The Mystery Of The Inconjunct (Part One)

Can a Cancer Sun find happiness with a Sagittarius Sun?

I’m an introvert. Needs solitude. Needs time and space to process feelings. Need acceptance of WHO I AM, especially these qualities. Can’t be around someone who wants to force me out of my shell on those “interior days” and gosh this sounds like a tampon commercial already doesn’t it but you know (I think) what I mean.

Can housewifey Cancer waterworks find happiness with Where’s the Party Sagittarius?

Well, first of all we must understand that charts and people are complex.

We must understand that it’s not just the SUN but the Moon and EVERYTHING ELSE and also how the charts interact with each other AND there are different types of relationship charts as well.

Sagittarius, a FIRE sign, is so expressive (a good thing) but it can overwhelm hiding Cancer.

Cancer can confuse Sagittarius because the love expression may be quiet/indirect and thus seem cold or aloof or not loving at all.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s one example: Sagittarius Sun trines Cancer’s fire Venus and understanding (and love) happens despite the differences.

Now I don’t want to talk about the technical side of this aspect/energy too much but more about how it feels: the keyword astrologers often use is “adjustment.”

Cancer and Sagittarius inconjunct i.e. NEEDS ADJUSTMENT.

Think of Gemini and Scorpio – another example. This is one of my fave examples.

Gemini is social and clever and witty and talkative and FUN and laughs easily and smiles and is rational and gives great advice and Scorpio is serious faced, brooding, intense but hiding the tender core, goes to extremes, deep thinking and feeling, and tells the painful truth and nothing but no matter who it hurts :)

Imagine these two qualities in the same person. Pretty cool.

They aren’t opposites really but… facets.

If you have an inconjunct in your chart, you have to give time/room to both. See, my chart is not inconjunct heavy but filled with sextiles. I am quiet and shy (Cancer/Virgo) uniformly. I don’t struggle with feeding those needs. My struggle is to GET OUT OF MY SHELL. And there’s a lack of fire in my chart. I can RUT. Root and rut.

The inconjunct is like trying to fit one arm into two sleeves (is how I explained it to someone once).

So here I am with a Sagittarius in my life, FIRE that I need, even though it can be disconcerting — they are so damn… enthused.

It’s not bad BUT it is uncomfortable at times, although Cancers tend to be uncomfortable ANYWAY, wee little Crab people that we are :)

What aspect do YOU prefer and WHY? 


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Going Home: Mercury In Cancer

A friend of mine is moving today and surprised himself by suddenly feeling… his feelings :)

Of course I thought to myself, feeling all suddenly sage. Mercury (short trips) has entered summery sensitive Cancer and moving is a HUGE deal. Cancer is associated with all things home, family, mother, and memory.

He’s got a Sagittarius Sun and a Cancer Moon. I told him that his “Sag parts” would kick in soon enough and to deal with this part of it now, if he could, since it is happening NOW.  I always ask permission before I give advice :)

We all start to wonder where home is during Cancer Season. Are we at home? What makes us feel at home. Who waits for us there. What is home. What do we want it to be. I feel mostly at home as I type this.

The other day I was on Facebook talking about the bug man who came to spray and how he walked into my room and started rhapsodizing about how peaceful and calm it was. Dear Reader, it has not been easy living here despite good things about the apartment and the neighborhood. It has not been ideal :) but I worked damn hard to create a baby in a hostile womb :)

This issue of home is important for all of us, but primary for Cancer Suns, Moons, Risings. When home is off-kilter, so are we.

What planet rules your 4th House cusp? That’s the house associated with Cancer. I’ve got Jupiter there. My first astrologer once told me I liked a BIG room, rather than a bunch of little rooms. Another astrologer told me my father must have been a big (Jupiter) man. I’ve also had many Sagittarius friends, often opening their homes to me.

Cancers tend to feeeeeel things. I know you know this. And moving is hard because we’re not just leaving behind the life we had, we’ve leaving behind what didn’t happen there, what we wanted to happen. But think of it this way: leaving behind that particular sorrow. Don’t need it anymore. It hung around long enough. Done! Next! Graduating. I’m pretty sure I will move this year and that’s how it feels to me, like graduation. That I have learned, that I have earned.

I’m sure I’ll cry a tear or two on or after my moving day, even though I ***know*** the coffee will taste better and the bed will be softer and the sun will shine brighter in the new place.

Happy Trails, my good friend. See you soon :)

Love, MP

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Advice For Cancers & MoonPluto People & Anyone Else Having Hard Transits To Their Junk

"uranus square pluto"This morning I was writing about the Sun in Cancer moving away from the opposition to Pluto (and away from the square to Uranus) but I still feel it.

Pluto is transiting, hovering, between my 4th and 5th Houses: home and love, two areas of life I would prefer that Pluto avoid, but a long time ago I learned that the thing, or person, you are most afraid of losing is the thing, or person, that Pluto wants for himself. Change or die.

And nothing fell apart in the past few days, it’s just that 4th and 5th House matters have been on my mind, pricking me like a needle but the blood won’t bloom. No release, just… Hanged Man (and you Tarot peeps know what I’m sayin’!).

Pluto rules obsession. Pluto rules compulsion. Pluto rules the return of the repressed. Pluto rules That Which Ye Prefer Not To Notice.

Like this heart here. My heart. And this home here. My home. They are same for a Cancer. That’s where my Sun (and Mercury and Mars) is. And the transiting Sun in Cancer doubles it, triples it, infinities it. It’s everywhere, it was everywhere, as I walked through the city early this morning. The confining hot weather was a barrier of grace: I was too busy looking for ice cream to sink completely into emotional intensity ;)

I called this post “Advice…” because I figured I’d have some by the time I got to this point in the writing process but, again, the blood won’t bloom. When that happens, these days, I turn to the cards, so let’s draw a few for some…

1. Uranus square Pluto wisdom

2. heart hurt wisdom and

3. a card to represent the future of the matter.

Yes, folks, the FUTURE :)


First let me say this. I was NOT expecting *these* cards.

1. You’ve lost your perspective. Get it back. How you get it back will have to be the subject for another post because I think… this isn’t just a matter of distraction or napping or sinking your head into work. You have to change your perspective in a BIGGER way than before, a bigger way than usual. There’s something you’re not seeing. What are you not seeing? It’s like you need to open up the top of your head. Let some air in!

2. How you feel right now is temporary. Emotional rebirth is coming. Really. There will be excess joy. Really.

3. You can do something about this situation. We’re not in High Priestess time here. We’re in Magician time. Think about that. And I feel like I definitely need to do a Part 2 to this post so I can further address #1 and #3, perspective and what to do.

I drew one more card and it’s a message card. I think you’ll be getting one soon.

Love, MP

Cancers Look Back!

"moon in cancer"

I’ve been tweeting up a storm tonight. Cancer this, Cancer that. Sun in Cancer is my time. Can’t help it. :)

And then in the comments, a young lady with some mucho Air in her chart mentioned that her Venus in Cancer is always “looking back” and a light went on!

That’s EXACTLY it. That right there is one of the insidious challenges of BEING Sun or Moon or Venus or maybe even Mars in Cancer. YOU GET STUCK. You keep looking back, holding on, and you do the dance of “If only…”

The Cancer clings… to the past, to the future. The Cancer can make her or his home almost anywhere but the present. Or so it seems.

What can possibly UNSTICK a STUCK Cancer? 

You know what? I’m not going to answer this question now. I’m going to let the answer simmer. We’ve got the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury in Cancer so let’s see what bubbles up to the surface :)

Do you know the answer? Share your thoughts!

Love, Mama MP

The Stars Today: Sun Enters Cancer!

"Sun in Cancer"

And I hearby welcome and announce the Sun in Cancer!

May I have some applause please? Not too loud though, don’t wake the baby! What baby? The baby Sun of course!

It is also the Summer Solstice. The days begin to get shorter, good news for all you winter lovers in my part of the world, ha! Today it’s supposed to get HOT in the Big City and we’ve had a very un-hot June.

Other Sky-news:

Mercury squares Saturn today: you may not want to speak. You may not feel allowed to speak. I may not want to blog ;) Your thoughts may feel harsh to you. Your feelings? Even harsher. Mercury is in Cancer and Saturn is in Libra. Not a lovers’ quarrel but a lovers’ silent treatment!

A square in Cardinal signs means you can *work through it* unlike a fixed square which feels like it will not move or change no matter what and Mercury is the winged messenger anyway so I’m not real worried about this aspect. Just keep it in mind. If someone hurts your feelings, don’t get all Cancerian about it. Let it move through you… like a bullet grazing your ear sails through the air.


Venus sextiles Uranus today: Venus is your love nature and Uranus is inventive and tends to shock or surprise. These two working together in pleasant sextile will give you insight into a love or money issue that has been doggin’ you since Venus went retrograde.

Mercury square Saturn *may* slow down the flow but I think the message of Venus sextile Uranus will come through loud and clear.

Got questions about today’s sky? Ask away!

I’m not sure whether I will keep signing my posts. What do you guys think? Do you like me signing them?

Love, MP

Sun In Cancer And The Ideal Momma

"Sun in Cancer"

We get anxious when we can’t see the future, when we don’t know what everything means, what our lives mean.

Am I speaking for myself? Or do you agree?

So we get readings. I do too.

My Pisces North Node in the 6th House is a holy servant in service to the holy, and that means you guys. That’s how I approach all this. Your problems matter.

And as the Sun leaves Gemini and heads towards Cancer? We approach the season of unconditional love, the Ideal Mother’s love.

Now if you know your Astrology then you know a Moon Pluto person like me has some mother stories that would break your heart but I still have space (Neptune!) for the ideal.

The Ideal Mother ALWAYS has a comforting word, is ALWAYS endlessly patient, ALWAYS kisses away tears and ALWAYS encourages you.

Do I know real-life Cancer Suns or Moons like this? Well, I can think of one Cancer friend who comes pretty damn close.

Think of it as an experiment :) just while the Sun is in Cancer, strive to be that Momma… to your kids or your lover or your animals or your home or your country or your clients or your rock collection or the trees in Central Park…

Care more, give more.

I can’t imagine anyone else but me telling you to do this. Do it for a day :)

And then when Leo Season comes??? Well, that’s a VERY different energy.


How do you feel when the Sun is in Cancer? 

What Will Be Your Jupiter In Gemini Story?

"mercury in cancer"

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t really working (or even if you are in a relationship that IS working), there’s a story you tell yourself.

There’s a story the other person tells too. The stories are probably different.

It’s a stark feeling to notice this and Venus is in Gemini now and Gemini is the story and Venus is the love, and Venus is retrograde, and the story is twisted.

Now I’m not saying, I’m not guaranteeing, that everything is or will be hunky dory in your love world when Venus goes direct BUT…

There is MORE to your Love Story at this time and I’m pretty sure July will bring new movement, real ends, real beginnings, real change. Real Love? Flesh and blood love? Spit and sweat and tears love? ;) Over the coffee table love?

I do believe the retrogrades are unmade beds and direct motion heralds the spring cleaning. Or summer cleaning I should say.

Gemini talks. Sagittarius tells stories. What’s yours? 


Yesterday I met with a client in person for a reading. So much of my work is by email, it’s a rare treat to meet and it was FUN. And here’s a secret: I quit smoking recently (hello Mars in Virgo) and it’s been about a month and I met this client and they had a cigarette in hand and I had been WANTING one BAD. Was it my lucky day? Yup. Oddly it didn’t feel odd, didn’t even feel that buzzed. Was like smoking thin air. NOT that I advocate smoking. But maybe that’ll be the ONLY time that I ever do smoke. With other smokers during astrology readings :)


But back to the idea of his and hers stories or his and his stories or hers and hers stories. Some stories you just want to be DONE with. The looking for love story. Or the better job story. Or the why aren’t I good enough story. What will make me feel more secure story. Or the devastating health problems story.

Whatever you tell yourself, whatever your story is…

1. write it yourself. Don’t let anyone else write it for you

2. fall in love with it

3. make it the BEST STORY EVER, make your life BIG.

Jupiter enters Gemini tomorrow. Even if your story (of the moment!) is the story of heartbreak and confusion and search and destroy, it is YOURS.

Is it better to settle for less than what you need and want? Or better to go without? Tell your story.

Love, Momma MP ;)

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Coming Home To Your 4th House: Who Waits For You?

"full moon solar eclipse in sagittarius"

Usually I like to keep my desk tidy.

It’s where I work and write and since some of the keys on my netbook broke, I have a new keyboard that plugs in — which makes sitting on the futon and typing, for example, more challenging.

Lately my desk is what I consider messy. There are chatchkas, there are new light blue legal pads, a new holder (a summer-themed beach ball cup) for pens and pencils, altar goodies and candle holders and small Tibetan notebooks (very small) and Tarot cards and pretty boxes with little notes inside, a Chock full o’Nuts coffee can with more notes inside, my ephemeris, post-its, books, incense holder… and more (but not much more).

And yet it doesn’t distract me these days which is WEIRD. I was out of the house all day today and was thinking: okay, when I get home, I’ll putter, I”ll fix the desk but when I get home? It feels just right.

It’s a big Gemini sky up there, out there. Sun, Mercury, Venus, the energy of the recent eclipse. Gemini rules writing, rules the desk.

The desk is home.


Lately I’ve been talking to clients who are talking about “home,” literally their relationship with their houses. When the same theme, when the same message keeps coming up? Pay attention. The Eclipses connect my 10th House and 4th House: public world/private world. Home.

I’m a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer. I get it. If you don’t have a good relationship with your space, your place, it’ll make you sick. You must begin a tender dialogue with your home (i.e. with your 4th House, your roots, your symbolic foundations, your SOUL) to make you and your house feel better.

And today I was at a friend’s house and the energy there was so heavy. He’s had two long-term relationships fail there. I told him (yenta that I am) that he needs to clean, clear, that space. His furnishings are dark too, lots of black, lots of dark wood, the windows are small, very little light… or maybe it was just the energy, the energy of tears I told him on the phone later.

Now who the fuck wants to hear that their apartment has the energy of women’s tears in it? I know I know I say too much at times. I know just what to say to make people wanna hang up. Some do. Some don’t.


Lately I’ve been listening to Spiritual Teachers on youtube and what an amazing resource. Last couple of nights it’s been Louise Hay and for years I’ve heard of her but wasn’t so familiar with her work and oh man such power and I was listening to some of her affirmations and she even has ones for the home.


What do you have in your 4th House? What sign is on the cusp and what planet is associated with it? What’s your relationship to home? Do you hold steady or are you always moving?

Pluto is leaving my 4th House after… how long? I’d have to look it up exactly but possibly 20 years. Both my parents died during that transit, a few years apart, and all through my 20s I think I moved every single year. Thanks Pluto.


But I cannot, will not complain. I read the news. Every day. I have no complaints. Tenderness, not (self) pity is the higher vibration of not having exactly what you want. Be tender towards your dreams, the ones that died, the ones that live, the ones you haven’t thought of yet.


Nothing feels steady or stable to me now. Gemini squares my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo. The Eclipse(s) isn’t bringing answers. It’s like… the energy has arrived, but the manifestation, the creation has not. I also have planets hovering towards the ends of houses and I want to push them along.

What’s happening in your chart? 4th House or otherwise?

Love, MP

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Nurture Yourself With Your Pluto!

"moon pluto conjunction"Energy in, energy out. That is life.

Makes me think of the 8th House: sharing. Intimacy.

The 8th House is known as “other people’s money” in part because it is the 2nd House of the 7th i.e. your partner’s money. Your partner’s ENERGY. I’ve got Chiron there. Oy. My partners are wounded.

If we do not receive, we lose the energy to give and I was thinking about my own mothering Cancerian energy. It does not regenerate. If I cut off my hands, they do not grow back. The regeneration happens elsewhere in the chart.

And then I get my aha moment: my Moon (Cancer’s ruler) is conjunct Pluto. My Cancerian energy DOES regenerate after all. Hands grow back.

What’s in your 8th? Where’s your Pluto? My 1st House Pluto guarantees I come back from the dead.

Along these lines, I am thinking about the people in my life: those who give, those who take, and the neutrals! I guess I’ve got some of each and sometimes they flip. Sometimes a neutral becomes a rabid taker or is a reformed taker. Yes, I am thinking of someone in particular who always tried to yank me out of my shell. Their needs were of utmost importance. Didn’t matter what I wanted. I cut these people out but if they change, I may let them back in.

And this: RECEIVING IS A SKILL i.e. learning to receive, to allow, to accept, to ATTRACT is a SKILL. If you don’t have it innately then you must skillfully learn how. With Venus in Gemini and retrograde now? Ponder this. Ponder your Venus and your ability to connect and draw to you the riches you require.

Demanding vs. Attracting: they are different.

What do you demand of others? 

Love, MP

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PS the picture is of Ingmar Bergman, Cancer Sun

Fire Water: The Cancer-Sagittarius Combo In Natal And/Or Synastry

"cancer sagittarius compatibility"

I write about my obsessions. Maybe not all writers do. Maybe some astrology bloggers are better at being fair. But not me. I write about my obsessions.

And I’m obsessed, still, with the Cancer/Sagittarius combo. Do I have this in my chart?

Well, Jupiter rules my 4th House which is Cancer’s natural house. And my Mercury-Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter… stuff like that.

It’s not like I have Moon in Sagittarius BUT Sagittarius ruling my House of Home DOES matter. And all my life, I’ve always had these… cheery, smiling-eyed Sagittarius peeps wanting to be my friend and I could never figure out why as I consider myself the BORING friend and Sagittarius has a need for the not-boring.

They always try to get me to do stuff and go places. Ew.


Yes I know Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but that seems like remote reasoning as to WHY the attraction.

And yet I do believe it has to do with the Inconjunct which is feeling more and more like a mystical aspect to me.

Not “easy like Sunday morning” like a trine or “let’s run an errand” like a sextile or “quit rubbin’ me the wrong way” like a square or “a battle for better or worse” like an opposition.

The Inconjunct says: Lo! I do not understand you but I want to understand you, strange creature! I am drawn to you! Help! I am so very drawn to you! Hello? 


I love to post pictures of Frieda and Diego when I talk about Cancer and Sagittarius. She the crab, he the archer. Both artists, both striking figures. Love the way she seems to mother him in the pictures. Sagittarius’ little-boy-lost-ness can embrace the embrace or crave release from it. Probably some of both. Sagittarius may find distasteful how much he/she actually loves the love… if she/he slowed down enough to consider it.

And Sagittarius DOES consider it.

Do you have inconjuncts in your chart?


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The Gods Have Spoken: Hard Transits/Hard Times

"saturn square mars"

Last night I had dinner with my best friend/ex-boyfriend.

He’s like a mother/father to me. Once a week we have dinner, for years now.

And he tells me he’s been diagnosed with cancer. 


He’s a Cancer Sun, Aries Moon and Mars. The Full Moon in Libra is this week. Full Moons bring news.


Routine and rest: that’s my advice for hard transits, hard times.

And I’m remembering what I was harping on yesterday, about the mutable tsquare in the sky now: Neptune, Venus, and Mars — and to engage Sagittarius ideals i.e. perspective. My friend should be fine. He should be. His life is changed forever now though. From diagnosis onwards. It’s one of those before and afters. For me, my life is divided into: before my mother died and after she died.


Saturn and Pluto can bring loss, death. But also reward and rebirth.


I’m still processing the news. I have a Virgo Moon. It takes time. It’s like there’s this…. hole in my chest. And it’s as though it’s sucking in stuff. Like the way a powerful fan will suck in dust or pieces of paper that wind up sticking to the outside of the grate.

Last night I kept saying, “I don’t like this news. At all.


The God have spoken, is what I thought this morning.


Months ago, when he expressed interest in dating me again, I pulled a few cards: one for him, one for me, and one for the energy between us. The Tower was between us and now I know what the cards were saying.

For months I’d been trying to figure it out.

The Tower doesn’t *always*  mean bad news or bad events. It can be your thinking that must or will change.

However, twice in my life The Tower has signaled the sky falling.


Saturn is transiting my 2nd House, squaring my 11th House. Squaring my Mars now. Mars/Aries rules my 8th House. Pluto is about to enter my 5th. You do the math.


Last night he looked like he was glowing. I saw him down the street and he looked at me with that look… that I’ve sometimes seen on his face, that a couple friends saw on his face the night we all had coffee and dessert after one of my short plays went up. A love-look with a wrinkly smile. Like he’s looking past me. And he looked fine, more than fine. And like there was a light around him. We sat down, ordered, he let me complain about something for a minute or two and then he told me.

I thought you had good news, I yelled at him. I really did think he had good news. And he did, actually — some advancement and recognition of some creative projects he’s working on.


Full recovery is expected. The Gods have spoken.


To be continued…


The Stars Today: Sweetness And The Edge

"sun square pluto"

Now, right now, are the aspects that I was talking about this morning. Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

How are you feeling? The Moon’s in Gemini. Where is Gemini in your chart?

Social? Restless? Busy? Of two or more minds? Those are common Gem keywords.

And are you living either of those aspects up top?

If Sun square Pluto is power struggle and if it’s true that aspects are stronger when they are applying (this is true for me) then I got my Sun square Pluto dose a day ago. Not that we are limited to one manifestation.

As for sweet Mercury sextile pretty Venus, that’s the undercurrent. That everything actually IS fine… despite the fear at times. Despite the… “I can’t!”

Sun square Pluto likes to look for something wrong so the higher vibration of this energy is the deep looking itself, the Pluto part. But not to assault the Sun or to steal the light but to… bake a cake together.

I know I know fucked up metaphor but hear me out. We’re not dealing with Cancer planets here but we ARE dealing with Aries who squares Cancer and we are dealing with Capricorn who opposes Cancer.

So it’s up to Cancer to nurture you out of this mess – to dry your tears and bring you sweets.

How are you feeling?


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Transiting Pluto And The Cancerian Challenge To Grow Up

"new moon in aries 2012"

This morning I was re-posting some blog posts from last year and a Twitter pal mentioned how she loved that kind of writing from me and it just goes to show… I’m busy lately. When you’re really busy, you have less time to feel, less time to feel intensely.

Or it could just be that things are — gasp — even in all their weirdness and unpredictability, that things are — gasp again — more stable.

Pluto in Capricorn is trine my Ascendent now. I am building. Saturn (Capricorn) rules foundations. I am building me (1st House/Ascendent) and building relationships – Pluto sextile my descendent.

And it made me think, made me wonder. Am I that much calmer? Than last year?

And yesterday while I was on the train I was planning a blog post that began “I have knowledge of death” due to my parents dying before my Saturn Return. That’s kind of intense isn’t it? And then I thought “Nah, won’t write about that…”

Cancerians do grow up, eventually.

And I realize that as Pluto finishes his trine to my Ascendent he prepares to oppose my Sun. Pluto will retrograde but with so few oppositions in my chart, I wonder who or what will come at me with this transit: Pluto people, Pluto experiences and situations.

Transits come to yank us out of… who we are and push us towards who we are supposed to become. Make sense? This journey? Think of it that way. Your journey, your story. What’s next? Who’s there? Can you imagine more mastery over your life than you have now?

Is transiting Pluto doing something interesting in your chart?


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My Cancerian Breasts And The Mid-Life Uranus Opposition

"new moon in aries 2012"

This was one of my first blog posts here…

I find this topic hard to talk about, which makes me want to talk about it even more. Somewhat. Transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Uranus is one of those famous mid-life transits and I’m just about there. But where it takes me is to the body, my body, and its changes.

Last night I asked my boyfriend (am I too old to use the word “boyfriend?”) if he would still love me if my breasts disappeared. Disappeared because I’ve embarked on a major food change and my treasured Cancerian boobage will no doubt be the first to lay down. 40-year old breasts that have been subjected to almost 30 years of exercise and losing weight and gaining weight and losing weight. These are their last days of beauty, although not unpleasant to the touch. I’ve written before about Venus square Saturn, and the ugliness complex, and the self-critical Virgo eye. Well, being self-critical doesn’t mean it’s not true.

So what’s hard to talk about isn’t aging per se, but about the End of Beauty, beauty that I never really had, never really felt, in the first place. Again, Venus square Saturn.

Of course (returning to my original point) there was only one right answer to the question I asked the boyfriend and he passed the unintentional test but the change remains and the body continues. And sure, men have their own changes to cope with, grey hair and such, Viagra needs, but I believe what I speak of here, the end of beauty, is a singularly female experience, and a painful one.

If women aren’t their bodies and their beauty, what are they? Who are they? What remains? Yes, I know I am speaking from the point of view of a t-squared Venus but these rhetorical questions matter. We must… figure out how to be as we age.


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Capricorn Moon, Venus In The 12th, And How Do You Slow Down?

"moon pluto conjunct"

The Moon is in Capricorn as I write this…

And lately I wake up in the morning and I think of Miami.

Today’s letter is the letter M…


Miami is synonomous with Mother for me and I have to blog here and release my thoughts and memories and feelings before I begin my 1st scheduled reading and the memories, if I can even call them that, come quickly, and not in story-form.

But they are clear, clear… smells or… how to describe it? As if they are here or I am back there but NO that’s not it. It’s as if we are all together in some kind of… “inbetween time and place” — between currently reality and the past. Where is that? Heaven?

I think I’ll call it presence. I feel their presence. Ce’st tout. And then I hear seagulls. My mother loved seagulls.

And I don’t mean to create some kind of false Normal Rockwell. My family life was not ideal but as I make my coffee and the memories arrive they are benign. Nothing “bad” about them at all. In fact it feels good. As though finally we’ve all reached our peace.


Two more things I wanted to mention in this hodge podge of a post and here’s the second and it’s a question: what do you do when you feel overwhelmed? When overwhelm has snuck inside you, uninvited guest.

I’m going to tell you what I do:

1. slow down. Overwhelm for me often has to do with rushing and this can be mental as well as physical and

2. I align myself with Spirit (or God or Service, however you want to describe it). I remind myself that I am not acting alone. That whatever I am doing, it is God’s work — God is part of it. Whether I am doing a reading or feeding the cat or going for a walk… To remind myself to lessen the distance between Spirit and me.

So it’s not about escape from worry. It’s actually a very active mental process, it’s REAL – and one time isn’t a charm. It must be done daily sometimes. Virgo South Node requires this.

These “solutions” work for me, for my chart. For you it could be something else. But if you have a very Virgo/Pisces axis kind of chart like mine, filled with worry, this may help you to relieve some of your fear, worry, doubt. Complete alignment. As complete as you can make it. Close the distance.

But again, it’s not about transcendence at all. It is, actually, about partnership. But with the Divine.

My Virgo South Node is in my 12th House.  And, listen, we don’t get rid of our South Node. It still requires our mastery. The South Node is where we can fall into old habits and patterns so this material, these lessons, are still ours.

Yeah this is what I think of first thing in the morning :) I have a dear friend who grunts for the first hour in the morning and will text me single words to let me know he’s awake and alive.


And the 3rd thing on my Virgo Moon to-do list: continuing some thoughts on Venus in the 12th House. How Venus in the 12th House redeems herself from the 12th is by REFUSING to be anyone’s secret.


So there you have it. The Moon is in Capricorn. Here’s something to think about in regards to the Moon’s placement in this sign:

Capricorn rules, among other things, abandoned places, attics, barren ground, basements, bricks, caves, cement…

What this tells me is that Capricorn can and will build but needs help filling it in. That’s where Cancer comes in, Capricorn’s opposite. These signs need each other. The skeleton (Cap rules bones) needs the nurturing of the flesh (Cancer rules the breasts).

So you Cancer boys and girls with Cappy loves in your life, remember that. Part of YOUR job is to soften the world around, and for, the Capricorn.

Share your first-thing-in-the-morning-thoughts here!


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Keywords For The 4th House

"the 4th house"

One’s life purpose, milkmen, old age, rooming houses…

The 4th house! I’m enjoying what has become my series on the 12 Houses and we are at no. 4!

Places of rest, buried treasure, the womb…

Now, what are the most obvious, oft-cited 4th House keywords? Anyone?

That’s right: home, family, mother or father, Cancer, the Moon…

Why you are the way you are = inherited tendencies…

My teacher used to use the phrase “symbolic foundations” for the 4th House.

Unmoveable possessions, private life, motels, hotels, houses…

Interesting that the 4th has to do with “permanent homes” i.e. something you buy vs. temporary homes, like a motel room. This points to the idea that ALL homes really are impermanent. Just like our bodies. All our shells (hello Cancer!) are temporary.

The 4th House rules (in Bills’ words) “the ultimate disposition of the body.” 

In readings I find that the 4th House is definitely “where you come from” — or at least one of the houses that shows this. I see it in the 3rd House too (and in aspects, especially Moon aspects).

Outcomes, results, endings…

But the 4th House can also be the house or family sitch you are in today. Jupiter transits to the 4th often bring a move, usually to a bigger place. Bigger doesn’t always mean better though.

Breasts, one’s burial, end of life, your domestic life, hidden things…

Pluto through the 4th, well, I’m counting the days ’til Pluto leaves my 4th. Those years were marked by death, changing house, general uprooting and excavation of… just about everything.

We could say, yes we could say, that transit has made me who I am.

Ah! Digression! Take a look at  your chart for Capricorn (at or around 9 degrees) and where Pluto is now… check if he’s at the beginning, middle, or end of a house….

Pluto transits are major transitions. And you won’t completely know the meaning of this transit until the end or near the end and you scoop up the shards of your life and… take a picture.

A few questions for you today: 

Is there a transit that made you “who you are?”

Do you have planets in the 4th House? An empty 4th House? What’s your relationship to family? 


PS Many of the keywords have their origin in derivative houses  something I don’t think I’ve ever talked about here. But, for example, it’s why the 8th House is considered “other people’s money” — because the 7th House is your partner so the 8th house is, so to speak, your partner’s money i.e. your partner’s “2nd House.” Get it? And you can go all around the wheel like this and find just about anything. So for example, the 3rd house is siblings so the 4th House would be your sibling’s earnings. Make sense? As though the 3rd house were your siblings 1st House and thus your 4th House is their 2nd. If this confuses you, ignore it :)

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Why I Like Aquarius Season And Why I Don’t

"aquarius season"

Why I don’t:

Because y’all square my Saturn. In Taurus. In the 9th House which is my perspective (9th) which has enough trouble with Saturn there. Saturn limits.

And y’all inconjunct my Cancer Stellium. In the 11th House. You’d think there’d be some sympathy there because the 11th is Aquarius’ natural house AND YET…

The gloom of the ennui of the dark days of the bare trees of the February of the of the of the of the of the of this time of year!

And this is nothing personal towards individual Aquarians. Just some times of year *feel* better than others to me. Have you noticed this? If you haven’t, then start noticing. And maybe it will shift as well. But it’s good to remember. Why? Because they you can adjust your behavior, know that some times of year you need to… adjust, relax, stop pushing, listen more. And at other times? Be relentless.

Actually… as I type this I am remembering my first astrology reading with my teacher who noticed that my Venus takes a sextile but also is in a t-square. And he noticed my Mars also has good aspects and also has squares. That my energy will fluctuate like this and when I HAVE the energy I just need to GO GO GO because soon enough the squares will kick in. Now this could be the story of any Cancer, really: fluctuating moods and stamina. But it’s also the story of planets who take hard and soft aspects. And it’s probably the human story as well, in genera. Yup!

Why I like Aquarius Season: the very early degrees trine my natal Uranus and my MC thus giving me a grand trine and I do not underestimate the holy trine! And then during the later degrees I’ll get a trine to my Jupiter, 2nd House = work (Aquarius is my 6th house) and money from work (2nd).

So at first: cool! And then comes: UGH. And then we finish off with: cool!

And I keep posting Marilyn pictures a) because I love her and b) because she’s got an Aquarius Moon and Venus in Aries, which fit the season and c) her North Node in Cancer is conjunct my Sun (I think. Need to doublecheck.)

How does Aquarius Season suit your chart? What time of year do you like best?


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The Stars Today: Moon In Sagittarius (Or, The Sagittarius Whisperer)

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

You know what? Sagittarius is an oft-misunderstood sign although probably everyone feels that way. Misunderstood. Do you? 

I’m thinking about Sagittarius not just because the Moon is in Sagittarius but the Moon in Sagittarius makes me review the Sagittarius that I have known throughout my life and damn it they’ve always been there which some may consider odd because I have a Cancer stellium which will inconjunct the Archer which can feel kind of itchy. I’m always the reticent one.

Sagittarius likes to roam, right? And Cancer likes to stay home, right? Sagittarius like to be free, freely freeing their freedom loving freeness!

Sagittarius no. 1: my best friend from age 12 until… well… until the time that I stopped talking to her. She wasn’t the one who left. It was ME!

And then there was Sagittarius no. 2, my first college boyfriend, my first boyfriend ever actually. He wrote me long long long long long letters and I broke his heart. Damn. No need to be sad though. He’s happily married with child. I think he’s my Facebook friend. Not sure. He’s never on there.

Sagittarius no. 3 – one of my good friends here in NYC. I don’t see her all that often but it’s because our lives our busy. Neither of us left the other. I love it when I see her – she’s family. And oof she’s DEEP (got Scorpio planets too).

And there are others but my point is this: you know what the secret side of Sagittarius is? They don’t leave. They fight to keep you (to varying degrees). And one could say: oh yes it’s the influence of Capricorn in their chart which can be a bit bullying ;)

There’s something of the puppy in them — no matter their um possible prurient interests or hobbies (found in some Archers) or how far and wide their travels take them. A Sagittarius who loves you is leashed to you. This has been my experience.

What about you?


Mother, The Moon, Your 4th House

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
the moon is your mother

Do you hear your mother’s voice in your voice? Or see your mother’s gestures in your own? Do your bodies look similar?

How does it make you feel?

It’s always a little eerie to me when I notice it, eerie but nice. And it takes me by surprise. But why should it? I am my mother’s daughter in so ways.  I feel a sense of fascination, too, when it happens

All the mother stuff though is poignant for me — I lost her way too young. It was a sudden death, a shock, and as a Cancer Sun… well… Mother is Everything.

This post is not a post of mourning though, or grief. It’s about those moments when you see the ones who have gone in yourself. Ghosts, ghostly.

In Astrology, the Moon has to do with not just women in general, but Mother. The 4th House is associated with Cancer, associated with Mother. It’s a chain… all around the chart. Chain isn’t a great word for what I’m thinking of because I’m thinking of something that undulates. Waves. Ah, there, that’s better. Because Cancer is a water sign.

A chain made of water, waves.

Is you feelin’ me? (To quote Lafayette from True Blood).



Chart Reading: Putting It Together And Using Myself As An Example

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
use your intuition

I was finishing up a Tarot reading for someone this morning and starting thinking about fear, my own, and I can’t remember how I… started thinking about it so I decided to look at today’s planets and degrees and see where we’re at.

There’s a dark energy, dark mood, moving through me and I think it *may* be my own transits.

Also, this mood has to do with *other people* i.e. other people’s energies (the opposition!) — I’ve been soaking up other energy the last 24 hours and I don’t mean by doing readings, I mean Real Life i.e. dealing with Men and what they want, or don’t want, from me.

People, you must always ask yourself: what do YOU want? Don’t let someone’s projections or expectations take the place of YOU.

So here’s quick run through of a few things that I see:

First thing: the Sun in Capricorn opposing my Mercury and Mars in Cancer.

The Sun = Men, the male principle, the father! Authority. Control. Fear (Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn). Also decision-making because Saturn is in Libra. Also strife because it’s an opposition. A battle and the Cancer-Capricorn battle is parent vs parent. Me vs. You.

Oppositions are unsettling energy from outside us. They push us *to deal* with ourselves, with others. My chart has very few oppositions. In fact, my personal planets make NO oppositions at all. So when I receive this energy, I need to pull back and… understand it and figure out what action to take.

The Moon at 1 degree Libra, opposing my progressed Moon in Aries and transiting Uranus, and already in conjunction (applying to) my natal Uranus: emotions are unpredictable, fluctuating, flying around, electric, spooky even. And all this in regards to relationships: Libra Libra Libra which means that the transiting Moon will eventually conjunct Saturn in Libra at the last degree. So we have that to look forward to HA!

Venus is in Pisces, has just entered Pisces, and sits on my North Node in Pisces, nearing my descendent. Again, relationships come to mind. And they hurt they hurt they hurt: transiting Venus conjunct transiting Chiron (the wound). 

Mars in Virgo conjunct my Moon and Pluto: the usual emotional intensity that I live with daily gets bigger and faster and feels uncomfortable. Too Much Mars for this sideways Mars in Cancer. This transit at first energized me amazingly (Mars through my 1st) but now I’m just feeling tired from it — need to recover, and I will recover when Mars retrogrades!

So here’s your assignment. Go to or some other website with the planetary degrees and go through your own natal and measure out your transits and make MEANING of them. TELL YOUR STORY. Tell it to yourself, tell it here, tell it anywhere, just TELL IT. 

And if you want *me* to show you these skills, and you live in NYC, we can meet-up for lessons. Once you have the chart in your hands, you will see that it is not so hard. And I’m sorry if the above was confusing but at least you can witness, more or less, some of my thought process. I know I make leaps, but you will too. You will put it together.

And if you read over what I wrote above, you will see a couple common themes 1) relationships/other people   2) emotions running high

If I hadn’t of typed this out, I wouldn’t have seen it so clearly. But that’s how it works *for me*.


Teaching Astrology And The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer 2012"
full moon in cancer

As the Moon in Cancer heads to Full, I want to ask you where you feel Full in your life. Where you have enough. Nourished, nurtured, fed, fed from the breast. The milk of life!

And, then, conversely, where you feel lack. Find your Cancer/Capricorn axis and go from there. Put it together. Your puzzle. Your life. Right?

Something’s gonna finish in that Cancer House of yours. Something’s gonna result. Culminate. More light than usual. More insight. More understanding. Just… MORE.

Or it may not be a “finish” or an “end” but a… FINALLY!


On another but related topic: tonight I had my first student (first student since I was an English teacher a zillion years ago). It was fairly informal chart-reading tips and tricks and stuff and insight and conversation (and food!) and it was a lot of fun for many reasons.

But I swear when I start tuning in… to someone… in person… it’s just a very intense energy. Not that I was intending to tune-in because we were looking at her friend’s chart but I couldn’t help it!

Doing readings by email circumvents this intensity but if I am going to start doing more of this in person this year, I’ll have to figure out how to manage it. Should be… interesting.

Are you feeling the Full Moon this evening? 


We Are The Moon: Feeling The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"
we are the moon

The events of the last few days have me feeling really confused and yet in touch with my fate, destiny, Spirit, the future, I don’t know what to call it, but I feel it, and I believe it is Full Moon related: news, revelations.

And the Moon hasn’t even left Taurus yet…

Some of us Cancer peeps (Suns, Moons, Risings) are pretty damn sensitive to this stuff — we are the Moon!

And none of this is bad, just… out of the blue (Full Moon in my 11th). Maybe a hint or two along the way recently but… these culminations (another Full Moon key word) have surprised me truly.

I’m not even sure what to think so I’m trying not to and yet I can’t help it! My Virgo Moon is yearning to process and START FEELING but too much is… unsaid at the moment. Too much is.. yet to be revealed and perhaps Full Moon Day itself or the days shortly thereafter will reveal more.

What’s happening in your life? Are you feeling twinges of what’s-to-come? 


Weird Things Are Happening Already: Full Moon In My 11th House

"full moon in cancer 2012"
C is for Full Moon in Cancer and Cookie

Where’s the upcoming Full Moon for you?

My previous post made mention of the 11th House being the house associated with Aquarius (weird) although of course you may have a different sign on this house cusp….

This Full Moon sits between my Cancer Sun and Cancer Mercury (with Mars right there too).

I don’t have any planets in the 5th house (Saturn ruled, for me) but the Cancer Full Moon not only crabcrawls through 11th House issues, but talks to the 5th House as well (these houses oppose each other on the wheel).

Are you making connections already regarding your own chart and the upcoming Loony Moony Moon?

Prepare for some Emotional Experiences :) no matter your sign. Not because this Full Moon is poorly aspected in the sky but because it’s CANCER, the sign of our FEEEEEEEEEEELINGS and Full Moons are emotional and things come to light and some of you may be very airy fairy and not accustomed to tiptoeing (or slamdancing) through THE MOOOOOODS.

Embody the Spirit of the Cancer. 

My suggestion: watch a tear-jearker, eat cookies.