The Stars Today: Marry It, Marry It, Marry It

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
as above, so below

Be free: Sun in Sagittarius. Love the work: Venus in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo. Think twice: Moon in Gemini heading to Full and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Hold steady: Uranus stations direct.

And the Moon opposing Mercury Retrograde as I type this: what you feel, what you think: balance it. Swap it. Marry it. Marry it? Yes. Venus in Capricorn: it’s hard but it’s worth it. 

There’s a line from a Donald Justice poem that goes, “I will die in Miami in the sun” which was actually a take on a line from Vallejo that goes “I will die in Paris on a rainy day.” And me? “I will die on this treadmill in the Big City.”


Pre-Eclipse feelings at the gym this morning as the Gemini Moon prepares to square my Virgo Moon. You mutables are really feeling this one.

Mars in Virgo, working on my fitness (sings Fergie) but… I feel like my heart will burst these days like a bomb.

But it’s not a heart of terror–

Can’t hear exactly what it’s saying, what the heart is saying, because Donna Summer is now singing I Love You in my headphones while I’m on the treadmill and the incline soothes my three-of-swords heart.

There is bliss in the blood, the pumping of it. It’s like a city too – pathways, routes, all leading to that One Place: heart. Heart-town!

Sagittarius runs. Capricorn waits. Sagittarius flees. Capricorn commits. Sagittarius is fast. Capricorn is slow.

So… you must wed both of these energies that are active in the sky now as we prepare as we prepare as we prepare for the shaking up and the over-turning: Uranus direct, the Moon in its Fullness, Mercury stationing direct a few days later, Jupiter direct later this month… And the Eclipse which will eclipse…

You WILL feel emotional these pre-Eclipse hours. You MAY have felt like a maniac this week already.

And I am telling you to marry this energy because this energy wants your commitment, wants you to see it through, wants you to lie beneath it like a strong board that can’t be broken, not even by the greatest Kung Fu master or Magician. 

Strong strong strong.


How are you feeling?

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What Is That One Thing You Can’t Not Do?

"donald justice"
my teacher Donald Justice

When I was young, 23, I went to a famous Writers’ Workshop in the Mid-West. I was a poet. My undergrad teachers went there (or taught there), including Donald Justice, who took me under his wing. I was in awe of him.

After graduate school, nothing much happened. I published a little in literary journals, but couldn’t get The Book published. Papered my walls with rejection slips. For years, I saved handwritten rejections from The New Yorker. Editors seemed to like to discuss my poems more than publish them. I once got a note from The Yale Review detailing the arguments one particular poem had caused!

Some years later (after I was derailed by my mother’s death and my escape into Orthodoxy), I tried again to get The Book published. Didn’t happen. And then I started writing plays which I may or may not continue doing. I never stopped writing.

So here’s my question for you: what is that ONE THING that you never stopped doing, no matter what? No matter how it, or you, changed. Something that made you YOU maybe more than anything else. Maybe it’s partnering. Or travelling. Or dancing. Or… hell, I don’t know, but I’m curious how it is for others. Maybe some other lifelong writers out there.

What am I talking about here? Obsession. Devotion. Pluto.

Where’s YOUR Pluto? How is it aspected? Does it aspect that ONE THING you have to do in this life? 

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Warning: Cardinal Crossing: The Sun Is In Cancer Making Things Hot

"Cardinal Cross"
The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving

Since I’ve started blogging here, almost a month ago, I’ve written every day. Posted more than once a day, usually. Until yesterday. I’d like to blame this on the Cardinal T-Square which, day by day, is tightening into a Grand Cross. There’s a big sucking sound and it’s ugly. Saturn’s at 10 Libra, Pluto at 6 Capricorn, Uranus at 4 Aries and the Sun at 1 degree Cancer. Do you feel squeezed? I do. And squeezed is a nice word for it.  And our third eclipse is… coming.

I’d love to end this post with some snappy advice or celebrity news (yeah, right) but then I looked in my Blackberry, where I write when I’m not at home and I see some words from Pema Chodron who I listened to yesterday. “Lower your standards and relax as it is.” 

Can you do that? Do you want to? Does it apply? What does it mean to “lower your standards”? (More on this later.)

My usually quiet apartment is suddenly loud today. A road crew out back (is it a road crew?) has been up to something since early this morning. Maybe I’ll tell them to lower their standards and relax as it is and leave the street alone.

There it is. A smile :)

PS I put The Hotel New Hampshire picture here because of the recurring phrase in the book, “keep passing the open windows” which is today’s mantra. Also, a “character” in that book was a teacher of mine, poet Donald Justice. I think all my writing, in way or another, is dedicated to him.

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