Holding Space

*I will often have same day availability for these.

These are not “readings” as I usually do them.

This is not about the natal chart. It’s not about probing. It’s not about Moon Pluto in Virgo analysis and thinking and insight and solutions and seeking. The Holding Space sessions are being with you in silence.

I got inspired to offer these because this morning I had to cancel a client.

I’ve been sick all week since I came home from the Vibrational Astrology conference and even though I was feeling better, this morning I had NO VOICE and had to cancel my 10 am.

She wrote back to me and wondered if I could just listen because she needed to talk. To hold space for her. I said yes and then I realized some of my other folks might want such a service from time to time.

You talk. I listen. You can cry, you can rage. Whatever you need. My job is to hear you, witness you, hold space, hold you, energetically. I can draw a few cards if you want but the point of this is not to engage the mind mind mind mind mind and search search search but to BE energy, for you, a Cancerian cushion, a place for your words and wounds and feelings to land.

Know what I’m saying? This is verrrry different from my other offerings. And I’m not sending you Reiki or actively “sending” you anything. Instead, I am receiving your slings and arrows. Receiving, absorbing your words, emotions, sorrow, confusion, whatever you need to release. Through quiet presence. You’ll get the words out and the emotions out and the storm out. You’ll get the storm out. I won’t hold on to what you let go. I will also release it.

And don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m sitting there filing my nails or scrolling the internet. I will be THERE, present and focused for you. Holding you in my energy. What I bring to the usual readings will still be there, just in fewer words.

If this interests you, get in touch. And I’ll be back to clarify this page when it needs it. The PayPal menu below doesn’t apply to Holding Space. These sessions have their own rate.

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