Bummer Cards: On Seeing The Five Of Pentacles

"five of pentacles" I pulled three cards for myself with the question:

what do I need to know TODAY and one of my cards was the Five of Pentacles and I was using the Connolly deck and I just didn’t feel the usual meanings we associate with this card, the bummer-ness of it, the misery of the Rider Waite in particular, those two lone figures through the snow and the church light window in the background. I have a heap of decks these days. Maybe there isn’t even any snow in the Rider Waite. The Tarot Illuminati has the snow? (And of course there is snow as we see here.)

But in the Connolly, the woman (she has no partner trudging along with her) is gently leaning on what looks like an iron gate made of pentacles and she’s blindfolded. A cherub about to release the blindfold. She’s about to figure it out. (Google the image to see.)

And maybe this card is just about… not feeling well, not so healthy.

Oh I get it. How ominous. She’s alone but for the angel. But what about that supporting gate, hmm? (Yes I have written a blog post about an image without sharing an image. Like I said, Google it. You’ll see.)

I wrote those words hours ago (except for the last part which I wrote just now) and that was a big part of my day. Not feeling well due to a medication that I’m getting used to, trudging along in the metaphorical snow and then the blindfold gets removed as I come to realize that taking the medicine at night may straighten everything out.

There I was trying to divorce myself from the darker meaning of the card and it really wasn’t possible. On the other hand, blindfold off and maybe an answer.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t take anymore, can’t hold up anymore and then the Powers That Be add another weight. I don’t know why this is.

How to keep growing my business while having a medical mystery? How to keep working, keep resting, keep finding answers for myself and others.

I am coming to realize the most important thing when dealing with a health matter, besides finding the right doctors/healers to help you, is every day support, whether it’s practical, emotional, spiritual. Every health crisis is a spiritual crisis. Why me (we ask). Why this extra weight? Wasn’t I carrying enough? Did I need this story too?

All day I was thinking: how am I going to write about this. How am I going to stay real on  my blog, without worrying people. So I’m dipping a toe in the water here.

I got no good spin to the Five of Pentacles today except this: the people in many versions of the card keep going. They don’t stop to bathe in the church glow because… I don’t know why but they don’t. They can’t. They don’t go inside. They don’t get a cookie and juice. They stay outside, on the road.

Remember that eventually they WILL get to the Six. Charity. Help they need. And the Seven. Evaluating the present condition. And then Eight. Back to productivity finally. Which leads to the Nine, self-sufficient again. And then the Ten. Grace, glory. money, health.

That’s why, in the Five, they keep going. Because they have where to be. The future.


Stripped: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun"The Fives are unstable, after all. 

Found myself saying this just now in one of the chat rooms.

Was talking about the Five of Pentacles from the Tarot and seeing this in regards to a certain situation in my life quite a few times in recent months and always upright and just the other day got it reversed.

I see this as progress.

And I said: it’s a phase. When you see the Five of Pentacles, KNOW it’s a phase. Because the Fives are unstable after all. 

Same for the hard transits right?
And the easier transits.
And the multiple clusterf**k transits.
All phases, cycles. Up down the Wheel of Life turns burns yearns.

Pluto is opposing my Sun these days.
Not exact but in orb, and I started free-associating again:
feels like undressing. Ego undressing. Ego stripped.
And I know this transit has really only just begun for me.
It will get deeper, harder, relentless, interesting, hungry, hurting, and…

But let me back up a minute here.
What IS an opposition, by transit?
What is its function?

In part, it’s an energy in you, dormant or misused or under-used, that now is going to manifest outside you (as people, situations) for the purpose of bringing you back to yourself so that you may integrate it.
Navigate it.
And live.

Now I always look back to the natal planet for clues on how or what a transit will sing.
And my natal Pluto is well aspected. She can sing.
Conjunct my Moon yes, but well-aspected all around my chart.
She’s an intense one, Moon Pluto, but she’s hard to kill.
She keeps reinventing, reincarnating, recycling.
Yes she will surprise you.

Where the square is a compulsive often uncomfortable urging, the opposition is an outright often uncomfortable DARE.

Which fear will you face today, baby?

Which face will you see in the mirror, baby?
Who are you becoming? Babybabybaby. 

I asked someone that question in an email reading today: who are you becoming?
Saturn is transiting her 1st House. NOT an easy transit. Ego stripping vs. ego trampling.
Would you rather be torn apart or run over?

So when we see the hard transits coming, up ahead, headlights flashing, we do our best to… look away?
Not look away. Look away. Not look away. Stay.
Oscillation. Like an office desk fan in a Noir.

Same goes for when you see the Tarot Fives.

There’s only so much we can take. That’s okay.

The unpredictable Five. It’s a stage, a phase. Life changes on a dime.

Keep in mind, too, that the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “hey,” which is an abbreviation for the name of God.

When you see a Five, when you feel a Five, when you know a Five, when you have a Five experience, for sure you’ve not alone. Be sure of this.

Helps if you can tune in though. Tune in to the Divine. Think of it like a radio. The transistor radios we used to have.
Fine tuning eliminates the static. Then the station comes in clear. And you hear a voice.

Love, MP

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Same Shit, Different Day: On Pulling The Five Of Pentacles

As much as I dislike the Tower (which I wrote about earlier today), I equally dislike (loathe) the Five of Pentacles.

There is just no good spin on this card that I can find. (Or so I thought. Read on).

Shelter from the storm? Nah. Poverty consciousness? YUCK. And, in fact, some books even tell you PAY ATTENTION - because some physical loss (money, health) is in the house.

All that said, there IS, actually, another way to look at it — even though Pentacles is the EARTH suit, what is manifesting supposedly (or wants to manifest) — that these issues are clouding your vision to such an extent that you are LIVING IT, no matter the reality. You are acting FROM it. You may have 17 yachts, but you’re sobbing.

Now I’m not telling you that it’s all in your mind or all mental conflict or attitude (that would be the Swords suit).

BUT you can adjust yourself in various ways — so as to adjust, mitigate that Five of Pentacles angst.

This afternoon I did a multi-card spread and the Five of Pents was my situation card, and then I drew a card for challenges to the Five of Pents (i.e. what is not helping). And then another card for what could help (i.e. what to do). And then an outcome card. And then below each of those cards I put a row of  three cards to give more information, more detail for each of the original cards.

Now this is not an easy peasy layout (not that any layout is “easy”) but it does take a fair amount of patience. Here is one technique that I was working with yesterday: to come up with ONE keyword for each of the cards. Just ONE. Not that you need to turn off your intuition, but make it an intellectual exercise as well. Say the words out loud.

According to one of my books, Arthur Waite said (of the two figures pictured in the card), “the pair were mendicants, monks who lived a life of poverty and preaching. The mendicants were so committed to poverty that they didn’t even have a monastery… depending solely on the charity of others.”

Committed to poverty.

Reading this gave me an AHA moment. There are subconscious choices going on. Not a choice to be broke or to be poor but still an inherent choice is being made behind the scenes of the actual dollars and sense/cents. A vibrational choice (for lack of a better word). Crowley called this card “Worry.” 

See? This dovetails with the point I was making above. The richest man or woman (with no threat of bankruptcy) will still, at times, pull this card.

Also, the Tarot Fives are unstable, uncertain, crisis-points. The Five is the middle. It can go EITHER WAY, down towards zero, the beginning, or up towards Ten, completion.

The rest of the cards in your spread can show the direction you are heading — towards deeper poverty or towards the brightest healing light, if you follow the caution and the advice.

There is challenge in this card, oh yes, but also the injunction to BE HERE NOW. What is worry anyway, but your lack of presence in the present moment.

And I love the way Crowley additionally describes this card — that the “inaction” is so THICK. Remember, Pentacles are STABLE. The two figures can easily wind up doing NOTHING, which only makes the problem worse — thus look for MOVEMENT, energy, look for WANDS in your spread when you see this card. I could go on and on.

Above all, I want to leave you with a message of hope. Despite all outcomes cards - that you will be okay. Even if you don’t get the guy. Even if your cat is on her ninth life. Even if you feel the Wizard’s got nothing in his bag for you . Even if even if even if. Even if all of it. Can you go on? One more day? For me? Because I plan to keep writing here :) So you stay strong and I’ll keep talking Tarot (I’m pretty obsessed lately).

It’s almost the Solstice. Light a candle no matter the season in your neck of the woods. There is much work to be done and we need the light.

What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP