hebrewI offer custom creation of ritual and spell craft for you.

Please know that this is not just theory or books or lore to me. It’s how I live.

All magickal services include consultation. We talk in depth about your intention before we begin.

I can help you with:

protection, peace of mind, removing obstacles, increasing intuition, luck, love, resources, road opener, heart opener, summoning angels, physical or mental healing.

This is just a partial list because what we do we do in collaboration and is completely tailored to your need.

I like to design beautiful rituals. Yes we want our magick to be potent and effective but I take time to add a little Venus in.

Now I don’t perform the ceremony or ritual or spell for you, but I help you structure it, organize it, help you select appropriate timing & correspondences (oils, herbs, candles, astrological, tarot and more), help with writing of prayers or spells, altar ideas and how to create an altar if you want no one to know what it is (!), meditation tips and guidance for raising and focusing your emotional energy and willpower, which is THE most important part!

some spells must be cast at the crossroads

What I don’t do

I cannot offer guarantees because I am not the one performing the ritual. YOU ARE. It’s in your hands, but I guide you.

Very important: my herbal services are strictly for magickal purposes only, and not for eating or drinking.

I MAY blend oils for you myself. Case by case basis. I plan to create a line of magickal oils in the future.

tall candles for long spells

What is Magick?

Magick or Witchcraft (I am using the two interchangeably here) is a PRACTICE:

activities or things that you DO because you want to cause or create change in yourself, your environment, or even other people.

For me, doing magick creates sacred time and sacred space. It’s not like this for everyone. I speak only for myself here because opinions of what magick is or isn’t will vary, depending on who you read.

You do not have to be Wiccan or Pagan (not interchangeable terms) to practice witchcraft or do magick.

To me, the most important thing in creating an effective spell or ritual is your intention, your focus, and your emotion.

Your spell will fail if you do not have complete confidence PLUS your emotional power behind it.

Complex rituals are not necessary to achieve your aim. It’s very individual, like a natal chart. Whatever works for you. Whatever you want to experiment with. But I do recommend experimenting with magickal techniques and tools.

Taking the time to actually build (a ceremony, a ritual, a spell) is meditative and powerful and raises energy in and of itself.

Got questions? Email me at moonpluto@gmail.com.