The Darkness: Christmas Eve, Capricorn Season, & Mercury Direct *ADVICE*

"saturn in capricorn"
I got the most extraordinary Christmas card this morning

a client thanking me for my help in 2017.

She suffered a loss. I spoke to her before the loss. I spoke to her after the loss. And now it’s Christmas and she sent me this email which reminded me, once again, why I do this work. It’s a struggle though. I don’t mean the work itself – I love the work and am suited for it. I mean EARTH SCHOOL. Even now I am back on YouTube and I am posting videos to expand my reach but it all feels… it all feels like a tight squeeze, a tight fit, this survival. I am watching the Spanish moss twist in the slight wind.

"moon conjunct pluto"
Mercury is newly direct in Sagittarius so if any areas of your life had slowed down in the last few weeks, they will pick up again. It’s Capricorn Season now INCLUDING SATURN and this will help if you can keep yourself from falling into anxiety-mind which Capricorn is awfully good at. Fear and doubt. PLAN. YOU NEED A PLAN. Saturn is in the sign it’s “supposed” to be in so we are “supposed” to be rejoicing at this.

Is your chart hospitable to Capricorn? THIS MATTERS. Yes Saturn in Sagittarius was difficult. Saturn is the rules and Sag doesn’t want any. And now we have rules within rules within rules within rules. It will feel suffocating to some, indeed. Don’t let yourself be swallowed by fear. What is Capricorn good at? ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION? I’ll tell you one thing. Work. 

"jupiter trine neptune"

I drew a card for you. Advice. I tried to ask this question last night and make a video for my Patrons but wasn’t able to finish it. Different deck. Same question. SAME CARD. THE HERMIT.

Take a moment alone. Whether you are with family or not. Whether you are alone or not. Take a moment to STOP. In your solitude, touch your life. Connect with your experience right now – no matter how painful, no matter how joyful. Sanity is found in accepting reality (and accepting reality is not the same as judging it good (to paraphrase Marsha Linehan)).

This is the best of Saturn. Grounded. Earth. Work.

(Oh Mercury just gone direct I cannot seem to rotate this image and just want to get this post up – I’m on a different machine than my old Mac! but it’s Crowley’s Hermit.)

"thoth hermit card tarot"

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Much love,

Start Making Sense When Saturn Goes Direct

"sun square chiron"

That astrology becomes this awesome set of metaphors and images we can use. May not have all the answers, but can help. One of many tools? Sure. Why not.

Thinking about an email I received this morning and wanting to write to that person:

Dear So-and-So




Now, is such a letter appropriate? Sometimes ;)

It could, perhaps, get my point across. That reality is needed. That reality has been missing.

That accepting reality is not the same as judging it good (paraphrased from Marsha Linehan)


Today’s Reality Check:

Saturn goes direct in June (damn I need to get you the exact date but I’m away from my desk and my ephemeris) which means… we’ll be moving forward again in the issues related to the house where he’s been transiting your chart. Moving forward in our work because Saturn IS our work (Venus will be going direct as well) and moving forward in our love and relationships. I love how this stuff lines up!

These two retrogrades, especially Saturn, have brought us some uncomfortable slow-downs and I’m ready for more Saturn clarity around things. I’m feeling, seeing, the edges of it, but I want more. So I can move forward. And start making sense.


Another thought: somanyjens posted something quite beautiful in the comments and I may blog about it later today, the Chiron Dogs post, and how she won’t give up on her 4th House (Chiron is conjunct her IC).

I have a Sun Chiron square natally which is telling me not to give up on my 11th House or my 8th House. Not to give up on myself (Sun).

The Sun also symbolizes men, the father, and the square shows, among other things, that particular difficulty.

The father: Capricorn the goat who steadily climbs higher, whichever mountain. Not giving up on not giving up.

Have you given up?

Love, MP

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