do believe my quitting sugar and almost all carbohydrates has dramatically evened out my moods. I’m still a Cancer Sun with a hard shell, but something has gotten easier, softer. I can feel it. I wonder if she can. I’m afraid to ask.

Do you ever wish you could have done better at something while knowing you weren’t able to? R is for Regret.

What’s the astrology? Well, Cancers often feel guilty and Virgo feels like their best is never enough. Venus in the 12th House feels the sorrow of others and Aquarius on the 11th can detatch from those others.

Do you understand your chart? Do you think about your chart? Do you see your chart active in your life? Do you think if x, then y? 

More questions: Do you appreciate the people in your life? Everybody dies. This is our stark daily reality. Kindness is important because you never know. You just… Never. Know.

My parents’ early deaths no doubt have given me this sense of Time Running Out, which makes me think of Saturn i.e. reality.

The Moon in Scorpio was sextiling Pluto in Capricorn earlier today and now trines Venus in Cancer. From death to love. From death to mother. Neptune in Pisces too. I feel at home (Cancer) in all this water. How about you?

How does your chart show up in your life? Share your deep thoughts here. Let us swim in them :)

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Moon alert! Moon in Scorpio

Later today, the Moon enters Scorpio and people talk about this Moon in hushed tones, but oooh don’t you sit up straighter when a Scorpio Moon is in the room? You want them to notice you, to pick you. You have secrets and you want to tell them.

And later today, transiting Jupiter in Taurus will oppose this moon. Scorpio/Taurus: the axis of possession. The axis of jealousy. The axis of loyalty. The axis of the material and the spiritual. On which side do you err?

Taurus plants. Scorpio births. An opposition comes from outside you. Emotions grow when Jupiter opposes the Moon. My advice? Let him (or her) love you.

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