Saturn Changes Signs But Not Houses (In Your Chart): What Does It Mean?

"saturn square moon" It’s kind of a technical topic but an important one!

What happens when a planet changes SIGN but doesn’t change HOUSE — in your chart?

And let’s say you use PLACIDUS (or some other house system) and NOT the Whole Sign system (which would give you a new house position when the planet changes signs).

What does it feel like?
What can you expect?

I recommend to use the house system that you believe in, the one you are comfortable with, the one you believe to be true for you.

But I also think it’s worthwhile to do double-duty.

Do Placidus AND Whole.
Do Koch AND Whole.
Do Equal AND Whole.

Or whatever combination you prefer.

I’ll tell you what I’m noticing – about my own chart. I think it may help you too.

Saturn in Sagittarius was my 4th House.

And I also had Saturn square my Moon so there were big time lessons and messages and revelations about HOME and family and BELONGING and a move and a big rental house and etc etc and my beloved Cleo went from body to pure energy, pure spirit (very Saturn 4th, also Pluto 4th in my Solar Return)…

Using Placidus, Saturn is STILL in my 4th House.

I call it “finishing up” in my 4th House and won’t enter my 5th until… late this year or early 2019 (have to check the degree).

OR is Saturn already in my 5th? Is Whole Signs more TRUE but that cusp line is still a high vibrational point? 

We know one thing for sure: SATURN CHANGED SIGNS. Saturn went from Sagittarius to Capricorn. And Saturn is no longer squaring any of my Virgo and will TRINE my Virgo.

I am still in the house but honestly I have felt: I can move now if I want. And I have felt: I can stay. And I have felt: it’s okay. I love you, house, no matter what challenges arise. I feel more “settled” even though it’s not *my* house. After all this time, I’m finally there. It’s mine and not mine.

I think it’s an interesting set of questions and they don’t need ONE definitive answer.

Your LIFE will tell you what the answer is. Pay attention. You’ll know. 

FOR SURE the squares to my Virgo stuff are over. For sure Saturn is in Capricorn which is harmonious and “at home.”

And for sure I am suddenly literally suddenly thinking about: home and where do I belong and roots MORE than before. Where do I live? What kind of place? How does a self-employed astrologer purchase property? Do I want to? What to do? ALL such questions.

Saturn through my 4th… was TOO HARD to face those questions. I was too busy SURVIVING.

And now? It’s just not as painful. Not perfect, but not as painful.

As for what Saturn in my 5th might feel like, well, I don’t have kids (5th) but I am a creator and so maybe I’ve got one foot in one world and one foot in the next (4th and 5th) and it may be a similar situation for you. My book comes out this year. 2019 could bring new interesting 5th House stuff!

Where’s your transiting Saturn these days?

"Saturn in capricorn"

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Class begins JANUARY 2, 2018 and the class will run five weeks.

This class is SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS but those more versed in astrology can enjoy and learn as well.

In this class, you will definitely learn astrology, although please note this is not a “basic A-Z astrology class” nor is it a class in “how to read a chart.”
But neither of those skills is necessary here. 

This is a class on WHY the Saturn in Capricorn transit matters, what it’s about, what it means, how it will affect YOU personally.

We will answer such questions as:

*what is Saturn anyway? What does it symbolize in the horoscope?
*what is Capricorn energy like? Why is Saturn in Capricorn special?
*will I become a Capricorn when Saturn is in Capricorn?
*how does Saturn in Capricorn differ from Saturn in Sagittarius (the transit we are finishing)
*what is this word “transit” you keep using?
*why does this transit matter??? Does it REALLY matter?
*how will it affect ME?

And more! 

See, planet Saturn is changing signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn and will stay in Capricorn for THREE YEARS. This is the PERFECT AMOUNT OF TIME and in the class I’ll explain WHY.

We are ending a cycle. We are beginning a cycle. We have old lessons to finish!!!! and new lessons to begin.

You will get immersed in the language and the concepts of astrology and I will strive to speak in plain English (without dumbing anything down) but I am always ready and willing to answer questions.

"saturn in capricorn"


This class has three hearts :)

Heart number one will be found in the Weekly Lessons which will be sent by Email to all participants.

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The Weekly Lessons will have information, inspiration, and a special theme each week, along with discussion prompts for the group (and other goodies and resources that I want to share with you). These Lessons are the anchor for each week. 

Heart number two will be familiar to my previous students! It’s the SECRET Facebook Group which is for discussion and questions and answers and homework and for you to ask: WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, Aliza? And then I do my best to answer :)

The purpose of the Group is to build community, conversation, and to share experience and ideas regarding Saturn and astrology and LIFE itself.

Astrology IS real life! 

Heart number three are YOUR CHARTS, which will be posted in the secret group (unless you don’t want your chart up). On those discussion threads, I will discuss the highlights of what Saturn in Capricorn means for YOU individually. Participants who feel comfortable reading charts are welcome to chime in as well, but it’s not required.

And as I wrote at the top of this blog post: one of my goals with this class is to make Saturn FUN :) after all, Saturn transits are known for their life lessons (which aren’t always so fun). Saturn and FUN in the same sentence? YES! :)

"saturn in capricorn"


By the end of class you will:
gain practical knowledge and wisdom. Saturn in Capricorn wouldn’t have it any other way.

You will understand the astrological Saturn better and the sign of Capricorn better. You will have a greater understanding of how astrology works in your life. You will grasp the meaning of what Saturn in Sagittarius was for you (these last two and half years) and what Saturn in Capricorn CAN BE.

We will also discuss the PRACTICAL and spiritual steps all of us can take to make this transit the best it can be. Transits can bring good and challenging energies to our life. Often both at once. This class will arm you with knowledge, information, practical advice, spiritual wisdom, community, strength, and grace.
By the time we begin, Saturn will have been in Capricorn only a couple weeks! Consider this class your map, your sky, your walking boots.

You don’t need to be scared of Saturn. I’ll walk us through this transit, this big change in all our lives, step by step, with love. 

The Little Book of Saturn

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"girls who powerlift"

Transit Talk! Saturn Trine Your Venus Is A Good Good Thing ASTROLOGY

"uranus in taurus"
Knowing who you are and what you want.

YOUR VALUES. What you want to GAIN.

Being certain. Being REAL. Integrity, authenticity.

INNER KNOWING and not being ashamed of who you are and what you desire.
Yes, my friends. Bam. :) 

In case you were wondering what Saturn trine Venus means. In case you were wondering why didn’t SATURN TRINE VENUS bring me love. It did. Any step we take away from self-loathing or self-hate and into self acceptance is a good thing. WE STOP HANGING AROUND THE WRONG PEOPLE THEN. We stop waiting on the wrong people. Venus is social.

I’m thinking about this because I was noticing in a client chart Saturn on her Mars (cannot move!!!) but trine her Venus and she may say:

WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE I’M STILL SINGLE but honey there’s more to life than ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIP. (Libras cover your ears!)

There I said it. OMG. Sky. Falling.

Luv is not everyone’s path every minute of the day.
YOU EXIST OUTSIDE HIM (or her) and outside the longing for him (or her).

This isn’t to say that it’s wrong to love or wrong to desire!!! Not at all but not all Venus transits are about your legs in the air ;) 

They can be about you being so damn certain what and who is right for YOU because you are living your values!!!!!!

Make sense????

"saturn trine venus"

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"uranus in taurus"

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A Story For Mercury in Libra (Trigger Warning this post may give you a headache)

"mercury retrograde in libra" New TAROT post is here, from yours truly on Beliefnet. Please click on the link to read WHEN THE TOWER IS THE ANSWER (to your love problem).

I feel like I’m always hearing stories about amazing therapists but can’t find one myself. Like dating, we just aren’t compatible.

I used to take it as a sign – that I needed to rely on myself. Or at least NOT rely on “conventional’ therapy — but then I’d hear these amazing stories once again, even about therapists who also use astrology or homeopathy or dog training or… whatever ;)

One thing I’m realizing this morning is that I probably need to talk to a WATER SIGN if I ever try a new therapist again.

I have my Mercury (mind) in Cancer conjunct Mars in Cancer — (both square Jupiter — the details are less important than the philosophy behind the feeling-imbued words and I may also be a bit of a storyteller. Not a liar but a storyteller. Every Sagittarius is a storyteller. Imagine Mercury square Jupiter then. It may be colorful at times! But no less true for that.)

So with Mercury Mars conjunct I’m forthright but everything is filtered through how it feels. I have my Sun in Cancer too. My first astrologer told me that my feelings WERE logical. And she was right. But we live in an AiR world not a WATER world.
How it FEELS is often MORE important/relevant than the individual words sometimes although you can imagine with my Moon in Virgo in mutual reception with my Mercury in Cancer, my words are pretty damn precise. But once in a while it’s nice to LET THAT GO.

(The following paragraphs may give you a headache. Trigger warning:

For example, me saying that I got thrown out of every apartment I’ve lived in, since I’ve been in NYC and the therapist making a point with me for 10 minutes that one of those situations doesn’t really qualify as “getting thrown out” because of x,y,z  EVEN THOUGH I DID HAVE TO MOVE OUT, was forced due to the situation.

It’s irrelevant I said i.e. his point was irrelevant.

And furthermore (after deciding to borrow his own logic) we could even say, technically that those OTHER situations ALSO didn’t qualify because x,y,z so we can run with this ball, but do you really want to motherfucker? Okay I didn’t say motherfucker. But I felt it ;) Being intellectually challenged gets on my nerves. I find it to be a waste of time that he felt he had to prove he was right by making these distinctions.  Where I’m coming from: just HEAR what I SAY and TAKE IT at FACE VALUE. And I didn’t say MOTHERFUCKER that time either.)

If a therapist wants to hair split with me over my word-choice and not allow figures of speech in conversation… then we have a communication breakdown. Also, side issue, a therapist can NOTE what the words mean to the client and to himself/herself WITHOUT having to push the point and waste time during the session trying to prove his/her intellectual dick is bigger.

Solution: if you feel your therapist DOES have something to teach you? Then let them “win.” They clearly need to :) YOU are going to have to be the bigger man and just let it go. And often you won’t know until a few sessions if you’ve got a prince among men (or women) or a lemon. NO offense to the lemons reading this ;) 

It is a mistake to think therapists are beyond jealousy or fear — they are human too! — but supposed to be professional — although I tend to see underneath the hood, without even wanting or trying to — so when we talk to a new “helper,” unless they are working on their OWN ego and spiritual growth and tendencies to argue rather than listen… we are talking to walls.

(By the way I have always had good luck finding metaphysical help: astrologers, tarot readers, psychics…)

Yesterday in therapy I talked for nearly a full hour and when the therapist piped in, it was with words that I’ve definitely thought and also said (out loud to my partner). This was validating.

And another remarkable thing happened: I went into therapy feeling physically exhausted, weak. By the time I was done verbally unburdening myself? I felt normal again. And there I was, CERTAIN that I was sick. But no — it was the heavy emotional burden that was weighing on me.

Moral of story: writing this blog post has been therapy in and of itself. I’ll let you know what happens next.


Therapy is not a psychic reading. Clients want answers and direction in an hour! In a half hour! In 15 minutes. In five! Candy coated insight that makes it worth their hard earned dollar. Can you imagine? Therapy, however, happens over time. People stay in analysis for decades. Psychic readers, good ones, learn to think fast, to assess in a matter of seconds. I’m just thinking out loud here… how remarkable it is.

Mercury is currently at 14 degrees Libra and will go RETROGRADE at 2 degrees Scorpio on October 4th. It should be no surprise to you that communications, 1:1 communications, are already wonky, as Mercury is in his shadow phase and you know the drill, my friends!! Libra = RELATIONSHIPS. Dealing with other people. Relationships go retrograde ;) AND THIS MAY NOT BE A BAD THING.

And, yes, I know the retrograde officially begins in the sign of Scorpio but the bulk of it is spent in Libra which of course will remind us of the mega Mars in Libra transit (that we’ve all tried to forget lol!).

You know what? THIS IS A GOOD THING. This retrograde is a good thing. It’s a do-over. All the mistakes, all the missteps, all the RAGE, expressed or unexpressed that we felt last year when Mars was in Libra for so long? Well, now we actually CAN rewrite the past. Do it differently. Mercury = THE WRITER.

I took the first level of Reiki some years ago and I forget how my teacher and I got on this topic but I asked if we could go back to the past and Reiki it — go back to moments of trauma from the past and Reiki them and she said yes but we had to save that for level two…

For me, that is this Mercury retrograde in Libra transit. Retracing our steps. Doing it better, differently.


Spend time pondering how you really fucked up during Mars in Libra. Take THIS MUCH more responsibility for your actions, even if the other person was mostly in the wrong ;) Your bullshit still played a part!

***YES plans are underway to create a private blog on my site!!
And to still keep one or two blog posts per week PUBLIC but the rest under wraps, by lock and key, which you will be able to purchase access to!
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The Stars This Week: Wear The Good Bra

You are stronger BECAUSE of it. "pluto opposition sun"This is how I feel right now and you may not feel the same and that’s your right.

ALSO, you may be dog paddling now. You may not be at the shore, the other side.
But this is my PLUTO message, my Sunday Sermon :)

Pluto is an ending but also a beginning. ALWAYS. Death and Rebirth. DO NOT FORGET.
So easy to talk about everything that gets destroyed en route. Sometimes we forget what cannot be killed. I thought some things in my life were over and done. They are not over and done. Some things cannot be killed. 

Which reminds me — an astrologer once described my (the) Moon Pluto conjunction as being “hard to kill.” (And then I wrote a short play about bedbugs with that title).

Consider me your Oracle of the Day, your Moon Pluto message of the day, your catch of the day ;) here to remind you of what is true and enduring. There are ghosts in your house where Pluto is transiting your chart. There are ghosts in that house. You keep coming up for air. And so do they. What is needed in order to cross over and stop the sick making cycles in your life: total break through. Tower card. SMASH EVERY FOUNDATION BECAUSE NEW ONES MUST BE ESTABLISHED. Revealed. That’s the better word here: revealed.

But, yes, I hear you. We are all in different phases. All in good time, little lamb. Your smash-through may be 10 years away. Or 10 seconds.

Which reminds me: please look here for my new post on Beliefnet – Aliza’s “Figure it out Before Nightfall” Tarot Spread
Monday: Mercury enters Libra
Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto
Friday: Venus enters Virgo and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto

We are under these energies ALL THIS WEEK.

I’m not going to go aspect by aspect because that’s not where my head is at right now — instead I want to give you some simple counseling — seeing as how we are in Virgo/Libra Season with a side of Pluto Power. And I’m also well aware that the last two weeks (August overall? July and August?) were hell for many of you and the New Moon in Virgo started a healing process. Getting new skin. 

See, I don’t think anyone underestimated the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio or Venus square Mars Saturn, and yet we did. We shouldn’t have. We knew better. And I’m not even going to talk about my own transits, including my Saturn opposition… and yet the difficulties gave me the OPPORTUNITY to dredge up and thus release what had been hidden. Classic Pluto tool, right? What needed to be vomited. If it had not come out, it would have festered and destroyed. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT YES YOU.

Your job now? To play nice. This week. Clean up. This week. Sweep the walk. Talk nice. Wax the floor. Look good. Wear the good bra :)

Love, MP

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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Jupiter In Leo Right Now (and Venus inconjunct Pluto)

"Venus inconjunct Pluto"I felt redeemed today, earlier today. The gift of nectar sweet truth.

Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo trining my 8th Chiron in Aries.
Venus is exact to it now.
Jupiter has a few more degrees but is in orb.
And I was thinking to myself lately about this — looking forward to it, to the Jupiter Chiron trine specifically and forgetting that Venus is there too, deep in my 12th House pounding away at the waves.

Keep your eyes on this one — on your fire trines. On what Jupiter in Leo will bring you.
Jupiter is at 7 degrees Leo now and will get to 9 degrees by month’s end.
Jupiter gets as far as 22 degrees before going retrograde in early December.
This is no small travelogue, right? This is MOST of Leo.
Then sweetie pie J goes all the way back to 12 degrees before turning direct in April 2015.

SO LISTEN UP YE PEEPS OF EARLY DEGREE FIRE SIGN BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR JUPITER TO TRINE YOU THERE! (Early degree i.e. at least 7 degrees because that’s where Jupiter is now as I type this)

Got it? Jupiter goes retrograde at 22. And then goes direct at 12. So we are right now covering material and experience and gifts of sweet nectar truth and story and Jupiterean abandon that you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AGAIN until next time. And next time will be different. Yes, it will be different.

"jupiter trine chiron" Venus inconjunct Pluto this week. And Mercury trine Pluto. And I’ll write about the weekend in a separate post but about this Venus Pluto inconjunct:

What is the inconjunct? I call it the aspect of dissociation.
Think of anyone  you know who has a chart full of this stuff. Sagittarius Cancer for example. Gemini Scorpio for example.
You kind of have to wait around until you get the part that YOU prefer to deal with, you know?

Let’s say you like Gemini style but not Scorpio style and you’ve got a Gemini guy or girl and you are grooving grooving grooving on her/his witty vibe AND THEN when you least expect it — or for months on end — all you get is the person living out their relentless surgical analysis of your personality!

Or let’s say you have a Sag/Cancer girlfriend and you love her nurturing caring sweetness vulnerability and home baked pies, but have no patience for her Saggy oblivious distractibility.

See, many of them are just as freaked out by themselves as YOU are. Once they get a clue that they even are this way. And some never do. The inconjunct is not about meeting in the middle (like the opposition is) — a seesaw which goes one way and then the other way and the goal is to have it level. The inconjunct has no such “easy” way out. It cannot be blended. IT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP DO YOU HEAR ME THE INCONJUNCT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP. NO SMOOTHIE HERE, BABY!

We get Gemini intact and we get Scorpio intact and FULL-ON. But only one at a time! And sometimes five minutes apart. Like contractions! It can be shocking like contractions! And I call it dissociation because we get shocked when the “other” sign shows up. And they get shocked too — if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH the energies. Some natives are and some aren’t.

Now, in terms of an inconjunct by transit? We will all experience this. Venus in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

You better worship Venus in Leo (let people have their moments of pridefulness or vanity or glory, earned or not) or she will be PISSED and she will be mean and she will toss her hair and slam the door and #byefelicia.

So let Venus in Leo be and do Venus in Leo. Try not to be shocked or annoyed when she storms in and she storms out with script in hand. Because before you know it, Pluto in Capricorn will show his face too, and he is less pleasant and he is DEVILISH.

Understand, Venus in Leo is ultimately a loving pussycat that you better learn to stroke the right way or she will scratch and bite — but Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto in Capricorn is ccccccold. And is the other face of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care about you at all. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t going to bother hair tossing or storming or loving or making a scene. Pluto in Capricorn is long game strategy silence master builder scorched earth master plan THE ART OF WAR. You think everything is fine until one day: poof. No trace. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair.

You have to give them BOTH your time and attention. Can you do that? Can you embody both Venus in Leo AND Pluto in Capricorn for the next couple days without burning anything down?

So we are all under this energy, this unpredictable hide and seek switcharoo and whichever one predominates in your world is anyone’s guess. Or mine! But we’ll all have to deal with them BOTH.

Expect a few apologies by week’s end ;)

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Editing the Ghost: Mercury Opposition Neptune

"new moon in virgo" So, my friends, Mercury is already in alert, articulate Virgo and opposes Neptune today. I wrote in the chatroom that this is like editing a ghost.

Mercury is the critic and Neptune… You can’t wrap your arms around Neptune. It has no shape, no form. BUT IT EXISTS. It’s that feeling when you enter a beautiful old church (or your choice of sacred venue) and you feel the presence of Holy Spirit, The Connect. I find it hard to put into words. That’s Neptune too. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that I feel — that I remember feeling from my youngest days, sitting next to my mother in shul, with her twining my hair behind my ear, reading to me from Bereshis (Genesis, the Creation Story). And maybe this feeling… oh I’m having a revelation as I type this… maybe this feeling that I feel that I connect with GOD or the Divine is actually HER experience of the Divine. Hmm. I think I like that.

Nothing was ever perfect at home. In fact sometimes things were downright criminal. This is a living example of Mercury Neptune in opposition. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and. Making room for both. Acknowledgement of when it was really really bad (sharp and clear Mercury in Virgo). Acknowledgement of Neptune tenderness. I see her face on my face. Her expressions.

This week Mercury also makes a trine to Pluto. Did you know one of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for Pluto is Illumination? Light? Grace?

Mercury opposition Neptune and trine Pluto. How much grace can you handle?
Sing for it.

The Sun — our universal seasonal essence – enters VIRGO on the 22nd. Keyword: Harvest:  Take what you need and leave the rest. And that is Virgo’s PERFECTION, desire for perfection: she can’t carry it all. She can’t bear it all, although she usually does, like the 10 of Wands. Instead she must sift and sort and thus make room — increase space within her agitated Mercury mind. She must create space not only for her own peace of mind and in service for the peace of mind of those in her environment but also create space for what comes next: winter.

See, not only does she gather the fruit crop in her basket, but winter light too, and thus she puts it aside, keeps it safe, for later. Releases it into the world at the right time.
"mercury opposition neptune"

YES THE TAROT CLINIC WILL HAPPEN. Beginners and all levels are welcome but we’ll be starting in the *middle*
I want to talk about reversed card meanings (theories of, and discussion of some individual cards)
I want to talk about unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective)
I want to talk about YOUR favorite cards — ones that particularly vex you
I want to go deep into the Celtic Cross so you can get more out of this classic spread
AND ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Not 78 cards but Mini-Verisions and do readings for each other from these. YES WE WILL CREATE OUR OWN SYSTEMS OF DIVINATION. And of course there will be other exercises and signposts and discussion topics along the way but that’s my primary agenda above. Your Tarot Topics will be welcome as well.

Class will be month-long. We can take our time :)
Secret Group on Facebook, go at your own pace, lurk or participate.

I’m still working on the START DATE. I could go with September 1st — OR if enough interest is shown — a week from today. I’m willing to take your preferences into consideration.

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Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

This One’s For You, Virgo

"moon conjunct pluto" So many mysteries.

Are you cognizant of this?
All the mysteries in your daily life?
Do you stop and see yourself and your surroundings from above?
This can give you a little detachment. Make you “see” better — even if no answers are available.
This is my crusade now. To stop seeking. Stop looking for answers.
Even though I do this for a living and it’s become second nature.

I get SO OBSESSED with answers. What are they, where are they?
This is so Virgo and I am not a Virgo Sun but compulsively Virgo.
Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo.
Virgo Rising.
Virgo South Node.
Always thinking ruminating chewing chewing chewing.

Venus conjunct Jupiter: give generously THERE right there, from your Leo house (this weekend and into Monday)
Mercury opposes Neptune: this is a BEAUTIFUL poetic aspect. Oppositions require meeting in the middle. Not too much Neptune snow globe. Not too muchVirgo slice and dice. Poetically prove your point :) Caution: foggy glasses and contracts signed in invisible ink. Mercury brings much needed understanding to your Pisces house and issues.
Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. Extra hugs all around. And cake. There shall be cake.
Mercury trine Pluto: your words are dangerous and deep. The trine *should* keep you from hurting feelings but still take care. The Virgo/Cap combo is mega clinical. Point words and brain at problems needing to be solved, not people who supposedly need fixing.

SUN ENTERS VIRGO! Time to harvest. What has grown in your life?

A card for Virgo Season: interesting! It’s the end of Leo Season and I get a fiery card! The Eight of Wands. Brace yourself! Many of you will take flight this fall. This one in this direction! That one in that direction! Life as you know it? Changing. Not for everyone, no, but for enough that this card came through. "sun trine uranus"

I still haven’t posted full details yet but the TAROT CLINIC will happen. Need to announce the fee and start date and more details– we begin either later this month or very beginning of September. Beginners are welcome but we’ll be starting in the middle. I want to talk about reversed card meanings, and unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective) go deep into the Celtic Cross and ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Probably not 78 card decks, perhaps around 10 cards? We’ll see. And do readings for each other from THESE! Anyway, it’ll be a whole lot of Tarot fun for the Tarot obsessives out there. Also I will welcome YOUR Tarot topics, whatever you are obsessed with! 

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

The Truth About Soulmates (Part Two)

"venus in leo astrology" Part One is here

Yes I know your family-root messed you up and you bloomed crooked, but it’s not too late. Superb growing can be yours, long and tall like a shoot. Your soulmate can teach you not only how to live with him or her — but how to live with yourself. How to tolerate yourself.

Is it possible to never (get the chance to) live with your soulmate? (In other words, is living together a qualification of soulmatedness?)

I woujd say it is best if you can live with your soulmate and learn from them — simply because the proximity creates more interaction and thus more learning. Is it easy? No. It is hard to breathe the same air. The air grows heavy. Can begin to feel like landlocked hatred.

Not every soul needs or wants these “soulmate lessons.” And there are times of greater or lesser learning. Do you know which phase you are in?

Times of Greater Learning feel like this:  Rapidity, bullet trains, palpitations, fear, fast food, wavy lines, running, whisking, the sound “cha-ching!”

Times of the Lesser Learning feel like this: enjoyment of puzzles and mystery novels. Taking courses. Moon reflections. New sheets of luxury. Long phone calls. Swimming. The abrupt appearance of butterflies, even on clothing. The sound “hmm…”

Times of the Lesser Learning are not empty days weeks years. Times of Lesser Learning are for absorption of information and noticing patterns.

Some souls cycle very quickly. Some souls cycle one moment to the next. One minute entire editions of radiance are downloaded. The next minute they begin to absorb and integrate and pattern. And then in comes another download. You know what? All of this happens outside your conscious awareness. But now you know!

What does this have to do with soulmates? Stay tuned for Part Three :) and the Stars this Week blog post will be up tomorrow. VENUS ENTERS LEO!

P.S. This post has a secret.
Want to know what it is?
Your soulmate, also, is YOU.


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Ready for the BIG CATS? What I Love About Jupiter In Leo (Part One)

"jupiter in leo" All my books are packed up in boxes (getting ready to move), but I remember reading in… was it Isabel Hickey?

That the 5th House (Leo’s natural house) is the house of your unique creative expression, but privately — as compared to the more public 11th House (associated with Aquarius).

For example, a 5th House South Node person may feel challenged bringing their art/creativity to The World. They may want to keep it to themselves, staring in the mirror with eyes of love and fear taking a chance on public response.

So while you may be reading blog after blog detailing the passionate indulgences of the upcoming Jupiter in Leo transit (lasting for a bit more than year, beginning this Wednesday) – important to remember that Jupiter in Leo will be about more (keyword MORE) than shrill theatrics, overspending, and oversized ego development ;)

That’s my main idea here: Jupiter in Leo will be about SO MUCH MORE. And much of it positive.

Example: underneath every great drama, underneath every great play, is an ego yes, the ego of the writer! The pure DESIRE of the writer. His/her creativity and desire to bring something to the stage, to LIFE. To make something out of nothing. Leo rules the theatre so this is my metaphor of choice!

And then the writer of drama needs collaborators so in come the director, actors, etc etc etc. The finished product is a PRODUCTION yes, a staging yes, an act, yes, a creation yes, artifice yes, born from THE EGO OF ONE PERSON’S PRIVATE CREATIVE EXPRESSION, the 5th House.

Thus, this is YOU at the start of this transit, on the edge of this transit. This is YOUR Jupiter in Leo transit. What do you want to create? What are you bringing to the stage OF YOUR LIFE? The power of Jupiter in Leo comes from the house in your chart where you have Leo! It will be different for us all. For me? 12th House.


Another point I want to bring up: 

Wherever Leo is in your chart is where you will feel MORE LOVE (for the duration of this transit) and, I think, you will give more love from there, generously.

You will give AND receive MORE of what your Leo house represents.

You will feel SO DAMN ALIVE AND KICKING AND VIBRANT AND PASSIONATE AND ON FIRE there, right there, no matter what else is going on. I recommend returning there, over and over, especially when you feel low and need more light.

I am so excited for this transit that I am building a class around it and so much more I want to say right now but I have to go eat dinner and finish packing :)

A big day for me and my family as we move during the last days of Jupiter in Cancer…

Ready for the BIG CATS?


Love, MP

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How To Be Your Own Astrologer

Know your chart as well as you can but without… fixing what you think everything means. Be mutable about it :)

And then watch the transits. The transits in general and the transits to your chart. And then when stuff happens in your chart, pay attention. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Pay attention. 

FOR EXAMPLE: Jupiter went direct on my Mid-Heaven and I thought hmm this could be career related. Likely, right? This could also be home related. The 4th House opposes the 10th House.

And Jupiter will transit my 10th House for the rest of Gemini so it’s not a story that begins and ends in a day but my point is… I was walking home with my cart of laundry (I don’t even want to tell you how many pounds of it) and I remembered.

The only exact aspect in my chart. Jupiter sextile Venus. Jupiter sextile love. See, whatever transiting Jupiter is doing? It is speaking to your natal Jupiter. And you don’t only look to see what the aspect is but… how can I explain this…

It’s a stew. I’m no cook so forgive the sloppy cooking metaphor but it’s a stew. You gather all your ingredients and you throw it in the pot and then… it turns into FOOD. That you can eat! With astrology that food is… you.

Okay, that metaphor sucked. But this is simply how my brain works. You get the details, the information, and then you… let go. And stir. That’s what I mean by don’t get fixed about it. You have what you need to know, totally. And then you let go. Stir again. And then… pow yang! You have an insight or a prediction or… evidence or… you have a Venus Jupiter moment. Or a Moon Venus moment. Or a Saturn Pluto moment! Or a Sun Mars moment :) There are many many moments for you to have in astrology :)

(The time between the info gathering and the pow yang will vary. I often get ideas about my chart in the midst of everything else, daily life.)

Another thought that I was thinking as I was heading out to pick up my laundry: Life is messy. And I noticed myself trying to put it in a box. So clearly. I was trying to… make it all neat and perfect. How will this work? And that part? How will it come together? How can it happen? All these loose ends? Can we tie them please? My South Node in Virgo, ALL my Virgo, was talking. But then I realized. Another Pisces North Node revelation. Neptune isn’t just the life of the spirit and the life of the artist but about being loose… in response to life.

I have an opportunity in front of me right now. The opportunity of a lifetime. Meaning, my lifetime. And I’ve told one person about it :) And I am so happy that… I stopped myself from… trying to figure it all out.

Otherwise: the Moon is in Sagittarius and we are in orb of groovy Wednesday aspects: Venus (love/money) sextile Uranus (good witch magic) and Venus trine Jupiter (mucho mucho abundance!!!). I say start your party now :)


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Grounding And Shielding For Pluto People

"pluto in the 1st house"

As always, I’m thinking about process. Virgo types tend to do that. I’m not a Virgo Sun but I have a Virgo-heavy chart, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my readings, rituals or intentions to begin and end them and I realize the other day that I prefer a soft close rather than a hard close.

What I mean is that I would never close at all and after a reading would walk around ALL OPEN and I think that’s actually my usual state, but with doing so many readings I’m that much MORE open and then absorbing the energy around me.

So I was experimenting with a pretty tight zip-up (using a visualization) and realized that I don’t like it that tight.  Sometimes I want to walk around with myself half-open or three-quarters open. Know what I mean? I feels good to me. I like to go out in the world with that level of focus and concentration, like every step is a meditation and lordy I felt it at the gym the other day, brought that concentration to the treadmill — wasn’t meaning to but I noticed it.  I ran towards the light. I don’t know what the light was – reflection or streetlight but… combining physical exertion and mental meditation is… awesome.

Along these lines, my boxes came back from storage the other day and they’d been in storage for a few years and wow almost every phase of my life is represented in these boxes even though I had to get rid of so much.

I see my poetry books from when I was a poet, my playwriting books from when I was a playwright. My Jewish books from when I was traditionally Jewish. And always the spiritual books, Buddhism, Edgar Cayce, Astrology, Tarot, mystic Christianity… and one of the books, an astrology book, I took on the train today and the writer kept talking about the magnetism of various Pluto aspects especially Pluto in the 1st House, which I have, and how frustrated I get at being such a magnet. That I always feel people’s eyes on me. That they stare. It feels so uncomfortable to draw in energy. It is benign energy actually — I know there are people who get CONFRONTATIONS (perhaps the result of a poorly aspected Pluto). I don’t get that — I just get…. people noticing me, looking. It feels creepy because I can feel it!

So back to the topic of opening and closing and grounding and shielding and how this is especially important for people with prominent Pluto or those who get unwanted attention of any kind. Work with your mind this way and see what results. Experiment with different ways to protect yourself and to open and close after doing any kind of reading or ritual work.

Does this ring true for you? 



What Kind Of Practice Do You Practice?

"the 8th house in astrology"
practice makes... practice!

Every client is a blessing and a really cool thing that happens is when I get to work with people on-going. My teacher, interestingly enough, told us that he *didn’t* want this kind of astrology practice although his teacher did. I’m comfortable with it. I like it. Even though my Virgo side worries about doing a good job!

Here’s my analogy: whatever your practice (not perfect), are you comfortable with it? How do you want it to go? Do you feel in control of it?

In regards to meditation practice, Edgar Cayce said: consistency and persistancy (in that funny interesting way with words that he had).

And the more you do something, the more interesting it gets in my humble opinion.

And here’s another leap (Lorca had such words for such leaps – duende? I’ll have to look it up). This is an 8th House issue, a sex issue. The more you do it, the more interesting it gets because, if you have a pulse and a brain cell or two, you realize you are getting to know someone and THAT, my friends, is the turn-on. Intimacy. Or does this fear you? Ha! I meant to type do you fear it???

What’s your practice?


It’s All About The Body: Virgo Magic

"new moon in virgo"
Virgo Magic! Ta-da!

So cool! And I don’t just mean today’s temperature, which is deliciously cool and a preview of fall, my favorite season for weather. A reader wrote in to say that she read one of my Virgo posts to a group of women she meets with on the New and Full moons. How awesome is that?

I’m having an easy Hurricane Irene aftermath. Even the subways are supposedly up and running. Didn’t lose power or water so nothing to recover. Hope it stays that way. The thing I’m worried about now is my rent being late but shhh don’t tell you-know-how about that. The money I spent on radio, batteries, bunches of supplies, well… Okay let’s change the subject! Avoid avoid avoid! However if you do enjoy my blog, feel free to visit The Astrologer’s Tip Jar on the front page, right side bar. A couple readers have done this already and by doing so, they won my eternal gratitude and blessings. And if you feel the need for a reading, do make contact! Email is easier to schedule than phone and sometimes I work with people over a couple days, leave room for them to ask questions, etc. See my Contact Me page. Some folks left impromptu testimonials there :)

Otherwise? In other news? The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto are still all tangled up together, in a good way, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. They are not all at the same degree and some are closer than others but it’s as though they pull each other in and it’s as though the Grand Trine is literally moving. Know what I mean? It’s wiggling, shimmering, shining. I see it. It comes into focus and then dims a little and then is back. Flickering lights. You’ll feel it stronger at night when you look up at the stars. That’s when you’ll really feel it. It’s an earth trine so it’s about manifestation, making things happen. And all this earth is just more… relaxing.

So look in your chart for any planets or points (include your Nodes) in earth signs in the early degrees, say from 4-10 degrees. Notice the houses affected, that’s the area of life you’ll feel it, to start. Notice any water signs in the same degrees. Those are sextiles from the earth. If you want to look at the tensiony news, go ahead ;) Go piece by piece, looking for squares and oppositions. If you don’t know how to do this, I can help you, as long as we each have a wheel in front of us.

Okay guys, gals, readers, star gazers, lovers, dreamers, rock and roll stars, coffee achievers… I’m heading out soon, going on the road.

PS The Moon is still in Virgo. Keep in mind the idea of… Virgo Magic. A little household hocus pocus. How can you bring light and peace to your household? Use your Mercury, which rules your Virgo. Use your wise mind. And when you get stuck? Let the Pisces opposition take over. It’s the marriage of thinking and dreaming. Do both today for the Virgo Moon. Create balance. Imagine the seesaw as a broom. What will you sweep away? What will you bring in? Set your intention not just for this Moon cycle but for the fall. Don’t you feel it? I do. It smells like apples. All this earth is trining or will trine Mars in Cancer. Home, hearth, cook, eat, comfort, support. This is the energy out there that you can bring in here, in you. Mars in Cancer wants you to eat it! Sun, Moon, and Venus want you to digest, process, it! With so much earth (and water)? It’s all about the body.

See y’all later!

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How To Dress For a Hurricane (Irene)

"hurricane irene"
Would you wear this to a hurricane?

Virgo? It’s your day! Sun and Venus in your sign + New Moon tomorrow! Prim and proper Virgo, I suggest you work your Virgin-side and go for something lacy. Or racy ;)

Leo? Mercury went direct in your sign, so go bold with your look. Organza! And Big Hair Absolutely.

Cancer, sweet Cancer: you prefer to stay at home so pajamas are advised. Stuffed crab optional.

Gemini: chatty chatty Gemini. Wear two of everything. Doubling up will keep you warm if it rains through the roof. Well… not really.

Taurus? Taurus tends to be lazy, but beautiful. Spend 3.7 hours on your make-up. I don’t need to tell you to reapply ;)

Aries! Aries is our Warrior, unafraid of Mother Nature. Go nude!

Pisces: the mystical one! How about something diaphanous. Or fishy. Open up that can of tuna you bought for the storm and afix some to your gown!

Aquarius: oh Aquarius, you’re so wacky, so rebellious, so DIY. I’d almost tell you to go nude too, but then you’d be too much like Aries.

Capricorn: you’re the boss! What else but a suit? You’re in charge, not no freakin’ hurricane. And don’t shower either:  your goaty smell will be authentic.

Sagittarius: sexy sexy Sagittarius. A sock on the cock is all that’s needed;)

Scorpio: black, black, and more black. And maybe some black. And a touch of black. Black, anyone? Oooh.

Libra? With Saturn in your sign, you need a little help getting motivated. How about I choose an outfit for ya. Or you choose. No, I’ll choose! No, you do it! Ha ha ha!

What’s your sign? What would you wear to a hurricane?

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Hurricane Warning For NYC: I got my water, batteries, peanut butter…

"mercury retrograde"
Hello World

Hey guys I’m back! For now :) I know I’m behind in responding to comments but will-do as soon as I can. Wanted to write here first. I’m listening to the Mayor now on my little radio, my little plugged in radio.

Here’s a Mercury Retrograde story. Mercury is still wobbly, although direct, and I bought a new radio, to use with batteries and… guess what? It doesn’t work!

I’m not in an area that’s being evacuated so here I am. I’m just hoping the power stays, the trees don’t fall, and the windows remain in one piece. I did some writing on the train, non-hurricane related so… let’s see if I can focus and post those in a bit.

Thanks for checking in, all! :)

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Astrology And Tarot Go Steady!

"astrology and tarot"
The Lovers

I learned Tarot after I’d been studying Astrology for a while and what I found was that Tarot deepened my Astrology and sharpened my intuition. I pretty much left it behind for a few years although I began getting Tarot readings again this year.

I don’t remember what caused me to pick up the deck again but pick up the deck I have. I may not use the cards for every reading, only if I feel a calling! Or if you do :)

And I realized today (and I may change my mind about this but…) I have begun to “read” astrology similarly to the way the best Tarot readers read Tarot. They see the whole and then explain the pieces (if they want to). It’s kind of like working backwards. I have so much Virgo that I will see astrological details but I think this shift represents, for me, a greater getting in touch with my Pisces North Node.And there’s the lesson for you: if you do readings of any kind… follow your North Node! It will show you how to do it best.

Also, the email readings really fit Tarot for me because as I write in my Contact Me page, there is something about the writing for me, the typing, literally, that just… connects to not only my brain but… whatever else I have. A Mercury thing I guess. Or a Uranus thing (which is the higher octave of Mercury).

And along these lines, I’d been in communication with a gal who wanted a reading but wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to give her “cookbook” interpretations. I reassured her that I suck at that, and I do! :) Not saying I’m a total rebel and I don’t disregard the rules, but I do think for myself and treat each chart… with respect. Even if there are only a handful of problems in the world, you are you, special.

There’s something about Tarot that’s so immediate, gets to the soul of the situation.

What do you think? Do you like Tarot too?

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Two Astrologers, Three Opinions

"sun in leo celebrities"
Today's Cover Girl Theda Bara had Sun in Leo!

This morning, a pal on Twitter asked my opinion about a minor aspect in chart comparison. I was my often cranky self and I told him: sometimes astrologers miss what’s right in front of them.

And yeah he did go on to tell me about a Saturn square and a Mercury square in this chart comparison.

I also told him that as a Sagittarius Sun he was looking for the silver lining (and was that really a good idea?). With Saturn in Libra: we need reality not fantasy in our relationships. We will HAVE reality not fantasy.

What good will a quintile do (for example) or a whole fucking family of quintiles or septiles or bi-quintiles when the major aspects tell a different story. You want real synastry? Look at the Moon, look at Mercury, look at Saturn. If you can’t talk and be heard in your relationship, how is a flock of fuzzy horn-nosed rabbits gonna help you? Yes, I am hereby introducing the minor 10th aspect, the fuzzy horn-nosed-rabbit. It’s thought to be malefic but is actually benefic and is striped on Saturdays and polka-dotted on Tuesdays ;)

Bottom line: there are different astrologers out there, like anything else. It’s not one size fits all. Find the teacher who fits you.

Interesting: a client was telling me the other day that he disliked a certain reader because all they did basically was recite his  personality characteristics. You won’t ever find me doing that because I suck at doing that. I have a poetic mind meaning it works by association. I see patterns, how stuff locks in, fits together. I’ve got my gut instinct, intuition, and the nuts and bolts of what I’ve learned, and I keep learning.

This is like a reverse advertisement, but if you are looking for an expert in the minor aspects and fixed stars, it ain’t me. Maybe someday I’ll change. Maybe I’ll wake up one morning and feel otherwise. But for now, I do what I do, I do all I can do, I do my best. So there :)

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And Justice For All: Saturn In Libra

"Saturn in libra"
Al Pacino: North Node in Libra

Ever have a conversation with a Libra? If you are getting emotional, upset, they may try to reason you out of it, offer you a another side. If you are getting too intense, they won’t join in, won’t escalate it. They are trying to bring you back into balance, what they perceive as out of balance.

This is one example of the tension inherent in squares. Cancer, a water sign,wants to feel it, whatever it is, and to finish feeling it. And then there’s Aries, who may not even have been listening and changes the subject. Capricorn will listen and then remind you that it’s tough out there for everyone. I know I’m painting with broad strokes but my point is a Saturn point.

Whatever sign Saturn is transiting, we play by that sign’s rules. Saturn is in Libra now so balance (Libra) becomes crucial, relationships (Libra) are under pressure (Saturn). Look in your own chart to see where Saturn in Libra is and it will show you a part of your life out of balance. Your job, during this transit, is to take responsibility, work hard, and solve, or begin to solve, the problem.

Howard Sasportas said that “Saturn is exact and undeviating justice. It rewards you for what you have put in, and it makes you aware of your lack if you have been avoiding something.” How much more so with Saturn in Libra, the scales, the symbol for Justice herself!

There’s still time. There’s still time to figure this out, with Saturn only approaching the mid-degrees of Libra, the best may be yet to come (ha!). Sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut :) The Sun is still in Cancer so temper your work with a little sweetness. And as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo, Saturn will gain support from Leo’s fire to help light the way.

I know it’s hard to believe the Universe wants the best for you. One quick glance in my daily paper and I believe nothing at all. But while we’re here, let’s do what we, humans, do best. At least, let’s do what I believe we should do best: reflect and then act accordingly.

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Moon Pluto People: Hard To Kill

"Moon pluto conjunction"
Catherine Deneuve : Moon conjunct Pluto

I was chatting with Leora from Astrolome and she asked me how I knew when to follow my emotions or when to follow my chart. I thought it was a great question.

As a water sign, Cancer, of course I’m going to say never deny your emotions. And, actually, never deny your element. Are you fire? You will be inspired. Are you Air? You need to think. Are you earth? Step outside. And water feels, water needs to feel.

But if I followed my emotions, my moods, 100% of the time? I’d be dead. I’d have walked in front of that speeding #4 train long ago instead of sitting here, writing you now.

Feelings change, moods pass. We grow. See, I’ve been there. I’ve been in that dark place.

So, my answer is: BOTH. Listen to your emotions and to your chart. And they may be telling you the same thing. But not always.

I believe with all my heart in following the trajectory of the North Node and in following your trines and figuring out your squares so they heal and not hurt and tweaking your sextiles to let the good in and your oppositions? Well, how do you win friends and influence people? That’s the lesson of the opposition: the other.

Study astrology for self-empowerment. Self-mastery. Study astrology so you can live your best life, as Oprah says. Ever seen Oprah’s chart? Take a look some time.

Another thing though besides emotion and besides the chart, but related to both but its own entity is instinct, which is probably a combination of emotions and chart and raw guidance, spirit guidance, which really is YOU, your higher self. Your higher self on steroids ;)

What do you do? Where do you find guidance? 

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One Good Reason To Tweet And Why I Love Astrology

"sun in sagittarius"

I’ve still got Sagittarius on my mind because I like chatting with Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter.

Or do I say that I enjoy “tweeting with” Jason of Sagittarius Mind on Twitter? I don’t know. All I know is that he’s chatty, as am I. At times.

And in one of his tweets today, he asked me: long day for the crab? And I thought this was funny. Funny because of the way we love our astrological metaphors.

And isn’t that part of what brought you here? I don’t mean to my blog necessarily, but to astrology: the language, symbols, myths. It made sense, didn’t it? It rang true. Your part in the world became that much clearer. You understood yourself better. You finally understood why you are the way you are, whether it’s a crab or archer or water bearer or…

I write a lot about emotional intensity because it’s something I struggled with all my life. I had always thought there was something wrong with me. Oh Aliza, she’s so sensitive. Oh Aliza she’s so serious. First time I sat down for a reading with my astrology teacher? It was the first thing he mentioned. “Moon Pluto,” he said. “Intense emotions.” In an instant, I felt better.

You are who you are. You need to live who you are. A Cancer needs to mother. A Virgo needs to help. A Leo needs to shine. A Libra needs to partner. A Scorpio needs to screw. And so on ;)

Do you remember the first time astrology spoke to you? Or are you still waiting? 

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Moon Alert! Moon In Sagittarius

"Moon in Sagittarius"
Gary Oldman as Beethoven

Did you know that Beethoven had Sun Mercury AND Moon in Sagittarius? Are you surprised? The great Isabel Hickey has a hilarious take on Moon in Sadge. She says” Wants to help others but forgets.”

And yes, Moon in Sagittarius is freedom-loving, bright-sided, roamy, philosophizing.

When I think about Beethoven thoughI don’t think Sagittarius, but I know my knowledge of his life is spotty. Let’s take a look at his natal and see what leaps out!

You know, I was just about to predict a Scorpio (yum!) flavor to his chart and what do I find? An 8th House packed with the Sadge stellium and Mars in opposition in Gemini.

Sagittarius + Water is one of my favorite combinations. You get the friendly, and you get the deep. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about her before, but one of my favorite people is Sadge Sun, Moon in Taurus, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio square Pluto. Yeah, she’s got a temper, but the conversations? I could listen to this woman talk forever; I could talk TO her forever. The insight! The passion! And her philosophical stylings leave me scrambling to follow but I love to follow. She’s abstract, for example, when she talks about art, but… I fall in every time.

But back to the Moon. The Moon is Mom, Memories, Mammaries…. Feelings, nothing more than feelings :) How does Sagittarius cope in a lunar landscape? Eh. So-so, perhaps. Keyword: restless. And your Sadge Moon buddy may get restless with you, if your lunar landscape is of the weepy clingy dopey type. Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll cajole you out of that mood because it is, after all, only a mood, right? Right?

Tell us about your Moon! Do you like it? 

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