So I Got On A Plane: The Healing Power of Chiron in Aries

"chiron in aries"
Chiron in Aries: no time to waste

Chiron in Aries: crush the disease
Chiron in Aries: what do we want? HEALING! When do we want it? NOW. 

It’s like a television show wrap-up, after the finale. We have to talk about Chiron in Pisces. What did it mean? What did we learn? How do we say goodbye?

A gal in one of my chat rooms mentioned this – that some of my Chiron in Aries writing so far (look here) was helping her gain perspective.
She is Chiron in Pisces generation. I am Chiron in Aries.

I’m a very HOUSE oriented astrologer when there are houses available (when we have a birth time) so I am thinking about what will change when Chiron leaves my 7th House. You may want to do the same. What part of your chart is Chiron leaving? 

The sign Chiron is in describes HOW we try to get well, when healing ourselves or others — and I do identify Chiron as healing activity: medicine, magick, help, treatment — as well as our areas of focus. Chiron in Aries: HEAD CHAKRA. CROWN.

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that Chiron in Aries will bring us medical breakthroughs. Will there be new treatments for burn victims or a cure for migraines? Aries and Mars rule fire and headaches.

Chiron in Pisces brought us spiritual and metaphysical “cures” and courses of study, such as the trendiness of everything tarot and astrology and occult these days. Shamans shamans everywhere! This was Chiron in Pisces for sure – the spirit as healing agent but with Chiron in Aries it won’t be as soft. It won’t be as compassionate. Aries is more hurry, more ego, more SELF.

Pisces is anti-self, anti-ego. See where I’m going here? Pisces is ALL ARE ONE. Aries is I AM ONE! The individual!

We are shifting from Jesus the lover to Jesus the fighter. Turn the other cheek was Chiron in Pisces. Throwing out the money changers from the temple is Chiron in Aries.

This Chiron in Pisces tarot and magick trend will cease to matter or be way less everywhere than it is now – and replaced by what? Car parts? What does Aries healing look like? Here’s one idea:

The holy masculine. And the holy masculine is more than car parts.

Chiron in Pisces was soggy. At worst, self pitying energy. Wet gushy attempts at healing trauma but ineffective inadequate platitudes. WHY ME type of energy.  I HURT. But Chiron in Aries is angry. I HURT AND I AM ANGRY. Winning at healing. Self-care. Self-cure

Why I believe Chiron in Aries will bring us modern medical breakthroughs may be my own intuition more than anything, but I feel the Aries wave coming and I feel like those of us Chiron in Aries generation will finally truly understand what Chiron in Aries wants from us because we will feel the CONTRAST (between Pisces and Aries). We will feel the compulsion to BURN WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN.

This is not to say that the entire Chiron in Pisces generation did nothing but wallow. The opposite is true for Chiron in Pisces brought and still brings true healing for many and Chiron in Pisces people are HEALERS. MORE GOD.

But there just won’t be much patience anymore for wimpy escapist inspiration. You may notice FEWER sunset yoga memes on Instagram. Not totally eradicated but less and less and to be replaced by a more MASCULINE style and imagery of helping, fixing, healing. Resurgence of men’s movement, men’s groups. HURRY UP AND HEAL.

Mars is anger. Mars is brute force. Join the army. Use anger as therapeutic tool. Leeches come into fashion again. Bloodetting. Cutting and self-harm in the news again. More tattoos.  More talk about women’s menstrual cycles as innate healing wisdom. Mars rules blood. Mars rules boxing. Sports and fitness on social media expand even more. More strength training, especially for women (this trend has already started but not peaked yet).

Here’s an example of Aries and Mars energy from Grey’s Anatomy (I am their biggest fan).

Owen and Teddy have a complicated past. They were together in Iraq, both doctors. Teddy was in love with Owen. Owen was engaged. Back in Seattle Owen falls in love with Cristina, but Teddy was in love with Owen. Then she fell in love with someone else…

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT this week on Grey’s Anatomy: both Teddy and Owen are single but Teddy lives in Germany and Owen impulsively hops on a plane to go see her and pledge his love and desire.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but THAT IS MARS, THAT IS ARIES. One discussion with his ex and he’s on a plane to Germany to tell Teddy let’s do this!!! HELLO MARS!

Chiron in Pisces would HOLD SPACE or meditate. Should I visit Teddy? Maybe I’ll think about it, draw a couple Tarot cards, not follow their advice, ask my guides.

Chiron in Aries gets on the plane. Chiron in Aries flies the plane. Chiron in Aries IS THE PLANE.

And because Chiron in Aries is obvious, lays it all on the table, you may miss the opportunity if you don’t jump when Aries says jump because before you know it they are long gone.

Any questions? 
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Not Broken: Saturn On My IC

Saturn on my IC has proved dangerous so far — emotionally and physically — the first time it went into Sagittarius and this time around — although clearly I’m still here, typing to you.

Last night I was watching Grey’s Anatomy (so what else is new), Season Six, and Meredith decides that she will give a piece of her liver to the father who was never a father to her and just “the man who poured my cereal.”

And how if she doesn’t give a part of her liver to the man who was never her father, it probably wouldn’t affect her life “that much,” but it would break Lexi (her newly discovered stepsister).

"saturn through the 4th house" What transits have threatened to break you? Are you broken? 


More Thoughts On This Summer’s VENUS IN LEO

"venus retrograde in leo"
image from whisper292. deviant

Catch up here and here with my recent Venus blog posts: 

I thought this list was interesting from one of my Tracy Marks books:

Venus Retrograde in the natal: 

develops own unique social and aesthetic values

undemonstrative, difficulty communicating affection


fearful of intimacy and love

seeking the perfect love, unrealistic ideals 

That’s just a partial list from Marks’ wonderful book The Art of Chart Interpretation.

Do you have Venus RX in your natal?
Know anyone who does? Do you see yourself in this list? Be honest….. :)

(I can think of one natal Venus rx gal from my past who fits some of these for sure. Never without a mirror. Growing older now and obsessed (and I do mean obsessed) with beauty and aging and serums to keep youth. No interest in sex (Mars) or sensuality (Venus) or even romance (Venus) but her face her face her face. Is this true for ALL Venus retrograde? No it is not. I figure I better say that before I get emails about it.)

Venus and especially Venus RX is on all our minds these days because Venus spends MONTHS in the sign of Leo this summer/early fall due to Venus going retrograde right as she enters Virgo!

See, she goes through THE ENTIRE sign of LEO. 
AND THEN enters Virgo.
And then says noooooo not yet. I need to be SEEN a bit more. I need to SHINE a bit more.
I need to be the STAR much  much much more
before I enter super smart Virgo the healer/mess cleaner/critic.

Do I think a retrograde by transit borrows some of the “feel” of the natal placement? I do, yes.
You may find yourself feeling all those things from the Marks list.

One scenario: you may NOT want to relate. Another scenario: you may want to relate but find yourself unable to. Isolating. Other scenarios of course include past loves returning. Or you being the past love seeking out old valentines. But like an inverted Tarot card, Venus retrograde can become MORE of Venus or LESS of Venus. I think it brings out extremes. You may find yourself hyper-aware of your beauty and appearance, fixated on improvements. You may find yourself hyper aware of your desire. You may find yourself not interested in people at all OR totally obsessed over-the-top. I believe it can swing either way.  I’m also thinking for some folks this Venus retrograde could make them really MARSY. Angry. You want Venus? UP YOURS!

Some Leo keywords for your pleasure:
dramatic idealistic proud ambitious creative dignified romantic generous (March & McEvers)

commanding self-sacrificing optimistic fixed in opinion opposed to secrecy bold domineering (Manly P Hall)

Some Venus keywords for your pleasure:
harmony, art, partners, charm, sugar, music, marriage, luxury, sensuality, what you really enjoy, cooperation. (M & M)

Some Queen of Wands keywords for your pleasure:
dedicated, popular, vigorous, healthy, confident, cheerful, warm smile, faith in herself, enthusiasm (Joan Bunning)

From Stephen Arroyo on Venus in Leo: exchange of deeper feelings with another may be encumbered by one’s need to be the center of attention OR to dominate the other’s emotional life.
That’s the lower vibration (obviously).

Honor Venus by making things beautiful says Caroline Casey. I suggest you start thinking about this. There will be much time to reflect. That’s ANOTHER retrograde keyword and notion: reflect, reflection (very Venus!).

How do you want to look? How do you NOT want to look? What is beautiful to you? Do you care what others think? Venus (as we think of her) usually does. It’s Mars who doesn’t give a F. Above all, Venus wants to CONNECT. Connection is thus trickier for folks with natal Venus in hard aspect OR retrograde in the natal. How connected do you feel to others?

Leo is King. Leo is ruler. THE WILL TO RULE (writes Manly P. Hall). So you can see what happens when delicate fair and feminine Venus enters the lion!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a STRONG placement. Leo’s planet is THE SUN. Illumination. Life-giving. Warmth. Heat. Steadiness. Ability to BURN.

I’d hate to see you Venus in Leos waste your strength… on pitiful partners or pitiful frames of mind. Do not waste it on the WEAK.

Gosh there is a quote I want to quote and I can’t remember where it’s from OH YES now I remember. Grey’s Anatomy.

Last episode of Season Five I think. And Dr. Bailey is very upset because she’s been offered the peds fellowship but as she tells Dr. Weber, her husband will divorce her if she takes it (i.e. she will have to spend too much time away from home, him and their son).

So she has a choice to make. Actually, as she explains to Weber, she has made it. She WILL divorce her husband because what kind of husband/marriage is that? Ultimatums.

And if I recall correctly, Dr. Weber tries to console her, saying that her husband is SCARED. And Miranda (in absolutely gorgeous acting) says to him: WE’RE ALL SCARED. And she brings up O’Malley who has just joined the army to be a trauma surgeon in Iraq, and she brings up Izzie who just came out of another surgery for brain cancer.

And she says, about her husband: he’s not scared. He’s WEAK.

Venus in Leo is NOT for the weak. Venus in Leo lovers are NOT for the weak. In fact… at this moment I can’t think of a more amazing placement for Venus: strong, warm, radiating love. Loyal. Dignified.

I’ll end this blog post with a quote from Howard Sasportas. More food for thought for Venus in Leo and the retrograde:

Love is something we all deserve just be virtue of existing. I see it as a basic birthright. So what can you start doing now in your life if you suffer from a lack of self-esteem or feel that you don’t love yourself enough? You can begin by looking at Venus in your chart and doing what you can to develop that area.

There. That’s your homework. And to quote Kate Bush (Leo!): be proud of who you are.
Align with *that* vibration this summer and you’ll be just fine. 

"venus in leo"

The Things That Have Never Happened (Grey’s Anatomy + Pluto opposition Sun)

"pluto opposition sun" The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about Pluto.

Pluto opposed her Sun when she was a kid (or teenager — can’t remember now). Pluto is opposing my Sun now.

I thought to myself:

this is the first time for me. It’s never happened before. No wonder I don’t know what to do or think or expect.

Some folks are born with Pluto opposing their Sun. Others will never experience it. I am experiencing it and it’s all new. This is much needed context. And really there is nothing that I’ve found outside myself (yet) that has been helpful, not even from much respected writers of astrology.

Other news:

last night’s Grey’s Anatomy and the death of Derek Shepherd. Anyone who knows me knows I am a long-time Grey’s fan — and I continue to re-watch it on Netflix. I wish I had the words for how much this show has meant to me–

I remember when I first saw it — end of Season One or beginning of Season Two. I was living in a basement apartment in Brooklyn and had I really moved with that big ugly t.v.?

No, I must have bought it in the neighborhood, had it delivered. And there was Meredith Grey at the bar hoping that Derek would pick her, choose her. I grow with the show. Certain arcs or story lines mean more to me now, make more sense. Not sure my life resembles 2004/2005 at all and why should it? But still. A thread or two would be nice. Are they there? The threads?

So much upheaval in one small life, kind of like Meredith Grey’s (what transits must she be under?), it’s hard for me to imagine what this new major transit could bring. Another move. Another relationship. A change in work. A change in health. That’s everything, right? That’s enough. Love. Work. Money. Purpose. Spirit. AHA.

Let us not let the major transits scare us merely. It’s temping to do so. And it’s easy.

There was an emotional depth (and comforting humanness? quirkiness? unpretentiousness?) to this show that I’d never seen anywhere else. I’ll be loyal until the end even though it’s a far cry from what it once was, in my opinion. Kind of like the difference between me then and me now although I hope the me now is better.

There comes a time when we just want life delivered, like that big t.v. to my basement apartment. Know what I mean? And good t.v. shows do that for us. They deliver us.


MARS GOES DIRECT Monday, May 19th

"mars in libra"
fight to win

This is all I need to know. Really. All I need to know.

At this moment I care not about the Sun entering Gemini on Tuesday.
I care not about the Moon in love-lost Pisces this coming week making all kinds of aspects including a Grand Trine with Jupiter & Saturn.
And I care not a whit about the Jupiter Saturn trine being EXACT on Saturday, the 24th.

All I care about, my friends, is Mars. Mars in Libra. Going Direct. On Monday.

When did Mars enter Libra? In December 2013! It went retrograde in March! It goes direct at NINE DEGREES. At the end of June it’s at 17 degrees. By the end of July, Mars has cleared Libra and is FINALLY happily in passionate, relentless Scorpio.

Let’s review: WHAT IS MARS:

I want to go somewhere. Far away. I don’t know where. I just want to go. At first, I think to myself: that’s my Venus talking. Longing for what is hard to reach. I have work. I have responsibilities at home. I can’t just up and leave but that is MARS that will make it happen. COURAGE. I was talking about courage on my post the other day when I pulled the Knight of Swords for my sister.

And the Knight of Swords as the center card? Swords symbolize the mind, thinking, conflict, how we may tie ourselves up in knots. The Knight of Swords is in a hurry, impatient, so despite being a skilled magician, I could see her talking herself — or thinking herself — out of her dream, out of her Star.

This dream isn’t finished hatching, I said.

And then I remembered that all the Knights rescue, all the Knights save, all the Knights journey through a dark wood.
Courage, dear sister. Courage!

Aliza’s Rule Number Two for Tarot Reading:
Tell a story. Tell a true story about the future.”

Mars is you jumping over the wall. Mars is you booking a ticket. Mars is you getting on that plane. Mars is your sexual energy. How you assert yourself. PASSION. They say the Sun is you but on Monday? MARS IS YOU.

Be prepared to fight and then, come July, TO WIN.

Love, MP

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A Beautiful Day To Save Lives: New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

It’s gonna be a good day, people. Okay? Good day good day good day. New start new start new start.

Or as Dr. Shepard says on Grey’s Anatomy: it’s a beautiful day to save lives. But let it be your own today.

Pisces rules saviors, remember?

The Moon is in late Aquarius as I write this but the New Moon in Pisces is today.

What seeds will you plant? It’s funny to use the seed metaphor for a water sign. What else can we use? Use your imagination and tell us. Imagination: another Pisces/Neptune keyword.

This day? Let it be whatever you want. Create it. Use your imaginative forces, as Edgar Cayce said, a Pisces.

As for me, I have readings to tend to and then have a spiritual activity in the evening so to speak and will see friends as well. Virgo rules plans and Mars is in Virgo but retrograde so expect plans and routines to not always go according to plan these days. Leave room for, yes, the imaginative forces.

Otherwise, sky-wise:

Neptune is at zero Pisces, Sun is at 2 Pisces, Chiron is at 4 Pisces. The New Moon will be at 2 Pisces. It’s like a long light lounge chair. That’s the image that just came to mind. Can you see it? It’s barely visible but you can lie down on it. Like the chairs of heaven, poolside.

Jupiter sextiles Pisces so there’s our ground, our seeds, the planting fits because this big (Jupiter expands what it touches) earth is supporting.

The 12th House is Pisces natural house and it rules not only worries but witches too. Err on the side of witches is the point I’ve been trying to get across with my Pisces posts.


Do not “self undo” to use the classic phrase associated with the 12th.  Restraint and struggle are not necessary. Solitude may be helpful though. And ritual. And a holy book (Mercury is also in Pisces) like I was talking about yesterday.

But don’t stop with my ideas. Touch your own mind. What is Pisces to you?

Now that my books are out of storage, after some years, I’m reunited with my past and digging around for stuff to share with you. The following is from a little book Teachings of the Christian Mystics. The quote is from Richard of Saint Victor and I’m quoting it because I feel it embodies the depth and passion of the 12th House and Neptune:

The first degree of passionate charity is love that wounds; the second is love that binds. Love rises up to the third degree of passion, where it excludes every other love, but the one, for the sake of the one. The fourth degree of passionate love is that in which nothing at all can satisfy the desire of the passionate soul.

Does this describe your love nature? Got New Moon plans?


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How To Save A Life. Or Not.

"moon pluto"
Dr. Grey, Dr. Yang

Sometimes I do everything wrong. On second though, that’s probably not true. Cancerians tend to have a guilt complex. Well, Cancer Sun square Chiron has a guilt complex. And the huge helping of Virgo doesn’t hurt either in terms of the interminable “not good enough.”  And the Venus in the 12th square Neptune? You are sacrificed until you get off the cross.

Yeah, I’m talking about my chart. I need to write here, to blog a bit, before moving on to the next thing. To discharge, clear, my own shaky energy at the moment. And you never know… someone might relate, whether their chart features are similar or different.

The thing on my mind though is this: how do you help someone you love when they are hurting, without making it worse. I mean, let’s say the relationship is under strain anyway…  it’s damn near impossible to keep those feelings OUT, while trying to help. Old resentments, things unsaid. So it all comes tumbling out at the worst moment. You were trying to help. And then you got angry. This is a VERY Virgo dilemma who wants to save and fix and it’s a VERY Leo dilemma who wants applause for the attempt.

But I need to be able to… be freely. Be myself, freely. Write here, on my blog, freely. Lately someone in my life has called me “dramatic,” more than once and for God’s sake I have Venus in LEO *and* I’m a fucking playwright. Fuck yeah I’m dramatic. The actors love it. If you don’t like it? See another show.  I’m intense. And emotional. (Dramatic Pause) But I’m good. I’m really good. And I don’t mean a “good writer.” I mean, a good person. I’m talking basics. Not perfect. Basics.

Free will blah blah blah but our charts are WHO we are.  And yes I looked at two different charts today, same rising sign, same transits and the people are completely different, different experiences. But still!

Glory in yourself, whatever it is. No matter how small you feel at times. Find some glory in your chart. Something. One small thing that is yours and yours alone because how YOU express it is unique. Love that thing. Nurture it. Find the ugliest, most irritating aspect in your chart and tell it that you love it, that you will never let it down, never let it go, that it is worth it, it has meaning. That the world is better because you are in it. And that’s no drama. That’s truth.

What is your truth? What is your ugliest aspect? Can you love it? 

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A Question For My Readers: How Do You Get Well?

"moon pluto"
Dr. Meredith Grey

I’m taking an inventory. Not looking for advice *for me* but wondering what do *you* do when you feel unwell? The Sun and Venus are still in Virgo. It’s still a good time to talk about health, physical, mental, spiritual.

I am back on track as far as readings go. Maybe even slightly ahead of schedule, according to my projections when I was sick, and someone this morning commented that I recovered quickly, and honestly I don’t know. Is 24-48 hours quick? For a fever/cold? Perhaps it is. But the cold had been lingering for more than a week and finally just knocked me out. I did a number of things, best I could, while continuing to work. And I really wanted to go to Ground Zero today but decided to stay in. I have to be out tomorrow anyway, so tomorrow it will be.  I kind of wonder if Senni was “put down” this morning — and maybe that’s why I started to feel tired/heavy.

Now I’m not saying my little illness was transit-related but I think the transits brought exhaustion which brought the illness. And the weather. I was working in two days of extreme damp and rain. Saturn is exactly square my Sun now.

So let’s talk health. Do you have favorite remedies? Supplements? Visualizations? What do you do to get well? How important to you is faith/belief in your ability to get well? 

Music, believe it or not, was crucial to my recovery.

And you? 

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How To Love A Mercury In Cancer

"Ian Curtis"
Ian Curtis had Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer? Elephant NOT Crab. Why? Because they never forget. And will never let YOU forget. Water retains. Water absorbs. Mercury in Cancer will annoy you as much as you annoy Mercury in Cancer. And what annoys Mercury in Cancer? Being teased!

The other day my so-and-so called me a “name” and I can’t say what this name was, it’s too personal, but it was a famous cartoon character from the 1970s and he claimed I was acting/sounding like this character.

Dear Reader, Fellow Stargazer, I was taken aback! I was shocked! I was mad at the time (about what, I don’t remember) and this name just made me madder. BUT in another part of my brain, I was… kinda laughing, kinda smiling, kinda WhatTheFuckDidHeJustSayWhatIThinkHeSaidDidHeJustCallMeTHAT?

I, Moon Pluto, was emotionally confused. What kind of Virgo Moon was I that I couldn’t figure out what I was feeling? What he did was… take some of the Pluto out of my Moon. And mood. I admit it. I have Mercury in Cancer.

So a message to all you light types out there or semi-light-types if any of you are reading this blog and you get involved with a dark and twisty type (and yes, I did steal that phrase from Grey’s Anatomy): we need you as much as you need us.

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My Obsession with Grey’s Anatomy

I’m a long time Grey’s Anatomy fan and I wrote a post once, imagining the signs of the characters. Now, celebrities don’t interest me, but characters do, and I was shocked to hear (last week while doing my laundry) that McDreamy is leaving the show!

Continue reading My Obsession with Grey’s Anatomy